Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 14, 2013

Let The Fire Of Love Release and Raise You Onto The Next Octave of Earth!!

fire of love

Ohhh the state of flux all of life is in, again, right now.  Change at its core.  The acceleration or deceleration of every person on this planet!  It seems January, we became suited up to arrive at the greatest choice points of our collective lives as we stepped into February.  At any given time, there really is only two real choices; hold on or let go (fear vs trust.)

I could have never imagined the earth we arrived on in January was a gateway point.  Kind of like the pit-stop area on a race track.  But, there’s a lot I cannot even imagine, maybe that is what makes these times so incredibly fun and interesting to me.

My first lady on the field yesterday gave us more understanding of what is currently happening than I ever realized during her reading.  It took me until about the 3rd reading of the day to feel and understand the huge thing that is happening on all of earth right now.

The first thing I had seen was a huge opening in what I will just call the sky above her field.  Her spiritual team was throwing really big boxes down to her created field.  These boxes were made of a blend of the blue, red and white energy that has been so prevalent this year.  The energy was absolutely alive as if these boxes were breathing.  The more i looked at how odd it was that they were tossing big boxes down to her, all I could think of was, they looked like packing boxes.  Even as they thew them down to her, it was as if they were moving down into her created life field via some sort of funnel or vortex I could not see, except how the boxes arrived.  From the large opening in the sky area, lets just say 4 boxes were tossed down at the same time, as they moved down they became single file and I realized they were dropping into the place that used to be the crystal ball area.  But… there was not the first visual I could pick up from her life field.  I could feel the energy, but not see any aspect of it.

So I was watching these beautiful, large boxes being dropped down then vanishing from my eye’s view.  Because she was the first person on yet another weird day in the field, I have no idea that everyone I was going to connect to had no imagery within their created life field that I could see.  The fact that she is indeed at a crux point in her created life, her spiritual team tossing her the energy to “move” from her current life to her next great adventure was absolutely fitting.

So I suggested she recreate the visual of the reading in meditation and start to breath in and open the packing boxes…

But there really was more to it than that.  Like I said, no one had an energy field called any aspect of their life I could see.  Everything was surrounding the created aspect of their field.  I eventually understood we are leaving the “pit-stop” area and moving to our new landscape of earth.  But also, let me assure you, this is not the final destination!!

And let’s be perfectly clear here too, not all movement is upwards.  Thru the days readings yesterday, I had seen two spousal units move downwards, to lower vibrations of earth so they can be deep in the lessons they have not learned from to this point.

I had one lady whose husband really helped us to understand the significance of these major choice points.  As she was already billowing the fire of her heart center moving up and out of her created life as it has been, when she asked about her husband, there he was, thru my kitchen floor way way down on another earth a full 3 octaves below this one and getting ready to drop down one octave lower.

From what I understood thru the imagery and feelings.. he was so bound up with such unpleasant energy, he looked like he was about to explode or maybe implode. Her team has said to (to all of us really) there can only ever be 3 octaves of separation between earths.  Meaning, when we shift and the other person is hanging on to the old for dear life and creates an even wider (octave/vibrational frequency) of separation  they must release their biology from the earth you are on or going to, so they can full participate/learn from, the earth frequency they are most aligned too.  Giving the illusion of dying.  Please don’t take that to mean every death means someone went to a different earth dimension, some really do just go back home so they can help those here even more.  But equally, as the octaves of vibration separate your world from theirs, you may find people just don’t like you any longer.  Let that be perfectly ok.  This is not a popularity contest, it is at true empowered movement.  The greatest empowering energy you can ever give to yourself, is letting things go with love and gratitude and not a single morsel of guilt!!!

All of this releasing applies to so many in various ways.  Jobs ending, relationships straining, new people moving into your heart, new doorways to move thru, often times meaning a literal move.

Resist and your body and/or parts of your life is gonna start screaming at you.

Shortly after my first reading yesterday, with my energetic packing boxes lady… I sat here pondering the bigger meaning when suddenly I was hit with the strangest energy.  Something moved thru me from crown to root, bulging and moving within me… creating quite a fire storm of energy within (smile, wink.)  I sure didn’t have time to go into meditation, so all I could do was feel with it.  I think I know what that hellraiser cube feels like as it opens.  Phew baby.  It became so intense my legs were bulging with energy, my head was getting loopy and yeah, the fire within… (nuff said)

I realized I musta accidently swallowed one of her packing boxes.  If spirit is sending you packing boxes loaded with energy, take it in, empty them out.  Then you can use them to pack up your life and move upward!!  (However that unfolds for you.)

Have the courage to let go of anything and everything releasing itself from your life.  If something feels like it is moving out, it is simply creating room for something new and better.  Change of any and all kinds is ALL-WAYS for the better, even if it doesn’t look or feel like that as you are going thru it.

I do want to mention here, about this next version of earth not being our final destination.  Towards the end of last year, spirit kept saying over and over that these next two plus years are going to be filled with acceleration points.  I had no idea it meant, leaving on earth (again) and going to a higher vibrational form of the next one… but I do now!!  They also said this massive state of new earth, new energy is going to continue to unfold and change and accelerate thru May 2015.  They (the field) still reminds us of that timeline even now.

Each time you have such a massive shift from one frequency to another, you will not only see things removed, but equally… added.

Last night while in the Soul Gym talking about the difference between being awake and aware, I got hit with a knowing within myself that was sooo unmistakably clear.  It is funny how you can simply type out a few words and get hit with such a deep, penetrating knowing of what this next acceleration point means to you (well, to me lol.)  What will be available for use, energetically.

