Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 2, 2013

Nothing Is Ever As It Seems, Nor Will It Be Again!! Happy February!!


If yesterday is any real peek into what February is going to feel like and Be like, I’ll take two bowl fulls, thank you very much!!  I have a feeling, what is really (energetically) happening right now, is going to change our entire, internal mapping system!!  Phew baby!!

My first reading of the day, man what a jump-start to, what would eventually become, a super extraordinary day!!  This man was part two of a reading I had shared a week ago about a man in a suit (higher self aspect) walking out of the intense (multicolored) storm clouds in the sky almost as if on a beam of light and when I looked at his body it was in such a state of change I could not see anything but his tailbone and lower lumbar being covered in a silver that resembled the texture of Mercury.  All I can say is, holy change batman!!

At first it was hard to see anything due to the sheer volume of incoming blue, white and red molecules of energy.  They were everywhere in sheer abundance that blocked my view from everything else.  However, I am seeing a theme these days again.  The focal point of my vision was on his South side of his crystal ball.  What is already in your life, fully ready (for what, I guess we shall see.)

I waved my hands around all hist incoming energy so I can him.  Boy did I get a heart full!!!

I seen his crystal ball image, but now with the added addition of a golden rod of energy moving straight thru the top into the core center of this ball.  It could have resembled the sword part itself in the medical symbol image (minus wings and snakes) but with this fancy top like in the medical symbol.  I knew this was firing up the energy of his heart center… a complete infusion of high soul energy with a magnetic amplification that will rock his world!!  At the outer area of his crystal ball image, exactly at center was what looked like a sliding board that got wider as it went out.  But spirit cut off my vision (they said so) so we could only see a part of it, and not even what it really means to him.  Spirit is sooo pesky!!  I did a simple picture without all the energy molecules surrounding him.

magnetic flow

What I sooo completely forgot about yesterday, was his last reading.  His Soul energy, dressed in a business suit, coming out of the thick energetic clouds in the sky on a beam of Light.  Well, the rain is now all around him, and his beam of Light mixed with the pure silver energy of earth is now creating his pathway forward at the highest levels of Life.  But man, that’s all we get to know… for now!!

The next element of his reading that threw me for (an ongoing) energetic loop… I brought his body into my kitchen to see what he looks like now.  My lord, I was stunned really.  The first thing I could see was his feet and ankles area.  From the mouth of little red riding how… “ohhh my what big feet you have!!”  They were the same shape as kangaroo feet only much much thicker/larger.  But he wasn’t growing skin, instead his strange new body was becoming pure energy, outlined in a light infused green and the insides a blend of yellow and gold.  It was really strange to see because the one thing I was sure of, this is NOT a human body…at all!!

We talked about several different things, teh field reply in the way they do… vague at best, but detailed none the less.  As we talked and he asked questions, my eyes were being pulled from the answers unfolding in his field of life, and I seemed to be also watching his new form become fuller, more complete.  His body was forming an energetic chest area and again I say, this is no human body and it is made of pure light.  Altho, I have zero connection to mythology and “creatures” of various lure… I swear I could recognize his new non-human form.  Like words being on the tip of your tongue, but you still can’t spit them out.

He did ask about his business, and I share this part simply because, it feels more important than I have the ability at this moment to understand.  I watched as a massive field of energy with gold encrusted something or another was laid into a large swath of field energy after the 2nd quarter of this year.  This was an image I have never seen or felt before.  I have seen money coming, people coming, but not this!!  The visual was so large it could have very well taken up a full month in expansion and I felt it.  Spirit kept saying a “new energy infusion” will take place… but refused to tell him what exactly that meant!!  All I know is, from the way I was feeling with it… it gotta be great!!  But equally, the field was sure to say several times, after the start of the 2nd quarter, but equally vague with exact timing.

I share that because it feels incredibly important to know and understand as we all take full energy rides into our holy wonderland future of Life.

The last thing I will share with this amazing…. AMAZING man in my kitchen, before we finished our reading, something new was in his wild outline of his new (creature like) form… a pink heart in his chest.  Very much like a large rose quartz heart.  It was so breath-taking to connect to… and I know means more than I can understand right now.

