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THE SHIFT: The Galaxy of the Mind vs The Galaxy of the Heart: Where Do You Reside?


For as long as I can remember, well, at least since I have started walking this path of awareness back in 2000, people talked about The Shift.  Some even referred to it as “The Shift of the Ages.”  But, no one could really tell me what the hell does that mean to us.  A lot of people talked about the shift via earth changes… well, ok that is happening and has been for some time.  Some others talked about the shift being a reversal of poles… well, we know that magnetic north has been moving position for quite a while, so that part  is true too to a lesser degree.  Some others said the shift was how we looked at life again, how we looked at each other again, not separate but part of each other.  Yes, we can see that too happening on a large-scale.  All of it is indeed happening.

When I created this blog, “The shift of time and energy,” I really did it as a notebook to myself.  Something more than all of the above is happening, I could see it in myself, I could see it thru my massages and now, most especially I see it thru the readings of Your Soul.  The Shift is deep within us.

We have been playing a linear, mentally constructed, game called life.  Even to say the shift is moving from the mental construct to the vastness of the heart, I really feel can be severally understated.  Even the term; going from a fear based to a love based way of living… does not really say what the shift is.  It does give it a good start, like a door being cracked open… but even our idea of love is so tainted from past conditioning and false stories.  What is love, really?  What is love in contrast to the minds perceptions of it all?

If we can imagine there are two very separate galaxies that exist within us.  The first one, the one we are all familiar with, is the galaxy we call earth and all that goes with that.  This orbits around the brain, the mental construct of linear, matter based relationships.  It truly is more complex than just that, but I love keeping things simple (smile.)  In this galaxy we can look out, see the earth beneath our feet and all that is upon it.  We can look up and see the sky, the stars in the sky, we can see other planets, the milky way… all of it a construct of the mind.

Then there is the galaxy of the heart. There are no edges to this galaxy, nothing but pure star-dust.  A living organism without solid matter.  Pure energy of unlimited creational energy fueled by the only energy that truly exists… LOVE.  Love without boundaries, without restrictions, without a single ounce of fear.

We have been straddling both worlds, both galaxies for a long time.

Everything about the mental galaxy was needed and provided an amazing map of potential for the galaxy of the heart.  For those who have done the inner and outer work of their pure Light field, the galaxy of the mind is going supernova.  The relationship to linear time, ceasing.  The relationships to fear, greed, control, power over others… ceasing.  The moment you can look at every aspect of life and say with a true heart… I release you fully and with love and gratitude for all you have given to me… creates the energy of the black hole within you.

Yesterday morning I found a wonderful website that talked more about this black hole energy.  I shared the information on my facebook, but want to put it here as well:

I am finding…. if we take what “science” knows and change all aspects to what we know “spiritually” there is really a solid base of understanding what we are going thru right now. I found a new website just now that really gives me (hopefully you too) a fuller breath of what is happening. I will leave his wonderful sharing about the “event horizon:”

The horizon has some very strange geometrical properties. To an observer who is sitting still somewhere far away from the black hole, the horizon seems to be a nice, static, unmoving spherical surface. But once you get close to the horizon, you realize that it has a very large velocity. In fact, it is moving outward at the speed of light! That explains why it is easy to cross the horizon in the inward direction, but impossible to get back out. Since the horizon is moving out at the speed of light, in order to escape back across it, you would have to travel faster than light. You can’t go faster than light, and so you can’t escape from the black hole. (actually yes you can if you know how to meditate!!!)

(If all of this sounds very strange, don’t worry. It is strange. The horizon is in a certain sense sitting still, but in another sense it is flying out at the speed of light. It’s a bit like Alice in “Through the Looking-Glass”: she has to run as fast as she can just to stay in one place.) Love that Alice… what a great teacher she has been!! lol

Let’s expand that just bit more.  Imagine you are looking at that black hole from the galaxy of the mind… That is exactly how life looks, unmoving really.  One day turns into the next, the next day leads to the next month… each day takes to a place we call a month, then a year.  Slow and truly, unaltered.

The event horizon… love it!!  I even love this science oriented statement that says: it is easy to cross the horizon in the inward direction.  Can we call that MEDITATION!!

The galaxy of the heart is thru the event horizon (The shift) and indeed does flow faster than the speed of light.  In the mental galaxy, even light has its restrictions.  On the other side of the black hole… absolute creation!!  However, all the “light” that got you to that crossing point… must stay in the old galaxy unless it is untainted my human bias.  It all must stay behind to help those coming up the rear so they can go supernova too… one day, or maybe even in another incarnation.

