Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 25, 2013

The Lightening Emerges and Sets The Winds of Change in Motion!!


Holy cow did the field, everyone’s readings, tell a vast story yesterday.  I know I have said this before, but I am going to say it again, I feel so absolutely privileged,  blessed, to be able to connect to you in the way you allow me to.   So, thank you for your love, your trust and your support for all us moving thru this new and auspicious time in our lives!

My first lady kick started a day of just weird energy that seemed to be present the rest of the day.  She had forgotten to give me the country code to connect my call with her.  I had no clue where in the world she was, I just knew she as out of the country.  After an hour and fifteen minutes of emailing, we finally got her country code to allow the connection.  It didn’t ring any bells yesterday (I was too worried about her hour reading only getting to be 15 minutes, because that’s all the time I had left before my next appointment.

I am realizing, for me, 44 is a massively huge number in my world these days.  Even my new modem (which doesn’t work any better than my old modem) the first two numbers of the pass code for wifi connection is 44.  Going to my handy dandy book written by Lee Carroll and Kryon, The Twelve Layers of DNA and their short and simple understandings of the energy of numbers… a 4 is Mother Earth Energy: The physical world – Understanding or being based in structure.  We know 44 is a master number and takes the single four and amplifies the energy of that and creates a broader meaning.  According to his view, we do not yet have a full meaning of the master number 44.  But I have a feeling, the way I seen this wonderful soul from London, gives us a wider, fuller view of it.

I had seen her on laying on top of her crystal ball energy on the West field side.  She looked exhausted as she mustered as much energy as she could to slither on her belly and pull herself to the center of her inner field (crystal ball) and get inside.   What struck me and confused me, was the color of her body, it was a brilliant, glowing yellow.  Even as I type out that word, yellow, suddenly Coldplay is singing in my ears: your skin and bones, turning into something beautiful.

It took me til this morning to really get the huge and important significance of her mini reading!!  She had been on the fast track of her spiritual development, learnign energy work, working the energy work.  Understanding and APPLYING various wisdom’s that were coming thru her and even noticing her subtle changes, most especially by others who no longer noticed her.

She had just come in from created life as an application of the things she had just woken up to.  Using the energy, expanding it.  And yet, she hit a place within her where she has learned all she can about herself from the created life that got her to here.  She holds the soul energy, the mastery within her whole body (hence the yellow) and now she must take a needed (but from her view, unwanted) rest to get deep into her core heart center and power up her inner heart field with all that she had learned and applied from the created life she is now exhausted from.

Sound familiar to any of you??  (big grin)

I know I am the first person to start complaining when I hit that “down time”… but it is more important, absolutely needed more than (I) ever realized!!  Being in your core heart without doing anything is like sitting on the charger of your life, re-energizing with a whole new energy that is now available to you.  No wonder we only got to do fifteen minutes of her hour reading.  She’s got two weeks to power up and we will connect again!!

And my next precious connection, showed us that stillness in one’s life does not always mean a charger moment.  Quite the opposite really.

At first, I was at a loss to understand her reading.  It was different from anyone else’s ever (that was the theme for yesterday… as it should be when things are moving again!)  I could see her heart center, her crystal ball sitting on the ground.  She was next to her crystal ball (on the left side, physical life) walking on a dirt ground that had nothing on it.  Just dirt and actually as I re-see it again this morning, dirt that has been heavily traveled on… smooth from feet walking on it.  I was so surprised to see ground at all, from what I understood the day before, we will start laying the dirt of our new life as we get to February.

She had her head down, looking at the ground, moving back and forth from the west side of her field to center then back again, never putting her head up at all.  I felt so strongly she was looking for something and was sure it was on the ground there.  It took me a bit to put her energy into understanding, and I know there is another group of folks who are going to really get this too (even if they don’t want to admit it out loud.)

She was on the ground I am just going to call December 2012.  She is looking outside of herself for what she seeks spiritually.  Looking to the earth, to the familiar (but now empty) path that got her to here and not once lifted her head to look at me or her heart center.  From what her team told her (and again, I know this is going to echo out for others) she has come to the end of the road and the ONLY next step is getting deep into her heart center and connecting fully with that energy.  Her very own heart is now her greatest block.  There is no more forward nor can she go into any other timeline (those do-overs we had talked about.)  Her only option, if she wants Life to move for her again, is get in that darn crystal ball!!