With his wild-looking form and trying to figure out what the hell that is… suddenly I remembered an exercise my own crazy mentor gave me a decade ago.  Looking into a mirror to see the multidimensional forms we have taken on other planets, in other expressions.  Instantly I realized, his new form is not of this world!  Watching him emerge in my kitchen, I suppose I knew that… but not really.

I had about an hour between him and my next lady so I decided to google some mythological creatures to see if I could find something that looked similar.  Not so much, nothing that gave me the “ohhhh thats it” feeling… so I went to the beautiful souls on facebook and asked for help.  Again, nothing that hit home, except a text from native american lure: The central personage of Algonquian myth is Manabozho, the Great Hare (also known by many other names and variants, as Nanibozho, Manabush, Michabo, Messou, Glooscap), who is the incarnation of vital energy: creator or restorer of the earth,…

Now that hit home… but without a single picture of anything!  But, as our wonderful crazy spiritual team does so often, they send you on one adventure only to really trick you into a whole other adventure.  As I was googling some of the names listed above (looking for pictures) my heart stopped when I had seen one picture in particular.


Holy shit, it’s Jorge’s exact likeness!!  I got completely side tracked!  Forget emerging creatures who the heck is this person looking EXACTLY like Jorge!!  Even his name made me smile, I never heard of him before… but he is an actor from Canada named Adam (first man in the bible stories) Beach (my first real experience with meditation beyond sucking in light.)  This picture is an image of him from the movie “Songs of Hiawatha.”   Canada itself was the first place I went into a cave with my then 11 year old daughter and felt the presence of ET energy soooo strongly.  (the park we went to in Canada, we went souly due to its name: “Hell Holes”)

I started to feel a bread crumb trail.  So I posted his image on facebook… cuz sometimes, ya just gotta share!!  The moment it was uploaded to my facebook wall… holy cow batman, something exploded in my head.  I had Light encircling my head so fast that I was beyond dizzy.  What the hell??  I was sure sitting on my chair was no longer safe, not to mention, I have a reading in like 15 minutes… I need my equilibrium thank you very much!!  Didn’t matter… sometimes… ummm… most of the time, what I want, falls on deaf spiritual ears!

Dizzy was about to go to a new level.  But not before Jorge was once again in my mind’s eye, walking thru my back door, putting that huge bag filled with change on my kitchen table.  It was as if that image was in a loop, because it happened several times before I finally connected to my lady!!  I just figured it was triggered by seeing the image of his exact likeness… boy… was I wrong!!

I have said so many times, some readings, really need to come with warnings!!  My lady opened up… phew baby.  I drew a picture… well… sorta lol.


Altho I am sharing the image as if it was complete, it wasn’t.  Thank god for me!!  I was having the hardest time not being utterly dizzy.  I mean to the point my eyes were going to white out phase.  In that moment, our call dropped.  Phew!!  By the time she called back, center was restored, well, pretty much.

The first thing I had seen was the elliptical of red and blue energies depicted on her crystal ball exactly like the above image.  The red and blue were separate, but also, inseparable, at least in the first two elliptical movements.  What I found really really interesting was what was happening at the surface of her crystal ball where the elliptical thingies met at the surface… it was like it was cutting into it sorta, but, not really either.  However it did present itself at the two areas shown above as black, not the red and blue.  I know this is important… but still clueless as to its real significance.

However I just now googled nuclear energy… I recognized the symbol from a reading I had done last year, but other than that, I know nothing about science and nuclear anything!!  Now this caught my heart:

Overview of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy comes from mass-to-energy conversions that occur in the splitting of atoms larger than Iron or joining atoms smaller than Iron. The small amount of mass that is lost in either of these events follows Einstein’s famous formula E = MC2, where M is the small amount of mass and C is the speed of light. In the 1930s and ’40s, humans discovered this energy and recognized its potential as a weapon.

I have a very strong feeling that red (new earth) is the mass and blue (Self/Soul expression) is the energy.

With her reading, I had seen that the next elliptical will be added, I don’t know… about a week from now.  Time is really really hard to discern any more.  But I could see its likeness once added.  The last elliptical was not like the first two… instead of being two separate energies, it was now one complete energy and it was strung over the timeline of February 15th.  What it really means… the field kept secret…. dammit!!

