Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 19, 2013

The Passion Of The Christ Within Gives Way to the Gas Turbine Engine Called YOUR CORE!!

Christ Buddha


Yesterday, as I was sitting here just feeling my body (which at this present moment, is a really unpleasant experience) and trying to understand what is really happening (thru the congestion storm in my chest migrating to my head) I kept asking within myself… what the hell is happening this time?  I do know that whatever this “change out” is, is in direct relationship to the throat chakra (since that set itself on fire first) and the high heart (an elephant has taken up residence there and is squashing the ba-jesus out of me.)   Thru the depth of congestion and my deep inner pondering I hear my team utter one single word.  “Turbine.”

So I do what I do best when completely perplexed… I googled turbine.  A series of groggy ah-ha’s started to spill over me.  I found a site and some of the things that explained what a turbine was.  The first sentence caught me:  A turbine is a type of engine that can extract energy from a fluid, such as water, steam, air, or combustion gases.

For those who do not read the comments on this blog, I have got to share a wonderful insight by someone who really does understand science, our beautiful and wise Oystergirl Alex:

Oh holy CRAP Li li! You brought me back to inorganic chemistry class in college with your discussion and you were spot on baby in Every element of what you were discussing, no issue at all there!

what I wanted to Add that just jumped into my brain going down that path was this…when an atom that has certain characteristics and represents itself as X (lets say carbon) it can have as you said varying levels of valence (isotopes) and the ionic form where it has the most energy and least electons it is trying to get those electrons and move up–when it moves UP-it can become something Entirely different! Its energy shifts, its properties shift! it transmutes into something ELSE! and this happens most often in the Ta Da–atomic or nuclear radiactive levels of the elemental chart!

Eventually though, an atom reaches a level where it had everything it needs and it can no longer react, no matter what energy you add or elements you add it is complete, perfect and it becomes Ta Da–a Noble Gas LOL light as a feather, completely perfect and nothing can change its focus (I would assume this would represent us back in the arms of mother and father god)

So, what holy crapped me was ugh, I failed 2nd semester freshman chem and had to repeat it, but you explained it better than the other teacher! hehee…second, I see where you are going with this and Oh it is so spot on I am giddy with joy! Like attracts like, we add light, we grow, we SHIFT to the next level and we Become something ELSE! over and over and over until we finally have over many lifetimes absorbed it all–and we become Noble gases LOL (God energy period–we have done it all)

So, with her explanation (thank you sooo much Alex) we are changing into a gas turbine… a Noble Gas Turbine!!  Here is what that site said about gas turbines:  Gas turbines are one of the most flexible type of turbine, and are used to power a variety of mobile machines above a certain size, jets being the most famous application. Even the Space Shuttle uses a gas turbine to combine fuel at tremendous rates. Because they can spin at extreme rates, gas turbines allow a huge amount of power to be packed in a relatively tiny space. (my emphasis)

Given our core energy location (right thru the center of our bodies) I would call this a relatively small space for some massively huge energy/power!!

During my massage years, I realized the body is packed loaded with chakra’s everywhere.  We tend to only talk about the larger, more obvious ones that will (or have) create the turbine core engine within… but there are also tiny little chakras located at every single pore on the body.  From my view, they are only maybe about a 1/4 of an inch long and when in health, vibrate to a really soft yellow color.  All chakras (when in health) spin.  There is no doubt in my heart, every one of these pore chakras is where the energy will be released thru.  Helps to understand why every inch of my skin just hurts to the touch.  Deep inside my muscles  hurt.  I feel like I have gone to the gym, did an full body extreme workout and hurt from all the lactic acid now sitting, burning the muscles.  On top of all that wonderful stuff, I also feel like the universe took my energy plug and drained the tub.  I barely have the energy to go from couch to kitchen (not a very far walk) and standing in the kitchen, exhausting.

Gotta love change!!  (At this point, I would really like to sleep this one out.)

I have found a really good picture of a gas turbine that I feel will help us understand how we work now:



If we can look at the “air intake” area as our root chakra.  The compressor area as our sacral chakra and sacral plexus area.  The combustion chamber as the heart and lungs area, the turbine area as our throat chakra, and the exhaust area our head thru our crown area.   Now I just found a website that talks about how a turbine works:  A gas turbine is an extension of the same concept. In a gas turbine, a pressurized gas spins the turbine. In all modern gas turbine engines, the engine produces its own pressurized gas, and it does this by burning something like propane, natural gas, kerosene or jet fuel. The heat that comes from burning the fuel expands air, and the high-speed rush of this hot air spins the turbine.

