Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 13, 2013

Walking On and With The Sun!! We Are On Fire!!

walking on the sun


I am so amazed and so excited to see the energy of the sun itself start to show up on the ground in a few of the readings.  There is actually so much happening, so much coming thru these days, I have no possible way of sharing it all…. but God knows, I am trying!!

The other day, or maybe it was yesterday (geez, these days and the readings are so starting to blend together as one dynamic energy I cannot tell the time difference any longer) I had a lady show up on the field and the sun was glowing in her west field.  It could have been an image straight from  Kinda like this:

sun eruption


What was even more exciting she had three eruptions/CME’s happening on the energy of her sun in the west field.  I knew these three filaments that were erupting in her west field have everything to do with turning on and releasing new codes/new abilities within her.  Because it was still in the process of “releasing” I could not see what exactly those codes were.  Of course, she has the ultimate responsibility… integrating the pure sun energy into her fullness, into her expanding and erupting consciousness for use!!  The image of her sun was very horizontal… meaning, the energy was laid across her heart field and erupting into her upper atmosphere (higher mind function.)

My last lady on the field yesterday was very similar, only with her own unique twist!  The very first thing I connected to was a choir of angels… first the melodic music that was just heavenly and then from the music came… words or sounds or something I could not identify as language, or maybe, English   It was soooo beautiful and so very high up in the sky.  I started to realize something truly amazing and dare I even say…. powerful.  As the angels sang angel words, they formed an energy that looked like an emerging bubble of energy.  When I brought my vision down to her field, I was again in the prominence of the west field with a sun that was looking vertical in its vision.  With the angelic chorus singing the sun surface itself would create a bubble of energy, but never erupted, when the angles stopped singing their words, the bubble retreated back to the sun.  But I could just feel it wanted to burst open.

If life itself didn’t become more synchronicitic with all of us… todays talks about a CME that erupted today.

Obviously the sun had something to say!  It has truly released a massive package of energy, of Light Codes today and made sure we all knew about it thru these precious ladies in the field.  You cannot harness its true power from the outside in, it must be integrated from the inside out.

However, just talking about this gives me a really huge understanding of another lady in the field yesterday… The imagery really caught me by surprise.  On the ground itself was a huge fire, like a bonfire that must have been spread out 10 feet in all directions.  This intense fire went upwards about 3 feet and started to form a pole shape as opposed to being so wide in its breadth.  There were several binding keeping this massive fire from spreading.  I eventually understood one binding was at the sacral chakra, one at the solar plexus then something interesting as it attempted to move upwards… the fire hit a glass ceiling and could not go past the heart center and instead, as if there was a glass dome covering it, started to spread out at the top of the dome and go downwards.

So I had to ask that obvious question…. hows your kundalini been rocking??  At first, I was really surprised when she said, not at all.  Really??  I feel the heat way over here!!  And then my eyes were taken to the binding itself… being held back (no doubt completely unconsciously) by her.  It could not spread and be fully released and experienced because she is holding herself back from the purest passion that exists… soul fire!!  Then I started to understand the glass dome too… even tho I did not see it (the glass dome) it was so present that it was unmistakable.

glass dome


Imagine you came into this life feeling to much, feeling bigger (energetically) than your body and didn’t know what to do with all the power… all that fire.  So we created a safety zone to be able to go thru life.  We will just call this the glass dome.  Set beneath your feet and runs up to the heart.  When we first come into life this is the most intense region of our experience … the lower chakras.  Now imagine there is a growing fire beneath the dome and it found its way into your Being.  This fire is intensely sexual in vibration.  If you think about it, the slowest vibrational areas of our bodies is the root and sacral chakras… so when your soul starts to dance on the ground your life, it heats everything up… and the sexual energy goings into severe overdrive.  So, again, unconsciously, we place bands around those areas to contain its fire.

So going in with the theme of the fiery sun energy… and even what said today about the CME released:  The extreme UV movie shows the filament flinging itself into space followed by the formation of a “canyon of fire” marking the channel formerly occupied by the filament.


Let me just share what the sun means to me.  Deep inside the core of our sun is the pure power center of Earth and all that is upon and within Earth.  Each one of us humans are plugged directly into the core of the sun.  Think… extension chords.  The more use and apply the pure sun energy, the wisdom and experience of your souls knowing… the more energy the sun sends directly to us.  We can look at this as upgrading our extension chords from 110 chords to 240 chords and up and up and up.

If the sun is releasing this dynamic and life changing, life enhancing pure energy to you and you do not do anything with it, then it releases itself out to the greater collective for use by another that has the ability to see and harness it.  Pure energy never goes to waste!!

There is also something else that happens, something… less felt or understood.  The more we harness this pure energy into our Beings, our Light Bodies, we must leave the old earth that got us to here and move onto the next, higher frequency version of earth.  A dimensional shift on all levels.

When this amazing jump happens, it is soooo unobvious because it is as if nothing has changed.  All you know, all that is in your minds memory, goes with you…yes, even the perception of everyone in your life.

But what happens beyond that… some of the people in your life are not wired for this massive increase of earth energy, and they start to break down or simply appear to die.  No one dies.  They just shed the skin on the earth they are not aligned to be on and remain on the last version of earth.  But at the same time, you may even see some of your “people” suddenly awakening, seeing life differently… you just gave them the added boost by your own evolution!!

I say all this because we are now aligned for a super charged leap to yet a higher frequency of earth… and we are in take off mode right now!!

Let everything loose… let everything go!!  Spend your meditation today working with the fire energy.  Visualize you standing on the sun, then feel yourself blending into the sun… becoming one with the sun.  Feel your core energy start to radiate a new kind of heat.  If you allow it, the sun, the fire will melt all your restrictions .. but only if it is a true core desire within you.

Break free of all your restrictions and limitations.  The game is about to get hot and intense!!  USE THAT FIRE!!!

(THIS JUST IN:  It is in the core of the sun we are pulling our next creation thru… I know there is more to this, but as I was spell checking, this news flash suddenly echoed in my hearing!!)

There is sooo much more to share, but alas, that must wait until tomorrow, my day begins!!

You are the fire of my soul, thank you for Being HOT!!

Big big (((((HUGZ))))) filled with the passion of our soul!!

Lisa Gawlas

How can I not leave you with such a fine gift of song called “Walking on the Sun” by Smashmouth.  Imagine it is the sun itself singing to you, thru you!












  1. Do you know… it could quite easily freak me out how in sync the info coming in is if I didn’t KNOW and understand how wonderfully aligned it all is. My channelings of mySelf everything I am experiencing reflects the truth in all of this. I AM soooo grateful to have you guys to share this amazing journey… Love you ❤ ❤ ❤ **off to meditate with the Sun** Thanks again 😀


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  4. “and we are in take off mode right now!!”

    I hope it is in T – 3 hours !!

    But my inner wisdom tells me that the waiting game is not over. We have to wait – especially my heart wants to wait until the right time which is not this time.

    Today the fire is strong within all of us.


    • Hi Jorg ((((HUGZ)))

      Take as long as you need to… and know…. when you are ready, you will be greeted by the greatest most excited welcoming committee… US!!!

      Fire away my friend!!


  5. Whooo Hooo!!!!! This speaks Strongly to me! Come on baby light my Fire! Try to set your soul on FIRE! Love it Li li! See you in the soul gym later for more deliciousness! Alex


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