However, in the midst of all this atomic power radiating all over the place, she was about her husband… ohhh the master of avoidance he is.  He was way out of her created life field energy even and knew… I mean he knew each time I was trying to connect to him because moved out of my connection energy to another place.  When I found him again, he moved again.  One can say, he is consciously avoiding the Light and Truth of Life.  We left him in his own darkness as she asked about a new man she met.  Now him… he was flooded in light, a part of something amazing (yet to be revealed) after her last atomic energy comes on-line.  What was exciting, we got to see what happens to her (well, sorta) after the 15th timeline.  This was soooo kewl…

Her crystal ball vanished and she or some part of her turned into a golden crown and was laying on the ground.


Pure, beautiful solid gold that looked very much (but not exactly) like the above image.  All I could say was… what the hell??  I looked over to where her new man was, and suddenly he had the same exact pink heart like the man in my first reading.  Hmmmmmmm…. there is something not being revealed here.  Again, I say, pesky spirit!!

As I am trying to figure out what any of this means to her… I seen an image beneath the ground… very much part of the earth energy, yet… not really.  It was a pink/violet clothing that was just starting to fill itself out.  All I could think of was like a princess or prom gown.  The images stopped there.  Or so I thought!!

I went to email her her recordings of her reading.  The first partial one went thru without a hitch.  The second part looked like it was sending, but never did.  So I hit the cancel button and resent it.  Thru every impossibility (from my brains view) she received the recorded reading from the large frog lady of last week.  I say it is impossible because that reading was not even on the screen.  Yet… that is what she got in her in box.

When she emailed me to tell me I sent her the wrong recording, which again I say, is really impossible from my end… it hit me!!  The princess kisses the frog and he turns into the handsome prince…  (wink, wink, wink.)

So here I sat, in a vibrational field of energy that was more intense than anything I have felt in, well, forever.  Thank god I had an hour and a half before my next reading… bath time!!

I entered my bath with just one intent… do something with this mind-blowing energy that is all around me.  Careful of those crazy intentions… cuz spirit will oblige!

And I hear a voice from the left side of my shower head ask me “How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go.”  I immediately shut my ego up and just say ‘as far as I can go.”  Crazy, crazy me!!

The first thing I see is that beautiful creature called Jorge and then it got strange from there.  In the same body, just above the belly button was Marc.  Kind of like forming a Y, Jorge on the left, March on the right, same body from the belly button down.  Now this is just weird.  But weird was about to go into overdrive.

Jorge leans into me and says “I am You” and I whisper back to him “And I am You” and then I looked at Marc and asked Jorge, well then who is he??  Ohhh the questions that so open pandora’s freakin box!!

All of a sudden, Jorge and Marc changed form and created a double helix.  Your showing me a DNA strand?  And a whole story unfolded!

I was reminded about the information I was given a couple years ago as I was writing “The Lost Codes of Shambhala” and the information that Marc was my baby brother born before me.  He only lived a couple of weeks and then went back home.  In the “rest of the story” now being revealed, whomever was talking gave me both visual (to hold the memory) and audio to completely explain this process.

There was no way he could have lived as my actual brother.  Energetically the bonds of our fields would have been too much to avoid.  Yet, for the process now unfolding, it was absolutely essential he held the same DNA make-up in his soul energy as I did in mine.  There is not another soul in this world or out of it that holds the DNA signatures created by my/our parents.)  It was always planned, he would take up another body a few years after I came into earth and started to get my feet wet… allowing his soul energy to embed in him, in his Light encoded DNA for the story now in progress.

Then they showed me how important it was that we lived nowhere near each other.  So I was coming up in the USA and he was born into a very specific genetic line in New Zealand and into the Maori culture and direct DNA lineage of the original Lemurian.  (which is more information than I have ever wanted to give out about Marc, but the details are too important to withhold.)

So I watched as these two seed energies (me and him) were planted on earth in our respective lives.  And if shocking didn’t creep up… suddenly I have a new man standing in this very visual story playing out.  I am not even sure how I instantly recognized this man… it was Marc’s father.

