Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 16, 2013

Get Your “But’s” Out of Your Hand and Blast Off!!!

blast off

Isn’t this the most exciting, extraordinary time to be alive, in body and consciousness on this precious place called earth!!  Spirit has been saying, consistently that on February 15th, the third elliptical was going to be placed into the ready within the atomic energy symbol… well, seems the powers that “be” didn’t want to leave any of us wondering if that actually happened!!

I cannot help but sit and revel in the readings of this past week or so, the things YOU showed me… that played out in every detail yesterday in Russia!!  The intense flash of light that many in Russia said was as bright as the sun.  The sonic boom… in the readings, we have heard the “thunder” and angelic voices singing, creating bulging in what appeared to be a sun on the ground.  The images of solar release in anthers reading.  We must not underscore coming into February was all about intense winds.  Winds of change to facilitate all that we have chosen!!  And the most exciting part… the crystal ball energy.  For some it melted away, for others it exploded, sending debris everywhere.  Shards of Glass was the most prevalent result upon the sonic boom impact!!

If you have not seen the video’s from Russia yet, here is a great website that has the video’s laid out in a wonderful order.  You can see the buildings shake upon explosion.  You can hear the sonic boom in another.

But, I discovered that this meteor was simply the creamy middle of an amazing sandwich cookie.  I have said many times, the sun and earth are mad, passionate lovers.  Divine counterparts with each other, to each other.  So I found it so exciting that on Valentines Day, a day dedicated to love and opening our hearts to each other, the sun and earth did exactly that with each other.  This is completely taken from

VALENTINE’S DAY MAGNETIC STORM: Valentine’s Day in Scandinavia began with a magnetic storm. Rob Stammes of the Polar Light Center in Lofoten, Norway, reports: “Our instruments recorded 2o swings in the local magnetic field, which induced strong electrical currents in the ground outside our lab.” The needles on his chart recorder were swinging wildly:


“Overhead we saw some fantastic auroras,” he adds.

The storm was caused by a region of south-pointing magnetism in the solar wind that wafted past Earth during the early hours of Feb. 14th. The solar wind’s south-pointing magnetic field partially canceled Earth’s north-pointing magnetic field, opening a crack in our planet’s magnetosphere. Solar wind poured in to fuel the storm.  (my emphasis in bold… I would also like to change the word storm to New Life)

The very next day, on the date that spirit showed over and over again without fail… February 15th, when the pure atomic energy is made available on earth, to humans ready to use it… we had star-crossed lovers play out in our created reality and meet with a BANG!!!

The asteroid that broke thru our atmosphere to become a meteor traveling to earth from north to south at speeds of 33,000 mph (ominous number there, talk about coming in at the speed of Christ!  (as related by While way up above the face of earth, yet, still within our orbital atmosphere, we had the new asteroid 2012 DA14 waving hello from south to north virgin flyby so close to us, within a few hours after the earth Light and Sound show!!

If you still have any lingering doubt that was has been coming thru since pretty much the end of last year, is not REAL… you really need to address the ego intensely!! (smile)

Maybe all of this, especially given the readings on the 13th, was why I couldn’t harness the first word yesterday to write a blog.  I wanted to.  Tried to for hours.  There were sooo many bits and pieces of information scattered about my consciousness that I had no idea how to bring them in to form… into words.

On February 13th, I had four readings that I did.  3 were similar to each one, one so vastly different, so intensely exciting in my whole my world, my sox were blown off!!

But let me skim the three that were similar.  None had the field of their life energy that I could see (this is a really good thing) and all the imagery and energy was in relationship to what needs to be done to get them to the next version of earth (of course, I didn’t realize that was what it was saying until this morning.)  But, everyone of them “waiting for something.”     Waiting for money to move into their next life, waiting for an opportunity, waiting… waiting… waiting.  So, the universe waits with you.

Do not, for a moment, think that life is going to unfold in our linear ways.  For a change, I can actually use myself as an example of what to do correctly (instead of my poster girl image of what not to do!! lol)  I have said this many times, but it sooo bears repeating, especially today.