Her team even referred to it over and over again, like a rocket ship.  The moment she has full connection with her heart, her soul (from the inside out) that is what ignites the power-boosters and she will zoom to what I call the new energy of 2013.

Of course, we talked about meditation (as I have done with her in every other connection too) and YES, the beginning of learning meditation is hard.  I soooo know that.  And the untamed ego will give you every excuse, every reason to just give up the connection within because it is terrified of loosing control over your life.  It does get louder before it gets softer… but that is a lesson in mastery that must come before anything else.

This Sundays Soul Gym (8 am MST) ( topic and workout… Taming the wild ego!!  The soul gym is always FREE.  Just saying (smile.)

My third lady might as well have given me whip-lash from such a sudden turn in energetic’s!  There she was, crystal ball hovering about 3 feet above the old earth and wow weezers what a Light show I became privy to!!


Who ever created this image, seen my lady!!  This is exactly what I had seen thru her entire connection.  Lightening penetrating about 2-3 feet out into her created life and every single bolt was coming from her deep inner core space.  I was sooo excited to see this, but I have learned from past readings, not to get to close or I will get zapped with her highly charged energy field.  But I knew exactly what we were seeing… Imagine when a brand new, highly potent energy transformer comes online… it is releasing high voltage to every thing it is connected to.  EVERY-THING.  This is the energy field we all want (and depending on true desires with life/soul experiences  MUST get to.  she was releasing way too much high voltage to read beyond that.  We rescheduled.. with excitement, at least, on my end!

And my last reading of the day, a beautiful cherry on an amazing cake of a day!  This, is no doubt what the powerful energy of the core leads to.  As with pretty much everyone yesterday, I so understand so much more today about the extraordinary moments I spent connecting with him.

There was his crystal ball, jogged off to the right a bit.  Every one to this point has always been in what I will call “present moment” or in direct center of my field of vision.  He was out in what we will call time… creating!

I could see his biology standing inside the crystal ball, he too was facing the west within his heart center.  Just outside his crystal ball energy, in the west, I could see a garden of flowers starting to bloom.  I know this energetic flower as the energy related to Shambhala.  But there was no flipping ground!!  How do you grow flowers without dirt??  I could see his arms working something… and the beauty of spiritual vision, it is not restricted by anything.  I found a way to see in-front of him without moving his energy at all.

He was working controls… they were like levers or gears or something.  I kept getting a connection with a piece of heavy equipment like a crane.  Each gear shaft controls a particular movement and creates a particular outcome in that movement.  I realized what he was doing… what his SOUL was doing, was taking the energy from the silo of the west, harvested mastery and was laying out the landscape of his new (but really, I think, ancient) life.  He, his human, didn’t have to do a thing except love without any conditions, without any judgement, without any expectation at all.  He truly is in his master energy.  Even if his mind (love that mind, when tempered, is not all puffed up with itself, instead, see’s the road as incomplete and there is more to do) was surprised at the preciousness of his energy field.

I so realized this morning, his soul is putting down the landscape, the energy of heaven on earth.  He has completely (at least from my vantage point) given up his ego will to his soul will and the divine partnership is already hard at work… laying the ground before him.

My question became, does he (or any of us) ever turn towards what I see as forward, or future.  Instantly and heard quite clearly from his team “as he breaches the energy of February movement forward will happen.”  And with that, they showed a slow turn to the right from the west field to what (directionally) is the north field, which always creates the energy of moving forward.

Let me tell you,  I just wanted to cry those tears of absolute joy.  Not only am I so excited about what this means to him, but he gave us all a clear view of what we are doing when we feel like we are doing nothing.  It is in that very place, magic becomes our life path… Heaven unfolds at our feet.

Then, if exciting didn’t get more incredibly exciting… he asked a question that surprised me coming from his lips.  He was concerned about a body issue he has been dealing with for decades.  Really?  From what I understand energetically… there is no way your body field could have any issues really.

