Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 4, 2013

The Coming Together of the MultiDimensional Aspects Called YOU! Part 1

multidimenstional self

This is such a massive, exciting shift in the field of life called US and everything else, I can barely contain myself.  Obviously, I hit the publish button by accident in my excitement to share!!  Sorry about that boo boo!!

My first lady in the field of Love and Light and Holy Cow-ness yesterday… even without my left hemisphere working (smile) I eventually got what we were seeing.  There were so many aspects of her all dancing on top of her crystal ball.  Every one of them dressed the same, beautiful yellow dress, each holding a yellow parasol.  But as I am beginning to understand, there is a main version called, you in this created reality that is always more present, or maybe, more visible to my field of vision.  All these other aspects are your multidimensional aspects now coming home to play in your created reality.

Now, let me make this all as clear as I am capable of… because it is really really important for the ongoing developing story called Heaven on Earth!!

We have talked so much about that West field.  The Harvested energy that started embedding itself into your body (if you allowed it) in November of 2012.  This harvested energies are the multidimensional aspects of you… all the lifetimes you have ever lived and mastered anything.  Whether it be a new truth/wisdom, a full skill set of your spiritual abilities, bit and parts of a higher frequency/magnetic energy field and so on.  These aspects are on so many different versions of earth, strung out thru sooo many versions of timelines, but equally, thru other planets, solar systems, etc.

Each part of that mastery is now joining the energy we call you on earth.  Or, I should say, has the full availability of joining you… joining within you.

Now to back up just a hair… I did a reading last week that I have not shared, mostly due to the fact I didn’t have time in whatever i was sharing that day, but obviously, because I really didn’t understand fully what was being shown.  Like I have said, I am learning too, day by day thru each of you and my blessed Tub!!

I had a lady show up on the left side her crystal ball, dressed in a yellow dress, kinda like stuck to the outside part of her heart field (crystal ball) at heart level.  What so surprised me more than anything, she had a blind fold that was thick and gel like over her eyes and even as I looked at her arms, they were bound by a glowing white thread of energy behind her back.  As soon as I noticed that part, a replicate version of that image appeared in her west field  but not near the crystal ball itself.  And then three more appeared at the front of her crystal ball (representing present and future path energy.)  All blind folded and hands bound behind her back.

I didn’t understand at all about the multidimensional aspects now coming into our fullness last week, so the multiple aspects of her were a puzzle.  But I did get the other things I had seen.  First, the white binding… I have said this soooo many times before, but obviously even more important today than ever, again, depending on how far you are willing to go in this new, exciting game of multidimensional Life!!  All the spiritual practices, understandings, and stuff that got you to here, were needed to get you to here.  But now, you have got to find more within yourself.  New ways of integrating the enormity that is YOU, your soul and all the other aspects.  For as long as we are bound to what got us to here, we cannot see what is in the “deep unknown” because it takes new eyes to see that, hence the blind fold.  If the human on this version of earth does not do what is needed to “see” the fullness of your own potential(s) then all the other aspects become bound and blind folded too.

This game, in its fullness, starts and end with YOU, the human incarnate.

The yellow “dress” is representing the soul in the ready.  But in order for it to play out, we must actually play it out in our field of created life.  Moment by moment, new step via new step.

This really should be a time to dance, and expand further and then dance some more… always seeking new dance steps and maybe even a new tune to dance to!

Speaking of music!!

I read for a new couple (husband and wife) yesterday.  When I read for couples, I do one first, then the other, then the two energy fields combined.

I read for a wonder, strong energetic man first.  Until my own meditation, I was really puzzled by what we were being shown in his field of light.  There was his crystal ball energy and the east field area (new beginnings) and this flock of birds in-between the two… they were chirping and singing and fluttering all about between his heart field and his created life field… but I could identify the birds at all… they didn’t have form and looked very much like pencil sketches each one (there had to be at least a 100 or more.) I kept calling them “tweety birds”… again, without the function of my left brain to hone in what is being shown, not always easy to find the correct words for correlation.  My bathtub changed the words into “Song Bird.”   And the bells and whistles went off.

When I first learned how to channel, I did it by what is called “automatic writing.”  Eventually I became proficient at that flow of energy and and  the poet that has helped me survive my childhood, started to come thru with poems and were always signed “song bird.”  These poems gave me insight to the larger picture happening both on earth and in my own personal changing life.  I realized, these birds are his soul song, in multidimensional aspects he has yet to harness.  He is a musician (among other things) and thru his song… his soul music will ignite the energy that is available to him in all aspects of his life.

Example, I write this blog close to every single day… for my own integration mostly.  It really helps me understand soooo much more than any other way I have available to me.  His music is the same.  But until you actually start to bring any aspect of our soul songs into created life… they really are just tweety birds singing to the potential of creation.

So then I read for his wife… she was wedged between the inner and outer field in her crystal ball energy, which too puzzled me.  But today, it doesn’t!!

She was decked out in violet outfit befitting a queen.  It is all I could feel with her, was again, royalty.  But she also had this interesting wand with an elongated top with intricate openings.  That whole piece looked gold with black antiquing thru it.

Now, what I do understand about this whole visual, was she was/is keeping the doorway open between the inner and outer world of vibrational energy… those magnetic codes if you will.  In partnerships such as theirs, what I refer to as “Divine Counterparts” nothing can fully happen until both parties are online (so to speak.)  So if husband is not hearing and putting into created life the song of his soul, she must wait (or help him…smile) get to that place in his created reality too.

Whenever I talk about the counterparts, we can look at it this way… the woman is the cave of creation, holding all the energy and secrets of the Kingdom at hand, man is the Key to open that motherload!!  (Each couple in their own way, for their own purpose on the grand stage.)

When I joined their two energy fields as one, with the knowing husband will find his song and bring it out into created reality, everything changed.  Holy shit did it change.  The entire crystal ball started filling with pure liquid yellow energy… and the vibration… holy cow batman!!

As the liquid yellow energy reached the top… the thingie that was part of her wand, was now “the crowning glory” of their fully ignited, unified (energy) heart-field.

Ohhh the things that get me soooo excited!!

And from todays readings, there is soooo much more to understand and apply… but I am saving that for tomorrow.  I have sat and typed as long as I can endure today.  This will be continued!!

Big big multidimensional ((((HUGZ)))) to all your aspects all at once!!

I love YOU!!

Lisa Gawlas


  1. “Black bird singing in the dead of night…..All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arrive…”

    Chills, chills chills! GAWD Li li this is so much fun! 🙂 Also the bit about the couple really helps me in creating…LOL sending love to my beloved that he gets back into the flow of life!


  2. Glorious, just glorious; thank you, Lisa! My husband and I, both artists and writers, and he also picks up his guitar and makes up songs…..this reading reminds me of him and I. Of all those who post on Bill’s (Ballard) page I love reading yours the most. You feel like such a good friend, like i know you very well. Blessings and love!


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