Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 13, 2013

Just a Little Tease and a Shout Out To the Divine Biology We Are!!

acceleration energy


I started writing everything below here this morning when I woke up.  The more I wrote, the more I understood from the many readings of yesterday… all very much tied into the experience in my body last evening.  With the increasing downloads, I had to step away from writing, besides being married to my bathroom today… well, it was just the thing to do.  And the process continues even now.  So, I am going to tease you a bit today, and give you some high lights and then bring you the rest of the story tomorrow.

I am also taking a much needed soul day today.  The weather is too nice to sit inside so I am going to put my mud boots on and cross the river and get up close and personal to the Mesa,  I am also going to be looking for more mesa ash and rocks from the landslide too.  ….and other stuff.  So here is my tease until tomorrow.  Ohhh and I am not doing the Soul Gym today.  I am in a place I am not returning from until I have to (smile… this is a great thing lol.)  We will have the Soul Gym as scheduled Sunday at 8am MDT.


First thing I want to share is, the relationship we have with our biology and my wet and wild experience of yesterday.  I was scheduled for a colonoscopy today.  I am of that age and since my CNM Care covers it (costs me $10) I figured, why not.  Lets take every precaution to make sure no cancer cells let themselves loose in any part of my body.  Not that I was really worried about it, I looked at it as a hoop to jump thru to get a fuller ‘all clear” this month.  Yesterday was “colon prep day.”  I decided, to make this prep day joyful and to have more meaning  I decided to look at it as a “spiritual cleanse.”  Spring cleaning in the bowls!!  I work hard to keep the shit out of my field, but hey, just in case I missed some spots….

My first requirement was to drink 16 ounces of fluid every hour without fail.  From 8:30am (prior to that I was joyfully downing coffee, which was on the OK list of fluids) to 4 pm I chug a lugged 9 bottles of water.  By the 6th bottle, I was feeling a bit disoriented in my brains.  I never drink this much in any given day.  My brain functionality degraded with every gulp from there on in.  Strange.  Since I have never done this before, not sure if this is a normal part of the process.

The next step was taking 4 ducalx laxatives at 4pm.  Done.

Then came the daunting hour… chug a lugging one gallon/4 liters of a laxative so inaccurately named goLytly.  It was supposed to start working about an hour after you started drinking.  I was required to drink 8 oz every 10 minutes.  I am a dedicated soul, I chugged and chugged and chugged.  what became really strange, about 15 – 20 minutes into chugging… kundalini hit my root chakra.  What the hell??  I have no time to address you, my bowls are about to explode.  I ignored it.

2 hours later, half the gallon laxative bulging in my stomach, nothing was moving.  I mean nothing.  The bottle said I should start needing the toilet within an hour of starting.  Not even a little gurgle within.  I looked online for others experiences… ok I found a lady who didn’t start going until for an hour and 40 minutes.  I was now into 2 and a half hours and it felt like my stomach had no desire to let my goLytly go down into the intestines.  What the hell?     Chug.. chug… ugggghhhh.  I could feel my stomach turning upside down… hey… wrong way!!  I tried to hold it down…

This was becoming difficult.  Not only was the taste getting worse and worse, my stomach was flipping the switch from in flow to out flow.. I slowed down my intake.  Too late.  Heave city!!  Half of what I drank now came out the wrong end.  It tasted bad going down, it tasted even worse coming back up!!

At least that made room for more.  Seems the vomiting kick started the bowel 2 hours and 2o minutes into chugging.  I drank another liter within an hour… Holy revolt batman.  My mouth became that of a fire hose!!  I didn’t know that much liquid and that intensity could come out of my mouth.  It was just gross.  Not to mention, I really wish I was wearing a diaper!!

Out of three liters consumed, I think only 1 liter ran thru my digestive system, the rest flew out of my mouth.  I quit.  I know a pissed off body when I am in one!!  Screw that last liter and to hell with cameras up my butt!

As I composed myself and asked my body… what the hell is up with that?  For the first time in a very long time, I was completely out of harmony with my own body.  With its desires and the relationship we have had together.  I have always… ALL-WAYS honored my body.  It wants something, I give it to it.  It does the same for me.  The degradation of my mental field was my bodys warning that… it did not want this process.  It did not NEED this process.  The only reason I signed up for this process was because it was only $10.  That is just so crazy… like buying something you don’t need just cuz it is on sale.  lol.  Ohhh the crazy human within.

We can get all up in the media, in whats good, whats not good, whats needed, whats not needed and the mind scrambles.  The body knows better than anything else in all this world what it wants, needs and desires.  Honor that all-ways.  Cuz if you don’t, it can kick up its intensity to reroute you back to harmony with it!!

Today, I think about the power of our body.  The strength it brings in from the soul (that twinkle of kundalini before it kicked my ass) and its own desires.  I fell even more inlove with my body today.  It’s strength and determination.  It’s utter resolve to do whats in its highest good no matter what.

After fasting all day yesterday, about 11am this morning, I finally started to get hungry… I let my body choose whatever it wanted.  Fresh banana pancakes.  Alrighty then.  I ate two little ones because it had already warned me… tread lightly.  Not even 20 minutes later, those pancakes were thru me.  I so honor and have a brand new respect for the power and desire of the biology.  No wonder it is in the core now.  It knows exactly what it needs and how to do what needs to get done.  TRUST that part of you ALL-WAYS and stay the hell out of media commercials… both commercial and metaphysical.

