Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 12, 2013

Jesus Christ This Is Getting Very Real!! (smile)

jesus christ

Sometime last week I had talked about my “stray hair” dangling about in my core energy called my personal issue with winning anything on a lottery ticket.  The day my team told me that “we want to help you, but you won’t let us” and showed me what was rumbling around in my energy field… the very moment I seen it for what it was, I changed it instantly.  But let me tell you, being able to dispel discordant energy within myself from myself instantly has been a very long work in progress.  I had spent the first 8 years of this journey diving into my deepest darkest goo and changing it over time and with tremendous conscious effort… until doing “that” became… instant.  Of course, I get sooo excited when I see something discordant within me, because I KNOW, the moment I free that, it turns into the opposite!  It free’s a significant flow of energy within.

So the moment my team showed, from their side of the veil, what keeps me from winning even a tiny amount with lottery tickets, after my initial response of “ohhhhhh.. shit!  I plucked it out immediately   Kind of like seeing a soap-bubble in front of you and you just poke your finger in it… and it pops.  When that happens, you can actually feel the shift of energy within you.  Even something small like a single stray hair… changes the energy within the core.

The evening before last, as Jorge was sharing with me (us) the difference between being aware and awake, at the end of that sermon (smile) we switched to the energy of Lottery ticket (I WILL get my car note paid off!!)  He took my field of vision to the gas station on the reservation and showed me where the tickets are located in their spinny thing on the counter.  My intention is to play the $3 lottery scratchers, the odds of winning are so much better than playing the ball kind of lottery.  I am a huge fan of start small, grow big!!  Then Jorge is discussing the jackpot amounts.  I knew the $3 scratchers paid out $25,000 as its top prize and then Jorge asked… well what about $30,000?  That’s fine by me, but don’t know whether that is offered in the $3 scratchers and I am not going to the $5 ones… yet.

I could not discern which $3 tickets were flowing in the field of Light Jorge was showing me, so I decided (while still in my tub) I will just purchase one of each.  Yesterday morning I trekked off to the gas station to get my carton of smokes and some scratchers.  I had to smile so big when I turned the spinny thing on their counter, and sure enough if their $3 scratchers weren’t located exactly where Jorge showed them to me the night before.  I got excited.

There were four different games in the $3 area and I told the lady i will take one of each.  I have never in my life invested $12 just on scratchers and for the first time in my life, I wasn’t hesitant, I wasn’t worried about losing the $12 (even tho my monthly bills are far from paid)… this was a new feeling to me and one that actually caught the wind of excitement within.  When she handed me my lottery tickets, one was called “Pink Diamond Bingo”  I knew that one was a winner.  I could feel it.  Another was called “Fiesta Crosswords” I could feel that one too, I knew that was a winner.  There was one in particular, something 7’s that was just dead in my hand.  The 4th one was just kinda cool in my hand.  I had no clue what any of this really meant, I was just exited to find out.

In between my day of readings and with a quartz crystal, I started scratching.  The first card was the 7’s and it was a loser.  My second one was the Pink Diamond Bingo, this was going to be interesting.  I have seen so many lottery scratchers say that you can win more than once on a game, and yet, I couldn’t even win once on a game… I would really like to see this with my own eyes (a multiple win on a single ticket.)  There were 4 bingo cards on this single scratcher, four potentials for winning.  I about shit when 3 of the four bingo cards had winners.  I won a $10 line, a $3 line and a $5 four corners.  Holy Shit!!  I have not won this much money in 3 years forget in one single play!!  I am officially excited, especially this card was the warmest in my hand at the store.  The Fiesta Crosswords was a $15 winner.  I was officially sitting there just smiling to the holy shit chorus within.  The last card I scratched, the one that was “coolest,” but not dead in my hand was a winner for a free ticket.

What made me smile even more, two of the tickets had a $25,000 jackpot, the other two a $30,000 jackpot.  I also realized this is going to be an adventure wayyyy beyond winning some money, I am truly learning something huge here.  There is a literal energy field to a winning ticket.  Of course, all of life is made up of energy, some really great energy, some energy that just feels dead… Whether it is in people, in mundane objects, work places and now… even lottery tickets!!

