Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 17, 2013

What Is Your Vibration and How Do You Truly Raise It? Part 1

atomic vibration

Man, my whole body fell apart rapidly yesterday.  By the time I was done with my 2nd reading of the day, I could feel the scratching and burning in my throat, a cough starting… by the end of my day, I had hot chills, cold chills, my throat felt like a flame torch was placed inside.  I suppose, the wonderful hazard of sucking on the tailpipes of so much atomic energy (smile)!!  Gotta love a leap of biological matter!  *sigh*

Although I woke up this morning with every intention of writing about all the exciting readings from yesterday and where we are heading, seems spirit has another focus on their collective mind and they keep hanging that intention in front of my face.  So lets talk and really understand what raising our vibration really means and how that REALLY happens.  It seems we are going to keep this understanding in the vein of atomic energy, since that is our ultimate goal within.

Everything single thing is made up of atoms.   Lets be clear about atoms (taken from a science website)

An atom a fundamental piece of matter. (Matter is anything that can be touched physically.) Everything in the universe (except energy) is made of matter, and, so, everything in the universe is made of atoms.

An atom itself is made up of three tiny kinds of particles called subatomic particles: protons, neutrons, and electrons. The protons and the neutrons make up the center of the atom called the nucleus and the electrons fly around above the nucleus in a small cloud. The electrons carry a negative charge and the protons carry a positive charge. In a normal (neutral) atom the number of protons and the number of electrons are equal. Often, but not always, the number of neutrons is the same, too.

An isotope is an atom whose nucleus contains an abnormal number of neutrons.

Our goal is to turn what “is” into atomic power.  Here is a brief understanding of how atoms are converted into nuclear energy:

A nuclear reaction occurs when there is a change in the nucleus of an atom. This can occur through nuclear fusion where the nuclei of two atoms are fused together to make a larger atom.

The above understandings are about as scientific I am going to get.  I am not going to blend my spiritual understandings with the (very basic science presented.)  Keep in mind, I am not looking to be scientifically correct, only spiritually correct!

So here is our body, made up of trillions and trillions of atoms.

Now if you can imagine, these atoms carry every single thing about you.  They know every aspect of your DNA and some took on the job of becoming, your bladder, your eyes, your bone mass, etc.  There is not an atom in your body that doesn’t know your whole life story and what YOU programmed into your DNA before you were conceived.

In some of your atoms, you programmed unresolved issues and fears from your past lifetimes.  You programmed in negative karmic relationships that still needed to be cleared.  You programmed in positive karmic energy that will play out in this lifetime.   You programmed in your challenges  your accomplishments, everything about you is housed within the trillions of atoms called you.

You also instilled the software program within the electrons of your atoms.  In this massive software program called YOU, there are sub programs that run together, individually, but always to serve the greater good (which is YOUR soul reason for being in Life.)

So here you are, one minute old in the world of matter, completely running your very own software program from your past collective lives.  And each breath of your new life, is adding more to your expanding software program.

Every joy, every hurt, every accomplishment or failure is embedding into the sub software areas that are most like its energy.  Because, it’s all energy.

One day, your entire atom filled body conspires to awaken you from the dream, the dream that anything you have been experiencing is real and someone else’s doing.

I am going to share the rest of this understanding the only way I know how, by using myself as an example.

But first, lets clearly understand the atom of Light and Dark… scientifically first:

The electrons in an atom’s “electron shell” all have specific energy levels. If you add energy to an atom, the atom will absorb a specific amount of energy, and the electron will jump up to a higher energy level.  Each different element has its own energy levels, and it can only absorb energy in specific amounts. 

(When you add a lot of energy to the atom, the atom becomes ionized, as one or more electrons absorb enough energy to break free of the atom completely, leaving the atom with an unbalanced positive electrical charge.)   (I am going to use this understanding as the area we store our unresolved issues and therefore blocks out the energy, the ability to emit light from that sub software programming.)