Now to back up a very important moment.  Marc’s father passed during the first year I met Marc online.  His father was also the first person other than my grandmother and my very expanded spiritual team that I was able to connect to in meditation and bring back some messages for Marc.  I also learned from Marc the process of the Maori funeral, one of the very few times we talked about personal things.  I had never connected to his dad again… so to see him out of the clear blue present himself in this story… I was so shocked I didn’t even know what to do.

But this amazing man had details to add.  Behind him a pathway of Light formed, at first unfolding on the ground behind him and then moving upwards into the sky.  I knew he was showing me the true origin of the Lemurian Line, which is still housed within some of today’s Maori lineage (humans.)  I half expected to see the Pleiades  but didn’t.  It was Sirius.  With this was an understanding that one could almost say that the energy of Sirius and the Pleiades are like lovers.  Meant to pair up and create the child called human.

And then this surprising visitor was gone as quickly as he arrived.

I was wayyy to dumbfounded to even process what just happened and why.  But then Jorge came back (phew) and explained with more detail, that really, I don’t even know how to explain right now.  But what is/has happened “is a collusion of energy.”  Trust me, not my word, I had to go look it up to see if it actually fits in this sharing… but of course it does.  Besides meaning secret agreement, it also had this expample (from wikipedia) In the study of economics and market competition, collusion takes place within an industry when rival companies cooperate for their mutual benefit. Collusion most often takes place within the market structure of oligopoly, where the decision of a few firms to collude can significantly impact the market as a whole.

Change economics to interplanetary energy… for mutual benefit, impacting Life as a Whole.   This also brings into play the Triad energy.  Me, Marc and Jorge.  (once again, I say, god bless Marc.)

The next thing I knew, down the freakin rabbit hole we went (as if I wasn’t already far enough down) and we were in the place that appears to look like the Cherry Motel in Virginia (and I know it is not, it is just to keep things familiar within my own minds construct.)  But this time. there were three of us!!  At first, I didn’t realize there were three, because once again, I back sitting on top of a Laying down Marc, energy field in tact from the last trip down… and then I leaned over to kiss him… this takes melting into a person to a whole new level.  His face became amber-colored particles and my face just sunk into his.  I could no longer tell which energy field was which… and then… in comes Jorge.  I am NOT going to share the details… at all.  Blush would drip all over the place.  Let’s just say, the moment all three of us were plugged into each other… it took my internal body experiencing this whole thing to a holy freakin shit place.  How do I hold this vibration in myself and maintain the interaction and remembering this story!!  Can I just give a shout out to the A.D.D. mind!!

The whole setting changed.  I am experiencing watching a whole field of grid like energy now creating the field around us and as it was creating, I could see one of the Pleiades up in the sky and earth below us and instantly (thru some very interesting techniques done by my two crazy men) a portal of Light connected earth and the Pleiades.  The energy intensified… and my vision was scoping out this massive light pole of zooming white energy and it had tiny little ivy looking leaves just emerging at different areas up and down this vivid light portal of earth and the Pleiades.  I do understand that “life is now growing” but what that means to us… we will find out!

If all of this wasn’t weird enough… all of a sudden my men, one at a time, would change form.  Taking on images that so reminded me of my first man in the fields emerging body.  Not once tho, did I triad of energy ever disconnect from each other.

I could not hold the energy in my psychical body any longer (this is gonna take work!!) and I exploded lol… in a very heavenly way.  But the moment I did, I guess everyone else did too and something incredible emerged.  I am not even sure how to explain it, forget try to understand it.  But, I will give it a go.  The light portal connecting earth and the Plieadian planet, very real, very present and at the explosion moment a golden flaked energy field emerged from the bottom to less than half way up where we were.  It kind of looked upside down, open umbrella-shaped, but not solid… very grid like, but with very distinct golden flakes of energy.  Again, I thought of my man’s reading from the morning… the infusion of new energy in his business… the gold flakes on his image was so similar.

On top of all this, Me, Marc and Jorge were no longer three separate Beings at all… instead it was like a cloud of one energy, housed in this golden flaked area.

The moment I returned back to my bathtub, reorienting myself with this body… Jorge simple smiled and said “and now, everything has changed.”