We should fully arrive on this new energetically enhanced version of earth by the 18th of February   The way I see these massive shifts and how spirit has always said they will be done… 3 full earth days coming (started yesterday.. 13th, 14th, landing on the 15th… then we count from the 15th, into the solidness of our next reality… 15th, 16th, 17th.  Feet and ground solid by the 18th.

If we can look at this current transition…

We have spent lifetimes (but most importantly, this lifetime) bringing in more and move light into the aspect we call the ego.  The ego has started out dense, fear driven and just plain ole dark.  Every breath of meditation brings in more light to the construct of the ego (which of course it fights at first) every time we apply new energies, new ways of being in life, solidifies that light within the ego construct.  There becomes an excitement within as we start to know more, apply more, discover more, use more.

This will lead to what sooo many call “enlightenment.”  The know, the pure knowing that the construct we see thru our physical eyes is not real.  When releasing old stuff, relations, status, whatever is exciting not emotionally crippling.

I would look at this beautiful place called “enlightened” like the moment as you are waking up from a really good sleep, filled with so many dream aspects that excited you.  When we first wake up there is a feeling of being still in that place of sleep and trying to get the body out of bed.  Straddling both worlds.

Then you finally given in, release the dream and wake fully up.  This is what I will simply call the moment of enlightenment.  You fully pulled yourself out of the dream.  But not quite got out of bed.. because now, everything changed.

Let’s just say in this scenario  you woke up in opposite world.  In the dream everything seemed so real and solid.  Now that you have awoken, you know the floor is not really the floor, but could be if you so desired.  Your legs are no longer your legs, but could be if you so desired.

Your eyes become tuned into the field of energy and see it for what it really is… no longer a solid creation, but a field of absolute changing potential at any given moment.

This creates the forward motion of filled with Light so the eyes can now SEE and you interact with your awakened life differently than ever before.  Example, lets say you wake up and your bare floor is cold to your bare feet.  Knowing and seeing the energy and how it works, you put out a stream of higher vibration into the network of energy that creates your floor to warm it up.  Suddenly, your floor is not longer cold but very warm beneath your feet, because YOU changed it.

I thought about my wall in my kitchen as we were talking in the Soul Gym last evening.  I know that my wall is made up of energy and nothing more.  I know that my brain picks up the vibration of that energy and creates a solid concept that I call my wall.  Yet, in readings, when I am no longer a part of my created reality as I know it… my wall does not exist to my field of vision, only YOUR light field does.  So then I must ask myself, which version is real?  Well, the version my mind gives absolute reality to.

As we were closing the Soul Gym last night, I remembered a series of experiences I had back in 2002.  A journey a trigonic crystal took me on.  I eventually came to understand that I was actually at the caves known as the dead sea caves or the Qumran caves in Israel.  (I had no idea until days later when I was sharing my experience with someone and they helped me understand where I was.)

When I arrived at this cave via meditation, I was at the ground level… the opening of the cave is wayyyy up in the air:



There were no steps, no way of getting up to the entrance at all.  So, knowing in meditation there are no limitations, I simply asked the spirit of the crystal to help me know how to get up there.  Instantly a set of energetic steps appeared and I was able to walk upwards to the cave opening.  Inside, the cave itself was very much cave like… smelly even.  Nothing in it that I could see.  So I just started walking around it, moving to the far back of the cave itself… still nothing.  At this point, my excitement turned into frustration… what the hell am I doing here?  As I stated that (or something very similar) I leaned my hand against the cave wall and suddenly, my hand blended into the wall about up to my elbows.  As it did, I could feel something solid inside so I pulled it out.  It was beautiful… a small treasure chest I suppose… about the size of a shoe box, but sooo beautiful.  Intricate carvings of golden with what looked like violet crushed velvet.  So I took the lid off to see what was inside.

A very very old scroll all rolled up.  I opened that, and it looked like it was made of computer ding-bats.  I couldn’t read a flipping thing on it.  I rolled it back up and put it back in the cave wall… again, disappointed.

It was thru this sharing a friend told me about the dead sea scrolls and the caves and all that goes with that.  I never heard of any of it.  She also suggested I call on the author of that scroll and have them interpret it for me… great idea!!

I went right back into that crystal, to the cave, to the wall, again so easily placing my hand and arm into the energy of this cave to retrieve that treasure chest thingie… as I opened the scroll, I called on its author to help me.  I about shit when Jesus showed up.  I had already been working with him in meditation… so what is this scroll all about?  I eventually learned it was his instruction set of how to do all that he has done.. and more. (smile)

Last night, all I could think about was that cave wall… and my kitchen wall.  And even thru such inner frustration calling out “Jesus Christ” and there he is glowing like a beacon in my kitchen.

I am starting to see the domino’s fall into place.

Now to figure out how to work them!! lol…  I will close on that note!

I want to send out chocolate kisses to all today.  It is the day set aside to revel in the pure vibration of LOVE… and I love you each soooooo very very much.  You truly are the song of my heart!!

Happy Valentines Day!!

(((((HUGZ))))) with sloppy chocolate kisses on your neck too!!  I love you!!

Lisa Gawlas
















  1. Boy, you sure know how to get a person excited! LOL This is awesome!! It really is incredible how much you put out there for us almost every single day. Sending SO MUCH LOVE and HUGE (((HUGZ))) for you, beloved Lisa, today and every day.


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  3. Awesome photo!


  4. Whooo hoooo! Sending you tons and tons of love Li li and so glad we walk this awesome path together! your story of the cave really lit my Fire! 🙂 Alex


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