When those “excited” or jumped-up electrons release the energy, the electron drops back to its previous level, and the atom (or more specifically, the electron) emits a photon, which is a particle of light. Each photon has a frequency or energy that is distinctive to the element and the energy level. Electrons cannot have intermediate energies; they absorb and release exact “packets” or “quanta” of energy.  (talk about where the law of “like attracts like” comes from!!)

When my own software package decided it was time for me to wake up to a greater reality, a greater knowing of MySelf and I was able to paint a picture of my atom filled mass, 90% would have been in the abnormal range… dark, heavy, sick.  That left only about 10% of me that had any resemblance of Light.  Fortunately, that Light was directly in the software called my heart.

The moment I started doing meditation, and in my beginning the only thing I did in meditation was breath in pure white light deep into myself… those pure white Light atoms connected to the 10% of its own “likeness” in my body… expanding that area within me.  You cannot expand a single atom without it bumping into the atom next to it.  Let’s just say, the atom next to it was dark and heavy… that creates an acceleration within that area.  The dark atom is now vibrating at a higher energy than it was before that light filled one bumped into it… and the purpose… to change the dark into light.

Thru this process, you may find various memories come up, hurts, pains, sorrow, tears, whatever.  You have just opened up a package that needs complete  freedom or release.  Here is where we get into choice…

You can either look at it from the pain it was, and look for the light that is equally in there too.  Once the memory is filled with light, it turns into joy for ever more and now vibrates at the rate of Light.  If you look at it, shrug your shoulders or just say, ok and never find the light, it goes right back into the state it was before the light bumped into it!!

Lets just say you have found the gift (light) thru the pain in your storage shed called atoms… and found the joy.  This sends out a signal thru the main running software that you are now about to change your frequency.  You are prepared to take responsibility for your atoms.  All of a sudden, all your dark atoms are starting to vibrate.  You start to feel like you have just walked into the abyss of HELL, because all your pain, sorrow, uncried tears are now rattling around in side of you, jumping at the chance to be changed.

Lets also say you put on your miners hat, and walked the brave path into your self-created hell and really started to look around, understand the Light that happened in the experience of darkness and embrace the joy, the gift within the pain.  When you have changed enough atoms in your body, the whole body goes into a full frequency change.

You have just added some serious Light to your whole body.  At this point, if your body was dark enough to create illness, you will start to see the illness retreat.  The physical mind coming out of depression (because of the lack of Light that was the whole body.)

This increase in vibration sets a full on desire within your running software, go in and change all the heavy, dark atoms into Light.  You can feel the change, you can see that all of a sudden, new happy experiences are arriving at the doorstep of your life.  So you dive in deeper, with excitement instead of dread.

The collective fears release themselves from your energy field.  The pain of loving changes into the pure desire to love more fully.  And now, you are fully applying all the opposite energy, all the Light to your created world.

Thru the course of this journey, depending on how dark you arrived at the doorstep (for me, I was really dark, really really depressed and physically sick too) you will go thru many many vibrational shifts, each vibrational shift demands you apply the new Light of your Being to your created life.

But let me add a but here.  Something I have seen happen with both students and friends over the last 13 years.  Knowing something or even experiencing something  is not a change in vibration at all.  It is simply a book of potential or an experience to move you deeper into your own Self.  The only real and true vibrational shift that happens is when you change you!!

Of course, we have a very strong partner in the darkness of our life called our ego.  And the ego itself is quite tricky, manipulative even.  It can pretend to be light filled while keeping your heavy, dark atoms unchanged.  Just because someone can talk a good game, speak spiritual stuff til the cows come home… vibrationally doesn’t mean a darn thing at all.  True and complete change can only happen at the cellular level.

One of the most important aspects of pure and true change, is releasing enough of the heavy, dense cells within to be able to have communication with what I call your spiritual team.  Your spiritual team is made up of many different, Light filled aspects of you, of your very DNA potential.  Each one, showing you, reminding you, who and what you really are.