I was really hoping that, even tho I feel like crap, I would still be able to do my readings yesterday.  I connected with my first lady, did my best to crank out my antenna, and cracked up when my poor antenna came out about a foot from my head and was dripping in congestion.  It was actually really gross, but at the same time… I really understand congestion.  Nuclear waste!  With that visual, I realized, whatever it is we are undergoing right now… it different and more intense than any other shift /upgrade prior to this moment.

I eventually took a bath, I really wanted to understand this whole turbine core energy gas-powered engine we are turning into.  The hazard of having my inner vision completely down, conversational information does not stick in my memory, especially science type information!  All I know for sure is that my team said we are undergoing the biggest change of our lives and will learn how to use this new, super-duper engine within our core.  Alrighty then.  But they also did talk to me about the energy of “frustration.”   This concentrated energy is the key to our creation.

We actually talked about this powerful force in the Soul Gym this past Sunday (the transcript is up if you want to read it, just click here.)

Think about the last time you became really frustrated, that energy builds and becomes pressurized within your core, until you finally find a way to release it.  For me, I usually end up yelling out loud my desire and this past month or so, realized the moment I did that, something manifested instantly.  I mean, instantly!!  Again, going to the “turbine” itself located at the throat chakra.  All of this combine energy spinning the pore chakras like crazy, changing the magnetic field all around you with this highly intense vibration that is now you!!  This is exactly how Jesus appeared in my kitchen that day… of course, that was no not my intention, but it was where the energy was released (in the words Jesus Christ.)

So, I am laying in my tub, complaining to my team that it is really not all that easy to harness the energy of frustration when you’re not frustrated.  At least, I could not find a way in that moment to replicate that feeling.  Granted, my energy level itself is near zero…

So I decided to pick up my Lermurian Seed crystal laying in my bathtub waters… a little extra energy help would be nice.  I was so surprised when I picked up my crystal and there was snot on it.  How the hell??  My crystal went form the side of my tub to the water… period.  I did not sneeze on it at all.  My water was not congested (smile) so where on earth did the congestion slime come from on my crystal.  Seems it too, is going thru its energy upgrade.  Who knew!!  Just weird really.

I tapped out of this conversation and pretty much, my whole day.  I couldn’t even think any longer.

I woke up this morning with the strangest dream fragment as clear and vivid as day itself.  It is almost frustrating (smile) that in a dream state, we really do fully understand what is being given to us.  Yet, once we wake up… only fragments remain…. dammit!!

I drew a very simple picture of what I had seen upon waking this morning:

dream symbols


Something really got lost between being in the dream experience then waking up… but I have a feeling, you just might “re-member” thru the sharing.

The first thing I had seen was the circles, there were three circles in a larger circle.  There was an absolute energy field within each of the three circles, more than that, I don’t recall.  Then I seen the next group, the circle with three triangles in it.  Again, a very distinct energy field within each triangle.  I was told that what we are now doing is merging first, each of the smaller circles with each of the triangles.  Once they are merged together as the six separate energies will become three.  Then the three energies will merge together to become one and the two larger circles will merge together to become one full energy system.

(Added stuff:  Ok, I am skimming the net looking for art to fit this sharing and I get a few images I want to share here, because it feels so important to the dream, yet, again, I am really not sure how:)


christed energy

christed energy2


(This second one really hit me… kind of like being downloaded with the symbols…)  The things that make ya go…. hmmmmmmmmm.

In the dream, this made perfect sense.  I understood it all… then I woke up! lol But upon waking my team also placed a date line in my awareness.  March 5th.  I knew this full merger would be complete on March 5th.  Somehow I know, this is when our “turbines” within will be fully complete and ready for use in our lives.  At least for those who have done the inner work changing their atoms from dense and dark to Light and energized and was willing to let it all go….

As these days synchronicities continue to build on each other with vivid clarity to me, this morning as I am sharing all this (and processing it all within at the same time) a precious soul left a comment on my Shamabhala blog in relationship to a channeled message by the Guardians back In January 2012 called “The Passion of the Christ.”  (Thank you so much for your more than timely kick back reply to something so important to all of us.)  So, I took a moment to reread that sharing.  OMG, it is a crucial sharing that is all about how clear we must be within to fully use our Turbine system.

I am going to copy their message here, it is too important to this moment in time to ignore:

A Message from The Guardians:

The Christ is the pure essence of your Life Force.  The part of every one of you who is not injured or traumatized by the human condition, but is Alive thru it.

The Christ is a collective energy not given to any one individual, not ever.  In your recent past there was a group of people who called themselves the Essene’s.  They loved as this energy – The Christed Ones.

