Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 5, 2013

The Black Hole, The will of Desire/NonDesire and YOU!


Before I start today’s sharing, I want to bring clarity to something I feel I left kinda confusing yesterday.  The sentence of: “If just your presence alone is creating such a gravitational pull on the fears and worries of anyone around you, you’re gonna end up pissing more people off than getting hugs from. Celebrate this!!”

If you can imagine that everyone who has allowed themselves to be sucked up into their own black hole and orient and live deeply in the galaxy of the heart, you will have your own intense gravitational pull around your whole Being.  Think about a literal black hole, it sucks everything into it just by virtue of something coming a bit to close.  it is simply the way of it.  Now if we think of people as having a matrix of various energies within them, fear, love, hurt, pain, joy, ect… the parts with most mass, which would be anything of the fear vibration, will be the first thing to become rattled, moved.  I think the best way to give an example of this is thru my own massage practice.  Of course, that was the intention of the massage, to pull the deep dark places within a client into light… now, it is just our way of Being.

Before I started any aspect of therapy work on the table, I would first open the crown (top of the head) of the person on the table.  Often times, before I even touched their head, they would just start crying.   I was sitting behind their crown, my heart in complete alignment with their crown energy, and just the alignment was enough to bring their pain-filled emotions up to the surface.

The Lighten is always seeking the Light within another person, often times, to find that place, we have got to move thru the chunks of darkness (unresolved emotional debris from past hurts and traumas.)  Of course, people on my table paid for this experience (trust me, by the time the 2 hour session was over, the tears of sorrow changed into tears of joy… usually.)  Now imagine, you are having this effect on people simply by being near them.  Of course, this too is where spiritual awareness if vital as well.  Knowing what is happening as it happens, it gives you the presence of heart and mind to help as opposed to run for cover!!

But equally, what is happening as well, and most importantly, is stirring their light field within.  Most people’s Light field is suppressed by chunks of fear.  We can see a perfect example of how this works with Obama.  You take such a bright light, a man of compassion for the people, all people, and put him in the dark house (I mean white house) man has he stirred up the gunk at the bottom and continues to do so 5 years later!!  But this is one diligent man.  He can rattle people’s fears like no one else I have ever seen.  Good thing I love a great show of Light!! ❤

With people, as even with my own clients on my massage table, not everyone is willing to be responsible for their own issues within.  The blame game and clinging to how they want to feel about their own pain within… can go into overdrive.

This is where the energy of “take nothing personally” becomes vital.

Hopefully, what I tried to share, is clearer now.

There is one image that lingers in my vision today from yesterday.  No doubt tells the grander story of what we have gotten ourselves into as well!!

Her image was within a super clear energy heart field.  Within that super clear space was something that really took my field of vision some intense adjusting to see and understand.  Altho it was all one energy, the only way I have of really describing it is as three things unified into one.  Take the image of a serpent  stretched out so it is as long as just over half the entire area of your heart center.  Its coloring a combination of greens (from olive-green to forest green and many shades in-between )  Then take the solidness of a walking stick that has many etchings all the way down the shaft of the stick and then take the top of an arrow, the arrowhead, created for piercing thru something.

Her heart field explained it like this:  You have the powerful of the soul energy (serpent) the intensity of the codes etched into the solid field of matter (walking stick) and the ability to pierce thru any reality to create your hearts desire (arrowhead.)

But before we even got into our reading space, we already got to see the intense display of power now available.  My own calendar yesterday was crazy.  I cannot even imagine how on earth it happened like it did.  I had a one hour reading (that I thought was a thirty minute reading) from 8-9 am then this lady, another one hour reading from 9-10 am then a thirty minute reading from 10:15-11:45 am.  How that happened boggles my mind, that is equally to doing 2 and a half marathons back to back without taking a break!  I got off the phone with my first reading at five minutes before nine am and was carrying my laptop from my reading place back to my desktop (it was a skype connection) when my cell phone started ringing.  I was about 5 feet from my desk, both hands occupied with my laptop when suddenly, my cell phone answered itself.  It just  somehow popped the speaker phone into on and I heard someone saying “hello, hello, are you there.”  I quickly put my laptop down, picked up the phone and asked her to call me back in 5 minutes.

When she did call me back, she said she was just so anxious to talk with me.  Talk about power!!

We can look at this too, as really needing a place of caution within our desires.  This actually brings back a facebook conversation we had last week or so about creating our desires, first, without anyone else involved.  Think about this for a long minute.  If your desire involves someone else, and they are not ready for your desire within their world, we can inadvertently wreak havoc by piercing thru someone else’s world when they are not ready.

