Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 1, 2013

Let’s Get That Ball Rolling – February Is Demanding MOVEMENT!!

ball of energy

Welcome to February!!  I am breathing a sigh of relief that the craziness that has been January, is now behind us!  Instead of the winds of change blowing us to smithereens on even subatomic levels, we now have the winds at our back, pushing us forward.  For some, that can very well be interpreted as, pushing us out of our comfort zones.

There are two readings from yesterday that sit strongly at the forefront of my mind this morning.  The detail and understandings of both of them became clearer and clearer as the day progressed.  I also realized, primarily due to my last reading of the day, what the field is really showing you.  I mean, I knew, but with this lady’s reading and actually the conflicting energy coming thru the phone, the point was underscored:

No matter what your life may look like on the outside, what your circumstances may be on the inside, ya know, ego chatter, YOU are ready.  The readings over the last several days have been showing us what is needed to set all the prepared fields of energy into motion.

One of the beautiful lady’s I connected with yesterday, the first thing I connected with was music… a song.  The song felt soooo familiar to me, yet, I could not make out the words, at all.  Ya know how you see a picture that is all blurry, you can almost make it out, but not really.  That is how this song was.  It was not staticy or choppy at all… the only word I can use, is blurry.

I was even more surprised as I seen the energy the music was in or of.  It was the flow of energy that WAS the music.  It came from behind her west field area of her crystal ball flowing forward in a large wave of yellow and gold blended energy.  It almost reminds me of a flag blowing in a gentle wind, and it was the wind itself that created the blurry song.  But… with reason… and is soooo important for all of us to really understand.  What I realized was playing in her reading, was her Soul Song.

So where was my lovely lady…  much to my surprise, she was on the other side of her crystal ball energy, just outside of it, walking a worn out path from south to east to north.  Her image was soooo tiny compared to the size of her heart field (crystal ball image.)  Again, going to scale of my readings, the crystal ball energy is about 20 feet tall (about 6-7 meters) and there she was, on the ground walking a constant semi-circle near her crystal ball about 3 inches big.  And the only aspect of her entire reading that had no light beaming everywhere, was the worn out path on the ground and her 3 inch body.

I also realized with this path she was repeating, it was not back and forth, back and forth.  It is more like looping.  She got to the energy of her present and future (north field) and instantly went back to her south field and walked it all over again.  But I suddenly realized why I see her so small, because that is how she see’s herself, small compared to her incredible emotional field called her heart and soul.  Trying to fit into that energy from the outside world can become even more daunting.  The ego itself, lives in the field of created matter.  That is its divine design.. and I even dare say, a master of created reality.  But, ONLY of created reality.  It does not hear the song of your soul, it does not feel the magic within your heart.

The ONLY way to clearly hear the song of your soul is from the inside out.  Period.  Then follow the energy of that song into a whole new world of Light.

There is not a person on the face of this earth that is smaller than their soul, that would be impossible.  But the ego, designed to use 10 percent of the space and energy of the brain, surely knows it is not near as big or powerful as the soul… and that is what keeps anyone feeling small.  Until YOU show it the incredible value of partnership.  The ego can then pick up the information in the soul song and make it a part of created matter… an instant part of your whole life.

I know I am a pain in the ass with the word meditation  but now… so is the field!!  Over and over and over again, the field is prit-near demanding you get inside, if you want to experience… OMG “Life’s Glory!!”  Those two words came out of my last reading of the day and just kind of took me back.  I have never heard anyone’s team use that little phrase “Life’s Glory”  of course, it was the first time I read for the lady that concluded my day.

This new lady’s reading lingered in my mind all day long.  Mostly due to what I felt was conflicting energy.  The energy coming out of her mouth on the phone was like a wilted flower and yet, she was given some powerful energy thru her Field of Light.

I could see an aspect of her standing on top of her crystal ball, but it wasn’t her in today’s energy, it was a joyful, excited child playing freely on the top of her crystal ball energy.  This child unrestricted joy started to move the crystal ball itself.  I was shocked, until now, the balls never moved, instead, it was the energy that was constantly moving.

