Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 7, 2013

Are You Ready To Play The Song Of Your Heart??


Did you ever have one of those days, where what we are doing and how just becomes so incredibly clear?  And the beauty of it, it was all shown in five different ways to make it all unmistakable.

My first gentleman on the field gave me such a wonderful burst of melodies being played.  As my vision connected to where this beautiful music was coming from, I was in awe.  There in his entire field from present to future (well the month of February’s future) and across his the width and height of his field were strings of yellow/gold thready energy…. all was horizontal, moving outwards.  All I could think of was a harp, only not a single row of strings, there was depth and very specific placement patterns to where these strings were spread out in his entire field.

I realized he was creating this melody with his heart energy.  As I continued to witness this amazing feeling and sound, I would see one string being plucked by his heart and hear the tone and watched as the sound wave spread out and up, up, up.  I realized as it moved upwards it was seeking its likeness, that which would put the tone into a broader version of itself, and it’s job was to pull that other tone into harmonic creation in this mans field of life.

I watched as this still vibrating tone connected to a puffy mass of red and blue energy, very cloud like in my visual… and that cloud like thing (never did get to see what it really was… pesky spirit) wrapped itself around the note and the note came back down to this mans field where it originated and started to thread the cloud vertically across his field.

I realized something so profound with him… we have been so busy talking or visualizing what we want/need/desire that the only thing that matters and WILL bring your hearts desire to you… is the feeling within.  It is the pure emotion that sets the strings of your life into melodic vibration and seeks out its counterpart.

Talking (asking) or visualizing has set the tone for this profound moment in our lives, but now… it can become the very discordance that keeps the strings of your heart still.

One stray hair, a discordant energy/thought, stops the music from play.. until you recognize and remove that stray hair (example, my lottery ticket issue from yesterdays sharing.)

What really amazed me… I swear to god yesterday, for me, was so incredibly validating on every level.  When I told him what I understood about his strings and could only think of the way a harp works and I know that we talked about harps sometimes last year, but could not remember the full details of it all.  Well, he was the harp I had seen last year and he truly perfected his heart strings.  There was no more crystal ball energy, just a harmonic flow of his deepest heart desires already spreading thru the universe to bring his next amazing adventure to him.

The fact that the field took the start of his harp filled journey in September of last year and completely brought it back in wider clarity yesterday, hit a validation button within me that was unmistakable.  Not that I really need validation, but man it makes my own heart sing when it does come thru!!

I do want to mention three interesting questions he asked yesterday… it wasn’t so much the questions as it was the reply from the field.  This aspect is really really important for everyone to understand.

First he asked about launching a website… if it is ready.  His team completely changed the question around and asked him “ARE YOU READY for the surge in your life.”   This reply made me smile, but it wasn’t until his next question did I fully understand their energetic reply (and trust me, I was hit with their firm energy in their reply to him.)  He asked about the woman he has been with for 3 years, last year the decided they would get married and are looking for that perfect date to tie the knot.  So he asked about when…  Let me just paraphrase and expand on their answer… because… it matters to all of us!!

There is no date, no starry alignment, nothing in this created world that holds more power than you do in the present moment.  YOU are the alignment you have been waiting for, so just get married when YOU ARE READY!

Feel with that for a long minute!!  We really are a species of waiting, always looking to something outside of our own power-field for alignment. The moon, the stars, special dates… all of which are an illusion.  There is nothing in this universe more powerful than the fully opened, fully aligned human.

If YOU ARE READY… stop waiting and just DO IT!!  FEEL IT then jump in.

My next lovely lady… again one of those moments that just hits my own validation button (maybe I needed it more than I realized.)  There she was, crystal ball no longer visible and all this puffy cloud like energy in the very present color scheme of red, blue and white, making its way into her fully ready heart field.  Then, like so many do, she asked about her husband… I looked around her field, couldn’t find him, I looked behind her field, where most (but sure not all) spouses end up showing up.. he wasn’t there either.  Then suddenly my vision was pulled way up into the sky or upper atmosphere of her field and there he was.  All I could say was… what the hell is he doing wayyy up there?  So I asked her, is your husband passed, she said yes!  Ohhhh that’s what he is doing way up there!!

I know this moment was all about her, but suddenly, I felt surer about what I am seeing and how.  A strengthening I suppose.

I watched as her husband on the other side of the veil, was laying down across the veil, fully connected to her crown chakra that was elongated to him, and he was throwing down golden confetti looking energy down her crown and made its way out of her heart field and formed a tightly woven gold mesh pathway just in front of her.  Kind of reminded me of the red carpet… but gold.. and by my eyes appearance, very small.  But what he clarified was it was concentrated energy that will expand into her new Life as the next ingredient is placed.  To me, it looked like scoops of mother of pearl confetti, again down her crown, thru her heart and created elongated looking bubbles at the edge of her golden mesh carpet in-front of her.  Altho I call the image bubbles, they were not.  The were solid and real and filled with an energy I could have just snuggled up and stay in.  But dammit if they kept the details from us!!

I had to smile when her husband told her to find him, connect with him in meditation.  (glad it is not only me these days lol)

I am going to skim forward to the last two ladies on the field, they were so similar in their fields expression back to them, again, going into my first man on the fields messages too.

I had one lady standing like a ship captain at the rounded edge of her crystal ball, looking into the sea of potential that has no form.  Her field kept telling her just choose something.  The moment she (potentially) chose, I watched it emerge up out of the depths of her present moment into form.  We really don’t realize how much is already there for us to experience, but we must create the energy (feeling) to pull it to us!!

