Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 5, 2013

Multidimensional Merging and the Melting of Our Reality Construct!! Part 2

melting reality

Ya know, I so often feel like there is always a major wind storm blowing around in my consciousness, debris of information blowing around and around and around.  Sometimes the debris finds other like debris to start building something that makes sense in my mind, mostly tho, there’s a lot just chucking around in there.  (smile)  There are two things I do know about the way spirit releases information, first, there is ALL-WAYS a reason for it, even if it never seems to make any sense to you when presented.  And two, sometimes they throw in a piece of information that seems so random and out-of-place with the ongoing story and may take years before they ever get back around to adding to that.  It is this part, that I say makes up the debris field in my (very crowded) mind.  I know there is a method to their (spirits) madness, but I have never been able to figure it out!  I mention this today, simply because I can all these dangling pieces  rolling about the forefront of my mind this morning and I still don’t know where to fit them.  I wonder if there is a “defrag” button for the mind!! lol

I think I bring all that up, because these last several days, thru YOU, vastly different networks of energy (your life) come on-line, starting to take form and there is movement.  Kind of like getting to know the characters of a movie before the movie even starts.  You have a doctor that connects to a construction worker that connects to a stripper.  All incredibly important to the story line, yet so uniquely different in their construct and yet, create the whole of the movie.  My on going query has always been… but how!!??

There are three readings I want to share today, each one so very different from the other, yet every one showing movement of “things” really starting in this brand new energy field called life.

I am going to start with my first lady from yesterday, she was the continuation of the story from the day before… the multiple dimensional aspects of ourselves, all coming together in this vast moment of time… but, as this story unfolds, with an exciting twist!

There must have been 30-40 different aspects of her all surrounding her kind of like in a U shaped group.  These aspects that surrounded her were not lit up yet, but very present.  However, the main aspect that I will just call her here in our created reality, was already at task integrating these aspects and that is when I noticed, her crystal ball energy was melting.  I was just so surprised and so excited to see that!!  But what made her so very different??  Action and application!!

She is Reiki certified and also Reconnective Therapy certified that is working her skill set on friends and family and finding new things are suddenly emerging.  The ability to hear what is happening in her clients energy field… and TELLING them what she is hearing!!  This is the only way we can integrate all the aspects of our mastery .. not a single person can teach you to do that, you have to work what you know, and then be open to what is going to just present itself as something new in your skill set… and USE it!!

Obviously it takes a lot of heat to melt crystal!!  The integration of these aspects raises the vibration of your human Being vastly, inside and then outside.  It is this very application that kick starts the wholeness of your changing life field.  The more aspects you take in and use, the more there is to use it on, the more the energy of your created life field vibrates and the more that is given to you to use!  It also creates a melting of your own reality construct as well!!

Keeping in mind… this too is a process!!  I had always hoped that one day, I was going to just wake up and know it all, Be it all.  13 years later of constant and consistent use and application… I am still very very much integrating bits and pieces of me.  Just saying… don’t be in a hurry, but always be diligent and open to expand even more!  Even as I type that, I hear the field say, we are expanding and integrating faster than ever before.

And I have to say too, just for the record (smile) this above lady DOES meditate.  (bigger smile)

The other day, I had a lady sitting in her crystal ball as if there was a “drivers” seat.  She was completely forward in her crystal ball, but she looked really odd.  Think, cherub but without wings and without hair… nekked too!!  I do get the naked aspect, hiding nothing!  The cherub obviously make me think of Valentines day, that wonderful cupid of Love… but I know there is so much more to her story.  Like I said above, the bits and pieces…  She is sitting directly at her heart center and looking thru her high heart area as she stirs her energy field forward to new expanded openings.  Ohhhhh… I hear this added detail, the very flow of your fully activated heart field are the WINGS into your new life.  Well, that’s kind of exciting!!

And then there is the lady from yesterday, again, as different as one can get… But we are going back to information that came out January of 2012.  The gyroscope!!  Now if you can imagine the below picture (that I created back in January 2012) is completely placed inside the area I call the crystal ball… inner heart field.


My lady from yesterday was attached to the ring that is labeled the Guardians energy.  I say attached because it was as if she had this thing that came out of her back and connected her to the underside of that ring.  But, as the field loves to do… threw me for a major loop because she also had the appearance of riding a bicycle suspended in air.  .. and indeed she was peddling… around and around and around.  Moving from the west up, to the east down, over and over again.  All the while peddling her bicycle, yet, I knew it was the thing that connected her to the top of the ring that was really moving.

Considering, since January of last year, 5 million other bits of information has been presented thru YOU and my own meditations, I had long forgotten about the significance of the gyroscope.  Thank god I do write so much, there is a place to pull from other than my mind!!

So, knowing that part of our work thru last year was completely linking up to the “guardian” aspect of ourselves… I would say she had done exactly that.  But obviously, we don’t stop moving!  In their own vastness of moving energy, we are still requited to hold the balance (hence bicycle) and peddle… create the movement of energy in our world.

To be clear, I seen no other aspects of the gyroscope… yet.  But I kept remembering and feeling the connection of the energy.  But this morning, I think I get this even more than last year and yesterday combined.

