Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 3, 2013

Basking In The AfterGlow – Holy Cow!

Holy Cow

There is so much I want to share with you today, but I am not ever sure where to start.  There are days, like today, I sit sealed in a huge bubble of integration and expansion and it really puts me in a very melancholy mood.  So what I will do, is start by what is at the forefront of my own mind.  The Twilight Saga’s.  The illusion of that movie series is that it is a triangle of energy, of love really, between a human, a vampire and a werewolf… but that’s the illusion of the story.

Bella feel in love with something no longer human and in order to really be with him, forever, without aging or the threat of dying as humans do, she had one choice.  To leave all that she knew behind to follow her hearts desire.  And she looked at everyone and everything she loved, and did it anyway.  And we have that beautiful human werewolf trying to convince her not to follow that path, because with him, she wouldn’t have to give up a thing.  But really, who can resist a man who sparkles in the Light??  I know I cannot!! Phew!

But, Bella knew something most of us didn’t know… the transformation process is freakin painful!  But thru it all, it was really Bella herSelf that became an amazing empower Being of Light.  And what loved her unconditionally… was still very much a part of her life after her transformation.

But isn’t that all of our REAL stories.  How far do you want to go?  What are you willing to do and willing to give up in order to have it all?

Staying in that vein, February itself is the much-anticipated wedding.  The full on marriage of Light and Human and Honeymoon’s abound!! (grin)

Some of the things I missed sharing yesterday… 5 hours of typing was just not enough… and the continued understanding unfolding…

Spirit is always, ALL-WAYS leaving us breadcrumbs to follow and give us the responsibility of understanding our own journey of Light more… if we look.  Trust me, I never stop looking.

Jorge, who presents himself as Indian takes in the other aspect of the triad of energy… Pleiadian lineage.   In the story of Light unfolding, that would take the pure lineage (DNA) of the Maori… Lemurian…. Sirian, with this crazy human who was willing to throw her hands up in the air and say “bite me” go ahead!  (silly grin) and you have an amazing confluence of energy that got to have a wild and whacky honeymoon and no doubt, a baby is birthed.  Energetically speaking of course… the illusion is that any of us are really skin and bones (ohhhh I hear Coldplay singing… Yellow.)

So yesterday, in trying to really understand this whole thing, I started to follow the breadcrumbs.  The intense likeness I found of Jorge (Adam Beach) was from a movie of Hiawatha.    So, I googled Hiawatha to see who he or she was.  I know there are many variations of the story… but the first one I looked at said Hiawatha was Mohawk.   My daddy (real life daddy) is Mohawk, which means, I am too.  My first bell went off.  Please do not take that to mean I or any part of me is Hiawatha… not at all.  Nothing in this crazy game is about who you were before… but who you are NOW and understanding “that” from our past history and stories.  I personally have more trust in the folk lure than I do in our very tainted history books.

As I read his story, and the peace treaty of the five nations… I thought about my lady with the atomic energy sign.  There were actually five elliptical bands around her crystal ball (well, there will be eventually.)  Two by two by one.  That configuration was also a part of a reading a week or two ago with the bluebirds.  OMG, Two… duality, there is nothing more linked to duality than a human!!  But, to fit this configuration is must be a human split in two (going back to yesterdays sharing of nuclear energy) One foot on this place of created reality, the rest zoom thru the field of Light.  Holy cow this is actually really becoming understandable in my mind… now that is a miracle in and of itself.

Two living, breathing human beings are absolutely essential   One who is what I am just going to call a dedicated earth worker (deeply connected to the heart earth energy) and one who is a dedicated Soul worker (deeply connected to the soul energy of spirit) the binding of these two humans bring the potential (again, depending on how far they want to take the game of life) the 5th and crucial ingredient must come into play.

Ok, I am going to bring back one line from yesterdays nuclear understanding: Nuclear energy comes from mass-to-energy conversions that occur in the splitting of atoms larger than Iron or joining atoms smaller than Iron.

So… the two by two… two humans split in half, one foot firmly on earth, the other… traipsing about in the field of Light.  Then you add the last elliptical, which was one blended or combined (I am so not science oriented at all, so please do not think I am even trying to talk science, I am just digesting breadcrumbs lol) when that 5th (which really looked like the third) elliptical comes on line, it would be that which fully joins the atoms… or in this case, duality itself.

When I was living off the grid a few years ago, Einstein himself started to connect with me and talk about… well… science on a quantum level.  My poor brain just could not figure out what the hell he was ever really talking about.  At that time, I had a massage client (as the universe works in harmony with itself) who was a quantum scientist and he even gifted me the book “The Tao of Physics.”  I read it, then just tapped out because I so couldn’t fully understand how it fit spiritually.  It took me two years… but now, it is vivid in understanding within me.  Holy shit!

