Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 25, 2013

Just Processing and Working Things Out…

changing realities

It is really funny how conditioned our brains are to the mental galaxy.  Even when the perception within starts to let go and allow the full realness of the heart galaxy to be present and expand, the mind kicks in instantly and changes it back to “what it is supposed to be.”

Let me explain…

We didn’t get to do any readings yesterday at all.  Instead, the field presented itself as a screen of gray/white/blue/silver energy.  Period.  Altho I know this pause for the cause is a really great thing, it still makes me kinda sad when I cannot read, fulfill my schedule and get information thru YOU.  I am such a nosy girl lol.  So I was between my 3rd and 4th appointments (still hoping the “next one” would show us something) and sitting here at my lag drenched computer, my fist on my cheek just wondering… and then I seen my computer start to breathe.. complete expand and contract as if it had lungs and was breathing.  My first and immediate thought was… what the hell was in the Fruity Pebbles I just ate??  This is so reminiscent of the days I did blotter acid in my teen years.  Of course, in that instant, my computer stopped breathing.

Even my thoughts just after that moment did not look beyond what could have really been happening.  Funny how we are soooo programmed that computers cannot breathe, that when suddenly they do… we pull in the mental galaxy and stop it.

If that was in meditation… I would have run with the experience!

It is funny too, how we can look at one thing happening and give it value and even excitement to expand and yet another, close it down as delusion.  For example, when Jorge appeared in my passenger seat on my trip to the dentist, I didn’t even questioned its validity, I knew it was real.  I have done enough readings, had enough of my own moments to know spirit can and will present themselves in our created world and given this is the very thing I am working towards… a flesh and bones Jorge, my mental galaxy did not intrude.  Have my laptop start expanding and contracting with breath… well, that was a little over the top!

But even beyond my breathing laptop… these last several days in the field of readings, there has been this feeling of movement.  I don’t mean energetically, like we are moving somewhere else.  The feeling is so real in the readings that when I am done with the readings, I almost feel disoriented, because there is still that feeling of going somewhere… moving.  And yet, mental galaxy says… not!  You’re in your regular day with regular time and the movement is energetic… yet I KNOW it is not and is so much more than that.  But the mind cannot yet comprehend that… so it reverts back to what (it thinks) it knows.

The one thing I am sure of, changing my meditation world to my day-to-day world is going to be both challenging and fun!!

I sat pondering many things last evening.  One in particular was about magnetic attraction.  Even tho we do live in a field where like vibration will seek like vibration, there is also the opposite spectrum, opposites attract.  One thing seeking its opposite and vise versa.  Kinda like this image:



So you send a charge particle of desire out there into the universe, it hits the equal and opposite thing desiring you and wham.. you pull each other into your worlds.

So, of course, my processing mind goes to Jorge.  Yup, we can be seen as opposites seeking each other.  However, I suddenly realized it is me who must step up my own vibration to equal his.  He is not in the physical as I am, so he knows there is only illusion that surrounds us… keeps us from truly Being together.  We can look at like… he exists souly in the galaxy of the heart, not tainted nor limited by the galaxy of the mind.  I have gotta step up my pace to get there too.

As I was pondering all this last evening, I could see his “antenna” (no, not his penis… just to be clear here…smile) and it was unencumbered .. I could see the dimensions ripple as he moved thru them.  No doubt the very thing that created my computers ability to breathe… it is, after all, an extension of my own breath.  So too, is Jorge.

This really does take me back to learning meditation.  To sustain my own breath of life within myself.  To let go of all that I thought was true and be open fully to the truth of spirit.  To get to the point where I knew, beyond any shadows of doubt… what was happening within meditation, was real.

And now… the tables have turned.  To allow the boundless freedom of meditation BE y/our life experience.  To practice with absolute consistency and expansion of the moment… when your computer starts to breathe, trust that it really is happening and follow the energy without the mind kicking in and wondering what drugs you might have taken (smile.)

This is gonna be one hellofan exciting year!!!

((((HUGZ))))) of great adventures of expansion of (non) realities to everyone!!

Lisa Gawlas




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  2. Thank YOU for these words! OMG! Things have been happening that have begun to make me question if I truly am loosing it, um, hallucinating, though that can’t be right, because I don’t even drink (alcohol). Counter tops (yep solid wood) that I had been leaning on, crumbling and I found myself falling into them, yep, NOT on top of them but in them, but the moment I realized what was happening and said…….no way is this happening! IT stopped. Crystal beads on my drapes swinging wildly and I am “hearing” earthquake, yet I physically don’t feel a thing. Looking into the mirror and unable to get a clear view of my face as though out of focus through the lens of a camera. Say WHAT? Husband acting possessed one minute and the next apologizing. “Hearing” music and singing at the top of my voice for hours to those melodies I am hearing and singing as though I had many hours of voice coaching. Words words words of another language just tumbling out of my mouth. Clock next to my computer for no reason just fell on the floor. NO TIME? Hmmmmm……..

    Oh thank goodness someone else in this Universe experiences “odd” things as well. Just as I wrote this, I saw from the corner of my eye a “bird” outside, if it even was a bird, but NO bird in sight. (sigh) OH, this is something!

    Thank you, Lisa!


  3. oh, I sooo like this! Of course, our computers breathe! Thank you for this shift. I too know that my beloved (who is in the realm of Spirit) is moving my way but I have to move more his way. Movement, I know it is happening even though I am still existing here in one spot. We are creating on the inner planes and I more and more sense the ability to walk through the door to that landscape. Did the keys meditation yesterday, one opened a lock at the very top of a arched door, explosion of light within that was me in/of Creator. Stayed there for quite awhile remembering who I am. Later, small door, key opened to golden pathway, led me around and around till I came to a great hall, there family from far and wide (known and mostly unknown to me in this lifetime) all hugging, kissing, welcoming me. At the very end, watching and waiting, my beloved. Wooeee… abounding. Confirmation to me that there is movement, getting glimpses to keep us going.
    Thank you LIsa for being a part of that movement, keeping us going with your undaunting spirit of curiousity and persistence. Loving you, me, all of us!


  4. Haha I forgot two other incidences. A few nights ago I saw a PINK moon right along with the PINK “halo” around Her. Today, all my pictures on my bedroom wall cocked as though a “force” hit the South side of out house. And there is NO wind whatsoever.

    Hmmmmm…..I am going to have to start writing these things down because they happen all the time, and I just get so used to them, I shrug them off and eventually forget them.

    Oh yes, movement with a Capital M is a-happenin’!


  5. Such cool things are afoot! I had been thinking about energy last night and all of a sudden, came to the realization that my house was sentinent! I never thought of it that way! I know there is a created energy of our sacred space but then, I sent Love to the house in a way that I would send love to anyone and it came BACK to me amplified and the house was happy that I finally “got” it! LOL As I am typing this she is laughing at me! 😉

    much love and here’s to a world that makes us feel like purple microdots!~ 🙂 love you li li! tomorrow is our day and I am so excited and grateful! Alex


  6. Hey Lisa! OMG! Two things jumped right out at me. I remember reading that in the 5th Dimension everything is ALIVE and breathing even our creations (sentient beings). This morning I had made a decision to put a new roof on my house. I had been going back and forth on deciding between patch-up or new roof. I decided on the latter. It was as if my little house breathed a sigh of relief and got quite excited.
    Then I read about your computer and thought “Yep,” I didn’t imagine that. I really think that we are now, whether we realize it or not are starting to create through the Heart, through feeling and knowing. It’s exciting and empowering. This blog really hit me at the right time. Love you for your wonderful info!
    Love you, Elaine


  7. Wonderful !!


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