If I had waited for me to have the money to move into this home I live in now, someone else would be living here.  If I waited for my massage business to increase to sustain my overhead for this place, someone else would be living here now.

To find the courage, the heart conviction of moving thru the walls of the ego, the perceived (and to me, very real) limitations is where the game begins!!  I knew I could not increase my massage business, my forearms and hands were so blown out by 7 years of consistent medium-deep massage that it hurt to do that.  This was my body’s way of saying… how much do you trust!  Because it is sooo easy to do something when all is in alignment (thru our linear perceived eyes.)

I asked for change in my life and got it on every single level, but not after the fact.  I started with the end result and worked my way to the beginning!!  That seems sooo backwards to us humans.  Go rent the most expensive place you can and hope it all falls into place.  LOL  But… it did, didn’t it?  FOLLOW the heart energy, not the ego restrictions promptly!!  Otherwise, you and the universe are married to the wait and not the action!!

So, lets talk about my one lady who brought the pure energy of where we are ALL at right here, right now, into vivid Life thru her Light of Living!

The first thing that I connected with from this magical lady in the field, was her shoes.  Think ruby slippers from the wizard of oz, but instead of being ruby, they were an emerald-green.  Ohhhhh the energy releasing from her via her shoes (being brave enough to fully walk her walk!!!)  She was doing what looked like an Irish jig… dancing and movement happening at her feet, creating amazing outward sparks of green radiant energy.

This morning, I understand more of this (smile.)  First, green is the pure heart energy and she was dancing to the energy of her wide open, happy heart.  No fear, just joy.  Second, how did I not realize the ultimate goal in the wizard of oz was to get to the Emerald City??  Holy freakin cow batman!!  I just looked up the emerald city (thank you wikipedia) and holy wow!!  I get this even more!!!

However, when they enter, everyone in the Emerald City is made to wear green-tinted eyeglasses; this is explained as an effort to protect their eyes from the “brightness and glory” of the city, but in effect makes everything appear green when it is, in fact, “no more green than any other city.”

“For those with the eyes to see…”  We all have been given our very special green-tinted eyeglasses!!  If is thru the eyes of our heart, of our soul do we see the Emerald City all around us.  The brightness and glory!!  I love it… especially when spirit has been using the words “crowning glory” over and over again these last few weeks.  Take off these special glasses and indeed, it is no more green than any other city… because we fall back into the illusion of what we have always seen around us.

Keep your glasses on!! lol

But, the city, in our world, is not out there somewhere.  It is created and brought to life by the energy of your soul moving and enhancing your feet, your footsteps deeper into the Emerald City (Heaven on earth.)

The energy I was connecting to via her happy feet, was like speed.  I was talking so fast that I was running out breath… joyfully tho!!  Hard to be part of the Irish jig and keep your breath!! lol  She was no longer in her energy field either… instead, there was this…. hmmmm, hard to explain, but like a ribbon like pathway made of crystalline energy that laid itself out for her as she danced her way to the higher earth field.  And for the first (and so far, last) time ever… I could see the new earth energy.  Not only could I see it, I could feel it… holy heaven batman!!

The energy I am just going to call March and April is sooooooo absolutely different from January or February’s have been.  If we could look at January and February’s energy to this point as super concentrated energy… this new earth is the liquid to created fluid expansion within.  March is soooo liquid yellow in vibration… fluid… moving… joyful!  Thru her, I seen (and felt) for the first time, the energy of April… a violet that is sooooo alive.)

Lets look at these colors and what they mean to us… for those who have put on their emerald shoes…  the soul-ar plexus is yellow.  Alive and living.  Fluid and moving.  Creating and expanding, recreating and sharing.  The gift of energy on earth that allows you to fully be AWAKE and knowing… nothing else matters except the movement of your heart.

Of course, we always have the choice of saying… but, but, but…. but my kids, but my spouse,  but my job, but my money… that will keep your butt on the older, choice point oriented of the gateway that got us to here. (Think, December thru yesterday.)