He told me about a 30 year intense headache he has been dealing with.  What I got to see and understand will humble me forever.  Again, the question is not what is wrong with me, but what is right with me!!

I pulled his body into my kitchen.  Holy heaven batman!!  Have I said how utterly and completely privileged I am to understand the fullness of how I (we) work thru the fullness of how You work!!  Phew!!

There he was, in my kitchen, in full double torus view.  Yes, I have seen people’s torus over the last couple weeks, off and on… but always just the inner torus, the heart field, because that was/is what we were powering up.  I seen his inner torus first(For those that have not yet seen the image, I am going to include it here… what he showed us, how we are working, is to important to not really understand.)

human double torus

Again, going thru the understanding I am limited in showing examples by my simple use of Microsoft paint, the energy I had seen streaming from the inner torus was a white silvery energy and radiated outward to his outer tours.  I used yellow stars simply because they show up well.  But now there is a really interesting twist in this whole torus view.  Not only does the inner field not flow from the core as shown in this picture, but really from the heart as it encompasses the energy of the solar plexus and throat chakra too.  But the outer torus has many many grids of energy (this image shows one.)  It is a thick field that is around us, around our heart energy.  Now this is really important to at least understand…

Imagine there are networks and levels of frequencies out in the created world of life (and there is) and what our job is… to so fully align with our heart energy that the only connection we could (or want to) make is with the equal frequency of created life.

If you bring any aspect of your ego, the fearful, insistent ego that wants what it wants the way it wants it… you have changed the frequency of connection to the outer torus grid and you will connect to an experience that allows you to learn from that (that has been my freakin January, thank you very much) and release the old energy (worries) the ego brought forward.

I sooo hope, his image gives you as clear an understanding about how we work as it does me.

I also must make mention of an equally important aspect too.  Going with a farmer planting his field.  For a farmer to have a great harvest, he must put the energy into tending his field (in this example, that would be the heart flow energy.)  And he also must put forth the effort of actually planting the seeds in the ground, obviously, even if you can see or feel the ground.  If the farmer just sits on his couch (or like me, in his bathtub lol) and contemplates the seed… it will have nowhere to grow.  Follow the energy of your heart, even… no… ESPECIALLY if it seems an impossible or even undesirable (from the minds perspective) task.

And so, I had to take a look at his head.  Why is this amazing man dealing with intense, if not crippling headaches for decades!!

Holy freakin shit batman!!

His energy field took me back in time, about 30 years.  The light that has always been encircling his brain… OMG.  I watched it as it moved in patterns I cannot, nor do I need to, understand.  Thru his brain but mostly within the cranial fluids that buffer the actual brain from the boney skull.  His biology, be Divine design, was about 3 octaves lower than the light he carried.

The undertanding we got thru this amazing moment was he contracted by soul blue print to carry a super high frequency of Light within his brainwaves, emitting this light outwards in his every moment of his life.  His biology had to purposely be at a lower octave so others in the world would connect to him.  When he goes into places or even timelines that are purposely designed to raise our Light frequency… he gets blasted… hence, the headaches.

This too shall pass.  Especially now that we are on an earth that fully supports the biological enhancements with the Light enhancements.

One day I am going to have the ability to show you what I see.  My words, will never show you the beauty, the wholeness of who you are and how incredibly you work within the Light spectrum and biological field of life.

I was in complete awe of this day, of YOU, of the true wonder of this moment we are all in.  But, I must bring something up that is now becoming a pet peeve of mine.  We create words, sentences, that really allow us to feel better about where we are, no matter where we are.  The sentence “Everyone is where they should be,” is a crock.  It should be “Everyone is where they are willing to take themselves.”   If you are not willing to get out of your mind, you are as far as you are willing to go.  Period.  You CAN go much further, but, choose not to.  Self/self responsibility… ya know.  The words “I can’t” breaks the WILL of spirit and hands the power back to ego.  Damn free will!! lol

The Winds of Change Gather Energy

I have debated adding this understanding to this sharing, but I have a feeling if I do not include it, I will forget and be off on other sharings tomorrow.  So…

I had two realizations yesterday, after my day of incredible insight from You… I hadn’t taken a bath in days (and my hair looked it.)  I had so much running to do but no way was I going out matted.  I really need to schedule a bath in my days lol.  I also really wanted to see where I was at in the whole crystal ball energy thingie.

