Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 17, 2013

Time Quits as Multi-Suns Emerge! YOU Are In Control!!

two suns

I really need to find a way to clone my self!  I have had several people give me high fives for doing so much every day.  Let me promise you, the more I do, the less efficient I am getting.  I have not tended to emails or private messages on facebook in… a while.  There just isn’t enough of me to do it all and for that, I am really really sorry.  I have read every single thing that comes into my email or private message area, it is the replying I am getting not so reliable at.  For that, I deeply apologize  I had always been anal about replying to everyone… and now, especially with the down and out energies I have had in January, I cannot find the energy to sit and share or talk for a moment longer.

Before I get into sharing yesterdays readings, i want to share with you two new pictures of the morning light hitting the Mesa since the avalanche as well as some juicy tid-bits I had found out about these times of falling away…

This is the very first picture I had taken, just out my back door.

new Mesa

And then I took a walk down to the river to get a view unobstructed by the tree’s in my back yard:

close up mesa

In talking to my landlady yesterday, I found out some surprising information about the other avalanches that had taken place within this particular Mesa.  Altho, the release of itself outwards on January 15th was the largest in recent memory, two others took place over the last several years.  Just to the left, adding an element of white light to its structure (OMG, this now makes even more sense given the readings last week and yesterday) happened in 2008.  When she mentioned the year 2008 I stopped in my tracks.  That was the very year the whole energy of Shambhala started to infiltrate my own consciousness.  Could it be the release of this Mesa in and its secrets already knew me and made its way to my consciousness??

Further to the left, a deep cut out happened by yet another release in 2010.  Very different from the two releases to the right.  I started to write my book “The Lost Codes of Shambhala” in 2010 in fury.  I was understanding things that were so deep, so vivid and real.  Could it be this Mesa and I have been connected long before I was conscious about anything??  Absolutely!!

I did some arrow work to show you where the other releases are located:

close up mesa arrows

Remember last week when i was sharing about the readings and I was seeing this white wave of energy in that triad formation.  It was constant in each and every reading.  Look at the white light flow in the pictures… but also… snow was under the lava debris.  Pure white light energy beneath the surface of its release.

Yesterday, thru every reading I was seeing the lava dirt raining down everywhere in people’s inner field.  The new top soil of our enchanted field of life.

I am realizing something so profound that I am just in awe of this very moment.  Thru the aspect of symbolism via YOUR light field, we are seeing something happening that is quite literal.  Think about this for a long moment… if… thru our connections together, the readings, we are literally creating the landscape of our high vibrational Life and it is happening within a week!!  Literally!!

That is HUGE!!  At least in my world… hell, in my whole energy field!!  I feel like package of pop rocks that just had liquid spilled on it!! (smile) Zip, Zap, Zinnnggggg!!

I must share a huge tidbit of information that came thru two things.  One, a pendulum communication I had with Archangel Michael a few days ago, and the readings yesterday.

As I so often do in my own times of inner voids (lack of connection with spirit or mySelf for that matter) I take out my handy-dandy pendulum and ask for understanding.  I knew by the shear debris of stuff in my body we were going thru a massive shift on every level.  I wanted to know what exactly does that mean to us.  And good ole Mikey baby (as I call him) loves his cryptic ways of sharing messages.  The first thing he swung out was:

It is the Veil that turns day into night.

Now what the hell does that mean??  Literally??  Figuratively??  Come on Mikey… I don’t have enough brain power to decipher a thing.  So, he swings out…

Time Quits.

Is it spiritual to want to choke out an angel??  Who cares… what the hell does that mean.  Suddenly, thru the grogg of my head, I seen that day and night does not exist… at all!  If the sun does not ever really set and come up in our apparent mornings… there is no time… at all.

Well then, my beloved Mikey baby… what do we do with that??  Ohhh gotta love that angel… (said quite facetiously) He swings out:

Love guides the way.

I tapped out and put my pendulum and my cryptic angel away.  I couldn’t even come close to understand it all… until yesterday.

One of my ladies asked about something that was time/date oriented.  I was so shocked to hear the field say to her something like, what is happening in this present moment is out of time and we cannot give you a time oriented answer.  Time as we know it and work with it is changing.

I just sat there with my chin hanging to the floor.  Not only did I hear what they said… I felt it!!

