Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 22, 2013

Ego joins the Soul ~ The Buddha and the Butterfly

Buddha and the butterfly fly

There have been so many things I have shared over the years, just because I understand what is needed to be done, does not mean that I have achieved whatever it is being shared.  I do strive to find a way to “do that,” some tasks… has been close to 13 years in the process.

One of the greatest and most important tasks we must achieve (well, depending on how far you want to take your spiritual journey / experiences / abilities) and that is the full integration of the ego mind with the soul mind.  This is the core foundation to sustain all other things around us.  Without this full union, everything else we build is very much like a house of cards, a mighty wind from the untempered ego, brings it all down so we can start again.

What I couldn’t tell you, or myself for that matter… what exactly does that look like, feel like… how do we really know when we have achieved this great milestone.

Energetically, this has been a very strange weekend (for a lot of us I am discovering.)  I personally have been in a very strange void, disconnected, but not really.  Kind of like my internet   It has crashed, completely shut off over 100 times this weekend (per Windstream, my provider) I would reboot my modem, only to get a trickle of internet juice and then it would crash again.  Frustrating!!  But my internal connection seems to be exactly like that too, at least since the 20th.

Talk about timing and wonderful synchronicities, early in the afternoon on Sunday (the 20th) I could feel this pull into a bath, which was strange because I was down, but I didn’t have anything better to do… so why not!  As I was running my bath, I had enough internet juice to receive a comment on this blog.  A precious lady does not like the way I express myself, the colors of my language does not sit well with her.  I smiled.  This has not been the first time someone has asked me not to use the word Shit, or Fuck, hell I had one lady in a physical class get up and ask for a refund because I was talking about and using the word Christ.

My internet juice was only enough to let me read her comment, not reply back.  So into the bath I jumped.

The first thing that was addressed in my (attempt) at the bath meditation was the way this lady felt in the way I share.  I seen a rainbow, and a lot of people looking into the sky at this beautiful rainbow.  One person realized there was blue in the rainbow, and they have not liked the color blue at all, it made them feel bad things inside (from past conditioning’s  and insisted the rainbow remove the color blue so she could feel better about herself when looking at such a beautiful display of Light.

I noticed something very strange in this sharing of my bathtub insight.  There was no emotion in the sharing at all, none, zero.  Also, the rainbow I was actually seeing in this image, was dulled down in color.

I had another insight (was it that?) as I lay there realizing I am in serious self talk here… (or was I?)

The month of January… I have spent the entire month in a pattern within myself.  One day on (full on readings) one day off (not a single connection) then the next day on and so on.  I was then reminded of the strobe light pattern I had seen when my eye was in pain.  So many others talked about seeing blinking patterns too.  Holy shit, was reading as if January was a strobe light.

Again, I really had to pay attention to the way I was seeing and understanding all this.  A lot of words were being used.  No emotions within them at all… it was all very “a matter of fact.”  For as much as this meditation lacked the high’s of my souls emotion, it was completely void of anything negative too.  No judgement, no worry, no anything that I know as my ego mind.

I also noticed the stream of imagery and communication came completely from the right (spiritual) side of my vision.

I realized, I hit a major milestone within myself, within my life.  My ego has taken up it real and true partnership with my soul mind.  And with that, I realized so clearly what the ego is NOT capable of… true, pure joyful emotion.  It is exactly as it is designed to be “a matter of fact.”  It also cannot, in any way, replicate the colors of spirit.  But yet, once it embraces its partnership with the soul mind, it’s serves to expand the understanding within the soul in a real and tangible way without creating any negative feelings in the showing.

I so couldn’t believe what I was seeing and experiencing here.  I really wanted to just cry.  I knew, my own soul removed its energy so I could see and experience my own ego in a whole new, unified way.  Even without its beloved partner, the soul mind, it was still doing the work of the soul in its (perceived) absence.

