Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 27, 2013

Intense Energy Storm Approaching – Outer Bands Already Hitting Us!!


I have a tendency to look at any given upcoming month with the color and texture spectrum it shows itself to us as, and hope… this is the month that calm and steady will happen.  More than anything, I was really hoping that to be the agenda of February’s energy field.  I mean, anything creamsicle colored has got to be… calm!  Not even!  There is a full on energetic storm already underway and we are now officially receiving the outer bands of February

I had every intention of getting this information out yesterday, but it took me close to three hours just to get the above paragraph out!  My brains were disassembled, but also, I had a brand new eye pain.  The super sensitivity to looking at any light, but especially the computer screen, was just not happening.  In a way, I think I really needed to the fullness of yesterday to understand even more of what we had experienced together the day before.

Before I share any of this, I want to be very very clear on something… in order to describe an energy field, and especially in this case, an energy weather event, I use the month I am seeing them form from.  But it is not quite a literal month itself, but an energy until itself.  Time does not really exist… but to tell an ongoing story of whats happening, I have to label the energies, very much like NOHA labels storm systems (I.E. Hurricane Sandy.)  I say this, because some people may not hit various energy systems until they are ready, maybe later this year, some, started last year, and some will be right on the ongoing target.  None of it is good or bad… if we all got hit at the same time with these energies, earth would blow up.  Everything is a process and assimilation.  Very much like our own storm systems, lets say they come in from the west coast of the USA and eventually travel to the east coast.  It doesn’t all happen in one day.  Same with us, on purpose!

With all this said, this storm I am just going to call February is coming in from the high level consciousness area.  It has been gathering in strength and size all January thanks to the likes of us.  All those down days allowed the higher consciousness we were integrating into our biology and into our created life field to start to be absorbed into the collective.  Very much like the water of earth evaporates and gathers into the clouds.

So what we first started seeing, was our own electrical storms happening within us first.  I must stress again, it has always been a game played on earth, by the human itself.  We set everything into motion by what we do.  And we did it!!  So as we shook off the old, fired up the new deep within our hearts, set the new stage of energy in the created field of life… it was all being gathered into the higher collective (cloud system) thru January.

One of the first ladies in my day of readings, my full vision was taken up to the sky level.  There was a storm brewing, Holy cow, was there.  The energy fields were all deep and dark (like really deep blues, reds, greens, violets.)  What was really strange is this intense cloud formation resembled a bull’s eye.  Circles of deep dark-colored energy around another circle, around another circle.  Cycles of completion, all the high energy that was not able to be a part of her (our) lives and consciousnesses until we made this massive shift into 2013 was now gathering.

For her, I could not see another thing, it was as if the cloud cover was so thick I could not see thru to the ground, that familiar crystal ball energy… nothing.  But it didn’t matter, we understood enough.  I saw a relationship to spring.  How important the rains of spring are to kick-start all the gardens on earth germinating and growing.  So too, the new energy field we have planted together.

Right after her reading, I read for a man who gave us a fuller understanding of what this all means to us.  Phew Baby, did he ever!!

I could see his energetic storm clouds in the sky, but with a twist.  Think of a really dark stormy sky and for a moment, some of the clouds part and you can see the sun stream out.  However, instead of it being the sun, it was Him.  He was moving thru a beam of energy that was coming downwards towards the earth.  He was dressed in a suit, so I had to ask if he is self-employed or high up in the corporate ladder (it is the only time anyone emerges in a suit in my readings) sure enough, we has a partner in a business that has been in a stagnant place within his heart.

I realized what was happening to him, this was his full on higher self, his highly evolutionized consciousness (spirits words, not mine lol) is coming out of the storm to full unity on earth in him.  Obviously what he does as a business (builds the framework for structures on earth) is going to get a new surge of energy.  What we couldn’t see, yet, was how.  I could not see a thing below his amazing image coming out of the clouds… kind of like an old religious painting of a chariot coming out of the sky… only it was him in a business suit!!

So then, he asked me about his health.  I brought his body into my kitchen… all I could see was his tailbone and lower lumbar spine.  It was being either covered or completely changes into a liquid silver.  It had the texture of mercury, but very much silver.  Silver, in my world, reflects the highest level of earth energy available and this is becoming his true, pure core energy system.  From what his team said… he will be plugged into the heart of Gaia at the highest level to do his work on earth.

I could not see anything else with him, but simply because he is in such a profound state of infusion.  Above and Below becoming one in the same!!  That was soooo exciting to me!!  Especially given my meditation with Jorge yesterday morning.  For the first time ever, I could not see his biology, only his energetic form.  But that is a whole other topic and understanding (grin) made fuller (to me) by what I am sharing this morning!!  I so love this journey!!!

