Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 9, 2013

Kundalini Fire, The Ankh, The Rains of Shambhala and Some “Earth” News too!!


There is so much to share from yesterday.  From beginning to end, it was an action packed, heart expanding day!!  Phew baby!!  First, let me share all the yummy details from my first reading of the day.  Let me tell ya, if you’re not sure that a 15 minute reading can produce much… think again!!

My lovely lady showed up in her clear heart field galaxy with a brand new twist to it all.  Ohhhh and what a twist!!  All around the ground (which, per the field, is not ground at all, it just happens to be my back yard placement of the readings now) there was a ring of fire about inches tall.  Just connecting to it was breathtaking to feel and see.  I instantly could feel the representation of passion, of pure kundalini fire all around her heart center.  But yet, it almost felt like something was missing.  I could not pick up any details within her heart galaxy area, then suddenly my whole vision was taken beneath the ring of fire.  OMG!!

What’s funny is, the art I used above for this sharing, I actually downloaded yesterday when I was looking for art for yesterdays sharing.  I tossed it aside the moment I seen the colors and musical notes in the image I did use yesterday and yet, kept this image on my desktop because it felt important.  Well…. underneath her ring of fire was an image so close to the artwork I used today.

Let me explain as clearly as I can about what this all means, because it really is important in our new Light body/Life.  All matter exists thru the heart of Gaia.  Pure earth energy is deep in the heart of our earth mother.  So what we had seen together was the vast amount of potentials this lady can bring to life, to her field of created matter by pure heart desire.  It is her fiery passion of intent, connected to the field of matter and the heart of Gaia and harnessing into thru the will of her heart.

And then amazing became even more exciting.  We talked about using the internal fires of passion to pull from and then she added a detail that just dropped my jaw!!



She mentions something about the Ankh symbol that she was currently learning about.  It was like my heart suddenly exploded in knowing and understanding!!  When my own kundalini was at its new, explosive uprising within my body, my then mentor, Marc, suggested I use the Ankh symbol with my kundalini.  What he never told me was how the hell to do that.  But then again, back then, it would have been like handing a magician’s wand to a new-born baby…

I found a wonderful website that explains a bit about the Egyptian Ankh symbol:

The Ankh (aka the crux aitsata, or the ‘ansate’ or ‘handled cross’) was sacred to the ancient Egyptians (this is actually the land of Ancient Kemet – “the land of the blacks” – which the Greeks later renamed Egypt) and is known as the original cross. This symbol stands for life or living, and forms part of the Egyptian words such as ‘health’ and ‘happiness.’ (This is why it’s often referred to as the Key of Life which would unlock the gates of death, aka the cross of life.) It is linked with the Egyptian God Osiris and the Goddess Isis (the eternal mother and High Priestess who carries the Ankh in Her hand). Kings and Pharoahs are also oftentimes shown with an Ankh to distinguish them from “mere mortals.” The loop of the Ankh (which represents the womb, the feminine discipline) is considered to be the feminine, and the “T” shape is considered to be the masculine (the masculine discipline or the Penis). Together, these symbols create life and reflect a continued existence. It is sometimes called the Key of the Nile (the river that provided water for Egypt to survive – the Ankh is often associated with water, air, and the sun rising over the horizon) which further reinforces the image of fertility and reproduction. Of course, the Ankh can be further taken to symbolize the power to give and sustain life.

12 years later, I finally get it!!  Thanks to my incredible lady in the ring of fire of her passion!!  Even now, so much of the Guardians sharing last year talked about going thru the eye of the needle… look at that symbolic  the top part could very well represent the eye of a needle.  So imagine you strapped an etheric Ankh to your heart, and pulled that kundalini fire up from the fires of Gaia, thru your core, out your heart, thru the eye of the needle…. the life-giving energy of the Ankh.  Creation itself could not contain itself from creating your desire at your feet!!

We also talked about the energy of Event Horizon as well and a lovely soul on my field of Light called Facebook gave me a wonderful peice of art to thread into this story too.



This image represents the energy of a black hole, and those who went thru the black hole opening is a sense, have become a living black hole themselves.  Lets take this picture and break down into YOU.  The tiny little eye looking hole, we will call your core energy (the shaft of energy that runs thru your physical body) the space just outside of that is your heart galaxy.  The area where this image says is the “inner event horizon” is exactly where her ring of fire showed up.  The area where it shows the outer event horizon would be in your created life field!!

And then we have that ergosphere.  Here is what wikipedia says about that:

 Its name is derived from the Greek word ergon, which means “work”. It received this name because it is theoretically possible to extract energy and mass from the black hole in this region. The ergosphere has an oblate spheroidal shape that touches the event horizon at the poles of a rotating black hole and extends to a greater radius at the equator….

…Within the ergosphere, spacetime is dragged along in the direction of the rotation of the black hole at a speed greater than the local speed of light in relation to the rest of the universe. … Because of this dragging effect, objects within the ergosphere could not be stationary with respect to the rest of the universe unless they were to travel faster than the speed of light with respect to local spacetime.