This must have exhausted me, lol, because I got out of the bath and went for a two-hour nap.  In this nap, a dream experience, I watched as the spiritual realm of life operated on my cervical spine.  They opened the skin and started inserting crystal points about an inch big into each side of the vertebra’s.  They enhanced the energy of each side with various colored energies, it felt like these energies sealed into place the crystalline energy.  There are 7 vertebra’s in the cervical spine, which means I was implanted with 14 crystals (one on each side.)  Just before I awoke from this dream experience, I was looking thru my eyes at what looked like a screen of something.  It was a fuzzy or fury type of pure white material that was surrounded by a mixture of blue’s and red’s.   The texture of the screen itself reminded me of the texture of a popcorn ceiling paint.  I have no idea what that is going to mean to me, to the readings, to everything we have available to us now, but it sure as hell is gonna be exciting to find out!!

As I sat for the rest of the evening pondering both my bath and my dream, I was shown the times on my journey I never noticed before.  Over the last 13 years, anytime I had a major shift within myself it was almost always shaken up in the month of December, integrated in the month of January and I would be walking on a whole new landscape in February   Usually, I moved, literally.  What is soooo exciting about this shift, the land moved for me, I get to stay here!!  lol  But all of us will be walking in a whole new way… together!!

I fully anticipated being able to do readings the next day, NOT.  I was shocked I was still down, brains adrift elsewhere.  All of a sudden, my right eyeball was bursting with pain (not near as bad as last week, but I am such a wimp with any kind of pain.)  When I pulled my contact out to give my eye some room to breath, I realized the pain was directly in front of my eye, just above the iris on the white of the eye.  I knew this was a moment to celebrate.  When my left eye hurt so bad and I spent, literally, hours in my bathtub, in the dark, the pain in my eye shifted to the farthest outer corner to directly over my iris (well, just above it.)  My center vision is now online in both eyes.  I don’t even know what that means… but I feel the truth of it!!

I looked at the people (5) on my calendar, all have seemed to be on my schedule on my “off” days for not only January, but pretty much December too.  I had one man on there that was going to break my heart to reschedule.  I placed him into Mondays readings because it was supposed to be an “on” day.  Before I even attempted to connect to readings, on that holy toilet, I seen him.  Sitting in the dark, on the stem of his deep inner core energy at this root chakra, surrounded by his crystal ball field of created heart energy.  I was excited.  i didn’t get to see any more than that, but I was grateful to see that.  I told him he looked just like the Buddha sitting there.  I didn’t know what it meant to him, at all, but it had to be good!!

My last lady of the day, a new client that I have rescheduled and rescheduled more than I care to talk about.  My eye was feeling so much better, my brains on the other hand, not so much.  So I asked her if we could delay the connection just two hours, maybe I can find my connection after taking a bath.  Bless her loving heart, she agreed and told me not to worry about anything!!

I started my prayers, begging the field of life to show us something… anything!!  Sure enough, we caught a glimpse.

Imagine she is standing inside her crystal ball, legs spread as far a part as they can go, connecting to the crystal ball.  Arms same way, spread out and up and connected to the crystal ball.  Her root chakra directly over what I will call the deep inner core stem.  She was completely in the dark too, just like my man.

I blinked and begged to see what is happening.  Slowly, threads of light started to move around her legs and arms creating butterfly wings.  I could see very specific dots of energy being placed on her wings.  OMG this is what February always looked like.. scattered smeres of energy thru the shield of the creamsicle curtain (a pure blend of soul/white and sacral chakra/sense of Self… creating the color of creamsicle.)

I soooo understand what is happening in this precious power surge of a moment here!!

The Buddha  masculine energy, left all his worldly goods and titles to seek enlightenment, which he found within himself.  The butterfly went from traipsing along the ground, barely big enough to be seen by anything, limited by the binding to the earth… and went deep within and changed into pure freedom and beauty.

So what is happening now… is the Buddha and the Butterfly becoming one and the same.  The full Holy Union of Light and Flight.

This is sooo exciting!!  On that note, I must close.  I have a genetic cancer test at 8am and must leave here in about 10 minutes.

I love you all soooo incredibly much… and then some!!


