Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 24, 2013

The Winds of Change, of Acceleration Will Come With The Arrival of February!!

winds of change

There is no doubt we have made a huge shift within our heart centers and on earth herself.  Each of us here in our own unique energetic expression and skill set.  My first gentleman of the day of readings yesterday really set my soul on fire with understanding.  There he was, within his crystal ball energy field (inner field/heart center) and the view for me, was completely on the outside area of his crystal ball.  I seen what I recognized as an image of the earth made of crystal.  There were no land mass markings, nor any latitude (horizontal) lines… only vertical (longitude) lines equally spaced around his crystal ball.


I have said this before, many times, I am so lost when it comes to earth, give me the multi-dimensional pathways any day.  That is not to say I am not madly in love with earth, I just don’t know her energetic layout all that well.  So in seeing his vertical lines, I wasn’t even sure if they were longitude or latitude… until this morning when I went seeking more information, because it felt really important to understand.

The lines that make up the longitude settings on a map are really creating the meridians of earth, running North to South around the globe.

Then I had seen what looked like some sort of chunky crystal placed in various areas of some of the meridians of his crystal earth globe visual.  In trying to understand what was placed on his (external) crystal globe of his heart, I remembered my dream about crystals being implanted in my neck… but this was no “quartz point.”  He recognized the energy immediately… the Himalayan Ice Crystals.  Exactly!!  I was gifted (and since lost) a pair of Himalayan ice crystals a few years ago… they have an energy like no other crystal I have ever held and connected with.

hymalayan ice crystal

They do not look or feel like your ordinary crystal and thanks to recent ice melts in the Himalaya’s, have only been emerging in our very recent past.  These precious crystals holds the memories of Shambhala within them, which means, they hold the crystalline codes/memories need to infuse the meridians of earth with these codes.

(A note to the wise… I am realizing how many snake oil salesmen there are out there in this metaphysical landscape.  Phew.  There are people displaying crystals as Himalayan crystals that are sooo not that.  It is funny, the moment someone realizes there is a market for… whatever… they up the prices and change the labels to fit those wanting to “have that.”)

As I was (so excitedly) relaying the information from the field about these crystals, we were reminded that the last conscious memory we have of a fully living breathing community of ascended Beings were in the Himalayas.

So, his job right now is to connect with the energy of these Himalayan ice crystals and release the energy and codes in various meridians around the globe.

I cannot even tell you how excited I was thru his entire reading!!

My next lady really gave us a view of where we are at right now, as we wind down the crazy month of January.  There she was in her crystal ball sphere, as everyone else, suspended just above the ground about 3 feet.  When I made mention about there still not being any “ground” we can connect to, the field said that is what February’s energy is all about.  How can we create the landscape of our lives without the needed tools (energy.)  Makes sense to me!!

And again, I was taken to the outer area of her crystalline sphere and I could see what spirit called “energy modules.”    These modules, thru the remainder of January will continue to open and infuse her inner field and biology with the codes, the wisdom, the application needed to start laying out the landscape of her new life.

What I find interesting about every reading yesterday, all the energy was on the left side of everyone.  Meaning… Life is about to really let loose on all levels.  Everything that is now happening is to set the motion of the new field of created, physical life as you live and work the energy and wisdom of your soul, partnered.  FULLY partnered.

My third reading so surprised me.  She was not in her crystal ball at all, instead, she was outside with a step-ladder trying to find the doorway back in.  The fact that she had this step-ladder surprised me because there is no ground to set it on, yet, it remained in place.   The last time I read for her, she was the lady hanging onto a multi-colored rope coming down into her crystal ball energy field.  How did she go from hanging on inside, to trying to find her way back in… and then she told me!!

She is a free-lance writer and was contracted to write a particular article for a magazine and she lost all passion and interest in this article.  So she has been doing everything she could to avoid completing it, even tho, its only a few hours from being finished.

Again, this morning, I understand something so much clearer.  I have said before, many times, we cannot bring the old world energy into the new world.  At all.  She showed how true that is.