When her energy presented what she would experience on this next version of earth… I got soooo excited.  There in the near distance was a man.  Ohhh man oh man what a man!!  His energy soooo solid.  So beautiful, not only to the eye, but to the heart.  OMG.  He was standing in the energy of April… wisps of violet surrounding his semi-silhouette of an image.  I could make out some of his facial features but barely… didn’t matter… the field was happy to say he was “solidly” in her near future… calling her to him.  She, being so joyfully and absolutely free in her movements forward, will connect directly to him simply by walking into each day.  This union cannot or will not be missed.

I was/am soooo excited for her!!

She then asked about a long felt heart desire to bring in a unique soul retreat to earth.  I seen it in full potential starting about April… but with a word of caution from her team.  I seen a current business partner, female, whose body from stomach to upper chest was filled with Light Congestion.  Her team told her, in no uncertain terms (after I verified with her that she does indeed have a female business partner working with her to bring this much-needed retreat to life) that if her business partner does not clear the congestion within her, look for a different business partner or it will not take flight.

What I found most interesting thru her fields communication with this lady partner… was the congestion of Light within her.  So many old spiritual concepts that got us to here… spiritual structures, old conditioning… that WILL NOT work there.

This is truly the story of the student out growing the teacher and the teacher no longer willing to be the student.  And this lady indeed, has been dealing with serious lung congestion since last year.

This new earth cannot and will not sustain the old energy construct, even if it appears spiritual in nature.  Not a spec of it.  No fear, just trust and joy.

I look at one of the hottest and most intense topics happening out there in the world.  Gun control.  OMG what fear does that bring up to those clinging desperately to their fear.  The gun itself was the perfect ego construct   Remembering the ego itself is based in fear and designed to protect at all costs.  The world stage is shaking this energy up and with so much effort (repeated mass murders to bring more light to this arena,) doing all it can to move it on out.  The wonderful clash of new and old energy.  You cannot be clinging to your guns and say you have an open, pure, loving heart that is ready to fully embark into Heaven on earth.

YOUR vibration is the greatest, most powerful protection in all the worlds.  The higher you vibrate, the less you can be seen (literally) but the lower vibrations.  Put a gun in your hand, or your children’s hand (war) and watch your vibration plummet.

This morning I woke up to something in my in-box as well as posted on my facebook that is sooooo absolutely telling of where we are and really, what it looks like from spirits point of view:

purple spheres

You can read more about this amazing event that happened in Tuscon, Arizona by clicking here (the dailymail website) Here is the first sentence that really put the cherry on top of yesterdays massive atomic events:  Tuscon locals are baffled by the appearance of thousands of tiny, purple sphere that have appeared in the middle of a desert.

I really don’t give a shit what they are or how they got there… but if we can look at us, those of us who released all of our fear based dualistic concepts and moved deep into trust, pure loving freedom of Life… this is what it would look like from spirits view:


A spec of living, violet, fluid energy in the desert of earth.  This is our soul group LIVING on earth.  When the rest of the world seems so depleted of love, of water (pure, loving emotion) there we are… watery, wiggly, ALIVE!!  By virtue of the landscape, a spec in created creation.  But how fun is that!!

Granted, it still seems like we are scattered about the earth… a thousand luminous orbs all over the earth, but this too is changing…. and this image shows it.   I have said so many times, this is a game to be played fully on earth, with each other, next to each other.  How this plays out is going to be sooooo exciting to experience!!

Now if exploring what is literally taking place on our earth isn’t fun enough, I decided this morning to see what would be the exact opposite on the globe of Russia, the place this massive Light explosion happened.  Do you see me smiling huge as I used a “tunneling” app from a website that brought me directly out into the South Pacific ocean where, just a week ago, on February 6th an 8.0 earthquake in the South Pacific released the energy to harness this massive incoming energy!!!

So, can I just say, don’t sit there any longer with your  “but’s” in your hand… get up and move into the Emerald City that is already at your feet… powered by your heart source at your feet!  Raise up above the barren landscape and make huge splashes in the new, fluid energy called Heaven on Earth!!