The pureness of her inner child was moving her feet at the top of the ball in such a way that made the ball move, start to roll over towards the East field, new beginnings.  So I had to ask her if she was actually experiencing this intense joy (her voice sure hid it if she was) and she said no, she was stuck in a rut.  That is when it hit me… OMG Your soul, your field of light is showing exactly what you need to do/apply/become in order to “get your ball rolling.” (another quote from her team.)

It is only in the state of Joy the whole universe can be heard!!  And just think about the last time you felt joy, it is not a stationary energy.  It is a full on movement of energy, of happiness, and sets so much more in motion that I ever realized until now.  and because the frequency of Joy matches the frequency of your soul song, of your soul, so much more comes to you in that state.

This whole thing comes down to our own responsibilities.  Nothing in all the universes can do this for you.  Only you can plug into your own joy channel and only you can completely connect to the fullness of your Life, your full on Power Pack (if you will.)

Which brings me to my man in the field yesterday.  Since the first time I read for him over a year ago, I have always seen him and the property he owns as the potential of being the first real community of enlightened Beings.  But yet… thru the year, it has not come to pass (well, we all know now, everything in its right time and 2013 is the right time for a lot of held back things!!)

There was his crystal ball sitting on the ground (ohh by the way, we have transitioned to the new earth and ground a few days ago… smile)  and  the first thing I see is the bubbling energy coming up out of the ground into the core of his crystal ball.  It could have looked like the ground struck oil and was now bubbling up for him, except his oil was red and blue and white.  It was even starting to spread on the outer area of this core heart energy within his heart field.  But I did not see him in there at all.  Until I looked up on top of that crystal ball!!  There he was, arms up in the air as if he made a touch down… and really he did.  His life has been completely cleared for progress while making sure he is financially cared for during this crucial time of accelerated growth without the interference of anyone else’s energy field.  And yet, his body was not lit up like it should have been.  Even his body looked very different than it should, it was skinny.  All I could think was… what the hell?

Of course, for the last year his team and my mouth has been pretty much harping on him to get seriously involved with doing meditation and over the year he would start and stop, start and stop… kinda like going to the gym, working out, deciding it was too hard, stopping, going back later only to have to start from scratch, remembering it was too hard, and ya stop… and just keep hitting the repeat button.

Like I have said several times now, it is like Life itself is so ready to do what it has been called up to do.. fully participate on a conscious, co-creative level, and the earth is not waiting any longer.  She is bubbling up.  Because his biological frequency does not match that of the earth he lives on and is a care taker for, he was moved up onto the outer field of created life expression… until he does the inner work to fully ignite the Light Body he has always had available to him.

I had to ask why his body looked so different from his own.  I so just wanted to hug him in celebration of the news.  lol (looking at my own expanded body lol)

We have come to earth for many many different reasons, but all with the same task at hand, creating the full on energy and flow of the new earth, the new way of life itself (which is actually old, but in this phase of our collective memories, it just seems new.)  I have to go back to the wonderful lady who once gave the analogy of “straws and cups” some are built like straws (what we could perceive as thin) to run the Light energy thru them, like a conduit from heaven to earth in a steady stream of participation.  There are others, like him and myself, that seemed to have packed on some serious weight… fat cells, over the year(s).  For us cups, we are the storage units for the high velocity energy moving onto earth.  Each fat cell stores energy of light to be shared outwards when ALL is in alignment.     But equally, for all straws and cups (umm I am a flipping mug these days lol) it is our responsibility to keep the light field, well.. lit up in full capacity because it is our power pack too…. ummm… especially ours.  Maybe we can even say, storage sheds and rivers… both essential.  But also, knowing what your body was created for is key too.  There are a lot of storage sheds or cups that keep turning themselves into straws, with biological unpleasantness happening.


We are all rechargeable batteries and become fully charged via meditation.  The pure source of all Light Energy.  Hence the term, you are the light of the world, if you are WILLing to Be That!

A couple of times thru the readings in January  the field has stated over and over again, that if you are not willing to invest the energy needed into yourself, a back up plan will be called to the fore to do what needs to get done.  The funny thing is, we would never even really know… at least not while incarnated.