Even as I pulled out of the gas station to head back home for my first reading of the day, I hear Jorge tell me “don’t stop here.”   Ohhh trust me, I am on an exciting adventure that ultimately will provide $25-30,000 and a brand new skill!!  I am in it to win it!!  (smile)

I also am just realizing the message within the numerology at hand too.  I bought 4 tickets, 3 were winners, one was not.  On the only ticket that had 4 potentials to win, three areas were winners, one was not.  Three is of course action and communication.  One is new beginnings.  But what is being revealed to me now too… with this interesting combo… when we pull energy from the field with our action, we must also give back to the field so others can equally use the energy available.  It is too funny to even see how I have set up my life (prior to December and January’s rescheduling congestion.)  I normally do three readings a day and always (mental matter allowing) share one blog a day.  The three readings keep me fed and housed, the blog itself is my way of giving back.  (Not that I ever looked at it like that until right now.)  Ohhh the things that have me go hmmmmmmmmm!!!

In my bath last evening, I put my field of vision back over to the gas station to check out their lottery rack and it was black.  I am not going to cash these in today.  (smile)

But if yesterday didn’t start off interesting and exciting enough… the rest of the day was just going to place cherries all over the place!  I was in my first reading of the day, slightly frustrated with the now constant change in the field, in you and me trying to keep up with the understanding of what the hell all this means now!!  I got so frustrated in trying to find the words to explain what I see, something new slammed out of my mouth… the words “Jesus Christ” and trust me, not as an invocation at all.  First, I never ever say those words together.  But if hearing them slam out of my mouth wasn’t shocking enough, Jesus himself now standing in my kitchen glowing like saint, arms outstretched and glowing white and so real… shocked me!!  I told my beautiful man on the phone… we better watch those words, cuz Jesus himself is now in your reading!!!

Now granted, I have worked with Sananda (the soul energy of Jesus, cuz Jesus was a man who lived a long long time ago) for years, always in meditation and he never ever had a form of a body.  The most I had ever seen him in his human form was his hair.  Long story, not getting into it now.  So to have this man, this image in my kitchen was really kewl.  What I found even more interesting was the Light field around him… as if he took on the energy of his mama… the blessed mother and her “blue” clothing (not sure what her clothes are called) and his arms outstretched in front of him with an amazing white field of energy radiating from his forearms to his hands.

I had to really pay attention to where he chose to show up in the kitchen.  He was all the way to my right, standing against the wall that would represent our future energy.  he was facing south, or the present moment.  I even told my man on the phone, I am never washing that area of my floor again!!   I told my man on the phone, ummmmm… I think you need to work with this guy since he arrived in your reading and has his arms outstretched towards life itself!  I was so surprised when my man had an issue with the whole concept of Jesus and the story book stuff and the sheer amount of conflicting information out there about him.

Hey, who cares.  He is not here to talk about his life as a human.  I had tried for years to get him to talk about that to me, and all he ever really said was the story has become so distorted the truth has become lost.  However, over the years, he revealed who and what he always was… and what he did when he slipped into the body we know as Jesus and what he continues to do as the soul named Sananda… Show us the way to be truly empowered and fully awake.  Period.

As the colorful day on the field progressed and eventually ended, I sat and pondered the magic and wonderful energy of the day.  And I realized my glowing Jesus never really left that spot in the kitchen.  But if that wasn’t enough to get my own attention, when I finally had enough internet juice to get on facebook, someone had posted a picture on my wall that stopped me in my tracks!!!


I was stunned.  Ya know, that energy field that hits you so hard in your stomach that means… PAY FREAKIN ATTENTION here!!  I hopped in my bath.  And weird was about to get weirder.

Like I have said, I have worked with Sananda for years in my beginning.  He was the very one who taught me about the energy matrix, how it works, how it doesn’t work.  How vitally important the core is and the chakras themselves are simply an outward expression of the core so don’t work the charkras, work the core.  I spent years in the bathtub learning before I ever touched the first person in what would become my (ever changing) “work.”

So I fully expect his glowing body in my kitchen to come have a talk in my bathtub.  Nope.  He remained steadfast where he showed up.  He obviously had no desire to jump into meditation with me.  And I really started to understand something bigger.  He had spent years teaching me the intricacies of energy from the inside out.  If we don’t fully understand how we work internally, then how the hell can we truly master the external.  He was able to turn water into wine because he knew the internal workings of energy and eventually took it to the created field of mastery.