So, as all these bells and whistles are going off in my processing mind, I hesitantly took a bath.  I say hesitantly because there was no way I could handle one more rabbit hole, I am still not completely out of the really really deep one I ventured into.  But, I can only process so much from the outside in… in order to fully integrate and understand what I am struggling (outside) to understand… the inside is the only true way.

The moment I laid back in my tub, that new, but now very familiar voice assured me no rabbit holes.  Phew… He also reminded me when we break into new energy on earth, it takes three full earth days to solidify on all levels.  He also reminded me that I am not the only Being who needs to integrate the influx of Light and stuff from the day prior.  For as grateful as I am with all that, there is a frustration I have with conversational meditation… it is nothing like visuals.  I cannot remember the words if they are not embedded with the experience or visual.

There was a part in the rabbit hole experience that sort of baffled me.  That portal of Light fully connecting the Pleiades with Earth, during… well, lets just call it an intense energy coagulation (smile) that entire portal, planets on each end included… went from straight up and down to completely horizontal for a long time.  It only went straight up again, ummm…. right before I blew up (blush.) And from what I am understanding (in context only) is that the force of Sirius was blowing it onto earths horizon so those in alignment with this (whatever) will have full access to its field.

OMG… what a great morning in my crazy world!  From what I understand about the energy of Sirius (again, I barely understand the Light of us, forget other planets and Beings) thru the readings last year… Sirius gives us full access to the Magician within.  The Pleiades gives us the Full Consciousness to know what that means and how to use the magic we all have available to us.  Earth… well, it is where the game is being played to those willing to fully and absolutely play.

Again, going back to the two by two by one.  The earth and the Pleiades harnessing the energy of Sirius.  It kind of looks like a huge barbel, only a planet on each end and an intense Light field as the bar.  Let me tell you, I need strength training to even comprehend what is really playing out.

I still have a huge concern thru all this wonder and bliss.  Poor Marc.  I know how energy works.  And I keep thinking of that DNA image, and my baby brother, and a man I have agreed a decade ago to ummm release from my energy.  And that voice in my bath gave me an understanding that surpasses anything I had ever understood before, but really helps me to understand why, in some peoples readings, the field is kicking up their own muscles of trying to move their human further, deeper into the game.

The field itself follows the instruction of the heart.  Period.  When, in any given moment… you have that magical connection within and give permission for (whatever), in this case, my case… Marc once told me that I can do whatever I want, whatever way I want, whenever I want… with him.  This permission was given to me, when I asked him if I could figure out a way to leach his mind (to know what he knows, since he would never tell me directly.)   Seems, that was a binding contract forever.  It was only his ego that asked me to disconnect… and only my ego that has fought to keep him away…. obviously a futile fight!!

I say this because there are soooo many of you I know with everything within me, agreed, stated even out loud, to do whatever you can to get “your job” done… and so the field pushes you (usually thru my mouth lol) to the most important aspects needed for you.  For some it is meditation, for others, it is moving out of a stagnant life, for others at this moment (smile) riding out the flu of Light without stopping it.  It is not to piss you off, but to push you to where your heart so strongly desires to go, and you asked for it!!

That voice in my bath asked me to go sit by the river yesterday after my day was done.  I did.  I can hear yet another new voice that seemed to come from everywhere, surround sound to the umpth degree and asked me yet again “what do you want.”  This time, the reply was easy.  Whatever I just started, I want to see it thru to completion.  That voice replies so sweetly… are you sure?  Yes… an unequivocal… YES!

I have no clue what it means, where it will take me and you… But I am committed without delay!

Ohhh the Bella’s and Edwards of this journey… and the Jacobs… lots and lots of Jacobs.  Hanging onto the best of both worlds, but never really able to fly.

I am going to end this crazy sharing (ummmm internal processing) with my last lady of the day yesterday.

She called while I was in the bathtub… an hour early.  Time zones are such a pain in the butt sometimes.  With her second attempt to call me, she gave up trying.  Leaving me both an email and a voice mail to say give this reading (which someone gifted to her) back to the other person since we cannot connect.  Her voice and energy were strained, my heart went out to her.  We did get to have our regularly scheduled appointment.  The first thing flying out of my mouth… DO NOT EVER GIVE UP SO EASILY!!  What a harsh way to start a connection that was brand new (I never read for her before.)  But they hijacking of my vocal chords ensued.

We are given challenges all the time… ALL the time, not to have us quit, but to find a way to jump over them.    You know you are on the brink of something huge when the challenge seems more daunting than ever before.  Jump like never before… please don’t ever turn around and walk away!

Without even sticking my antenna out in the field… I was listening to what was being said to her while watching three guardians wayyyy up on top of the Mesa cliff throwing anvils at her!!  How freakin strange!!  That gotta hurt!!