Every human really does go supernova at least once in every single incarnation.  We call that physical death.  Think about that, what does a person who has just slipped out-of-body take with them?  Their kids?  Their spouses?   Their homes, money, jobs…?  Nope, none of it.  They take the love and wisdom and all the energetic lessons that was threaded thru their life’s journey.

When I talk about going supernova, it is leaving the created galaxy of the mind, without the physical death process, but transporting yourself into the fullness of the Galaxy of all there is!!

When you go thru that black hole, that really is a “point of no return.”  But truly, once you allow yourself the full freedom to “go there” why the hell would you want to return??  I mean return to the old linear life you once lived.

The field of readings yesterday was filled with the most amazing, delightful nuggets of what is on the other side of this black hole we are still moving thru.  My first reading of the day, OMG, a gift to all of humanity.  A week or so ago, I wrote about her reading and being thrown packing boxes into her life from spirit.  Well, this amazing lady worked those boxes beyond what I could have even imagined was in them.  Her task was to unpack the energy that was in these boxes so she can use them to pack up her life.  I so get this symbolism now more than I did a week or so ago.  I am not going to share what she discovered here in this blog.  Instead, I am going to put out a separate blog later today with the most amazing meditation exercise I have ever heard/felt/understood.  The gift from her soul to her, from her to you.

I think, the easiest way for me to share with you the amazing understandings that came thru yesterdays readings, is to put it in a story.  Usually I share the individuated aspects, but, I don’t feel I can do that and still be efficient today.

The first thing I found amazing was that the black hole created what looks to me like a funnel cloud from a tornado.  The very black funnel cloud was placed over the biology of each person I read, engulfing only them.  Not their life, not their spouses or anything else really.  However, there was also a vacuum like energy that sucked particular things from their field of created life.  With one lady, I had seen it like sucking red faceted gems and blue faceted gems from around her life field and placed them into the elongated area of her “funnel cloud.”  Spirit had said each thing was placed in a very particular energy pattern so that when she fully emerges to the other side of this black hole, there will be orientation of the energy field that she has perfected thru her created version of life from lets just say… the mental galaxy.  We were not allowed to see what any of those gems really were, but this morning, I also realize too, it is because they will have gone thru a transmutation process thru the black hole and will hold only a vague familiarity of their former self.

I had another lady, once she asked about her husband, suddenly I seen these large black, thick doorways placed in her field of life.  She was told they were “door stops” and that there are very particular elements that cannot go with her.  Of course, spirit would not say exactly what those elements were.  As they told her, somethings create worry which would stop our passage… all that is happening, is perfect for all involved.

But equally, to fully step into this galaxy of the heart, we must first be willing to let it all go… no regrets, no fear.

Some folks were asking questions… at first I didn’t think we were going to be able to see anything beyond this present moment of absolute change… but we were pleasantly surprised.  This is where I have to share the experiences as a story…

Imagine, once we are fully thru the other side of this black hole… all we can see is more black energy, this black energy is void of everything.  There was no sense of “ground beneath the feet” and let me tell you, the field, thru each and every reading, would not let me call it a new earth.  The only word they allowed me to use as an orientation place was “galaxy.”  Per the above explanations… I now fully understand why.  There is nothing solid in this galaxy.  And in its own way… everything exists in vacuum of pure creational energy.  Another word I could not use in any way… Potential.  “Potentials” only exist within the mental galaxy.  Example, I have the potential of being a rock star… but only if I work at my singing voice, go to record labels… and stuff…  if I do not do any of that, the potential ceases to exist.

As we move fully into the heart galaxy all that exists is pure creative energy.  Of course, being a rock star is souly a mental galaxy desire, but lets just say I brought that thru with me (which I wouldn’t, but if I did…) instantly I would have an amazing voice to rock out with and the alignment of record labels would flow into my created space instantly.  The only reason I say i wouldn’t bring that desire with me, because that would be an ego desire, which cannot hold the energy of pure creation.

In this galaxy the heart is truly the supreme ruler.  It LOVES.  It SERVES.  In its loving service, it pulls all it needs to itself to “be that.”  Let me be really clear on this “pulling” thing.  I cannot even recall what the question was about… but I will never, not ever forget the outcome!!

I could see one of the ladies questions… start to create itself on the other side of the black hole.  Let’s just say, in the mental galaxy, what she desired was located in the month of June as a fulfillment.  In the mental galaxy we would have to walk, day by day, month by month to get to that potential located in June… and even then, it remains a potential until you see and connect with the energy.  Lets just say it was a job (to keep this simple) to connect with the energy potential she would have to find where the job was listed, apply, and stuff…

In this heart galaxy… it soooo absolutely different.   I could feel her (but not yet see her) on the other side of the black hole, heart open with desire in a reverse stream… she was pulling the energy of her desire into her.  I could see this massive silver white energy we are just going to call June and it moved itself from the placement of June and followed her stream of energy to her present.  This really gives us all an expanded understanding of the Guardians sharing:

When you are living in full harmony with all of life, the fullness of life lives with you.  This is not a romantic statement at all.  It is a truth.  For the human who lives in the fullness of their Christed energy can sit in the fields of their life and call to them anything their hearts desires.  For all of life will change form and rush to the center of that energy as the desire made manifest.