The moment I seen myself, or some aspect of myself… I was instantly confused!!  There was my crystal ball, but it was dark but at the same time there was this energy flow emerging from the front (forward) side of it.  What the hell is that??  The moment the understanding hit my consciousness, I literally sat up in my bath and said out loud OH-MY-FREAKIN-GOD!!

There is a confluence of energy that happens every moment of every day and is spread about by the actual winds on earth.  What we (I) do not realize is how much of our own energy field (consciousness) is embedded in those winds.  What I was witnessing was a huge gust of my own soul energy, mingling with the air of earth, the solar stream of the sun and the other elements that create wind on earth.  Not only is my soul energy encased in this human… but also, the wind too.  No wonder I am a 5 life path, and pretty much, a 5 in the fullness of my numerology.  Change – winds of change.  Yeah, I am starting to understand me.

But also, the connection I have with the wind, especially here in New Mexico.  We get winds like I have never felt before (energetically) and for me, they are close to be orgasmic (NOT sexual at all, just to be clear here.)  We will get hurricane force winds (and I do love a hurricane) without the weather.  Those high winds spread my soul open like nothing else can… like those twin flames and divine counterparts… there is an energy recognition within the body when you are in the midst of your own soul connecting to your body.  I suppose, so is true for the high winds of New Mexico within me as I Am a part of that system!

This morning, as I even ponder sharing that, I suddenly remembered my man, my last connection of the day.  As our connection started to really unfold, the actually winds outside started blowing like crazy.  I assumed we were getting the front of the storm coming today.  Not.  The moment we disconnected, the winds stopped.  A confluence of energy that is already spreading out onto the created earth field.  Look out February!! lol

Well, my day beckons.  Thank you soooo much for allowing us all to understand more by your own desire to understand more and trust me to understand what any of that means to us!!   I love you so much!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with Winds of Love and Change!!

Lisa Gawlas

Side Note:  Last week, when I went to unbury my car from the Lava dust so I can drive to the store, the moment I touched this amazing energy an electrical bolt shot thru my hand up into my heart.  I decided to scoop all the Lava ash, which is as fine as talcum powder to use in my baths and charge my crystals up with.  My heart is pounding to share this million year old pure energy with others… so I decided to create a Valentines Package of both Lava ash and crystals on my reading page.  Love is truly in the earth!!  Right now, until the river warms up, supply is limited.   For full details and pictures, click here.  Once everyone has their lava infused crystals, we will access their power and magic via the soul gym!!



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  2. I too used to live in New Mexico for 22 years. I know about the winds, very exciting…. Check out my blog if you ever find the time. Love, Crazywolf


  3. super cool stuff Li li! I especially loved the bit about your man and his higher/lower octave because some physical things that I have endeavored to “clear” are persistent and i wonder if there is not some contract involved as well, cause I have consistent “pressure” in my skull! LOL big hugs and we thank YOU for sharing with us! 🙂 Alex


  4. first time reading your awesome blog post! thankyou


    • Big big (((HUGZ)))) of welcome Dandilion Song,

      I have to say you posted here just shortly after I received the dandilion seeds blowing back to its flower head image.. thank you for being in tune with my soul too!!

      More ((((HUGZ))) of loving excitement!!


  5. Li li, I had to come back in here and tell you a little sparkle came to me from the universe today. i was thinking of you vaguely this morning, about what you might share and I looked at the clock and it was 11:44! 🙂 So sweet!


    • I just love ya Alex,

      I am so sorry I almost never have a chance to reply to your postings, I am either brain dead or my internet is non-existent. Trying to post to wordpress comments area when my internet is lagging so bad is near impossible. So please forgive me if I seem to not reply much… its not for the lack of desire, but the lack of ability!!

      Obviously, we are together beyond the internet… and traveling together beyond time 😉 and space… a journey and adventure I am grateful to share with you soul sistah!!

      Big big expanding ((((HUGZ)))) to you!!


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