Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 20, 2013

The Crystalline Field of Life Within and Divine Counterparts!

crystal ball

Here is what I learned from readings yesterday about what we are doing at this moment.  Powering up our inner field, our heart field.  Very much like a farmer who goes out and tills the soil and drops seeds to harvest thru the year.  With our emotional field within our core, we are in the midst of planting the seeds that is already producing the landscape of our new field of Life.

A dear friend volunteered to wade thru the plethora of sharings I have done over the last year to find when Jorge first appeared in my meditation.  She found a sharing from Feb of last year called As Above ~ So Below.  I sat in the late night quite and re-read that sharing.  So many bells and whistles went off within me.  This sharing is as relevant as the readings in the field yesterday.  They are like bookends of understanding really.

I am going to share two snippets of last years sharing and expand on what I soooo understand now:

…He came running up to me standing there still as a statue… when I realized, I was asleep!  He put his hands on each of my arms and started shaking the hell outta me… saying, over and over again… “wake up, wake up.”  Am I sleeping?

I never really understood this until I read it again last evening, especially given my meditation the day prior (see Grains of Sands sharing.)   It if funny how our ego contstruct is really.  Just because we understanding something we see ourselves as awake.  Speaking souly for myself, I have spent a lot of time (13 years) emerging into a broader awareness of Real Life, but only spent fleeting moments truly being Awake at any given moment, even to this day.

Going back to Jorge’s statement from last year:  Aware is NOT Awake.  Holy shit, serious understatement that only hit me in fullness close to a year later!  Geez Louise!!

How many of us have spent so much time applying this, trying that, and sometimes, at best, getting fleeting moments of it all.  This next excerpt really hit the nail on my head!!:

Jorge told me that a farmer gets to know it’s soil before it every goes to planting.  I must spend my time today (yesterday) outside in the field, getting to know it.  ….I never said I wanted to farm!  

I spent days getting to know the landscape here.  The dirt, the energy, the Guardians… not once in all this time did I see MySelf as the soil.  I even planted some veggies during this time, February   Seeded them in their own pot, inside the house.  They never even started to emit fruit until September and what they did produce was miniature!  I knew they had to be sending me a massage of some sort…

The soil of our life, where all things grow from, is our deep inner core, our Soul.  If we are tending to our ego (created life) we are not feeding the soil of our garden(s).  Both are produced from the same area!

We are only awake when we are so outside of the illusion that our life and its construct is real.  The very moment we look at our life and restrict our flow of energy (limit ourselves) we are sleeping.  Let me give you two examples from yesterdays readings… both of which, I have been doing myself these last several weeks!

We are now housed in our crystal ball field of energy.  Inner field, heart field (all the same field.)  Thru all 5 readings yesterday, there were several constants.  No ground beneath the sphere of crystal ball energy.  All suspended in air about 3 feet above the “old earth.”  Every persons sphere of energy was so clear I could see straight thru it.  Which means, we really do have an absolutely clear slate to start from.

Old habits die hard… but it doesn’t have to be that way!  (whispered to myself really)

One lady I read for was taking handfuls of energy, that to me, looked like paint (red and blue paint) and was grabbing handfuls of this energy paint and smearing it on the inner area of her crystal ball (heart field.)  This would actually make a perfect meditation for everyone to do.

As I was looking and feeling what she was doing, there were no details I could connect to.  She was not paining anything really… so I had to connect to the paint/energy itself.  Smears of red, the new earth, the new energy we are in.  Focused deep in her heart in creating and maintaining “that”… even, no especially, when she really doesn’t know what “that” really looks like (hence smears, which is perfect.)  She was also putting smears of blue on her inner side of the crystal ball.  Pure soul expression.  Smearing it and blending it into the red.  She was at the very beginning stages of this new tapestry of her life (as we all are) so the area of her energized crystal ball was small, but emerging.  Ohh and it was on the left side, energizing her physical life.

She, like so many of us, wants to live her passion from the inside out.  She wants to live in joy, impassioned about what she is doing.  Yet… has no idea what either looks like.  From the reading perspective, that was soooo perfect.  It is the only way we are going to create exactly what our soul desires… letting go of all the details and the need to know what anything looks like.  The ONLY thing that matters, is what it feels like.