But the field really wanted to set a “validating” tone with this experience, because let me tell you, I was knee-deep in disbelief and shear shock of it all.  As I am trying to pull my energy field back together for life in this realm… and wondering how the hell am I going to be able to do another reading after this.  I cannot sustain any more intense energy.  For the first time ever… EVER my team talked about my upcoming appointment and the energy that will be housed in it and that I need not worry at all.  Sure enough, energetically, it was exactly like they said it would be.  Thank God and thank her.

But while I was gone…smile… in the hour I was in the bath, when I sat down to my computer I received 4 separate 15 minute readings.  That alone is really really strange.  It is rare I get a single 15 minute reading (packages excluded) and 4 within an hour, almost back to back… and Jorge drops his back of change on my computer!!  Ohhhhhhh I sooo get this “change” thing connection on so many levels.

I had an appointment at the Cancer Center later in the day to go over clinical trials… in a way, I knew I needed that car ride to process what I just experienced.  Indeed, all the way to the center (an hour and half ride) understanding, upon understanding came thru.  Even the presence of Marc”s dad… again, to hit the validation button because I would never ever ever bring him into my meditation, hell he hasn’t even so much as crossed my mind in over a decade… but I sure won’t kick him out either.

I even had to smile when my team helping me to understand the bigger picture… told me that the “Cherry Motel” would end up being the “cherry on the cake.”

The one thing I understand about energy, when you moving into higher fields of vibration, it creates heat.  Granted, I was sweating all the way to the cancer center, but figured it was due to it being close to 60 degrees outside.  Until I got my vitals checked… and I was sporting a 100 degree fever.  The nurse looked at me so concerned and asked if I knew why I would have a fever.  Hell I was as surprised as she was.  I feel fantastic!!  And my crazy ass team opened up the explosion of energy in my meditation and the dimensional doorways now in place… and I looked at her and simply said… it’s because of a meditation I had today.  She cracked up laughing as if I just told a joke, I was freakin serious!!  Without hesitation she said, maybe it’s due to the drugs.  Drugs?  What drugs, I am not taking a single drug.

And if this whole day wasn’t glorious enough… the doctor and nurse did not even try to convince me of partaking in clinical trials because as far as they are concerned, all of my cancer has been removed, my PET/CT scan shows an incredibly healthy body and I would be safe just going for regular check ups.  That is my plan.

May CHANGE engulf you in ways that make your head spin, your heart pound and your Life jumping for Joy!!

I love y’all so much.  Thank you for being the Fuel that gets me going each and every moment of my Life!!

((((HUGZ)))) of rabbit holes and wild wild adventures to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. There is sooo much I am leaving unsaid, simply due to time.  Gotta start my day!!  I will get back to the rest of the wild crazy understandings…



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  2. wow, now I really am looking forward to February! I have been feeling the partner love energy flowing into this month but you have begun the process with a bang!! I’ll take some of that please! Thank you lisa for all the time you put into sharing your knowing and love. I am grateful.


  3. Now it gets really exciting to be on Earth 😉


  4. i’ll have what she’s having – LOL – not really, i know i’m not quite ready – LOL – hugs and thanks 2 u Lisa


  5. Oh crap! LOL I didn’t read this until today and last night I didn’t sleep well and I dreamt of/strongly visioned two brothers that I also connected to and couldn’t stay out of their energy fields, it was so powerful in a spiritual magnetic way but also in a sexual way and one kept morphing as well while the other was more of an anchor. I awoke bathed in sweat and very happy but that energy, Oh my gooooooodnessssss me, like nothing I have felt in a long long time! 🙂

    Li li I am so happy to hear about your doctor’s visit but I already knew that would be the case! 🙂 hugs! alex


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  10. […] I did find what I was looking for, eventually.  I about shit when I read it and seen the date of the experiences.  I always write the day after my experiences or readings, so the published blog date was February 2nd 2013, the experience obviously was on February 1st.  Exactly 2 years to the very date Michael comes thru my door.  Let me share the link to that blog here:… […]


  11. Hi um I was hoping someone could contact me? I really need some help…
    Amy-Leigh Karban


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