Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 12, 2013

The Shift of Biology and Soul and the Karmic Return of Energy in June!

the Light of YOU

What an extraordinary day in the field of Light yesterday.  Not only the readings (which were all so powerful and exciting) but also, the birds doing their dances of love with each other, the squirrels chasing each other around at the tail.  Between the folks I was reading for and the display of nature itself… Life is definitely coming alive within itSelf!

Our own evolution is changing so fast that it is hard for me to keep up with what phase we are in now and what it all means to the bigger story we are emerging into.  The Shift, I am finding, is multifaceted.  The first thing we had to do was shift our kundalini housing (soul energy) from our root chakra to our heart chakra.  To live fully and unconditionally from the heart and not conditionally from the illusion of life itself.

This inner shift gave way to a second shift, one that, once I seen it, makes so much sense.  We have gone from living a very physical oriented life and running the energy of spirit down thru our core within the body.  Well, it seems, in this month of rapid evolution… even that has shifted.  The body is becoming the energy of the core and the true skin and mobility thru life is the spirit / soul.  Just think about how profound that is really.

We have lived a very physical oriented life, doing all we can to connect to spirit from the inside out.  Changing our thoughts, our relationships, infusing ourselves with higher energy and wisdom and the old continued to fall away.

We have experienced sooo much biological change within us, especially thru 2012 thru this point in time.  The colds and flu’s of Light, the aches and pains within the muscle and bone structures.  The headaches!!

In all my wildest understandings, I could not have gotten to what I had seen and understood yesterday.  The soul came to play out loud in every facet of life.  Not as a hidden partner in the game, but as the Source within the game.  So, in this profound moment in our time, the soul is now the skin of our lives (at least for those who have done the work within and without to get to this point) and the biology is the thing of experience to manifest the souls deepest desires within the construct of created life.  Can you imagine, we will now be pulling from the tempered ego’s place to create in matter.   A perfect harmony/partnership and a Divine role reversal!!  Powerful!!

I have finally got oriented to tentacles and what they mean when I see them on the field… and doncha know we have a brand new twisted tied in.  The new seed of Life.  This imagery actually gave full understanding to what I just shared above.  But still… there is a lot to keep up with these days!!

I was looking and looking for my lady in the field, I couldn’t see a darn thing!!  I shifted up (heart) down (antenna) up, down and nuttin.’  I knew it wasn’t me, I had just had two amazing connections… so where could my lovely lady be?  Finally, the field shifted my vision to below the ground (which is not ground at all, as they repeated over and over again.)  And there she was, this beautiful looking chestnut about 3 feet (1 meter) below the surface of where I see us now.  There was this skinny, thready, yellow/gold vortex or portal or something or another that connected from her “nut sack” (you cannot even imagine how many times spirit used that word “nut sack” and ohhh my I couldn’t stop giggling.  I think the field was as pheromonal as the birds and squirrels!!) to the area that would house her “heart galaxy.”  I could see the potential of her emerging into the center of this orbital field.

But there is so much more to this new growth period too.  As my last reading of the day presented, not only is our newly enhanced biology becoming the core energy within us and our soul energy the things that surrounds and IS us, but this new seed energy is also… hmmmm…. creating shoots, well, think of like a vine plant that grows on buildings and trestles.   All part of the same energy, yet individuated as well.  These amazing vine shoots were growing up her heart area and I realized these are the connections that will be interacting in her new phase of Life.

Think about how profound that is… we are already growing our needed connections even as we are growing into our fuller selves!!  Man, that takes a lot of the work out!!  I also understand they are highly magnetized vines.  Or, as spirit is whispering in my ear at this moment, very filled with the perfume of pheromones!   The souls desire will always be fed.  Unlike the (old) ego’s desire.

In between all this amazing stuff… there was a man, he was number two on my hit parade and 20 minutes before his appointment, I was already getting visuals for him.  I was shocked really… mainly because I have been really challenged at instantly connecting to the readings via the heart center (as opposed to my antenna place) and I could feel his heart creation in what I was already being shown.  I really felt like I grew up a little bit… maybe went from kindergarten to 1st grade!! lol

I had already talked about him around the 1st of March.  This is the man who uprooted his business and living space in a matter of hours from his heart prompting.  he has settled into his new life structure and already started creating fully from the new energy field.

I had seen what I will call building blocks… that were really orbs of light just bigger than a golf ball.  The primary light orbs were intense blue/black energies with intense violet orbs intermingled in his growing structure.  From my vision, it looked like he was creating a building.  The back and side walls made of this new Light energy all stacked on top of each other.  Just connecting to it made my heart zing like crazy.

And like so many on the front lines, plowing the fields of Life into this moment, he has been kicked on his ass more times than any of us want to remember.  Not once staying down and giving up.  Instead, picked up with more determination and perseverance and moved ever forward.  Daring, in this ominous moment of our time to deconstruct and reconstruct on nothing more than an inner knowing.

What the field has told him, and really, all of us who lives in this state of (craziness lol) Being, there is NOTHING that can break thru and do harm now.  The old energy constructs, even if it appears the opposite in our tainted media, is so filled with fissures that they have no strength left to do harm.

What excited me even more about this “visual” the fissures were filled with this wonderful white/silver energy.

What I also understood in visual, but not really in context… April is a very violet month.  Not solid, but more cloud energy like.  However, the thing that he is building with all those intense orbs of light, will give way to its fullness in April… as the violet orbs become more dominant than the blue/black ones of right now.  This next part I pondered for the evening, and the more I pondered it, the more I felt the expanded energy within it.

During his reading, he was told… god knows the energy that came thru this field expression just pinged me into heaven, that June is filled with rewards back to him.  it felt so much like a merry Christmas/happy birthday month of unyielding return back to him.  Gifts in ways that will make his head spin.

There are times, when I feel the energy that is coming thru, even if I do not know the “details” that makes every part of me say… “I want some!!”  And so I picked the universal mind last evening… and I so started to understand that June will be filled with an energetic return to everyone on the planet.

Let’s take a much needed moment and expand that sudden realization.  Every moment of every day each and every one of us are putting out ‘energy.”  Many are putting out as much as they can to enhance ALL life.  Many more are putting out energy that takes away from ALL life (so they can have more and others inevitably have less) and there are many variations in-between.

So we can look at June as the intense and immense karmic payday for all, each in their own unique way!!

I am going to close on that note, as much I love the extra daylight hour, it also has me waking up later in the morning… for now.

Thank you, from the depths of my soul, for allowing ALL of us to follow the path of evolution thru your Soul Light.  I love you and appreciate you more than my words have the ability to say.


Lisa Gawlas


I found this wonderful way to live on my sons wall last evening.  Living any part of this will release really good karma coins into your world!!  Just sayin’  😀

the secret




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  3. I love this post, Lisa. So full of encouragement for those of us who are trying to live our life mission and create from the new grid. Thank you!


  4. Hey beanie baby Li li! What wonders you share! I absolutely love it! (I also love the term nut sack!)…I am feeling blessings coming in for all in the next few months and with my boy having his “final interview” this friday, I remain in gratitude and continue to send his divine spiritual team love and light to sprinkle on him as needed to allow him the courage to get back into the flow of life! Cleaning out a lot of old gunk energetically and physically as well and it really feels like I am creating space of great things to come in! P.s. I am SOOO freaking excited to have my reading on thursday! Whoot whooo! Love you! Alex


  5. you will have an amazing blog right here! would you like to make some invite posts on my blog?


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