When I felt and seen that explanation, I realized something profound in my own morning.  After I finished writing my blog yesterday and really started to feel with the content of the energy (let’s be clear here, just because I am writing it doesn’t mean I knew that before hand!!  I never write alone, well of the aspect called Lisa.)

I was pondering the energy, the creational energy that we are moving into.  For a change, I asked myself “what do I want… what do I truly desire in this moment.”  I was conflicted.  I want Jorge.  I also want to make my rent.  Granted, my rent is not due for a week and I am only $200 shy of making it… so it wasn’t a desire of worry, just a desire period.  Instantly thru my inner vision I seen a split screen, Jorge on the left side, rent paid on the right side.  Truthfully, I cannot tell you what I want more at this moment, so I gave it to my soul to decide, especially since I only had like 5 minutes before my first reading of the day.

When I got off the phone from that reading and came to my computer to email her her recording… my heart stopped.  In my inbox was a purchase of the aware to awake course.  I already had $20 sitting in my paypal from generous heart donations… and the new $190 means, my rent is paid!!  But it gets even more interesting, more exciting than that.  This precious soul sent me an email later in the day and I will share an excerpt of her email:   I was exploring a feeling and thought via computer and your site came up.  Can’t even remember what the actual thought was that I was pursuing 🙂  I have made a purchase via paypal to spend some time with you.

Within 30 minutes of letting my soul decide what was needed now, the way was absolutely cleared so now, I can put all my energy into Jorge.  That’s magic.  In this galaxy of the heart, it will never pull anything towards it, that isn’t in absolute alignment with the whole.  Ever.  No energy is ever wasted and all energy serves to feed the whole.  All-ways.

There was only one thing that I could see that I would call solid in this heart galaxy and let me tell you, I was so surprised to see it.  The Tree of Life.  It was the most immediate thing shown just in front of the black hole arrival point.  But there was this life to it… like the sap of the tree was made of pure liquid energy.  We could not go any further into this galaxy of the heart without becoming One with the Tree.  I seen the potential of the root system of this Divine Tree touch the mental galaxy we just moved from… it felt like it was streaming the pure loving energy that is US into that realm.  But could not see much else beyond that.  We have not fully arrived there yet, so I am not seeing in full Light but thru the dark of the deep unknown.. which is becoming known.

Just now, I went back into my archives to look for the sharings that came thru last year about the Tree of Life.  I didn’t really find what I was set out for… but instead, found something even more relevant to this incredible moment!!  The blog was called:  The Passion of the New Life is Orgasmic – Are You Ready!!  Written May 19th, 2012.

As I was skimming that sharing for the tree of  life info… I found astounding information.  I had seen the mesa explode.  I seen a new yellow energy emerge.  At that time, I had no idea Jorge was part of me, my own Divine Masculine” and yet… as I read the meditation in that sharing, that is exactly what was shown.  It also talked about the circles too… (remember my dream the other day about circles and triangles.)   I am going to share an excerpt from that blog that soooo fills in so much understanding now:

What I received back really boggled my mind.  I could see the fertilization of an egg.  Looked very much like a human embryo.  I could see the cell division, in rapid succession within itself.  This visual got to the point that I had seen this huge circle of energy with all these tiny little circles of energy within it.  I understood that the outer circle was creation itself reproducing itself.  All the littler circles were us… a cellular division of creation.

All of a sudden I had seen one of these littler circles have a thought, I really don’t know what the thought was, but it obviously was not a life enhancing thought and it was removed instantly out of the energetic fertilized egg and placed in a different timeline that could support a non-life enhancing energy.

I was actually floored by this visual, and the quickness in which that divided cell of life was removed from the whole.

I do completely understand it tho.  We are in a time of wholeness, of non-judgement and no bias.  To bring that into the field of the new is to remove yourself and be placed in a timeline that supports that thought and allows the bigger lessons of it.  What is weird is it felt like that cell was placed in the 1700′s lol.

Pure passion, pure unconditional  love is the only energy sustainable in this new energy.

It is so interesting to think, 9 months ago, we were given the fullness of what is taking place NOW.  We were given the instruction set of how to fully immerse ourselves into the galaxy of the Heart… 9 months ago.  9 a cycle of completion… which always houses the energy of new beginnings.