In the Essene community the word Christ as you know it today, was a term of fullness.  Not a word to make one single person stand out, but an energy that was recognized within the All as it flowed out wards into creation. The Essenes were not the only ones, not even the first ones to live within this collective energy field.  They, however, are the ones your fleeting memory remembers.  But even that memory is soiled by non-truths given to humanity for millennia.

The only reason we talk to you today using the word/energy of The Christ is because you do recognize its importance and value.  We would like to keep something familiar within what only appears as unfamiliar. This earth was birthed in The Christed Energy.  There was not a soul, not a plant, animal, bird or fish that did not recognize and understand who and what they are.  Nothing in all of this creation seen itself as separate from the whole.  Nothing. Nothing was more than or less than anything else.  All of Life, loved and served All of Life.

This is still a very true statement… energy upon earth except for the human race.  It is the only aspect of creation within the field of free will, that see’s itself as separate and has judgements against life that does not walk, talk and think as they do.

Do you think the head of lettuce growing joyfully in some humans garden is having an issue with the rabbit that comes to nibble?  It’s own energy field blooms in the consumption.  It is what it was created for.  How many gardeners honor the rabbit and the lettuce for its delight in the exchange? The true gardeners do not need fences.  Would not ever dream of building a fence around any part of their life.  It is not needed. Fences are built from fear and greed.  Any fence.

So many humans have not only built fences around their lives, they have now built them with brick and mortar. The true and Living Christed energy would delight in the nibbling of the rabbit upon it’s own garden of life.  The heart would well up with passion of love to bear witness to the exchange.

How many people currently go into your food stores with this welling up of love in your hearts?  Especially at your meat counters?  Do you ever feel the love of any of the animals that freely gave of themselves to serve you? The true Christed energy would be basking in the fullness of love that is in any grocery store.  The sheer diversity that is there.  The radiated love energy would fill the shelves with health and goodness.

The Passion of the Christ is the pure love of all things.  No bias.  No negative feeling in any capacity.  A true oneness with all things.  For the Christ knows that even the packages of meat is a part of him/herself.  To give it anything less than love and gratitude for Being is to rob itself of its Self.  Of its pure life force energy.

Once the human has squeezed the last ounce of disdain from their lives, removed any and all fences that says “this is mine”… you come Home to the fullness of yourSelf.

When you are living in full harmony with all of life, the fullness of life lives with you.  This is not a romantic statement at all.  It is a truth.  For the human who lives in the fullness of their Christed energy can sit in the fields of their life and call to them anything their hearts desires.  For all of life will change form and rush to the center of that energy as the desire made manifest.

Do you realize when you pray or talk to the one you know as Jesus, in truth, you are praying and talking to your own Christed energy?  You even invent what you look like by seeing him.  As we said in the beginning, the Christed energy is a collective.  Every person on earth has this energy available to them at all times.

You have developed a term “you are what you eat” but let us assure you, it is not what you put into your mouth, but what flows out of it from your heart.

There is not a food on the planet that will cause illness.  Ever.  It is your own relationship with the foods of your life that causes illness.  Even then, the Christed energy that is you is transforming life for you.  Don’t put hate, anger, disgust into your System.  It robs you of your own Life force.  You can change your diet all day long, but until you change your relationship with whatever you are ingesting, you are truly consuming the same energy.

To sup upon the Passion of the Christ is to Live in full freedom and love.  In this field of Aliveness you have full freedom, full creative rights that nothing nor no-one can ever take from you.  Ever.

To know this is to truly know your Self.

We are the part of you that is The Passion of the Christ.  We call you Home to Live freely, fully, in every inconceivable abundance.  However, you cannot look at us as separate from you, but as the very Heart of you!

The Guardians

I am going to close on that note for today.  My head and heart is swimming in congestion and holy cow-ness at the same time!!

May we ALL dance in the Light of our New Day, even if we feel like crap thru the change!!

I love you all soooooooo flipping much.  I have a deep deep feeling, when I do come back online… everything about the readings is about to change.  Power UP!!

((((HUGZ)))) of deep, unyielding gratitude to each and everyone of YOU!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Please join us in the Soul Gym Wednesday January 20th at 4:30 pm MST (It is FREE)  The topic will be covering my previous two blogs: Raising Your Vibration – How and Why.