To contrast her energy, I read for a lady just after this one.  I actually started to see her energy field before I called her and my lord she had some pissed off energy going on!  She was inside her crystal ball, kicking the ba-jesus out of it.  What was really interesting was her body was black.  Funny how we completely block out our own light when we are sooo frustrated. (note taken here for myself lol)

The first thing I asked her when she answered, what are you so upset about!  She proceeded to tell me.

Let me tell you how incredibly powerful the crystalline field of your creation is NOW.  Whatever you are putting out in energy, in thought, in frequency, is already back at you, expressing.  Everything that bugs her about life and people seems to be right in her face now… perfectly created and attracted by her.

I will be so glad to share my own real and true example of both of these aspects of created (personal) reality.

Before I left to go to my sons for Christmas, I was having an amazing meditation with the sun and my divine counterpart.  Granted I only got to see a penis, two arms and two legs (no body no face) but I knew what I was connecting to, and I connected freely and uninhibited.  I can even say, in that moment of time, I was wide awake.

And then… I went to my sons and on that morning around New Years, had that strange and sudden semi-materialized experience with Marc.  I went straight back to sleep… the ego all over the place in expressing all that it doesn’t want.

In having my several weeks worth of ego demands and inner melt downs, I completely pushed away what IS.  I went straight back to playing the game from a realm of awareness and NOT from being awake.  If I held what I knew to be true and real, I would have seen what IS and what could not possibly BE, but what I didn’t want was much stronger than any of that!!

So you can say, I was momentarily putting globs of paint on the true soul desire within and then kicking the ba-jesus out of it from fear.

How many of us are seeing and experiencing that blinking, strobe light (from the emails, I would say…a lot.)  Our goal, as we are blinking our eternal eyes to remain awake… is to be only in the Light.  Nothing else exists or is Real…. no matter how strong our emotional memories may be.

And then, the cherry on our cake.  My last reading of the day shocked me on so many levels.  Once again, I had seen her before we even connected.  She was set up directly in her deep inner core center surrounded by her crystal ball energy field.  Her body was a pure glowing white energy with splatters of various colored energy thru out her.  On her back, was something out of a NASA website.  She had this jet pack on her back, and I watched as the jets lit up and she went zooming upwards.  All I could think was… what the hell is that!!??

Boy oh boy… talk about such an incredible teacher for all of us.  She had just gone thru a major life stage clearing.  Disconnecting from old groups, relationships, the whole lot.  Decided to do things on her own, in her own way and to live authentically without anyone telling her how she needs to be.

This was the greatest gift she gave to herSELF (we all should take note of how powerful letting COMPLETELY  go is.)   What I came to understand is this is how fast what she is already putting together, is going to be in manifesting.  Rocket fuel (the green energy kind… because it comes straight from the heart/soul.)

Then she asked a question that really took me by surprise.  Gives huge credence to the saying, just because you (we) know something doesn’t mean we know all of it.  she asked about her divine counterpart.  I about shit when I had instantly seen TWO amber Beings getting ready to jump off the cliff into her created field of life.  What was even stranger… each guardian had a tiny little black dot located, I suppose, where the heart center would be.

I went thru the gamut of what that could possibly mean… two men, a man and a woman, twins… why two??  And whats up with that black dot in the amber light flame I recognize as the Guardians?  I have never seen that before.

Here is what I am now understanding.

When we have completely cleared our heart center, our field of Life… no baggage, no bullshit (smile) and KNOW with all your Being what got you to here was not REAL but variations of what is REAL and what is ILLUSION and wipe the illusion clear…. We (the incarnate human) will be as free and unrestricted as the Divine Counterpart.

So what I had seen, was the two of them making the leap into the REAL, TOGETHER!!!  The black dot represented their heart connection… the reason it is black right now, they will be working together, to bring the full frequency of the field of Light to their created field of Life.

So… (boy if this doesn’t get complicated)

Last year, as I was looking at people’s potential for that “divine counterpart” relationship, with some, i would see several potentials, staggered thru time, but I knew they were different ‘people.”  Of course, last year, hell last week, I really had no idea what a real divine counterpart was and really put the energy of (what I now understand) as the twin flame counterpart.  There is a slight difference to what these two do (energetically speaking) and ALL are very much the aspect of the Guardians.