But before you can be “that” you gotta turn on the lights within, charge up those atoms to full light potential.  But even this creates a changing landscape in your created reality.  Remember, we gather together on a playing field of “like attracts like” what happens when you are no longer “like” that any more?  If you want to take yourself futher in your own Light Field… you must leave the old energy playing field and move into the new.

At least that makes sense of why I literally moved (states not even just cities) 5 separate times in the first 5 years of my new path of Lighting myself up.  Each time, changing friends, changing relationships, distancing myself completely from any family (minus my own 10 year old daughter whom I drug thru my journey with me, her kicking and screaming all the way!! lol)

Let me tell you, just because you are now feeling warm and cozy in your body, doesn’t take away responsibility of your own path of life to move you into the next, more expanded shift of your life.  Unless that is as far as you are willing to go… in which case then, that is perfectly fine.  There are unlimited amounts of other lifetimes to put on your brave boots and release it all!

But lets say…. You have your brave boots on and even tho you may not like what is needed next, you do it anwayz.  We are constantly being pushed beyond our own, self-limiting boundaries and that pesky free will gives us the choice to go or stay, whether it be in a job, a new approach to life itself, newly freed relationships, maybe even new, unexpected relationship arrivals and the list can go on and on and on.

This is where you shift from one vibrational earth to the next.

And sadly, my whole body is melting down right now.  Ohhh the Atomic Fire Flu… I am going to break this sharing in half… so, it will be continued tomorrow.  So sorry to leave you on a cliff hanger!!

I love you all so very very much.

((((HUGZ)))) of melting realities, brains, eyes, legs and all… to everyone!! lol

Lisa Gawlas




  1. My vibration is in my nightstand. Oh, wait, are you talking about something different? 😉


  2. LOL Carrie, mine is under the bed..

    Oh holy CRAP Li li! You brought me back to inorganic chemistry class in college with your discussion and you were spot on baby in Every element of what you were discussing, no issue at all there!

    what I wanted to Add that just jumped into my brain going down that path was this…when an atom that has certain characteristics and represents itself as X (lets say carbon) it can have as you said varying levels of valence (isotopes) and the ionic form where it has the most energy and least electons it is trying to get those electrons and move up–when it moves UP-it can become something Entirely different! Its energy shifts, its properties shift! it transmutes into something ELSE! and this happens most often in the Ta Da–atomic or nuclear radiactive levels of the elemental chart!

    Eventually though, an atom reaches a level where it had everything it needs and it can no longer react, no matter what energy you add or elements you add it is complete, perfect and it becomes Ta Da–a Noble Gas LOL light as a feather, completely perfect and nothing can change its focus (I would assume this would represent us back in the arms of mother and father god)

    So, what holy crapped me was ugh, I failed 2nd semester freshman chem and had to repeat it, but you explained it better than the other teacher! hehee…second, I see where you are going with this and Oh it is so spot on I am giddy with joy! Like attracts like, we add light, we grow, we SHIFT to the next level and we Become something ELSE! over and over and over until we finally have over many lifetimes absorbed it all–and we become Noble gases LOL (God energy period–we have done it all)

    You so freaking rock….just totally! Alex p.s. feel better, I feel like Crap today too…


    • Thank you soooo much Alex for all your added wisdom… I so wish I read your comment before I published my blog, I would have added it!! I so love the anaology of the ah-ha moments… OMG that is so much like an atomic fusion happening… solidifying into itSelf!!

      Ohhhh and the Noble Gases… perfect!! There are no limites or restrictions to gas… is there!!

      I love ya girl, thank YOU for the morning zing today!!
      ((((HUGZ)))) filled with Noble Gas (that smells like roses lol)


  3. LOL Atheria!!! I cant wait Lisa, oh and take care of yourself first woman, so i guess i can wait for the next chapter.


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