Just to be clear here, my lovely lady did not reek any havoc on me, quite the opposite really, she has given us the ability to see clearly what we are capable of.  How powerful we now are… even as we are still in “held back” position!!

On a completely different note, my last reading of the day gave us all something to really feel within ourselves too.  She booked a reading for the purpose of my checking her body as she has been under the weather physically for some time.  Immediately she was in my kitchen but the only things I could see was her arms and shoulders in the most beautiful array of soft rope like striations of pastel colors.  She had no head or body, just arms and shoulders.  I did understand that the energy work she has done allowed the strength of her “reach for life” (hence arms and shoulders) to bring to her exactly what she needs in her evolutionary process.  Boy oh boy, she has been doing just that… but not with the results she wanted, especially in the “dating game” area.

For the life of me, I could not access any part of her from the frontal view, so I decided, lets turn you around so I can see your back.  Wow was I shocked.  I could see her entire spinal area with what looked like dirty oil rags in her solar plexus and sacral plexus areas.

Our physical body breathes two ways.   Up and down (thru the crown to the feet and vise versa) and back and forth (thru all the chakras front and back.)  Anything that appears within the back is always about unresolved stuff from our past.  The fact that she had (what looked like to me) a rag stuffed in the solar plexus said to me, she was done dealing with that issue (not resolved, just done.)  Instantly I could feel the toxic energy of a relationship with her dad and the moment I asked her about that, holy zinger batman!!

So I had to wonder, why could i see her back so clearly and her front, with the exception of her arms and shoulders, was as if it didn’t exist.

All of life is now in a fast evolving forward energy stream.  All versions of earth, all biological fields…. everything!!  We cannot come into form until we resolve and dissolve our past.  The only real thing that can happen is bringing more of our past issues to us to look again, feel again, work it out within us.  Then and only then, can the new energy move into our whole of creation.

There are no short cuts on this evolutionary path.  I had a wonderful conversation with a good friend last night as she was talking about the meditation she was doing that came out of the boxes from the lovely soul named Ali a couple of weeks ago.  Like so many others that I have talked to about that particular meditation  she does the first two parts (getting the key, opening the door, going into the kite area/room and then going back for another key.)  I had to laugh when the words “window-shopping” came out of my mouth in relationship to what she was doing.  Granted, that meditation has like 8 levels of energy to it… the whole thing designed to fully embed all the energy into your whole being, both energetically as well as consciously.  Anything less than the full meditation is… window shopping.

Maybe it is just me, but I want the whole kit and caboodle.  I don’t want to just know whats available, I want to use it, live it, expand it, create more from it.  Think about it, if you have 100% soul ability available to you, why not work your ass off to attain it all, because it works really well at 100%.  Or maybe, really, at the core of your heart, you really aren’t all that interested in your full power, just sections of it.

Just for the record, the soul is interested in living 100% out loud, in life and that has always been the story of Now.  If not in this lifetime, then the next or the next after that.  Since you are here and aware NOW… why not fully invest in yourSelf NOW?  Yes, it takes work, it takes inner study, outer experience of that study… putting the mundane on the back burner while allowing the full power of the true magician to live out loud as YOU.  But why not??

Ok, off my soap box for today (smile.)

Dancing to the Light of a New Story underway!

((((HUGZ))))) of loving, living gratitude to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas













  1. Wow Li li, on every level this message speaks to me from the releasing of old stuff which happened to me this week during a hands on session, and it being about my father, to attracting something that was impossible. LOL silly stuff but I thought my husband had finished all the beer and I wanted one more. He said, i will go to the store and I said no, maybe you hid one…well, I reached into this old tin container and there was a Huge super sized can LOL and neither he nor I put it there! So funny! I also can see the shaking up of other people’s field vividly as I had an incident with a friend the other day where she was literally pouring crap on me and I simply refocused to send energy to her higher being for assistance so she maintained her free will and I took nothing personal–within minutes she was back peddling and we resolved things peacefully….Ok rambling…Hugs!!!! and Thanks!!!!


  2. Hey Lisa! Well you did say that you felt March 5th would be significant, did you not? It seems that we are receiving another blast of intense energy. This one feels like it’s releasing a lot of stuff regarding relationships (at least to me). One thing i do have to live in the NOW moment. Planning for future anything won’t work. Believe me, I know. The other thing is that this seems to be a pushing energy…pushing you forward. We’ll see where it takes us this time. Love ya, much!


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