My last lady had small strings (like one or two inches long) everywhere I could see in her present to future moment… the strings were primarily red and blue and floating around like pollen in the air.  I realized she has yet to decide what she wants and so this energy is waiting for her signal.  What is really really interesting… when I asked her “what do you want” (grin) she talked about a home, a husband and kids… yet… those energy threads didn’t move into alignment at all.  Not even a stirring.  I told her, I really don’t think you want that at all… at least not right now.  The mind may be telling you it does, but the heart, your soul, has a very different desire within.  She acknowledged this part.  She knew this year was about really tapping into her Spiritual Self first and foremost, and then later… when she is fully ready, another will come her way.  For me, I was sooo excited to see it happen in a timeline called 2014.  It was the first time I have ever seen that timeline move into potential and OMG is it a liquid yellow.  (spirit/soul fluid in life)

This year is the prep work of learning how to use that full on energy… fluidly and at Hearts WILL!!

So lets just be very clear on this… your mind, the vision your mind holds onto, cannot and will not pull the energy to you.  That must come thru a pure feeling within your heart.

Before I close this sharing, I have to share yet another profound moment in my day yesterday.  I absolutely LOVE Eben Alexander, the neuroscientist who was in a coma for a week and had one of the most profound NDE’s on record.  I read his book “Proof of Heaven” like I was eating chocolate.  Filled with such yummy nuggets page after page.  The brunt of his book was what he experienced on the other side.  Yes, the fact that he lived to write a book was a miracle in itself, but he understood the miracle that really took place was his experience on the other side of the veil and that was rich in his every page.

Someone on facebook had a video where he was giving a talk, I was so excited, I watched it.  Which led to a whole other interview he had on afterlife radio, an hour-long interview and I watched that in the entirety yesterday.  The first miracle was that I could.  I usually cannot stream an hour-long video unless it is 4am.  But it never even so much as buffered… it played and about midway thru, I about shit my pants!!  (sorry of you don’t like the graphic… but it is what it is!!)

He talked with sooooo much passion about the three aspects of his NDE.  The first place he came to was what he calls the “earthworms view” a very mechanical and lackluster world.  I realized what he experienced was the earth realm itself.  Just outside our brains construct of it.  This is the area I keep referring to as created life.

Then he talked about the melody that came to take him out of there (can we go back to the above man and his harp like emotional field) and took him to the area he said was between the earthworms view and what he calls “the core” and he talked about seeing people dancing and singing in colorful clothes and I realized THAT was exactly what I had seen the day before in my meditation when I placed the crystals on my forehead… exactly as he described it!   He calls this place the gateway to the core… I call it the inner heart field.

When he talked about the core, OMG I so understood what we are all doing, striving for… to bring the pureness of the CORE (heaven.. pure LOVE) into created reality to Live out Loud.

I sat back and just cried.    I want to share this video with you, granted it is an hour-long, but sooooo worth the investment of your hour to yourself.  I had to smile so huge when he kept saying you don’t have to die to experience this… MEDITATION will get you there.  He now meditates to go back to that place and get the rest of his (our) story.  He also gave a shout out to my very own bible as I started this journey… “The Holographic Universe” By Michael Talbot.  I have to smile even larger when I sat down to have some lunch, I seen my own copy of that book half way on my floor and half way in the bookshelf… something REAL is coming!!

I can feel something soooo REAL forming.  I guess I really felt it the day before when i took a drive to Jemez Springs to get the first batch of crystals and lava ash out (to those who gave me their mailing address) and I could feel this energy… pushing and pulling at me.  Like something was trying to emerge out of the ethers, but not quite ready yet…. but has started the energetic motion of…. well, we will see!!

Once again, my day beckons!!  Thank you sooooo much for, well… just everything!!  I love you with all my heart and soul!!


Lisa Gawlas



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  2. Lisa, your description above, of the lady whose husband passed, reminded me of a message i got from my sister this morning. It’s the 4th anniversary of her husband’s passing and she usually gets a “visit” from him each year. She said he came to her in a dream last night and this is how she described it (instead of his name, I’m using his initials):

    “Suddenly the two people I was with starting pointing toward the window and exclaiming about this ‘gold dust’ and I turned and saw, just outside the window, a little cloud of gold dust that grew and morphed into an image and body of WT (a la Patrick Swayze at the end of Ghost).
    He looked so good – I can’t describe it. He was wearing a dark suit and tie. He was looking at me through the window (that’s all he did), and it’s just indescribable how I felt–it was wonderful.”

    So I am going to share your blog post for today with my sister!


  3. I also cried when I read the initial descriptions for Eden of his trip and his ride on the wings of a butterfly! Anita Moorhaji (sp wrong) in Dying to be Me wrote more of the feelings about death and didn’t go as far into the realms but both confirmed to me what I had already known in my heart. We are much much more than the physical! So glad you enjoyed it!

    The idea of thinking visualizing versus feeling has been something that I too have been trying to tell folks for a while almost as if you can create a building on paper with blue prints but it is not a building. It is only a building when you put your heart and soul into it and actually create it. Action with feeling after thought form. Very cool and oh so cutting edge stuff!

    Big hugs li li and thanks for the wonderful talk on the soul gym! 🙂 Alex


  4. I have to say this- OMG! Just the title of this posting sent chills up my spine. I have a CD which is a guided meditation by Barry Goldstein (Hemi-Sync) called “Your Heart’s Song” which asks you to listen to your heart’s song again through the meditation and deep breathing. I have been doing this meditation for the past week and feel like I want to continue to meditate this way with this particular CD. This whole post really resonates with some of my own quesstions especially regarding when to do something that I’m not sure I want to get done (a project) so I keep putting off making a definite decision. I thank you for this eye and “heart” opener.
    Love ya, Elaine


  5. Thanks Lisa… I just ordered the book too, i forgot about this guy and am watching it now 🙂 Love it! Wonderful post as always ❤


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