Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 11, 2013

Moving Out of Separation and Moving Into The Real Awakened Life.


I think, for the very first time, I finally and fully understand why the field, our spiritual teams, have gotten so damn picky with the words I choose to use in readings and sharings.  It really is a strange feeling to go to spit a word out of your mouth and the field is pulling off my tongue before it ever hits the airwaves, often times, without a replacement word.  I fully realized yesterday we use words loosely and often times, quite inaccurately and then become comfortable in the inaccuracy.

There was one particular word that hit me like a ton of bricks after the soul gym session yesterday.  Awake.  In my own spiritual upbringing (smile) people would call themselves awake once they realized the illusion of life is not as true as they once thought.  This created the feeling of waking up out of the dream.  Actually, the correct word (according to spirit) would be aware.  We are aware that we are dreaming.  We are aware that there is so much more to life than what we see in front of us.

In yesterdays soul gym session one of the lovely ladies was talking about being “half awake.”  I said everyone in here is awake, again, using the word itself as I have been taught its meaning.

Seems spirit wants to fully disagree!  As soon as the gym was done, I instantly remembered my meditation from early last year when Jorge shook the ba-jesus out of me as I walked into the backyard.  He repeated over and over again “wake-up ~ wake-up” and said that aware is not awake.  I have never forgotten that shake up, but until yesterday, what he was really saying was not clear to me at all.

This became my mission to understand yesterday… into the bath I hopped and of course, I called Jorge front and center.

He gave me several examples of understanding.  The first one was of a Lucid Dreamer.  The lucid dreamer can, at will, wake up within a dream, know he is dreaming and alter the dream to his (or her) desires.  At any given time he can change outcomes, landscapes, even where he chooses to be within the dream.  He can visit far off worlds, create at the speed of thought.. and so on.

He also gave me the example of my meditation world, very much like the lucid dreamer.  In that place, I am limitless.

Both the meditator and the lucid dreamer then come back into their created life with a wider awareness, and then immediately go to sleep.  Their created life appears to have restrictions.

Even the small amount of “abilities” that does grace the landscape of earth, is like everyone looking only thru their peripheral vision and using only those fragments of the bits and pieces they can see as available.  This, per Jorge, would be like someone calling themselves a lucid dreamer and the most they have done was realized they are awake in the dream.  This turns it into awareness.


And if that wasn’t disheartening enough (to my own processing mind) I was shown how asleep I really am!!  I do readings every single day.  Every day, my entire kitchen seems to vanish out of my view, the backyard changes its complete appearance and becomes the Field of Light, YOU show up and I have said so many times, your soul energy seems so real that I am expecting to be able to walk out into the backyard and actually be able to participate.

And Jorge says… if I would just wake up… I could, we could.  To small and varying degrees, we actually have.  I have watched some people’s reading completely change energetically thru conversation.  They may have been “stuck” and thru whatever was coming out of my mouth, hit their heart vibration and completely changed the way I was seeing.  This is skimming the full potential of what we have available to us.

But for as long as I see my created reality as real, and the field of light as an experience thru readings, I am aware of the bigger picture, but nowhere near awake.  Dammit!!

We (I) get comfortable in what we can do, what we have achieved beyond our traditional 5 senses and that is where we (I) usually become complacent.  I know I have zero boundaries in meditation and yet, see a million of them in my created life.  Meditation is REAL, constructed life is the dream.  Our goal is to realize we are completely limitless in our created life.  To achieve that, to become fully awake, takes practice, practice, practice!!  Action, action, action!!  Application, application, application!!

I can go into meditation day after day, open portals and vortexes til the cows come home, but if I do nothing with any of that once I am out of meditation, I have only just participated in a really good TV show that ended when I got out of the bath.

What good is being infused with high frequency energy if you only ever use it in meditation.  Or talk about in sharings.   (smile)  Dammit!

This brings us back to yesterdays sharing about the membrane.  The veil of illusion.  For those of us who have broken thru the membrane of illusion, our work has really just begun in earnest.  Our peripheral vision has gotten us to Here, to be able to break thru the land of illusion and know what is REAL.  NOW we must look at all the luminescent fragments (bits and pieces  and use it in our day-to-day life.  Harnessing one aspect, brings the next closer for use.  But, before you can even go there, you have to be alive in the REAL.  Unrestricted by your surroundings.  Adventurous, with tremendous patience.