…The size of the ergosphere, the distance between the ergosurface and the event horizon, is not necessarily proportional to the radius of the event horizon, but rather to the black hole’s gravity and angular momentum. A point at the poles does not move, and hence has no angular momentum,

Now if we take the name ergosphere and all that goes with that meaning (that’s enough science for one morning here lol) and change it to what the field calls your “orbital field” it all makes sense to me now.  I have seen in a prior reading, this orbital field become elongated thru the persons desire and pulling that desire from within.  Now I am really understanding all this science (not really, but close enough) as it relates to our spiritual body’s (this I get!!)

We will call the “Event Horizon” the pure desire you start to bring to your created reality.  When two energies collide and changes everything!  Your desire and the desire of that which you are pulling towards you.)

Let’s talk about the intensity all of this means to us.  If you have an emotionally charged feeling inside of you, all the forces of your own creation get jiggy with it and start to pull “that” into your created field of life.

Now imagine you are still dealing with self-worth issues, or ego related issues.  If you were to go thru the “black hole” with any sort of intense negative charge, that reality would be heaped on you.  So, the powers that be built-in a safety switch.  No soul before their primed!!

And with that, I have been seeing the next phase of those moving thru yet another black hole opening that, thru my second lady of the day, was happening today.  (March 9th) and there will be a continued series of black hole leaps thru this entire month.  Life is a shaking and a moving!!

Please, please, please do not look at anything or anyone further ahead than another… EVER.  We are on a circle, period.  Thru our own evolution of our souls on earth, some have to go thru first to pave the way and make it easier for those coming up the rear.  Then those, will make it even easier for those yet coming up the rear.  And then even those who said, let me go 2nd, or 3rd or whatever the case may be that was needed of you.  No judgement… just stay excited, anything less than that, is the ego… temper it!!

Speaking of excited (smile)  I was sitting waiting for the rain to arrive yesterday scanning over news headlines on my phone.  The feeling inside of me was so strong that I was looking at a place that was foreign to me.  That’s not my earth or my reality.  All the hate and fear being kicked up… but then a smile emerged as I looked at the headline that was so excited about the raise in the stock market thingie.  I so clearly heard my team say:

They have not learned from the last inflated bubble that created this non-reality and the bubble will burst again.  This time, without the ability to patch it over.  Not even 5 minutes later I (accidentally) opened a headline and had to smile with the content.  The article was talking about the ones who are benefiting from this “wall street” spike are the top 1% and that the only other (barely) benefactors are home owners due to the  rise (very slight rise) in property value.

So for all those working the outer field of life, deconstructing the old paradigm, WE SALUTE and HONOR YOU SOOOO MUCH.  Thank you!!  Same goes to those holding the new construct of energy to put into play.  What an amazing team effort!!

I also want to incorporate this understanding of karma here too.  This was a subject we talked about in the soul gym the other day.  It was centered around the karmic energy of taking more than your share.  Life sustains itself daily.  That means, all you need in any given day is fully and richly provided to you.  There are times up ahead, you need a bit more and life equally provides that prior to the need arising.  This allows the fullness of ALL of life to benefit from every moment of every day.

In our conversation I was talking about taking more than our share in any given day.  Yes, the ego wants and delights in many things and even feels the entitlement to have all that and more.  I gave my own example of a very successful business I once owned… a lottery club.  We preyed primarily on senior citizens to play their savings in the hopes of winning more than they had.  This was a massively successful business.  I had new toys, the ability to travel anytime and anywhere I wanted.  My kids got everything and more than they wanted.  One could say… life was good.

I took so much more than my share.  It collapsed two years later.  I lost everything and then some.  Karma really does work itself out.

But something really incredible happened this week that creates a more personal example.  My son.  He had gone thru a major custody battle last year.  When he and his baby’s mama started to talk about child support, at first it was decided (between the two of them) that he would pay $300 a month for child care and all of the transportation needs of getting his son to him (from MA to VA and back again.)  Until the order was signed by a judge, he paid every last penny of making sure his son came to VA and had a way back to his mama.  Some how the agreement changed to they would split the cost of transport but upped the support to $400 a month.  He agreed, hell he would have agreed to anything just to get time with his son.  This amount may be fine for his spring and summer months (he is a general contractor) but fall and winter is going to be near impossible.  Doncha know the just signed this order just as the deep fall was hitting and his income was drying up for the season.  He pulled from his house bills, from his own daily needs to make sure the support was paid because immediately the babies mama started to withhold the baby from him unless every penny was paid before she would travel half way to exchange the baby.  This really broke my heart for my grandson.  He became a commodity, even if unconsciously.

Then, like magic in this intense month we will call March he got a new child support order dictated by the courts of VA… his child support was reduced to $196, for a reason no one can really figure out.  I could so see the energy of karma playing out.  Taking more than your share, and doubling down on an innocent child (like I did with innocent seniors) put a whole new legal energy into motion.  He is now legally bound to pay less and pay directly thru the courts instead of directly to her.  Full releasing the energy of holding the child back from his other parent until paid in full.

Extraordinary really.

So speaking of extraordinary!!  Holy rain-dance batman!!