The energy portal depicted above.. that is our core heart energy, which would be 5D.  We are just now creating the ground, lets just call that the 6D platform which connects fully at the heart chakra.  I have a very strong feeling that outer ring, the 7D part… will come online as we merge all our aspects and melt the harnessed energy (harnessed for our own good and safety as we continue to “re-member”…smile)

I am going to pull from the post I did in January of last year what a gyroscope does:

I would like to offer you wikipedia’s take on the gyroscope:

gyroscope is a device for measuring or maintaining orientation, based on the principles of angular momentum.[1] In essence, a mechanical gyroscope is a spinning wheel or disk whose axle is free to take any orientation. …

…Applications of gyroscopes include inertial navigation systems where magnetic compasses (<—my emphasis) would not work (as in the Hubble telescope) or would not be precise enough (as in ICBMs), or for the stabilization of flying vehicles like radio-controlled helicopters or unmanned aerial vehicles. Due to their precision, gyroscopes are also used to maintain direction in tunnel mining.

I have a feeling, a very strong feeling inside this morning, what she is doing right now in her peddling, is moving the energy thru the dimensions so that the aspects came all come in to their host human.

Each and everyone one of us have our own unique part to play!  Each and every aspect, intensely important to the movement all around.  We, as a human, look at others and see their large footprint and often times look to their own as small or even insignificant… let me tell you, as important as an engine is to making the car go, take one tire off and see how far you get!!  Every bit is as large and as important as the other.

There is yet, another lovely lady I absolutely must mention as well!!  But first, let me explain why.

Tangled up in energy fields:

Any time there is more than one person living with another, your energy fields get tangled up together.  This would be an absolutely wonderful thing if everyone in the house were vibrating at the same rate of speed and wisdom… but that rarely is the case.  Even when we choose to do things like… house sit, we have moved into some one elses energy system and it embeds within ours.

At the ground level of life, the energy of Karma is strongest and heaviest.  The mindset that is threaded thru couches and beds and furniture (everything absorbs and holds energy… every single thing.)  So you maybe be as glowing as a candle in the dark, but your feet are moving thru karmic fields of tangled energy… hard to fly when your tangled up in goo.

My own example and long before I even understood all this.  When my (then) husband and I moved to Florida to work on our marriage (obviously didn’t work at all) I opened up a business, a telemarketing business selling group chances at winning the lottery.  The first six months of this adventure was really really hard.  I had only grossed $30,000 in the first 6 months, not even enough to take care of payroll, or my shrink wrapped phone bill each month (this was in the 90″s when you paid thru the nose to place long distance calls.)  My marriage was having the same difficult momentum of staying together.  I loved my husband, but man ohhhh man talk about a pessimist on two legs.  The glass was always half full and surely about to spring a leak any moment.  If something was already going wrong, it was about to…

The moment I filed for divorce, it is like my whole life changed.  My business grew so large and so fast… in the proceeding year from filing divorce, the business grossed $640,000.  We won’t even talk about the accelerated health and joy of my children.  I stayed in the marriage for my children (and my commitment to god) not ever realizing how much they needed out as well.

I say this because my precious lady in the field, finally… FINALLY got her very own place to live.  OMG talk about a super increase in her entire energy field.  The joy bouncing out of her mouth was soooo exciting to me.  I have read for her probably all this last year… and as much as she tried to fly, she kept falling back to the earth with a thud!!  Of course, she was house sitting for others… But now she is not!!   Her entire reading rocked my whole world.  I know her potential, her energy, and what has always been at the cusp of her in her grand life… she just had to put something new into play to allow that energy to LIVE!

So when her field of light opened up, there were 5 distinct bluebirds singing their happy song.  All in a single line starting at her south field.  Her south field was ablaze with yellow energy (soul energy) meaning she has already harnessed the skill set she needs in life.  These bluebirds of happiness were now taking her energy into the west field, where the multidimensional aspects will integrate now that they have the freedom to do so!  I had this really strong feeling there was already one bluebird there in her west field, I could not see it, but felt it.  If we look at the numerology of it.. 5 bluebirds singing her soul song of change… one already integrating a fuller aspect of her energy, which has already brought new beginnings to her (new home) and as we combine the change of 5 and the 1 we have 6, soul partnership… and that is the name of this exciting game!!

Before I close, I want to give you a tidbit of information that was given to me yesterday by my landlady.  A local geologist here in the Jemez inspected the Mesa Rock slide and said that the part that broke away from its base was 30 feet deep The area that let go was 30 Feet deep (9.144 meters) and 150 feet in height (45.72 meters) and released about 13 thousand tons of rock! (13208kg – 608.75g.)  I look at those figures… the numbers themselves… 30… the three is action and communication (the Mesa itself created the action of release, and we are the communication of that ancient energy.)  150 feet high, one is new beginnings, five the energy of change which equals a 6, soul partnership.  Both zeros allow for unlimited potential (pregnant and empty at the same time.)  13 thousand tons of rock.. holy shit thats a lot of releasing!!  One again, back to new beginnings, the three, action and communication… combined is a 4.. Mother earth energy!! (per kryon)  Above and Below unified and ready!!  ❤

We have been given soooo much.  Timed so perfectly with the end of the Mayan calendar as well!!

So, whatcha gonna do with all that potential??

Big big energetic ((((HUGZ)))) creating landslides into the new!!

Lisa Gawlas








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  2. “So, whatcha gonna do with all that potential??”

    May I suggest to wait even longer ???

    I am in this process for over 13 years also. And really tired of this waiting and cleaning game. After 2004 I lowered my energy constantly. And from this lowered platform I advance after the mass consciousness has advanced. But this process is really slow.


  3. Wonderful stuff Li li, and as always pertin ent to me personally. Especially as you know the “group” stuff. LOL Yesterday and today my daughter was poorly and all she wanted was mamma while mamma wanted to jump forward through hoops and dance and get things moving…LOL so I stored up the energy in my already vibrating body and will simply use it to turbo charge tomorrow! 🙂 hugs! Alex


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