Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 1, 2013

Expanding the Orbital Field of the Heart Galaxy.

heart field

Sometimes, I swear I can be so slow on the uptake of, what now seems obvious information!!  I was sitting down between appointments yesterday re-reading my blog, I will do that when I feel like I missed something or don’t fully understand something.  Granted, my sharings are done in my personality, but rarely do I actually write them.  I am learning too thru it all.

When I got to the image of the earth and the continued way I am “seeing” you now, how on earth am I surprised that your heart center looks like a sky view of earth??  We are, after all, creating the New Earth… just dah!!!  In that realization it was like a liquid warm ran thru me.  Even the sudden, and to me, drastic way I now connect with you, actually makes sense.

For the last 10 years of reading/connections, I have done it fully thru the pineal gland, an expanded view of the field of Light that is within all of us.  This allowed us to connect even beyond the heart creation to look at the extension of life we all move in and out of every day.  That extended part of our story was crucial to get us to Here.

The new earth could never have been birthed except thru the human heart.  Take a moment and really feel how profound that is.  How profound YOU are!!  In order to get to Here, you had to dig out all the old dirt, all the old beliefs  raise your vibration, clear your flow of love and all while still in body, still dressed in the illusion!  It has never been about how many spiritual skills you brought to the fore (tho, that really is the fun part of it all) it is about the pureness of your LOVE.  To temper the ego to the degree it is now a partner with your soul, excited to play its part.

How extraordinary YOU ARE!!

I am also realizing there is so much more to what the field calls y/our “orbital field.”  Creating from the deep inner heart, making choices based on pure love and not what anything outside of yourself looks like, since anything outside of yourself is illusion anyway and created by the mental galaxy.

Let me share what is happening within me…

A few weeks ago, thru the heart of spirit, my team let me know that my father is walking his last mile on earth.  He and I were estranged for 36 years until last year, thru the beauty of facebook and the internet, our lives and hearts reconnected again.  In this whole past year, I have only put enough effort forth to spend 2 days and one morning with him.  It is kinda funny and kinda sad… the ready-made (un)reality excuses we can build into our illusion.  My own excuse, don’t have time, don’t have money, gotta work, gotta do this, gotta do that.

So I had a conversation with my dad 2 days ago and in his own way, confirmed what spirit had already told me.  The benign tumor in his lung has turned into a fast growing cancer which is now the size of a golf ball.  That on top of the fact he is in the end stage of emphysema, means, treatment of any kind is not an option.  This news did not make me sad, it made me motivated!

I spent the next 24 hours working out the details in my head of how I am going to get to PA and spend real-time with my dad.  December and January brought me to my financial knees and it wasn’t until mid-February the financial winds started to change again, in an up-flow instead of a down draft 😀  which allowed me to get to even.

There was an absolute point in my yesterday, I was no longer thinking, but KNEW, I am going to make a road trip to Virginia and Pennsylvania in April.  Not a single worry of “how” just a focus in the heart of… do it!!

So I decided on April 10th I will start the 2000 mile car ride to Virginia, pick up my daughter and put another 500 miles under my butt to spend real-time with my dad.  I’ll spend a whole week with him, timed with the arrival of my grandson back in my sons world, spend two weeks with my kids and grandson and today, I am even thinking… maybe go back to my dads for another week.  Of course, I cannot drive thru Arkansas without stopping to dig up some crystals to replenish my now depleted supply!!

I even did something I would have never done before, I took $100 out of my bill money and put it in my savings, kinda like good faith/seed money for my trip.  if action creates energy… then I am in to play the game in a brand new way!!

I say all that because this morning I have awakened with a really interesting feeling in my heart and around my heart.  Like there is this ball looping around me… spinning around and around and it feels, well, kinda ticklish-ish.  Coupled by this melancholy love feeling that seems to be going around with it….

I realized in my own pondering this morning, that whole orbital field… it will only start to move and expand if we are willing to take “risks.”  Moving out of our comfort zone, beyond the illusion of what we see as limiting or restricted and do it anywayz.

Yesterday, as I cleared my April calendar from April 10th thru the 21st (and that little gasp of air that came with it lol) I had a thought run thru me…. maybe I will rent my home out for a month, or however long I am gone… doncha know, the moment I made my declaration of this journey on facebook (my own way of committing to it) someone mailed me about possibly renting my place while I am gone!

There is a grand conspiracy in this new earth that is filled with support if we are only willing to get out of the illusion of restriction and move way beyond our comfort zone!!

There is so much more to share, but today, I have a crazy day of doing my three-month lap… check ups to make sure my body is still cancer free.  Blood tests and CT scan starting at 8am and I have not yet taken a shower!!

I love you all soooo much and more than that even!!

((((HUGZ)))) of new risks and great adventures to everyone!!

Lisa Gawlas



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  2. Hi Lisa , I love yr work with this sharing blog , and can’t wait every day to read it ! I understand where we all are , through my journey and yr sharings and I thank you for !

    I am soo happy you are taking this journey to be with your father . I feel and believe it will complete the cycle frm yr birth to the
    moment your farther passes over and that it will bless you in the beginning of your New cycle in life !!! I have been on this journey too and will be able to express myself when we have my next reading ! Love your yr work !!!
    Love&light Selma Xx

    will bless you in the beginning of your New

    cycle in life!!! I ha ve been on this journey too


  3. I have been thinking about you and praying for you today. May all your tests say, “You are FREE and Healthy!” Bless you, Lisa!


  4. dearest Li li, my heart is so happy for you to have made the choice, set the energy in motion and then everything clicks into place! How beautiful! Sending you love for your blessed journey, as I know it will be a thing that will assist both you and your dad energetically! big hugs! 🙂 Alex


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