This is not the time for complacency!!  Unless this has become a spectator sport for you and then that is perfectly ok.  This is a time to spread and dissolve boundaries,  restrictions.  You absolutely need to have your spiritual vision in place, or it will be very much like bumping around in the dark.  And let me promise you, there is not a soul on earth, not one, who does not have the full capacity for spiritual vision or spiritual hearing or spiritual anything.  It all comes down to how much work are you willing to put in to bring that part of you online?

It is so funny for me to think, I moved into Heaven and came packing with all my illusionary restrictions.  Geez Louise!!  I am a living oxymoron.  But… trust me, changing that even as I type.

Our goal now is to truly wake up.  Not as a concept, but as a continuous application!!

In one of the readings yesterday, I seen something that really gives a deeper relevance to this whole sharing and expanded my own awareness of what has been happening in my meditation triad of union with me, Marc and Jorge.

The first thing I had seen was inky black images in her field.  As I honed in on these images, I realized there were three vortexes flopping loosely where the top of her crystal ball would have been.  The three lower funnel points all connected into the same place, which would have to be down into the crown to the very top of the cervical spine, throat chakra.  All three inky black vortexes were about 10 feet tall (again, going to scale of my vision) and sort of collapsed into itself then opened then collapsed… kind of like they hadn’t found their bones yet.

The moment I asked what the hell is that, I instantly remembered my last meditation with Marc and Jorge and the unified funnel of energy that formed above my massage table.  From what I am understanding, she has her three energetic triads placed into her upper atmosphere.  The more she uses these vortexes the more they will expand and become one.  (How, I really don’t know yet.)

I feel we can look at this new addition to our energetic enhancement as the pure energy of the divine feminine, the pure energy of the divine masculine and the pure energy of the human incarnate.

While I was in my meditation yesterday, I was really hoping Jorge would give us the fuller understanding of these three vortexes… not.  But I have a very strong feeling this morning, this is our true key to being fully AWAKE.  Talk about the time for strength training on every level of life!!

What I need to learn, I teach!!  I believe an amazing earth angel came into my life the other day to move me out of my own comfort zone.  She didn’t want just readings, she wanted to have instruction on how to apply and grow further.  Thanks to this lovely lady, I have now changed the entire construct of the one hour reading packages to classes (with readings of course.)

Change is all around us and it is time we take ourselves beyond the awareness and deep into the REAL… Awake and interactive like never before!!

I am going to close on that note and ponder the kick in the butt I am feeling today!!

I love y’all so much!!

Lisa Gawlas  The New 5 session reading/class is posted here too.

Now available:  The full transcript from Sundays Soul Gym is now online.  Topic:  The Membrane – Veil of illusion and how to thin it and break free!





















  1. “But for as long as I see my created reality as real, and the field of light as an experience thru readings, I am aware of the bigger picture, but nowhere near awake.”

    I love Jorge


  2. […] / link to original article […]


  3. ‘Adventurous, with tremendous patience.’ *sigh*


  4. Thanks so much for posting yesterday’s transcript, Lisa … I just had the worst internet connection so I’m glad I can read up on what I missed.

    Awake … thats what the Buddha said after he got enlightened, when they asked him what he was. “Are you a god?” “No.” “Are you a saint?” “No.” “Are you a wizard?” “No.” “Are you a man?” “No.” “What are you, then?” “I am awake.” He had dissolved the veil of illusion completely, it could not bind him any longer …

    ((((Hugz)))) to you Lisa and everyone



  5. Lisa,
    What a great idea!!! The readings are great, and the knowledge acquired by what you see is incredible, but to be able to teach one how to go from there is key to me! You are a great teacher by way of seeing another picture of a person, kind of like adding another piece to the puzzle. I guess that’s what it’s all about. Everyone contributing their piece of the puzzle to see the whole picture with their whole self. What a godsend you are!

    Love ya Elaine


  6. Wow. Holy cow batman! Very cool stuff–certainly I can feel in my soul that this is true. I wonder if we were able to pull back and “see ourselves” from the perspective of soul we would be able to differentiate between the real and the illusion more because we would “get” that we are simply a small piece of a larger whole, playing a part and mixing it up in “reality”

    Very cool stuff and blessings on the expansion of your practice. You are an amazing teacher and I love all that you share with us. What is also interesting is something happened today that will give me a little fun money so I will be scheduling something soon and I cant WAIT! 😉 love you Li li! Alex


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