I realized too, that Jorge and MySelf consecrated the energy field of the Mesa thru that meditation that was written about last year.  I didn’t get it then… but I had an experience last month, before I invested in actual glasses while sitting at the river.  I do not need glasses to read, but to see anything three feet or further from me.  Its almost ridiculous when I put my glasses down, and later go to look for them, I cannot see them to find them unless I am on top of them.  Leaving me to constantly hear a question “if you cannot see something, does it exist?”

I was sitting on the river’s edge just feeling with everything a few days after the Mesa exploded.  While sitting there, no contacts in my eyes, no glasses to my name… and yet, every detail was clear.  I could see the tree’s across the river, I could see the opening of the mesa.  Nothing at all was blurred to me.  I was surprised and happy and thought, this would be so nice.  It lasted even while I went back into my home… but then… I must have seeped back into the illusion of my ongoing (non) reality… because eventually my blurry vision returned.  Until right now, I really didn’t get the full scope of what happened last month with my vision.  I find this to be a wonderful learning lesson for myself (and hopefully, you too.)  My blurry vision returned because I expected it to.  I didn’t own the clear vision, just honored it while it was present.  It was my responsibility to make my newly found clear vision a permanent part of my Life… and I let it go back because of my old programming that says, I have blurry vision.

I was given the energy of the galaxy of the heart and moved it into the galaxy of my mind.  Kinda funny that I Know!!

There is so much more to share from yesterdays readings… but that will have to wait until tomorrow followed up with todays readings.

I also said I would get my emails and messages replied to yesterday, and god knows, I did try.  I opened and closed more attempts at replying than I want to admit.  When I am in the midst of deep change, I go deep inside of myself.  I Am there, even today.  Bear with me please, I have read every single thing, I just cannot reply… yet.  This too shall pass (smile.)

I love you sooo much and my gratitude for your life, for your soul connecting and merging back into mine… runneth my cup over!!

Lisa Gawlas

























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  2. I love you Lisa! You rock! Keep on keeping on! Your insights and readings make my day and give me goosebumps, so i know you are right on point! I can’t wait to talk on Monday! So much has happened. Have a great weekend and be sure to take some time for Lisa!!!

    Love and hugzzzzz Virginia


  3. Lisa, I was moved to read about your blurry vision experience. This is the first time I have found someone who has experienced something similar to a series of experiences I had quite a number of years ago. I was going through a time when I was getting severely ill with the flu, several times over a year or two, which was unusual for me. Several times I woke up in the morning and in those first moments, sometimes up to half an hour, would be completely symptom free, feeling vibrant well being and peace (maybe not the best description but it was quite some time ago). Then slowly the “illness” would seep back in. The experiences were a little unsettling but also beautiful. And difficult to describe. Nobody had an explanation or seemed to understand and they eventually faded into the background and life went on. I have very much appreciated hearing your experience and sharing about this, thank you!


  4. There is the possibility of a shift right in our universe –

    (What is not understood is always thought of as doomsday leading to total destruction. When you have to understand one thing about the human mind then you should know that anything he does not understand he wants to destruct or else this non-understanding will lead to his destruction.
    Waking up means to really understand. And if you really understand there is no more mind and therefore no fear of destruction.)


  5. Sending you a big hug Li li and you take ALL the time you need to integrate cause you so deserve it! LOL I am giggling…When I was bout 39 I healed my vision. Simply said, I don’t need contacts or glasses anymore–stopped wearing them and my vision healed. I have close up issues now and had really put that off as old age, but I am not gonna accept that now after your message–I claim my inner and outer vision! Hugs and thanks for the absolutely DELICIOUS stories you share! Alex


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  7. Hi Lisa! I am again amazed at the syncronicity of which (Y)our story is unfolding. It’s as if Spirit doesn’t wan’t to give us too much info so we don’t go inside our heads again. Each day a little more is revealed as if to push us into finding our own answers through the Heart. Easier said than done since most of us have lived inside our heads most of our lives. At this point meditation is the only way to get out of that. When I saw the galaxy photo I was reminded of the movie “Contact” with Jodie Foster. First the machine that she went into looked very much like the “Atomic” symbol from one of your previous blogs. Then when she landed on this “Island” she poked it and it was a bubble like substance. The being that came to her was her father but was alien. Does this all sound familiar? In the end she got funded because of 18 hours of snowlike video.(At least that’s the way I remembered it). So we have 2 ways of creating…inside our mind or inside our heart. At this point I don’t need to tell you which I prefer considering the ping pong duality lives we have lived so far. Love this one!!!
    Love ya,Elaine


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