Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 28, 2013

The Energy Rain, The Germination, The Doorways to New Life!!

flowers in the rain

After my day was finally finished yesterday, I took a bath.  The only thing I got to see, which still has me smiling this morning, was spirit’s hand working my appointment calendar.  Maybe it was because I was marveling at the alignment of each of you on the day’s agenda of readings, each in your own energetic place and yet, adding a very important and harmonious brush stroke to the tapestry unfolding.  From my meditation view, it almost looked like a puzzle, pieces scattered all over the place.  One piece may have already been in my hand and spirit would take that piece out of my hand put it somewhere else and place a new piece in my hand.  All with divine reason, to paint a real and true picture, thru your light, in our unfolding story of Light.  It was very much like the long arm of spirit was putting you in a very particular placement at the exact time you needed the understanding of where you are within your field of Light and the ongoing story of understanding.  It was humbling really.  I have been doing readings now for 10 years in various different ways, but never ever had each day build into an understanding of where we are now.  Of course, we were not on such a fast track of evolution either thru the last 10 years.  But then again, nor have I ever really written about it as consistently as I do now.

And that wonderful arm that consistently guides us into position  I think it really starting to flex its spiritual muscles!!  After that beautiful imagery and understanding, I attempted to see where I was at in the field of growth.  All I got to see was winds moving thru out the earth, whipping around ears and hearts and I couldn’t even hear what was being said in the wind.  Then my team simply said… you have taught a class, did 4 readings and wrote a blog all day long, that’s enough.  Hello!!  NO …it is not!!  They win, I couldn’t muster another connection for anything.  Sheez!!

Someone had asked me to tell the whole story about my little teaser in yesterday’s sharing about Jorge… and so I will (smile.)

The morning I woke up with my eye pouring tears and my head in the midst of incoming cloud scatter, I gave up trying to write a blog and decided to take a bath, hoping to get my brains together enough to do the readings on my day’s agenda.  The first thing my team did was pester the hell outta me about going to the vision center and picking up my eye glasses that came in 4 days early.  I was in argument mode… I don’t want to use the gas, especially when I have to go that way on the 1st anyway.  They simply told me, you will not be able to do another thing until you get your glasses.  Dammit!!  I finally gave in and said FINE!  I was just ready to get out of my bath, I am just over my spiritual team at the moment.  As I sat up and went to put the crystals in my tub on the side of the tub, an energy shift happened.  A smooth caressing energy started to dance  over me.  OK, I’ll stay (smile.)

As I laid back down in the tub I realized the energy was Jorge.  Only not in biological form as I have always seen him, instead he was an energetic outline of a form.  I asked him where his body went and his reply was we are going to start this process now.  What process?

He then took his energy form and laid over me and above me about a foot away, his heart directly over my own heart.  I watched as this green and violet webbing started to rise and open from my heart like a flower.  As soon as my heart thingie started to open, his heart, which looked very much like mine, started to drop down from where his heart was and they linked up and spiraled together, very much like a pollen stem inside of a flower made of gold and orange threads of energy.  The energy shooting thru my body allowed me to totally forget about my cloudy brains and tearing eye… The energy hit a crescendo that exploded straight thru my heart into his.

Afterwards, I laid there… remembering.  I have done this before, 11 years ago with Marc’s soul energy.  The precious gift of a song that was given to me a week or so ago, released so many memories, experiences that I had put away down deep and thought I had forgotten what was seen thru so many amazing experiences.  The binding.

I had hoped to continue this dance yesterday in my bath, but nope.  So we shall see where it all goes… and when!!!

So, let’s get to yesterdays revelations thru the field of YOU.

My first lady on the agenda had the deep dark-colored energy rain pummeling her crystal ball (inner heart field.)  You know those rains that are coming down so hard from the sky the rain droplets bounce up off the road when they hit… that is how she looked.  What I found really interesting, even tho this energy rain storm was in a 360 degree radius, it was only happening from mid-way up.  The lower half of her crystal ball was unaffected (for now.)  So we can look at the intensity hitting us in our deepest and highest energy zones, solar plexus on up to the crown.  But, as the day would show… for a reason.

The last lady on the agenda looked very similar to the one mentioned above, but with an added twist.  Her entire image was jogged out into what we would call our future, no doubt aligned already into the beginning of February, and I watched her energy storm with awe.  Each time an energy rain slammed into her crystal ball, a flower grew from that space.  I kept calling her my Chia Pet, all these Shambhala flowers started growing all around her.  Altho, like the lady above, this rain and flower growth was happening only in her upper half of her crystal ball, I could not, at all, see her lower half of her crystal ball area.  I realized it was in such a state of change that I could not pick it up.  So I brought her body into the kitchen to have a look.

The top of her may look like a Chia pet made out of textured flowers, but her lower half could have been straight out of the movie The Abyss.


Only it was forming her feet, ankles and the lower part of her calf.  I realized that the energy rain that was plowing into her heart field was releasing higher vibrations of pure love into the fullness of her whole life and that started the germination process of change… the unified field of soul as biology.