I had waited so patiently all day yesterday for the rains to come.  I was relieved when it wasn’t raining during my reading schedule, but then it didn’t start raining afterwards either.  I grabbed my rain maker from the wall and went outside into the back yard.  I started tilting my rainmaker left to right, right to left and allowed the music from this precious gift to call the energy of rain to the Mesa.  I could feel it within me.  I could feel the connection to the increasing clouds.

30 minutes later, still no rain.

I grabbed a handful of birdseed and walked down to the river.  I scattered the birdseed near the river as a gift to the rain and all that goes with the experience at hand.  I sat on my wooden stump and talked to the guardians and they talked to me.  I went into meditation and connected to the clouds, invited the rain so I can sit within its presence.  30 minutes later, still no rain.  It was getting cold.  I told the guardians I am going back up to the house, please don’t let me miss the rain.

And I waited.   And waited.  It got to the point I felt like I was waiting for a lover to show up and he was really really late and did not have a cell phone to call him on!!  I popped on Breaking Dawn 2…. again.  And waited some more.

Just before 5 pm, the weather plummeting to 38 degrees, I looked out my window and see a few raindrops!  I thought my heart would explode!!  I popped on my shoes and went to the river in the gentle rain.  I paused a moment right before the river and told the field of life, I am going to smoke with them.   We will share in a sacred smoke ceremony together (as if I knew what I was even talking about…)

I sat on my wooden tree stump and closed my eyes.  I so felt like a plant being watered.  It was beautiful really.  I lit a cigarette,  my smoke, and the rains picked up, I took off my jacket to make sure I got really wet.  I watched the upper part of the Mesa and could see what looked like forward moving funnels of light created by the rain.  One after the other they kept on coming, moving forward (north.)  I breathed that into me as well.  As I realized my now more than half smoked cigarette was drenched as well, the guardians told me I am done.  I can go back to the house.  In that moment, from the left side of the Mesa hill, the brightest light started to peek over the edge.  I had instantly wished i brought my camera with me, but I really didn’t want it getting drenched too.

As I kept wiping the rain out of my eyes and pondering the significance of this evening, I kept hearing, over and over as if on a loop: “the rains of Shambhala” (3 dog night style.)

It was as if that sun was rising from the SouthWest as more and more of its light filled my Being.  To my immediate left was a bunch of plant skeletons and as I looked thru them to the sun, I seen the most amazing weaving of circular energy.  At first I thought a spider had created a web thru all these plants, nope.  I checked and rechecked.  I breathed in the light thru that webbing.  That sun getting brighter and fuller when suddenly I realized, OMG your going to create a rainbow.  I looked behind me… sure enough!!

I ran back to the house to grab my camera.  The energy of the rainbow intensifying as I ran.  All I could do is say over and over and over “thank you, thank you so much.”

I was only able to capture 4 images of this rainbow before my camera completely shut off and would not turn back on to take any more pictures.  I stood in the softly falling rain and breathed in the rainbow.  I will share with you all the photos i was able to take… breathe it all in!!

full rainbow


double rainbow


partial rainbow




My 8 megapixel phone camera could not hold the true light of this amazing double rainbow within itself.  My whole heart welled up with the knowing this was a gift to us, for allowing myself to get rained on.  My eyes leaked tears of joy for close to 15 minutes.  I went back to the couch and resumed Breaking Dawn when the skies flashed a brilliant flash of lightning followed by a boom of thunder.

I have no idea what it all means to us… yet, but I am excited to find out!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and awe to ALL wrapped in vibrant strands of Love and the rains of Shambhala!!

Lisa Gawlas
















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  2. Oh Li li! absofreakinglutely amazing!!!!! I have chills all over my body from the rightness of what you have shared here! Whooo hooo! So powerful! I giggle too because besides a few crystals and my blue oyster cult kronos, the one thing I wear as well is my lovely Anhk! I adore it! I have also studied a bit of its mythological significance and the one thing it is additionally tied to is the SUN! Speaks to your message about taking in energy of the sun! Lovely! As for the rainbows–Oh i can’t tell you how many times spirit has spoken to me through rainbows! I adore them and I love that you shared yours with us!

    very cool about your son as well…and yes, the balance with the karma is very quick now adays! Love you girly! alex


  3. Hi Lisa, I was directed to this blog indirectly by Alex above. I had shared on another site about being going through an experience of being drawn into a vortex (black hole?). After the experience was complete I was told I was ‘a leader’ – not in the sense of being in charge but more like ‘I’ll go through first if you like to show its OK.”

    Then I find your blog from Lisa comments and read exactly the same process you describe above about some go in earlier etc then others follow in the order that is right and perfect.

    This could not fit my experience and what I was told more perfectly. For me this is a wonderfully exciting affirmation of the experience and what is unfolding for us all here. Thanks for your research and thanks to Alex above for her comments on another site (Aisha North) which led me here!

    Philip 🙂


  4. Truly beautiful! Speechless is all I can say!!! Definitely a blessing!


  5. the lion sleeps no more

    this is the RX military drug empire

    /\ton creator


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