Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 25, 2013

Dancing, Growing, Evolving Our Way Into April!!


What a downpour of new, wonderful, exciting information in the field of Light yesterday and FINALLY some glimpses of the powerhouse called April, cryptic as those glimpses may have been!!

My first lady of the day actually got me slightly worried because I could not “see” her.  I have no time to be in the void again, thank you very much!!  As I was releasing my grumble to the field, I instantly heard back, it is she who is in change.  I am still not accepting no visuals… there hasta be a control switch I am not aware of.  I bent over, cranked out my antenna… nothing, sat up, opened my heart, nothing… bent over again, this time, I opened my heart before I even sat back up… which I didn’t even realize until this sharing… but that is when I finally seen her!!

There she was, skipping like a child down the short pathway into April carrying this large black open umbrella above her.  I noticed that each skip she took really lifted her off the ground into what I will call the upper atmosphere of consciousness, this umbrella served to keep her at ground level (but there really is no ground) and allowed her decent back to earth (from skipping so high) to be gently and constant.

Now spirit had already said she is in the state of change, this umbrella being deeply black had to come with the message of the deep unknown surrounding and supporting her thru her change.  I watched her repeat this motion over and over again and we talked a bit and not parts of our conversation was pulling in the understanding I was hoping for from her images.  Then we talked about April.. and it happened… something new was added to her visual field.  As she stood at the threshold of March into April, her umbrella was no longer visible  but instead, her body was releasing this stream of violet thru each and every pore of her body flowing into April.  My constant companion of a question flew out of my mouth “what the hell is that!!??”

The reply came back as such a surprise and at the same time, I was surprised that I was surprised at this new information.  It was more like DAH moment!!  The field said that some are going thru a change within the change and becoming a connecting rod for the sun workers and the earth workers.  Which took me right back to my attempt at meditation the day before yesterday.  I thought I got fragmented information thru that… but this lovely lady filled in the blanks that puzzled me.

In my meditation I was watching myself go up a staircase that stretched from the earth to the sky, I was more than half way up and could feel the pull of my muscles in my legs as I continued to walk upwards.  I asked my team, why am I going up here, their only reply was “because you are changing.”  Geez Louise… now what the hell does that mean?  The next thing I know, I went from walking up this staircase to being dropped down from the sky, thru the clouds and there was this pole that went from sly to earth and I grabbed on and slid down.  Once again… I inquired about this pole.  The only reply I got back, that obviously didn’t even register within me was “its a connecting rod.”  Huh?  That was the end of that and they told me go about my day.  Dammit!

With my lovely lady skipping into April with her umbrella, they gave us another visual that is much more useful… they showed a dumbbell (weights) with a barbel holding the sun on one side and the earth on the other side and that the bar connecting the two energies are as important as the sun and earth are and supports the two together.

sun and earth

Kewl beans?

When I got off the phone with her, I had to really ponder this whole new twist in my understanding… especially within myself!  I have always considered myself a sun worker.  I work with soul energy, work with the pure energies from the core of the sun… and am totally lost navigating planet earth.  And so my team took me on a trip down memory lane to show me what I did not see for myself.

About 4-5 months after learning to meditate and grounding like everyone told me I needed to do… one of those grounding days, the earth sucked me down into her, scared the ba-jesus out of me.  I felt myself moving thru the rock and the dirt and even thru the crystals in the ground and landed in the heart of Gaia.  From that day forward, we communed often, the route to her core easy and direct.  Her sharing and love… amazing.

When I was on the mountain side in Vermont  Life itself came alive in ways I never knew was remotely possible.  Everything communicated.  Everything had its own desire within its energy field.  Everything wants to be a partner in life…

My journey thru massage for 7 years is when I brought the two together (sun and earth.)  Our physical body is a direct reflection of Gaia, our mother.  Our energy body is a direct reflection of our heavenly body, our father.  Two as one.  To work one without the others full communication system is missing half the story.

And most especially, these last few weeks here on the Mesa with the guardians showing their ability to work with and harness the elements of earth.  My thought went to Jorge as well.  Funny, he has become so real within me that I forget that he is equally me as well.  If he is an earth worker, then, I must be too, since we really are not separate energies.  This is going to make the coming month even more interesting!!

