Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 27, 2013

Are Ready and Willing to Change?


There is some serious change in the air, and with it, incredible excitement about the change, I could feel this with every person I talked to yesterday, well, once the headache let up.  The excitement was less coming from them as it was coming from the energy they were walking into… the 2nd quarter of 2013.  For those willing to really walk into the fullness of this quarter, with the boots of courage firmly strapped to their feet, you will be going on an unexpected, blissful ride into the new.

I know for me, when the universe presents something new, something I never thought to look at before, it is because it is important to understand.  Going into my day yesterday and realizing, thru the pain of a headache, that each person accesses a different part of my collective brain waves is not only important, but, I am really feeling, has everything to do with the appearance of that portal that so surprised me yesterday as well.

As I sat and pondered the wholeness of the days experiences, I was also shown the energy of the readings, the holographic Light story that unfolds in the back yard.  Together, we are bringing that pure energy to the planet, when our connection is done, the energy actually stays here in this realm and adds to the greater whole of the ever increasing vibration of this new land we call earth.

From my eyes, earth herself is no longer solid, that is why the field keeps saying there is not “ground” beneath us.  Instead, it is a pure energy field that correlates and transforms with your own energy.  The stronger your heart desire, the more vibrational the earths energy becomes… the moment you put a single movement forward to “create” so does the field of earth.  Awareness of those inner promptings are key!  Don’t mistake awareness to mean you know exactly what to do and how…

Instead it is this strong inner prompting to do something new, the take a chance in your life that you have either put off or completely ignored until now.  The moment you put that foot forward, the field of life is flowing into you, helping with the next vital step in your endeavors.  Put no foot forward and you will be scratching your head wondering why nothing is happening for you.  But don’t scramble either.

I kept thinking about that portal with the big red X over it yesterday.  Nothing is ever shown without a greater reason… there was something massively important revealed thru that moment.  I also thought about the image in my meditation of “the matrix reloaded” straddling two realities and deciding which one will be the reality of your life.

If there is a portal of Light we are opening and closing every single day, together, there has got to be so much more we can and will do with it!  I used to tell my massage clients, if you would just switch your awareness, you can equally read and access all of me too.  I never realized what I was really saying to them until now.  Of course, most of my clients were not on their spiritual path of awareness, but the beautiful souls I read for ARE!  So I took to task of creating the class I have been dragging my feet about, if I can teach you to access the realm of Light and the biology field of the body, the way spirit taught me to do… then, we can do soooo much more thru the awareness and purpose of what we are doing together.  You can look into this new class that will start April 13th by clicking here.

I don’t mean to make this short, but once again, i woke up really late and I have too many back to back appointments to finish this sharing.  However, I can say, the energy unfolding today is about your unpacking and using the energy field that is available to you… and start using it!!  Break into something new, untried and have fun!!  Pay attention to what is new and emerging in your life and follow the energy!!  This is going to be exciting!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of adventure to everyone!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Just a reminder that a small rate increase on all readings and packages goes into affect April 1st.




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  2. Li li! So freaking awesome! This fits in so strongly with my prayer for Peter about getting into the flow of life! things are really starting to heat up in that area! Big hugs and see ya in the soul gym! 🙂 Alex


  3. This Sharing from you really hit home with me today! I was approached by a woman who asked to put one of my art pieces in a public auction yesterday…….well, the auction was a BUST! Probably because it was Easter weekend and the weather was gorgeous, so not many people showed up. We were all disappointed, having put much time and energy into the event.
    BUT, as it turned out, the owners of the resturant (where the auction was being held) asked me if they could hang my piece on the wall! This is very exciting to me as this place is really (dare I say) “Hip” and draws a very diverse group of patrons.
    I took a leap of faith by joining up with the woman who held the auction, whom I only met last week. I had already consigned my things with her to sell and she could have sold them for a very small amount, just to keep her sale going……..But she instead, introduced me to the restaurant owners and let me price my art at whatever I wanted to receive for it!
    We are now talking about starting a business together!

    Take that first step and see where it leads you!

    Love to you ALL


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