Before I went down my own learning lesson of a path yesterday… ohhhh my goodness gracious, the field of Light, of readings… the true energy of Spring is in your soul, in your Light.  There is way too much that came thru in vastness to share in one sitting, so I have to go to the one thing that puzzled me during the whole reading.  This morning, as I woke up into my day everything was made so perfectly clear in what was shown and experienced.

I also want to make perfectly clear again, just because I am seeing you, watching your field of light unfold and tell a story, doesn’t mean I really understand it in this moment.  Everything that is happening is soooo new, so rich with changing details, that sometimes I get lost in the full understanding as we are in that connection.  What belongs now, what doesn’t belong now??  When you add more than one to a reading, how is it supposed to unfold/look/feel.  I am truly learning as we go as well.

I equally find the divinity in how everything unfolds rather humbling.  I had a reading with a wonderful lady I have read for over the last year plus… so to say I know her heart and her passion would be a true statement.  Which really led me to confusion thru her whole reading.  (At least, until I woke up this morning.)

She was climbing a ladder that was in her West field and stretched upwards to the black hole.  I could see her crystal ball heart energy sitting in the center of her field (life) and as I said, she was removed from it and on a ladder in her west field, which is located just on the outside area of what I call your inner heart field.  I could see her body up about 4 rungs from the top of this ladder.  I could not, for the life of me, understand why she was separated from her heart field.  However, I do understand that the West field is where all of our “mastered” energy is.  The wisdom, the spiritual capabilities we have available to us… and so much more.

I could see the moment when that funnel cloud was going to come down and wrap itself around her biology and suck her up thru the black hole to the other side, taking all that is below her… with her.  Which, from my view, would have only been the energy of the West Field, the crystal heart thingie was to far away to go up into the vacuum.  Puzzled would be an understatement.  I didn’t even know that was possible… but, as synchronicity has it, my reading prior to her showed us… nothing is impossible at all.  (Ohhh I am going to have to share that one here too… change two things into three!!)

Sometimes, I get a little pissed when the field, which can be soooo chatty, just remains in silence.  I swear to god, those on the other side of the veil must get out a bucket of popcorn and watch Lisa struggle to understand every single day!!  Their private comedy show!!  Because as much as I was asking for help understanding, the sound of silence grew!

My beautiful lady gave me another place to look.  She surprised me by adding her partner to the reading.  There is an internal way I set up the field for a couples reading… when I know I am doing one.  So, with this surprise (and exciting) twist, I motioned my energy to clear the field so I can connect to him on his own first.  Well, that didn’t work.  lol.  Instead, he showed up in her energy field that now changed it.  The presence of her crystal ball heart field was now gone from my view, his body was standing just behind where it was (in the south field area) directly in the area of her inner life field.  Which really now confused me, because she was just on the outside of her inner field and he was on the inside… and where the heck did that crystal ball go?

No one told me!

Now, keep in mind, the way I am seeing anyone that is in the area of moving thru the black hole thingie is in shades of black and white, well really shades of black and gray.  Everything in her and his reading was consistent with this… except one thing.  There was an umbilical cord going from his body to her body.  This I could see in living detail… right down to the veins and the kinks that are part of an umbilical cord when a baby is born.  This is really kewl!  But where are the crystal balls of each person… there was none to be seen.  Maybe this is the way of it with what I call twin souls.

Ya ever get that nagging feeling inside that, something is missing but ya cannot understand what it is.  I had that feeling thru this whole reading.  Yet, they being the only couple I have read for thru this massive change, I was sure that maybe the heart center is no longer relevant.

They did talk joyfully about what they are doing together energetically.  Lots of working that skills of the conjoined spirits, so it started to make sense that she was in the west field.

I also got a fast forward view of the vacuum up into the black hole, because of the umbilical chord between the two, she will automatically suck him up in the heart galaxy as she goes.  I was hoping and pushing to see them on the other side… because I was still trying to understand the lack of visual with any heart centers… how does that work??  The field did not let me have a preview at all.

The only thing I did understand was the umbilical chord representing feeding off of each other.  She nourishes him, he nourishes her… but… my question remained… where is the supply coming from??  No one on any of our “teams” was saying.  So, I decided it must mean we loose our heart fields when we connect to another in passion… maybe?

This morning, when I woke up I was right back in our connection yesterday… except spirit was actually there helping me see a bigger picture.  (This is going to be part of tomorrows sharing… I said I was gonna tease you today… right (grin.)

There is this other one that ties sooo much together… my beautiful daffodil lady.

But alas… I have a date with Jorge and the Guardians and I am going to cross that river and…. well… I will let you know tomorrow.

I love you all so much… and much more than that too!!

Until tomorrow….  ((((HUGZ)))))

Lisa Gawlas



















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  2. Hey Li li! I remember when my darling baby had to have an endoscopy when she was 2 they snaked a tube down her nose and because the flow of golytly was too big, it filled her tummy and she kept puking it up…poor dear–poor YOU, but I completely agree with you on listening to your body which knows what it needs in every moment! I am so there with you on that! Enjoy your day at the river…see you tomorrow! Hugs! Alex


  3. Hi Lisa,

    they’ve elected the new Pope, and guess what – his name is Jorge!!! *looool* No joke … Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Argentina. How cool is that?

    Hope you have a great day at the Mesa! ❤


    • That is sooo funny Zarah… we really do share the same heart humor. The moment I got the CNN “Breaking News” on my phone, I immediately put this on my facebook page: Ha! The new popes first name is Jorge. Some things just makes me giggle with deLight ♥

      We are so on the same page with it!! Love ya girl!! (((HUGZ)))

      Ohhh and I couldn’t cross the river, for once it was all grown up and flowing fast like a river (snow melt)… but I surely got a heartful sitting there!! ❤


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