Boy, I pray I don’t confuse you more than anything with this… I had no idea!!

I think the only way I can even have any of this make sense, is going back over my own crazy experiences.  There are guardians who have incarnated into a living body and came into this field of life thru actual birth.  Again, they are very much a part of our soul energy and the familiar, the recognition is unmistakable (albeit, to a newbie can be confusing really.)  These aspects of ourselves will come into our lives when we are ready for the energy exchange they bring.  Every single relationship that ends, is bringing us closer to the fullness of why we are even here.

The first love of my life, George, showed me unconditional love like no one else could and kicked up so much dirt in me, the sheer amount of fears I had held tightly to.  He was the first relationship aspect of myself… of the field of Guardians that is my (our) soul group.  Next came Marc… well, we know that story enough to get the point.  I learned sooo much about soul relationships thru him… way beyond the physical experience that was George.  and yet, stirred up every unresolved issue within myself thru the exchange.  I spent years in my bathtub working on all that.

So, now, comes the bookend… Jorge.  That will start a whole new journey of combined experiences, unencumbered by the illusion that we are restricted in any way.

So… obviously not all relationships are the same, but all are needed to get us to where we are all going anyway (eventually.)

I am going to close on that note for now.  Phew baby what a morning!!

I love y’all, so much.  You are the pearls in my life!  Thank you for Being and daring to live authentically!!


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  1. Reblogged this on This Incredible New World.


    • I only broke my leg (knee cap) in a motorcycle accident most people wouldn’t of survived from. The broken leg provided me with the solitude I needed to proceed through my awakening. That I did understand.
      In the last 2 years I too have left everyone in my life behind and I really couldn’t figure out why I was doing it. Thanks for the insite, It is all understandable now.

      Thanks LISA for your insites, I understand most of what is going on but there are times things get a little hazy and I look to you for a little help from time to time.


  2. This resonates so deeply and made something very clear to me about duality and twin flames within … and it was right here all the time. I just didn’t get it. Four years ago I met a man who was a renegade some might say a “bad seed.” We dated a few times … he’d disappear in and out of oilpatch … how they do … so I didn’t take him seriously because I know the oil deal and how those boys get. One day I hadn’t heard from him for a week and he asked me to meet him for dinner. When I got to the restaurant, I sat down and looked at him. His face was torn with anguish and all of sudden I saw two faces in him. I saw Anguish Man and Kind Man. They came in and out so clearly it wasn’t even an “illusion” or an apparition-type thing. It was real. It was his spirit and his body. He was fighting with himself to bring the two together. I told him this story a few times over the years. “I saw two of you … there are two people inside you!” I understand more clearly the cross …. up and down is spirit the kind man … side to side is body the anguish man. He’s in turmoil because our bodies are wounded as deeply as our mother earth. We have allowed our earthen flame to take the pain and all the debris … and our spirit flame feels the wound and grieves for it. This must have been the same third-eye began to open! This makes so much sense. Thank you for opening my eyes to this Lisa. I love you so much.


  3. Dear Lisa,
    I always worry before I click on your site because some of your colorful language and image isn’t necessary and takes away from what you are trying to convey. Some things might need to be softened a bit. There is nothing holy about sh–. I’m no prude but it doesn’t conjure up a pleasant image and some things are better left unsaid. No offense intended.


    • ….hmmm… every atom is divine… even the tantric texts refer to sh** as divine matter, just as all ‘ingredients’ of Earth are.
      Just for contemplating 😉


  4. Dearest Li li, simply beautiful and amazing! More zings for me personally and I completely concur with you related to how FAST the energy flips on the light these days. Also the awake and aware bit-Oh I think a lot of us on the path of knowing, know stuff, but give it lip service without honor and that bites the hell out of us. Its a divine gift and needs to be treated as such!

    I also strongly resonated with the statement Jorge made about the soil. Oh how joyous it is for me personally to put my hands into the soul, to feels its ancientness, energy, biology and nurturing nature. I have always felt strongly that feeding/preparing/knowing the soil is key to abundant natural fruition and have felt the same way about it in spirit as well.

    Hugs bunny! Alex


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