In this meditation, my inner vision was taken back to the last time my little triad of bliss went from my bathtub, to my couch, to my massage table and created a small (about a foot tall) spinning funnel of intermingling energy.  It is still very much there as I was shown yesterday.  And I suddenly realized why this intense moment within my meditation last week leaped out of my inner space to my actual created space… time to work with this whole thing in my created life.  So, ohhh the processing mind is adorable… I am laying in my bath, between holy shit excited moments and seeing a glowing Jesus standing in my kitchen and a funnel of energy spinning on my massage table and I simply said… what the hell do I do with my massage table?  I can’t do my own massage (on myself) and I have no body of either Jorge or Marc to work with… I am at a loss here.  All I get is a spiritual grin!!

I fully realized we are about to take this to a whole new level!!  I am just sooooo excited!!  Every one of us… not just me!!  Of course, it comes down to, how much are you willing to invest (or have invested) in your own time and energy to really bring all this to life.  To fully and completely WAKE UP to Life in all its glory!!??

OMG, I just realized something!!  Some time last year thru several of the readings, spirit was saying that about February 15th, we will hit the potential where we can fully interact with those on the other side of the veil in our created world of matter.  Not as a concept, but as a true, real, interactive reality.  I know in the depths of my heart that Jesus showing up in my kitchen, semi-solid, is the beginning of bringing that to Life.  I will work night and day to harness not only the understanding, but the true ability to have that as a forever experience and as always, share what I have come to know/learn/apply to help make it real and true for you too.

There are two things I (nor any one in all of the multiverses) cannot ever do for you, make you meditate (smile) or unleash your grasp on what no longer serves you.  You have absolute responsibility in your own Life’s adventures (and even the misadventures.)  If you are willing to do just those two things… You can and WILL have it all!!!

I want to end this sharing with a profound memory/experience i had shortly after some of my spiritual abilities started to come online outside of meditation.  This happened somewhere in 2001 while I was still living in North Carolina.

I went to go to sleep in my bed and as I laid down, I heard a song so vivid, so clear that I actually lifted my pillow to see if there was a radio or something playing underneath it.  There wasn’t.  The song was “Follow Me” by Uncle Kracker.

The part of the song that was playing under my pillow was:

You don’t know how you met me 
You don’t know why, 
You can’t turn around 
And say goodbye, 

All you know is when I’m with you 
I make you free 
And swim through your veins 
Like a fish in the sea, 

I’m singin’ 
Follow me 
Everything is all right, 
I’ll be the one to tuck you in at night, 
And if you want to leave I can guarantee 
You won’t find nobody else like me,

Once I got over the freakiness of hearing Uncle Kracker under my pillow, I finally feel asleep.  Or maybe, into a whole other reality.  I had a dream that evening that was sooo vivid and so utterly real…

I was in the desert somewhere walking with my (then) mentor Marc and Jesus.  They both were together as if very close friends.  They took me to this thing… it was a skeleton on a cross… nailed to the cross.  But the cross itself was on a pedestal about 4 feet high and square   On the front of this pedestal was Aramaic writing.  I knew it was the true name of Jesus and beneath was a saying that I have long forgotten.  It was some sort of Jesus type parable.  (Have I mentioned how Marc always spoke/wrote in parables back in the day…)

But what was really really profound about this dream, Jesus was telling me about the ribs on this skeleton.  He said each rib meant something.  He told me exactly what they meant, but again, long forgotten.  But what really caught my eye in this dream, was the feet.  They were nailed together at the bottom of this cross and the bones on one was completely shattered.

I so wish either in that dream or anytime after that, they would have told me that the point of this life is to completely strip down to skeleton.  No more skin, no more identified at all.  And that getting to that point was going to shatter your own path (feet) to the point of feeling broken not fixed!!

The true shattering of the illusion must be walked, experienced, ot imagined, not simply hoped for or intended without your own foot (action) in the game.

When I awoke from that dream experience, I knew, with unshaken conviction, I would follow the footsteps of this journey where ever it lead.

The song “Follow Me” still plays within today… and I always connect it to Jesus.  Yes, the man that walked around the earth a couple thousand years ago.  He dared to bring concepts so out of the box that in various versions of earth, he was put to death for daring to empower people.  Most people (back then) slammed the door on what he knew, on his teachings, on his conviction that to perform what others call miracles (he did not call them miracles at all) he kept saying God and You are One.  He not only knew that about himself… HE LIVED IT!!  He KNEW Heaven was not just a concept, but a living reality right here on earth.