The true inner heart field can only house passion.  Love.  Joy.  Adventure of whatever task is at hand.  It cannot and will not sustain dread, fear, worry.  Finish up any and all old energy tasks or projects.  Please!!

My fifth lady of the day really hit the nail on the proverbial head with understanding.  I had seen her, again, on the left side of her energy field, no crystal ball energy at all.  The last time I had seen her, about two weeks ago, she was still very much aligned with the energy of December 2012… making choices that will allow her to fully experience the energy I call 2013.

Let me tell ya, just because you “know” what you have to do doesn’t mean squat.  The only thing that is real and true and will get you where you are going anyway… IS DOING what you need to do.

When her visual opened up it was as if I was in a room without any windows, not a shred of light at all… and I could see her form, breaking twigs from a tree.  I know what a tree means for her… the family tree.  There are people, family members who have already fallen off the tree and yet she has not broken free from the relationships that have already gone into decay mode.  I watched as she (which I fully realize this morning was her higher self aspect) breaking these twigs in half.  What we don’t put forth of our own accord will be put forth for us.

I realized yesterday in my sharing, that I didn’t mention but will today… somewhere along our life’s journey we press some sort of button within us that says to the creating field of matter “full spread ahead into my spiritual journey.”  Once pressed, it can never be unpressed.  It sets all the energy needed into motion.  We always have a choice of follow the stream into the hard choices, or be blown into it by the intense winds of change.  Either way…

Which brings me to February.


Once again, I have created a really humble drawing of how I have seen February, consistently  for the last several months, including yesterday.  What I never seen (and have no idea how creating in this layout) was the high winds of change that we will be feeling deep into our core Life, especially as we hit that center area.  This is a planetary event that, as always, will hit each person uniquely.  But, as the field has said many times now… EVERYTHING is about to change!!

We have spent January, plugging into our whole new frequency of life, of energy, of heart desire.  Anything less than that, will start to get blown away from life’s grip.  Keep in mind, life is also a process, thank God.  You may start to field the winds of change happening at the start of February or mid-February or even later than that.  But the winds for everyone…. are coming.  They will either pick you up and sail you into your greatest dream come true, or flatten you out to choose again… and everything in between, depending on where we are at within our own unique energy field.

For months, I had always seen the middle of February as a cylinder  and felt it like an intense acceleration thingie.  It is also where the potential of pure manifestation and portal openings exist.  The one thing I have found very interesting, the energy dots all around the month of February are as unique in color and placement as the person I am reading for.  Some… have no energy dots at all.  Which I have a feeling means… too much old energy being carried forward to charge the new energy in your field of life.  This too WILL change.

The one thing I know, not everyone on the planet or on “the path” is as spiritually obsessed (smile) with truly experiencing the fullness of shambhala (heaven on earth)  as I Am.  However, Life Is.

The ego has sooo many ready made excuses of why “this or that” and fully breaking free of our self-imposed limitations and judgements has always been the name of this game.  It’s about to up the ante for all.

The game is about to go into overdrive… what seat are you sitting in??  …and be honest with the reply to yourself, Life already knows!!

I love you all so much.

((((HUGZ)))) filled with the winds of change and acceleration!!

Lisa Gawlas

Side Note:  Last week, when I went to unbury my car from the Lava dust so I can drive to the store, the moment I touched this amazing energy an electrical bolt shot thru my hand up into my heart.  I decided to scoop all the Lava dust, which is as fine as talcum powder to use in my baths and charge my crystals up with.  My heart is pounding to share this million year old pure energy with others… so I decided to create a Valentines Package of both Lava Dust and crystals on my reading page.  Love is truly in the earth!!  Right now, until the river warms up, supply is limited.   For full details and pictures, click here.


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  2. I can already feel what you are saying about acceleration and change in my own family life. Things that have been at a standstill have shifted into opportunities that could manifest as quickly as next week! LOL this will mean that my ability to flow and focus in my own acceleration will be optimal as well. I am in the front row, the front row with popcorn…I get to see you, see you, close up! (Alanis Morrissette)…love you li li baby girl! 🙂 Alex


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