But the day wanted to really hit home this fact that some people are becoming barbels!!  I had a lady, my goodness she was adorable to view as well.  Spirit kept telling her she came preloaded with so many “bells and whistles” that she has not yet acknowledge (she was/is still figuring out meditation) and I seen her form… a black body (all the deep unknown that is her) and pimped out like a Christmas tree with silver bells and yellow whistles everywhere on her body.  Silver being the energy of the earth and yellow, the sun… I knew, once she got flowing inside of her meditation world, she will bring to life the full use of her barbel form and all the bells and whistles that go with that!

But my last lady of the day… her imagery just blew me out of the water!!  She was standing just to the left side of her center path, the field saying both aspects are correct… so her placement housed both the energy of her physical life as well as the energy of the West field of harvest.  She had a silver pole that was embedded in the ground, which I knew represented her body… and her head itself was made out of what the field kept referring to as “solar panels.”  There were four panels that came from the crown area and down over her face area.  Each solar panel was connected to the other with silver energy and each panel emitted a different frequency of color.  The one on her right side (east side) was red, the one next to that was blue, next to that was green and the one furthest left was yellow.  I could sense the sun itself shining down on her solar panels and this reflective energy was beaming off her panels and creating a rainbow like energy field that was filling the month of April.

This really gives the true meaning of doing by Being.  By her very nature, living life she was fueling the energy of April from her connection with the new earth energy and the pure radiance of the sun.  Taking the combination of (red) new earth, (blue) soul express, (green) heart energy and (yellow) the soul itself… and adding to the landscape, the energy field we call April.

There was an element in one of the readings yesterday that sits on my mind with wonder.  I have humbly put a drawing together to give you a visual:


I think it is only this morning do I fully understand the significance of her reading.  She is one of many who are learning/remembering how to harness the inner power of meditation and the first half of April is going to support that effort within her (all of you) like never before… to the point of even leaving “gifts” on the spiral inward… the black hole that was shown represents the depth of her (our) true Being.

Of course, we were not shown what was in those gifts, but they were left on the spiral that emerged for her thru the first half of April.  The deeper “in” we go, the more Alive we become, the more presents/presence we have available to us.

What I found interesting as well, the spiral itself was in hues of violet, I did not create it like that because it would be too much work for me!

But, the field of life is soooo incredibly great at keeping secrets from our evolving Selfs… But I do feel it is our ability to come alive more fully, more freely than we have ever been before.

With this additional information (the barbels of life) I really have no idea… yet, what it means to us, how to use it/us more fully than we ever have before, but the one thing I am sure of… the field will reveal that to us, bit by bit, soul by soul.

I really feel April is going to be all about (spiritual) strength training… not as separate Beings on a playing field… but as the Triad of union, together, helping each other in whatever way we can… connecting and energizing as One.

Enjoy this last week of March, of the “orientation” of your new Being… cuz April sets you/us loose without the buffers!!

((((HUGZ)))) of blissful joy and celebration to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Just a reminder that a small rate increase on all readings and packages goes into affect April 1st.



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  2. Dear Lisa you are AMAZING !!!

    since the day 22 i have an energetic sexual connection with a man from my past that i never ever have before is show/teatching me something
    that i have but i didn´t know that i have … i want to thank you so much because you write about that sexual interaction in your posts before and because of that i allowed that spiritual contact .

    Thanks again
    a big loving hug



  3. Li li, This feels very good to me because I definitely feel a huge connection to the energy of Gaia and gardening and nature, but I so know I am a sunworker as well, and feeling strongly that creating that conduit by spinning down the energy from the sun Into the earth and field of life is like YippieKayYeeeee! 🙂 Love you tons! Alex


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  5. Hi Lisa, I so loved this info regarding sun and earth working. I have always felt a connection to Gaia, and I knew I was here for her somehow. The sun connection is the way it works for me, so I go back and forth, working with one then the other, almost like connecting them. The only way I can explain it is that I become a bridge or portal and pull the energy down from the sun through my form and ground it. When it comes in, it spirals through me like a vortex. It is the most amazing feeling to feel it being accepted by Gaiaa. This month I feel it geeting stronger. This is going to be a wild ride. The Violet spiral that you drew is the color that comes to me. Thank you for both visuals. They are both perfect. Love and many hugs. Elaine


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