So now let me back up to my second reading on this auspicious day!  There she was inside her crystal ball with this thick covering of deep blue and violet energy clocking her biology.  And then pure lightning bolts started coming out of the sky (one at a time, but over and over) from the deep left (past) and zapping the ba-jesus out of her crystal ball.  Now this was in complete contrast from the other lightning readings I had seen… this high voltage was coming into her from the sky.  She was number two on the days reading, so I didn’t fully understand the whole storm thing yet… but holy cow batman, I sure do now.

The theme in my ongoing processing mind yesterday as I tried to understand all that we are in the presence of experiencing, especially in this “storm theme” day of readings, my team kept repeating the word “confluence.”  They have been uttering that word for some time now and I just want to give you the dictionary meaning: a coming or flowing together, meeting, or gathering at one point.

As Below, so Above!

And yes, I reversed that for a reason.  We are always looking up to get the help we need when we MUST look within.  Once we set our inner stage of energy acceleration, then the above can start its migration… its confluence, into us!!

When we hit that critical stage within ourselves, turn on the electrical charges of our soul, we set in motion the energy from the upper atmosphere.  The winds (of change) start blowing the clouds heavy with moisture (pure love emotions) start gathering and merging with the other clouds (hence the circles/cycles of completion) and (taken from the internet of wisdom lol:) When the electrical charges become sufficiently separated in a thundercloud, with some regions acquiring a negative charge and others a positive, a discharge of lightning becomes likely.

And you are so aligned with these charged particles and now your crystal ball is the grounding rod attracting all the lightning strikes into your inner field of Life.  These Lightening strikes (as I see them in readings) have a dual purpose.  It is completely clearing all the energy from our outer field and completely charging the energy of your heart field.  There are some lightning strikes that will hit your field that causes a rapid acceleration of energy… or an opening of a code of Light within your biology/DNA.

This when it hit me… what has been happening to my eyes since the last of December.  Of course, I really didn’t understand any of this until yesterday, when I woke up with scattered brains and  another round of eye pain and tearing eye (left eye again.)

I so wanted to get this sharing out yesterday and I might have been trying to pull my own teeth… I couldn’t look at the computer screen without pain but I also couldn’t harness the energy to put what I was understanding into coherency.  So I sat on my couch for a moment to just center.  I realized I was in my own storm clouds of energy because I seen it, around my entire head about 2 inches thick and it was scattered energy.

The day before, in between my 4th and 5th reading I had two hours to myself.  I was not able to get the bird seed I needed the day prior, so I used this time to make sure the birds get feed.  I walked into the family own farm type store 11 miles down the road, and the moment I handed the lady my debit card, holy shit batman… the piercing pain in my left eye about dropped me to my knees… again.  What the hell was that all about??  Thank god the pain only lasted a few moments… but the residual was ongoing.

On my drive home, my left eye part of my sunglasses kept fogging up so bad I had to remove them to let them defog.  The moment I put them back on, they fogged up again.  I know that when the body is going thru an intense upgrade in the energy field, it produces heat.  It wasn’t until yesterday did I fully realize what is happening to my eyes.  There is a pattern unfolding now.  Granted, I have never been hit with lightening (thank you dear lord) but can imagine it sends a sharp jolt thru the area it hit.  For me, it has been a gradual upgrade or opening of Code of Light within my entire vision structure, which is deeply connected to my brain structure.  When I woke up yesterday, the pain in my eye was in a new place… the inner most corner of my left eye (right by the nose.)  So I have experienced, since the last of December, the pain on the outer most corner of each eye, then directly over center of each eye, and now, inner most corner of the left eye… which means, I only have the inner most center of the right eye to go.  Phew!!

I also want to mention, if you are not down with crippling eye pain… first say thank you, then know we all have our own strengths  skills, code sets that are in many many aspects of the Self, the Whole.  My vision and understanding is at the forefront of my own evolution and being able to see or understand the higher realms.  Some others, maybe feel it in lets say, their legs, as they blaze a new trail of Light on earth.  Or their Hearts as they blaze a whole new frequency for earth.  Or even, as I think of one lovely lady…. the pain the reproductive area is bringing in the higher frequencies of Light so ALL can re-birth into the new … or a combination of many.  Just never ever put a mile marker for yourself next to anyone… ever.

Now with all that said (we will talk even more tomorrow about this storm within today’s readings and understandings)…

There are two other readings that presented themselves on this amazing day.  My last reading of the day was for a man who had all this intense yellow funnel-shaped coiled out from his heart center.  What I understood about that was his codes have been opened and as spirit called it: were like heat seeking missiles looking for their connections.  he agreed he felt like a plug without an outlet… which I loved his description of it too!!  Remembering that the outer field of created life has many many layered grids and your fully open codes not only must connect with the right frequency and experiences… they cannot connect until that area of the “grid” is ready as well.