The lady in-between these two precious souls started to really show us what the month of February holds for those ready… each in our own way.  Keep in mind, each reading is unique unto the person in the field, but really gives us all a glance at the up coming road.

She was standing directly over the center of her crystal ball energy field.  Her body was a flame of pure, intense yellow energy.  I could see the next step in her energetic evolution was simply moving down inside the core of her heart.  It was very much like watching a highly charged battery cylinder moving into place to get the ball rolling (pun intended!!)  We were able to move a few days into her (perceived) future when all is in exact alignment and I got sooooo excited.  OMG  We finally, finally get to see some potentials in February.

Her future energy was laid out in a half circle (as opposed to a straight line path) and once again, I created a very humble image, which actually filled in so much information for us!!!


Each of those yellow/gold doorways she as an opportunity to fully solidify her spiritual energy into the field of created matter.  Creating the dirt of her new world.  I did everything I knew how to do to take a peek into each door… wasn’t happening.  The field said the doors were for her experience and integration only.  But also… we must be aware too of having gone thru a door and that too, is our lesson in growth.  From what I was understanding, each yellow/gold door had to come to her with solidification of the experience that she will under go.  Should she harness all that is available to her thru these three doorways, the fourth doorway will present itself, which was colored orange.  In her reading, this orange door flashed in and out of my vision, it will only become stable thru what she gleans from the first three doors.  I do understand orange tho, a complete and permanent shift in her awareness of self; her sense of Self in the world around her.

I so didn’t realize the fullness of what was being shown by her yesterday, until I did this simple presentation.  Even the intense energy storm now has a whole new light of understanding…


I have seen this above image for several months now and finally understand the fullness of it.  Those energy packets, that is the rain coming down when your inner heart field is fully aligned with the pureness of it all.  Some have taken the task of energetically holding the rain that is already germinating the fields of Shambhala, such as the energy rain-soaked ladies mentioned above.  When all is completely germinated, they will move into their next expression and role in the new fields of Life!!

The acceleration point I had seen so much and completely never really understood… is the slot, the true battery pack of soul living out loud as you, thru you, in created matter.  Not just a concept… but Y/OUR reality Now.

As January was a lesson in full on integration, February, holding less buffers than any other time on earth, is a full on lesson in application!!  If January didn’t fully teach you to get the hell outta your own way (ego mind) then February will be the exclamation point.  However, if you accomplished letting go of all your old idea’s, worries and the things that keep us from fully experience what our heart has always desired… get ready for flowerings blooming everywhere… almost like they are blooming out of season.  The seasons of earth now revolve around your magnetic flow of energy.  Life is going to be blooming in unprecedented ways.  But equally… so will the death cycle too.  Celebrate it ALL!!!

My first lady of the day yesterday, I soooo loved her imagery!!  She too, throws out a word of caution or maybe, enhanced awareness to those still seeking in an old earth spectrum.

When her reading opened up I was sitting there stupefied.  What the hell… all I could see were these tunnels being cleared under ground, about the size of a ground-hog or mole or something… and the tunneling that she was doing under the surface of the earth.


I put a handsome looking rodent as the image, so you know how adorable she is.  Often times, we hear the word rodent and think… eewwwww.

I watched as she tunneled her way to the surface of the earth, bang her head at the bottom of her crystal ball, go do some more tunneling, back up and bang her head on the bottom of the crystal ball.  I realized, ya can’t enter the core of your heart field from the bottom.  But also, she is done clearing the way for herself and others in the old earth, it is now time for her to get into her center and move on up.  But how??

Suddenly, she changed form.  Instead of being a tunneling rodent, she became a hamster and just out in front of her crystal ball, was a hamster tube that created the way up and into the center of her crystal ball!!  Her team did say she is deeply connected to the rodent family.  All she had to do was find the tunnel already created for her, move up and then into the crystal ball.


The moment she was in her center the next thing I knew she was up on the energy of 2013 and fully transformed into her next amazing expression, a combination of a human, a royal queen (energy clothing) with the wing span of a really large angel!!

Sometimes, we get so caught up in what we have been doing, it is sometimes hard to recognize what is finished now.

I want to leave you with a visual I was given the other day, when thinking about these intense winds of change and all the incoming weather… I had seen the dandelion turned to seed and when a wind blows, those seeds scatter out thru out the land.  What is happening now, in our incredible moment in time, is a reverse energy.  All those seeds once scattered thru the land, are now finding their way back together to form a whole new flower head!!

Added Note: Someone just sent me this amazing picture/visual so I am updating this sharing to include it!!


The flower seeds of Shambhala!!

Big big energetic ((((HUGZ)))) to all the seeds of my incredible world!!  I love you!!

Lisa Gawlas


  1. What joy! I felt like I was getting a double dip cone today Li li cause I hadn’t read yesterdays message until today! Just by the way, lol a hampster is a tunneling rodent 😉 just much cuter 🙂

    I didn’t think on this before, but with your Jorge experience, it reminds me so much of the idea of descension of spirit and ascension of body and since his energy is a part of you it seems absolutely poignant and beautiful to me!

    big hugs! Enjoying this rainy day! 🙂 Alex


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