We ALL must Live it all out loud as a way of life, not just a knowing.  Pure Heart (soul) Desire is the Key to Fully Experiencing and Living Heaven on Earth.

Let me give you the gift of this song, let it creep so deeply into your blood that it is all you can do… if you FOLLOW the path to pure, radiant LIGHT living and expressing out loud as YOU.  This, is where the gates of Heaven have always been!!  So what if you crack a foot (or several,) and even arrive stripped down to bare bones.  It is there, all can and will be given.  The truest most complete gift from YOU unto you.

I love you all soooooooo flipping much.  Big ole bare bones (((((HUGZ)))) all around!!

and  Talk about “What Dreams May Come” (smile, wink)

Lisa Gawlas



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  2. Best blog ever!!!!! Thanks SO much, Lisa!!!


  3. This song has this effect on me also… Wonderful ❤


  4. I just listened and had to bought at the visual in my head of you… Slightly perplexed.. Looking under your pillow for uncle kracker lolol. Wonderful post as ever… Thanks Lisa ❤


  5. Tears of joy. It’s funny what makes me cry lately. I had a thought a few weeks ago of “reclaiming” Jesus and others like Mary Magdalene from their imposed cages and freeing them in my mind to their purer essence as I had
    thrown the baby out with the bathwater when leaving Catholicism as something that did not resonate with me. The visual of the bare bones struck me as being connected to you naked on your rock with your prayer wheel, and for me spoke very strongly of how we all need to strip away the layers of build up (wax floor anyone?) until our own pure essences are able to fly free. You made me so happy with your lottery story! What a fun way to “play” with abundance! Big love Li li! 🙂 Alex


  6. Lisa, I have realized why my left foot has been so painful, as the physical side of life it has been a signal to take the time to meditate to be able to Walk the reality of True/Real Life.

    Thanks You so much for todays sharing…

    Huge Love yo Ya!!


  7. Hi Lisa,

    this song was playing in my head this morning when I woke up, and it probably means as much to me as Uncle Kracker does to you … so I’m gifting it back to you:

    It’s especially that last line, “She had become like they are” that brings the tears to my eyes every time …

    Great sharing as always, and I’m wishing you best of luck with your lottery adventures, and Jesus in your kitchen. 😉

    Lots of love ❤


  8. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: just like your man in the reading, I don’t want anything to do with the Church and Christianity, and I ‘ve had lots and lots of Christian symbolism in my dreams lately … fishes, crosses, names, all sorts of stuff. It’s haunting me! *lol*

    So glad the Pope has resigned … that was the right decision. Looks like he finally realized what kind of organization he was the head of. 8) I hope they won’t be able find a successor and that will be the end of it.

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


    • I found this image last week, cannot recall what on earth I was googling… but I had always wondered what on earth that fish really meant… I do believe we found it!!


      I love that song BTW… seen Blue Oyster Cult in concert… love them!! Gotta love that Reaper and the true represtantion of the fish lol! ❤


  9. Oh holy shit, this is getting simply Astounding…Zarah, one of my Best true life friends is the lead guitarist for Blue Oyster Cult and whenever he stays in my house he plays guitar for us! LOL I just hung with them last weekend in NH! The true meaning of that song is lost on most. Donald had a heart condition (some weird beating thing that has been under control for the past 40 years now) right after his daughter was born and he thought he might die. The words came through him, and he knew there is absolutely No death. I have chills as well because last night I meditated. LOL and my meditation Lisa was of the Giant Mother Goddesses Vagina birthing a brand new baby earth that we all need to love on and care for! Oh so funny too because rarely do I Check back in to read comments but well, listening to source and rocking out! Chills….Love you ALL!!! Alex


    • OMG Alex, I am soooo glad my internet lag gave in just a bit so I could actually reply to you this time!! (the lag is the only reason I don’t write on here much, just cuz I can’t I do read each and everyone from my phone tho.) I am laughing my ass off with your meditation and my most recent picture inclusion to Zarah!! lol… I will never see myself in the mirror the same way again!!

      That is so kewl about Blue Oyster Cult as your buds!! I love southern rock. Tomorrow morning when I have the ability to listen to Zarahs song… I am going listen with new ears.

      I love how all this synchronicity is tying US ALL together!!

      Love you Alex (((((HUGZ))) and still giggling over here!


  10. LOL Oh the zings today are intense and awesome! love you right back Li li!


  11. My father I love you and I’m very proud of you because you’re came to my life.


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