So as I tell her this and inside asking her/our team well then, how does this all work from here?  They showed me.  I did a very humble diagram to share with you the visual:

pully system

Before I explain what I (attempted) to show you, let me fill in some important details.  Altho the entire rain of ancient dirt (can we say the settling in of all that harvested energy now being your top soil) is everywhere in the inner field, the main concentration that I am now seeing is in the core of your core… deep inside your heart!  This where all of life begins and ends…

Suddenly I had seen four different sized suns all in front of my lady.  I recognized what I am just going to call, “our sun” the one that comes up and shines every day without fail.  It was the largest of the four being shown.  The other three, from what I am (barely) understanding, is other suns in other solar systems that regulate the movement of perceived time.  They were all smaller than our sun… at least in this visual!

Then I seen pulleys wrapping around each sun, moving it at a particular speed.  Each sun created a different version of time.  Our pulleys are vibrationally charged and move according to our deep inner heart energy.  The more intensely we feel something, the faster it manifests within our reality.  When we change our energetic feelings about (whatever) we switch pulleys and delay the arrival.

I was soooo excited because I feel how important all this was… and yet… equally frustrated because I don’t fully understand how to work it all… yet.  But I kept hearing Michael’s words of days prior…  this is exactly what he was trying to tell me.  Geez Louise… and this is now how we are working our energy systems and outcomes.

If it is the veil that makes us think we cannot have this (whatever this is) until…. next week and next week does not even exist, then time quits for sure.  Love is so out of time, that what we are pulling (OMG, I didn’t even get that connection until now… with all those “pulleys”) to us can happen in an energetic nan0-second of heart energy.

There is just sooo much information coming up inside of me right now… phew baby!  I am going to close this sharing so I can harness what is coming in into… well, another sharing… including what will be shared in the Living Shambhala blog.

We talk about “the shift” so much that I think, in looking outside of ourselves (the earth itself) we are missing what is really happening.  The shift is within us.  Moving from earth based, material, matter oriented to heart based.  Even that which I will just keep calling kundalini energy MUST shift  (that is really truly interested in living the energy of Shambhala in this lifetime) from the groin/root chakra area and become permanently housed in the heart chakra area.

I am going to close on that note and ponder while I hear the amazing voice of Carole King sing…

I feel the earth move… under my feet…

(((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and awe to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

For your expansion pleasure:



  1. thanks Lisa… love your blog… just joined and looking forward to many more.. this is so relevant with what is happening… thanks again..


  2. […] Lisa Gawlas […]


  3. Hey Li li, I am reminded of “sacred ground” so strongly in your connection to this place and its actual physical manifestations of what you are feeling energetically. Could be from past lives?

    I also love love love your description of how we are using different suns (sources of power) to manifest different things in different ways, its as if we now have multiple ways of bringing things into being and each way applies to a different energy within us.

    As for archangel micheal, I have to laugh because to Me personally he has always been a joker and enjoys the fiestier side of us humans!

    Hope your eye is feeling better and just a quick thanks for the wonderful Soul Gym playing yesterday–it was totally awesome! 🙂

    In love and light! Alex


  4. Read this with interest and amazement. Have I got this right? You use your pendulum to get messages from Michael by swinging it over your keypad and spelling out his words?? I ask because That’s the way I get messages from Koimul. Been doing it for around 10 years.
    Once tried showing to the development circle I belonged to, but most of them ran off screaming…
    PS LOVE that Carole King track 🙂


    • Hi Janonlife (((HUGZ)))

      I don’t use my keypad, but the way you do it obviously works just fine. I have a peice of printed paper with a half circle of ABC’s laid out… not in order, even tho this image I am going to share with you has them in order. There is nothing else on my half circle either other than the alphabet. Could not find the one I use… so this is close enough:

      Pendulum Chart

      Pendulum use was one of the first basic constant communications I started with… then the lesson became, do not channel the ego!! lol Time and practice!! (((HUGZ)))


      • Awesome!! Thank you so much for explaining Lisa. I started off using a fan of alphabet letters too, then I managed to buy a curved computer keyboard, so I can type messages as I dowse. (Quicker!)
        And yes, certainly been there with the ego thing!! Sometimes SOOO hard to know if I’m picking up pure messages or my own interpretations.
        Lovely to meet a fellow dowsing channeller 🙂
        Maybe you’d like to take a look at some of my ‘inspired’ posts…
        Love, Jan xxxxxxxxx


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