I must also giggle at explanation of what nuclear energy does (I wanted to be clear on this… since, those who moved out of any element of fear, is now atomic!!)  I have copied and pasted their definitions while adding my own emphasis and explanations too:

The main use of nuclear energy on the planet today is to generate electricity. This is accomplished through the fission of enriched Uranium (can we say, enriched HEART energy with pure LOVE / SOUL energy.)  The energy released is then captured in the surrounding water and used to generate steam in a heat exchanger.  (<— this whole sentence should be Self explanatory of how we work, NOW)   This steam is then super-heated and then used to turn a turbine that moves a generator. (The new magnetic grid of earth that is connected to all the old in a one way stream.)  This generator moves electrons into an electrical power grid that is used by millions of customers.  (look out people of earth, your about to be nuked with LOVE!!)

Notice that whole paragraph is a movement, not a stillness??   I will close on that note!!

To my atomic brothers and sisters… I love your daring-ness soooooo much!!!  I love YOU soooooo much!!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of emerald green atomic power to ALL!!  Blast OFF……..!!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I am starting to see the bigger picture with my new reading/class package I call “Moving from aware to Awake.”  What we cannot see within ourselves, we WILL see thru each other to facilitate!!  I am soooo excited.  Also, I am more than willing to make payment arrangements with this package too.  Just saying!!




  1. okay, get this – i live in pennsylvania – i find out about the meteor in russia the other morning and then leave the house to head off to work – as i go to put my bag in the back seat of my car i say to myself, ‘what is this?’ – it was a shard of glass just lying there on the backseat – hello!?!? – there weren’t any glass objects in my car, let alone any broken glass objects – and yet shards of glass is what the sonic boom from the russian meteor created!


    • Holy Happy Dance Mr Paul (with the beautiful music…smile) I love it, in the back seat… your past… hard of glass removing that from you. Such a profound and magical gift from your soul to your Life!! I cannot even tell you how excited I Am for you and what you are about to step into (or is that up into??)

      (((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))))) of tremendous joy and life shattering music to you!! 😉
      Thank you so much for sharing that with us!! I love you!!!


  2. Hi Lisa,

    just came across this picture and wanted to share that – I hope the link works:
    It’s the little picture of the “atom point” that I find so interesting in the light of what you shared about “atomic” energy.

    The 18th of Feb. is described in various messages as a turning point for the earth’s energy patterns … and you said, 3 days coming, 3 days going. I’m down with a really bad cold since the 15th … seems to be the only way I can handle the changes that are coming up. So I hope I’ll be done integrating once the 18th rolls around. 😉

    Really incredible news about that meteor in Russia! I’m curious to see what happens next …

    Lots of luv ❤


  3. […] / link to orignal article […]


  4. Hi Lisa,
    Great couple of blogs! I woke up at 12:10 this morning and it was as if my team was wanting a definitie answer from me regarding releasing my past. Thanks to the couple days prior I was able to tell them that I am ready to release what needs to be released from my life. Since, I have felt completely drained of energy today!


  5. Missed you yesterday Li li but glad you had the time to integrate all this amazing stuff. Today is simply INSANE energetically for me, crying for no reason, a deep desire to tell personally everyone who is important to me that I love and honor them (you tooooo!), chills, swirly twirly dancing love, laughing, happiness, stillness, blasting the old energies and constructs with a frustrated, Shit or get off the pot impatience…Another thing that hit me hard yesterday, you remember my meditation about the divine mother’s vagina birthing a new world? Well, I read yesterday a channeling by Gaia that spoke of how her twin flame Galatea had been disintegrated eons ago during the dark experiment and that the divine mother was going to restructure the planet and bring it back into being…now who knows the exact path of anything at this point, but I really focused last night on bringing in the Suns divine energy to facilitate the birthing of the twin flame of Gaia and then YOU speak about the Sun being a divine and loving counterpart to Gaia and I was like Whoaaaaahhh! 🙂 Doing the happy dance and enjoying the walk on the YELLOW brick road to the Emerald City! zing! P.s. Zarah baby girl feel better~!!!! big hugs and big love! Alex


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