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  2. Dear Lisa, Wow! After having just had the experience of birthing the Christ consciousness at Mount Shasta, your sharing gives it texture, fills it in. I knew it was a consciousness, available to everyone. Everything. It so wants to take up residence again in our hearts. It allows us to see with new eyes, hear with new ears, touch with love. Oh, we have been living in such a narrow bandwidth of love when there is this cascading waterfall desiring to wash over and through us!! For me the symbols of the triangles and circles pointed to our divine masculine/feminine balancing in our beings in preparation for the reunion with our counterparts, bringing ourselves to wholeness on every level. I know this reunion to have the creative force of atomic energy! I saw it exploding in the center of Gaia on the Venus transit last year and was given those words; “the power of an atomic bomb”. Our bodies are preparing to house this force. Imagine!! I so love our body elementals that have agreed to this amazing transfiguration. How courageous they are! This is the meat of it, the juicy nugget we have been preparing for. Thank you for blazing such a path of light. I am grateful. My heart is on fire with this knowing!


  3. We reached the 3. In my dreams from 2003 we had to do 3 time jumps to prevent destruction three times. The last jump was the meteor which did not destruct earth.

    Now is the time. But we need to wait a little bit more but not very long.

    Chakras are opening and energy is returning very slow but steady.


  4. Hi Lisa,

    Maybe this has to do with the slime on your Crystal…
    It is in Dutch, there is a translation button on the left.



  5. Dearest Li li, I feel honored and humbled that you would share my comment with the group. Every time I read your sharings I get more and more and more stuff coming through! YOU are truly a catalyst of remembering for us all! A few things–first, with the guardian writings and mentioning the Essenes–your other dream about the cave and the dead sea scrolls! Those were related to the Essenes–see this article for background if you want… …very cool connection! I have for many years done as the guardians suggested and focused on the beautiful sharing and energy of food and water and it is so true! Then, your dream…the light body and merkaba comes mind–the merkaba is a 3 sided triangle two of them intersecting–then the circles could those be the crystal ball energy, the heart torus and the outer torus? just some thoughts–but the turbine baby oh hell yes!!!!! And for the record, we can commiserate together because literally my skin and bones hurt and my sinuses and my chest! Ugh! I absolutely am impatiently waiting for the new energy to come in and in frustration VENTED to my dad today LOL….sync–zing….Love you and see ya tomorrow afternoon on the chat! 🙂 Alex


  6. So cool 😀

    I was given this information (tho Much less detailed) by way of being told the Sun was in my heart and always had been and saw it spinning and knew this was creating more ‘power’ for us 🙂

    I too feel the shapes and symbols represent the merkba and the frequencies being attained in order for the merkba to fully work… The symbols referring to sacred geometry and also ‘light language’s type information.

    Also I couldn’t agree more with the comment referring to you as a catalyst for growth. Connecting with you and your work has helped me gain confidence, clarification and lit me up like a Christmas tree! Feeling so much love and gratitude right now!!

    Loadsa love, Kel Xx


  7. I just love your posts Lisa! Your passion and enthusiasm are uplifting even when you’re feeling lousy. Believe me, a lot of us are experiencing similar symptoms (so not comfortable). I have been feeling a lot of movement along the back of my spine (solar plexus & heart area) like a spiraling circular movement sometimes in small circles other times a large circle covering the two areas. It’s almost constant. I can’t explain the feeling except that it’s weird! When you mentioned the throat chakra I thought OMG! I went to my favorite crystal store and purchased 3 chakra candles -Heart, 3rd Eye and Throat Chakra.Again,weird. The date March 5, 2013 numerologically is a 5 Universal date. 3,5,6 = 14=5 Number of change. The symbols of the merkaba with the Sacred Geometry symbol of The Fruit of Life surrounding it which means creation of the Light Body at least to me. Alex and Kel were right. I love it when I know that there are now so many people who are aware of this information (as I learned about this in the early 90’s) and that we can share our views and info. Most of all I love the fact that you Lisa not only provide us with this knowledge and also the opportunity to share it. What a great teacher you make! Thank you so much.

    Love you much, Elaine


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  9. […] of the dateline I was given in that dream about circles and triangles completing March 5th.  (To read the sharing about that, just click here)   Well today is March 5th… but what on earth could it be?  No one told […]


  10. […] of the dateline I was given in that dream about circles and triangles completing March 5th.  (To read the sharing about that, just click here)   Well today is March 5th… but what on earth could it be?  No one told […]


  11. […] of the dateline I was given in that dream about circles and triangles completing March 5th.  (To read the sharing about that, just click here)   Well today is March 5th… but what on earth could it be?  No one told […]


  12. […] of the dateline I was given in that dream about circles and triangles completing March 5th.  (To read the sharing about that, just click here)   Well today is March 5th… but what on earth could it be?  No one told […]


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