Lisa Gawlas









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    I really enjoy reading Lisa’s sharings. It seems many of us are experiencing similar challenges, which to me seem to be all about integrating the ego self and the higher self. – Allen


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  3. Li li! Oh my goodness me! I had a meditative vision where I met my ego self as a black crow (as a child I had nurtured a baby crow and released it into the wild and black animals/cats have always been in my life so I have great affinity and love for them) as my soul self I welcomed it and nuzzled it as if it were one of my lovely parrots. the next night i had a dream of a tiny hummingbird but it was colored like a peacock with long plumage and rainbow colors. I felt such joy with little bird and when I woke something later in the day reminded me of the crow and I realized that in accepting my ego self and loving it for a job well done it had transformed! I have been operating pretty much consistently since then as you have said, with ego and soul hand in hand and it has been wonderful.

    Your vision of the rainbow, well, it spoke vast oceans to me because my journey through life has always been about conformity and uniqueness and eventually through persecution of my differences I realized that I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks of me and I embrace all of me, even my bad language! A word is only a word and it is only given the power we give it and simply put there are few words in the language that indicate the deep passions and emotions I feel sometimes. Certainly if a word for these things existed I would embrace them, and I do tend to make up my own words sometimes like Yippiefreakingskippie!

    Well, I guess what I am saying and thinking is Be your truth in all things. This time in this world is all about authenticity and accepting all aspects of ourselves as divine, as perfect and as our truth. this is so for everyone and everyone has a right to their own feelings. What they no longer have a right to is asking ANYONE to damp down their light. Period. End of Story.

    Tremendous hugs to you. I have to go into new york city tomorrow so my daughter can go to a play and I wont be able to join you in your soulgym, but I will be sending you all energy and love for a GREAT conversation on unconditional love! 🙂 Big hugs! Alex


  4. Lisa, I got SO excited while reading about your Dream with your wonderful “team” of Spirit working on your Cervical spine! I have had neck problems since I was in a car crash, over 11 years ago. I had surgery at that time, recovered quickly and ( so I thought) completely.
    Just this past October, my neck began to hurt really bad on the Left side……long story short, I had an MRI and found I have 3 Herniated Discs and Bone Spurs (left-sided). I have done 2 rounds of Steroids to relieve the pain. It worked for a while.
    Now, in the last week, the pain has come back so much worse! So, I’m looking at 3 scenarios…..I can try another round of steroids (Don’t like them), have another surgery (REALLY don’t want to), or…..WAIT and Pray and INTEND to become well again. Perfect. As God intended.
    A couple days ago, I sat in my meditation chair and asked for Divine intervention on behalf of my physical body. I KNOW that we are all “changing” right now, from our old 3-D Carbon-based bodies into our New, 5-D Crystaline Solar Light bodies.
    Oddly enough, strange things keep happening to/in my body…..on the LEFT side!
    I’ve written to you all about my LEFT ear, doing all kinds of crazy tones, ringing and beeping (a few months ago). My LEFT eye cried all day about 2 weeks ago. Ive been catching glimpses of “sparks” of light in my peripheral vision. The LEFT side of my neck (besides the cervical bone issue) has been breaking out in small sores, kind of like a mosquito bite (but not that). Five days ago, I awoke in the night, scratching the Hek out of my LEFT arm. It too looked like small “bites” of some kind (but not bites). They were gone within 24 hours.
    Now, today I awoke with these 5 little “spots” on my face that look like a burn-blister……All on the LEFT side of my face, and in places where zits don’t appear (just under my eye, for instance). I don’t know WHAT these things are, but when I ask my Higher-Self……I keep getting that my body is releasing stuff that needs to clear out!
    I’m sharing all of this with You, Lisa, and with ALL of the Beautiful people who also share on your site because; First of all…..I want to know if anyone else has experienced anything like this.
    Secondly….your dream about the Crystals being placed in your neck.
    And because I have decided to NOT have surgery again, but to keep on with my “Intending” and asking for the “perfection” of my physical body, which I BElieve WILL and IS happening as I write this.

    I wanted to share this with everyone on your Blog, so that WHEN I am pain-FREE again, it might help others who are questioning what is happening in THEIR bodies!
    I told my husband last night the same thing I just told You. Of course at that time, I didn’t know anything about your Dream……I am taking that as a “Sign” that I’m doing the right thing, and will let you know how my progress goes.

    *****Before anyone feels the need to tell me to go back to the Dr., or give Medical advice……not that I think I know it all (at ALL), but I worked as an EMT/Paramedic for 5 years before my car wreck forced me to quit. So, I think I have “covered the bases” on what might be going on with me in the area of “Physical Medicine”.