Ohhh and my first lady, on that day… I have a feeling she has shown us, in her own magnificent expression of Light, how the storm starts to find the ready consciousness (us.)

There were three aspects of her all happening at once (there is that three-triad energy again and again) First I could see her crystal ball hovering above the old earth.  Inside the crystal ball was a cube, once again reminding me of the cube in Hellraiser (old 80’s movie) and it was starting to open.  As it was opening, streams of yellow golden threads went out in every direction from within her crystal ball, opening cube and reached outwards to the area of her created field of life.  All I kept thinking at looking at her is how much she reminded me of pinhead from the same movie.

Added note:  As I was looking for art for this sharing, I realize what that cube is… the full power of the brain!!  Holy Cow batman!!!

Funny, I know the movie is an evil based movie, but really… isn’t that life itself, taking the pure process of our inner power and making it look evil.

So, once we open up to the true magic and wonder within, sets the upper energy, the absolutely needed energy storm to move into our lives and set the germination process into movement (tomorrows sharing.)

What I am finding, there is such an amazing alignment between YOU unfolding in the field of Light, which is really my back yard and what is happening here in my own private world of Life.

Yesterday morning I woke up to serious cloud cover over the whole area.  Granted, the higher elevations have been under a severe winter storm warning, which should produce snow!!

As the evening progressed, suddenly rain unleashed itself out of the building storm clouds and with it, thunder, lightening and hail mixed in with the plummeting rain.  This is a storm so out of season.  Thunder and lightening happening during out monsoon season in July and August, yes, January??  Not so much.

But then again, that explosion I had seen for two months in so many readings when looking at January, I would have never seen as the mesa itself setting itself free…

Much to my own regret and procrastination, yesterdays storms washed back into the earth all that precious Lava ash I never got around to gathering, including the landslide area itself.  So when what I have is gone, it is just gone.

On that note, I am going to close and continue this sharing tomorrow.

I love you all sooooo much and am so grateful for all the energy you put into my whole world!!


Lisa Gawlas

Side Note:  Last week, when I went to unbury my car from the Lava dust so I can drive to the store, the moment I touched this amazing energy an electrical bolt shot thru my hand up into my heart.  I decided to scoop all the Lava ash, which is as fine as talcum powder to use in my baths and charge my crystals up with.  My heart is pounding to share this million year old pure energy with others… so I decided to create a Valentines Package of both Lava ash and crystals on my reading page.  Love is truly in the earth!!  Supply is limited.   For full details and pictures, click here.  Once everyone has their lava infused crystals, we will access their power and magic via the soul gym!!

P.S. In order for me to mail this out to you, I do need your mailing address.  Please include it somewhere in your appointment or in a separate email.







  1. Lisa, love this post. Also wanted to share with you a synchronicity. A few days ago I was spirit led to snoop around your and, specifically, the page about Kundalini Integration. Good thing for me because last night and this morning it happened to me for the first time (at least in this incarnation). Having orgasms in all my chakras (even numbers 8, 9, 10 and 11) was sooo wildly wonderful and joyful and your soulcenter page really prepared me in understanding what this was all about.


    • Hi there MrPaul (((((HUGZ))))

      I am just soooooo excited for you and the energy field that expresses as you!! Isn’t it just amazing what this body system is really built for!! Holy Heavens batman!! I am also grateful my website was of assistance in helping you understand what was about to explode on all levels thru you!!

      I am celebrating you Big-Time over here!!


  2. Wow the whole electricity thing fits with what I saw on my 8th auric layer tge other week it was a 5 pointed star created out of electricity and i felt that the needed frequency has been reached.. It was after that all the lower levels started to transform.. I’l blog on it hopefully in next course of days… Left side of my brain is being worked on and also have sty in left eye!

    The bit about your left eye glass fogging up also reminded me of what I saw in med tge other day with my guardian in matter with a foggy eye… Like on the film ‘paul’ 😀

    Again… Loads of syncs n clarifications for me in this post… Love you loads and thank you!!!


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  4. Reblogged this on wanders re-awakening.


  5. was that lightning blue in the storm at your house by any chance?


  6. Hey Li li! So much going on you betcha! LOL we have a storm going on here as well. what really struck me in your post was the whole thing about plugging into the grid when the grid is ready and you may be in alignment with your own creation but you have to wait for the grid to be ready! I SO feel this! I so feel that, in fact my body is almost vibrating with anticipation that something is coming that will completely explode me with JOY, though I am already exisiting in joy at most moments…but yeah, the anticipation…I’m getting ancy! LOL

    I am also sending you a big hug for your eyes! My shoulders are doing the upgrade thingie and while I bless the process, Ugh. 🙂

    Love you tons! Alex


  7. This is a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing this. 🙂


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