By hook or by crook!

As we started the reading, I so just wanted to hug her.  She was on the ground, nothing there.  Not a tree, not twig, not even a blade of grass.  Yet, there was such a presence of Light… everywhere.  I seen her, standing almost in the middle of her field of life, closer to the East (new beginnings) but stuck in what looked like a light of cement.  Not able to move forward, no real support system in her life and with Light Being beating her over the head with objects spewing from up above.

They want her full, undivided attention and until she gives in and gives it to them… well… the anvils will prevail.  Of course she asked how to connect with them, to hear them, to feel them… meditation!!  Fortunately she does do meditation.  The kind where stillness is the goal.  That’s a huge plus, cuz if you can get there, you can get to the co-creative, interaction meditation where you are fully participating with the Field of Light that is YOU.

But what is even more synchronicitic about my connection with her at that exact time… someone on facebook asked a question about the need for meditation if you are having experiences and raising your vibrational field without it.  For me, it was like a double dunk of communication.  Because, I didn’t know how to reply to the beautiful lady on facebook… and spirit being the master of metaphors… gave me an incredible way to get the point out from their view.

I am going to cheat a little bit and copy/paste and add to what I typed on facebook:

If you can see life as an ongoing play stretched out thru time… on every stage (timeline) you have several different things going on… the main characters, the supporting characters and the extra’s.  All at a different pay rate (energy exchange… what you put in with effort, you get back with energy) due to the work it takes to be whatever roll they choose (again this an incarnation personal choice. To take a part as any one of the vast main characters, you have to put extra work in… inside and out.)

The lines of the main charactors cannot be memorized only one way (from the outside in.)   However, as every great story goes.. you must have the supporting characters too… their task takes less “lines” to know, and can be easily done by being a part of the play (light field itself) and working from the outside in is perfectly fine … they always have the free choice to step onto the larger stage and be one of the much needed main characters, but it does take extra work, extra time, extra commitment and can only be perfected inside and out.  The extras, they do not have to do anything but show up (pretty much those still living in old energy).  But that is equally not to underscore the importance of the extra’s.  If you cannot see where you came from, you have no real orientation of where you are really going.  Every single aspect important.  Every single player on the field can choose thru their free will, which part they are WILLing to play.

For those who already made a stated heart commitment in this version of life, in this incarnation, will be pushed to the outer realms of their comfort zone because you asked with a true and open heart at some point in this life… to step up and Be one of the Main Characters in this New Play unfolding on earth.

At the end and beginning of any day, the choice is always ours. There always be another lifetime to take the main stage, because, that is the true goal… but life never forces life, since life never ever ends, we just keep choosing different bodies and different parts to play… forever.

I love you all sooo much, in every way, thru each and every day!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with the energy of the Holy Cow!! (smile)

Lisa Gawlas















  1. Loved that ! Peace…


  2. Hi Lisa – I’d like to book a reading and wonder whether you could do it without needing to phone/Skype. I only have one question I would like an answer to so I wondered if I could pay for a fifteen minute reading via the donate button and you could do my question when you have a free slot in your diary ? Would that work ?


    • Scrap that msg Lisa ! I booked an appt online 🙂


  3. […] / link to original article […]


  4. Yep, we will go pregnant. But as you know we will then need another 9 month. Feb. is to early. Full stop.


  5. Oh holy crap. LOL a few things. First, the visual of the linear energy and the expanding out differently to the horizon. I have worked with tantra for a long time and practice sacred sexuality as almost a prayer and lately during my prayers the vertical energy has been strong, like chakra blowing strong and then all of a sudden I had this impulse, or this insistence almost to move out horizontally along the plane of the earth and spread out in all directions that way and it is absolutely insanity, wings blown off full on nirvanic bliss. I love to share that energy with Gaia a few times a week but also with everyone and the universe. I have been doing that as I said for a long while but the intensity and focus of it lately is indescribable. LOL just thought if you are gonna be an open book, then I certainly can step up as well! 🙂

    I really wish li li that at some point you could maybe do kind of a primer on meditation. I spend so much time in the energy. I spend so much time connecting on a feeling level with my connections and seeing visuals or intuiting things from my sacred trees or answers come in but I absolutely do not sit still or silent and try to blank out my mind. I work with energy in my body, I feel where it is going, I feel where it is going out into the earth, deep within, far up and out. I know that in my own way I am meditating but I also feel like I am not or this is wrong and for years I said over and over, I can’t meditate because I could not achieve “no-mind” so It would be lovely for me and I know for a few other folks because it seems you tell everyone to meditate and then they dont, what YOU suggest we do. I know this is probably the last little vestige of ego in me stubbornly refusing to do what I am told LOL…hugs~


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