    I believe that all of this LEFT-sided stuff has something to do with the process in my RIGHT-Brain, evolving and therefore effecting the left side of my body.

    I would VERY much appreciate any input and sharing on this!

    And I THANK YOU SO MUCH, Lisa…..for giving us ALL a place to connect with like-minded BEings!


    • Hi Camille,

      when your higher Self says you’re releasing stuff that no longer serves you that is probably true. I’d say just go with it …

      This channeling from Metatron about the phases of the Lightbody process might be interesting for you. He describes physical symptoms in the different phases and I recognized some of them which I just thought were “accidental” (like stumbling when trying to walk).



      • Thank you, Zarah! I actually read Metatron’s message yesterday and was just Spell-Bound by it all! I would encourage EVERYONE on here to read it also. I’m going to read it again today.
        LOVE and LIGHT!
        Camille (Earthchicky)


      • Zarah baby! I LOVED that channeling and very very much in alignment with what LMetatron said and it felt so righT! 🙂


    • Huge hugs Earthchicky. My mom just has her second fusion. I was kind of in Awe that Li li’s experience with the crystals basically follows the exact pattern of a cervical fusion, but of course spirit knows that.

      I am sending you extra special love and light for your healing and I know it is completely possible as I have healed myself of ovarian cysts when they wanted to take out my ovary. We absolutely can have the determination and will and power to heal ourselves!

      Blessings! Alex


      • Alex, thanks SO much for your reply and for the LOVE energy you are sending me! I woke up today feeling better than in a long time!
        Congrats on healing yourself of ovarian cysts! This gives me even more encouragement for my own process of healing.
        If you haven’t read Lord Metatron’s message (Zarah posted the link, above) I believe you will really like it.

        Camille (Earthchicky)


  5. I enjoy your words and the energy I get from them. I allow the new and I try to understand that which to me seem unwanted as well as what is wanted. I know I am love unconditional and never alone. So I have learn to just breathe deeply and relax and find the joy in it- cause it’s always there. And from there I can see much better what choice to make.


  6. Another confirming blog by Lisa! Don’t worry what people say about US, Lisa….we all have our individual and collective light to shine, no matter who it is we are….I describe what you are describing as “Observing”. If you ever saw the sci-fi show Fringe….they have characters called “Observers”. When the observers came they had no emotion, but a group of them that were here to observe humans became like us in the sense of emotion. They were considered tainted because of this. Our egos are evolving to be somewhat like this observer non-judgement, curious, intelligent brain…..and the heart, the center of our soul being…is expanding to encompass all of US….so true, no worries, a child-like curiosity, finding…(what we used to call “the hard lessons”, even the dark side of self) valuable and interesting..
    Let me know if you understand my reference! I am not saying exactly like these characters, but that’s the easier way to describe it….September would be the character I hope we turn out to be like.

    I can see this long funnel of energy whirling and whirling….it seems to go so incredibly fast, and yet it feels as if time is just an illusion, and hours slip by constantly, days into weeks, and where did it go??? That is the realization that time does not exist…it all becomes fluid….loll, its super cool!!
    Laura Coy


    • Ohhh I love Fringe and look forward to the finale (I am a week behind because I have to stream it on huluplus.) So I know the reference well and the characters you mention. That is actually a really great comparison. The ego knows material construct very well, by design. And by design, it was meant to keep us, the incarnate spirit connected to destructible biology, safe. Hence being birthed in fear. Somehow, we just got stuck in the “fight or flight” mode for eons, and we have worked our asses off to finally free ourselves to what we were always meant to be!!

      I agree too, September is the bomb, even took out his device so he could “feel” again. Life without the passionate fire of the soul… well…. been there done that and it really does suck!

      Love the visual about time… blink… its next week already!!

      Love ya!! ((((HUGZ))))


  7. I cannot believe the show is over…so sad, but you will like the finale. hahahaha!! I was on the phone, and stopped writing my comment, and then came back and read it and thought: “WE are ALL going to like the finale!!” only there is never a finale….it just keeps going, here, there, everywhere!!
    Just follow the butterfly! (message for you, Lisa) Follow it!!


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