I bring back the word from yesterday… COMMITMENT!!  The first commitment must be the self to the Self.  Again, depending how far you are WILLing to take yourself in this expression called Life.  And Life is really pushing you over the edge these days… the comfort zone is going to become a thing of history!!  True Life begins outside the comfort zone.

Before I close I want to talk about something really important for all of us to understand.  There is soooo much available to us these days thanx to the internet.  No matter what topic of information you seek, it is readily available.  Keep in mind, especially when it comes to “channelings” or metaphysical information of any sort streaming in thru the human host.  The information cannot go beyond the humans consciousness ability to process the information itself.  That is called, evolution of the self with the Self.  So you are going to find a lot of contrasting information out there.  Some was true for you last year, but seems so unfitting this year… that is because your own consciousness moved into a fuller understanding of “that” information.  It is still true to the person presenting it, because we are all a work in progress… but it may not even make sense to you now.  Trust that inside of yourself.

It is like the readings, the freakin rescheduling for two solid months.  What you needed to know now, my consciousness had no clue about the last two months.  I had to be put down so I can expand to a higher level of understanding.  And now, even what I thought I knew last year, not so much valid any longer because we have changed it All.  Life is always changing and adding more detail as our own evolving consciousnesses can accommodate.

I personally find YOU to be the greatest channel, the greatest understanding of what is happening with us, thru us and how to make it all even more proficient, and for that, I honor you more than my words will ever express.

Added Note:  I just went over to my Shambhala blog and something hit me like a ton of bricks.  I am going to add that here.  When we fully engage in meditation, bringing in the higher light to infuse us and express thru us (biologically) it starts the first full on release of chemical changes within our biological structure.  The beginning of an intense magnetic field of expression.  The Love affair must always start with the Self.

Enjoy the energetic’s of February and remember… You are now a verb… take action where ever you can!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of loving Bliss and Life’s Glory to ALL WILLing to go there!!

Lisa Gawlas

Valentines Day Special On-going.



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  2. Hey Lisa, When you were talking about songs, the one that has been going over and over in my head and heart (this song moves me) is Love is the Answer (written & sung originally by Todd Rundgren but became a hit with England Dan & John Ford Coley) The first line of the song is “Light of the World shine on me Love is the Answer. Shine on us all set us free Love is the Answer”. I thought that was meaningful and now it’s stuck in my head, but I love it.
    Regarding knowing what our body was created for is a mystery to me. I’m not a cup I don’t think I think I’m more a straw. i love the analogy though. The thing is I always knew the body was meant to be more than this vehicle that you experience 3D and then die. Now when we all figure out what else it can do and really experience it, that will be totally awesome.
    Thanks so much for this info.
    Love Elaine


    • Hi Elaine (((HUGZ)))

      What a great song to have stuck in your head!!

      All my life I kept trying to be a straw… even when my body would expand into a cup, I would exercise and diet til I was my beautiful straw form… and never been so sick in my life both mentally and phsyically. Now that I just let my body be whatever it needs to be… I have never been so healthy (nor so mug like lol) in all my life!!

      In figuring what we are capable of… I think we are closer than we can even imagine!!

      Power boosters ignite!!
      (((HUGZ))) of love and beautiful songs to you!!


  3. You talk about being ready. On a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 the most ready, how would you describe being ready ?


    • Jorg, how about I just say… earth and spirit are at 10… each of us are individually where we are at. You would know best where you fall on a scale from 1 to 10…


  4. sweet li li, I was away this weekend and no internet and had joyful fun with wonderful friends and tons of great live rock and roll so back to visit with you and see your amazing sharings, like a big bowl of ice cream.

    I especially appreciate your thoughts on straw and cup. I have allowed myself to physically flow as felt right to myself and I am absolutely always healthy though I deal with a pain issue that I think is related to karma ( we will talk about that one day!) but I see my beloved sister who is a cup suffering because she wants to be a straw and is amazingly sick all the time! I hope one day she will realize her blessedness, but at least I see the issue more clearly! Thank you! 🙂 tons of love and what fun we had in the soul gym on thursday! Alex


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