Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 14, 2013

Our Crystalline Hearts and the Power Within!

crystal heart

Somedays, I feel like I am living my day in a the midst of an exploding star… scatter energy everywhere.  The beauty of stars is they are so full of light that when they explode, they are revealing streams of information readily available to anyone willing to connect.  One of my main learning’s yesterday, do not put the words communication and challenges near the same energy stream!!  As with any new project, there is always kinks to work out, and that was soooo true for the Soul Gym yesterday!  We got so much more than we bargained for!!  I have decided to go back old school and keep our chat sessions typed.  Details will be on The Soul Gym website (later) today.  Since we never really got into a whole conversation yesterday, the topic will remain the same for Wednesday at 4:30 pm MST.  Good news is, with the new chat room, it does not matter how much I lag, it does not affect the conversation at all!!  Happy Dancing!!

My first reading of the day, really showed us all something.  I also want to say this too, before I share this insight.  Even those still clearing the way to move forward, I find to be the greatest teachers of my (our) life.  We learn so much thru you, no matter where you are.  Now here is a beautiful thought to ponder… what if, your very moment is to show us what we may be dealing with in our own lives.  Do not ever, not ever, feel bad about anything you are moving thru… because you are teaching us sooo much thru your energy stream!!

My beautiful lady, someone I actually know personally, showed up twice before I even connected with her on the phone.  Her back slammed up against a wall, in a 2D (flat, or was that splat) silhouette form.  I was sure I must be seeing something in error.  That is, until we connected on the field.

I was so surprised to see the familiar layout of the field of 2012 as her setting.  I kept feeling it was the end of 2012, December, when we all were making choices, putting energy forward for our brand new energetic field of life.  For the most part, she did exactly that too.  Her reading opened up the center of her field, her life surrounded by a dome of energy that was now netting (new grid) instead of gel-like.  The netting was an amazing turquoise color, as was the energy emanating from her entire abdomen and heart area.  The energy coming from her body was like a back-lit aqua marine crystal… breath-enhancing!!  What I didn’t realize until right now… her energy, her magnificent energy is pulling her forward (which is why it was seen outside of her body) and yet… there is this pesky element to her called her home life, in particular, her husband that, the moment she makes a few strides forward in her spiritual path, wraps his energy around her and pulls her 10 steps back… splat against the wall.

What doesn’t empower you, serves to dis-empower you… and it is exhausting (I was exhausted just watching this happen over and over again in her energy field.)  Our minds, our mental constructs of what is right and wrong, good or bad, safe or unsafe… is truly holding us back from our greatest, fullest, most life enhancing potentials.

If you are content to straddle what could be, then none of what I am sharing matters.  If however, you want the fullness of your energy field, your whole spiritual field of creation to come fully to life… you have to take a long moment and note, what in my life is no longer serving my higher good.  This beautiful lady is such a grand mirror in my own life.

Two weeks ago, I was adamant in my own mind about what I do not want, creating my own codes of light to remain so distant and apart of happening.  The moment I surrendered to the WILL of my soul… it all lined up with an electrical field I have never experienced before.

Our pesky minds contrasting the soul agenda!!  Gotta love them both!!

My second lady was just as an amazing teacher as my first one… different, yet so similar too.

She unfolded way up above me, walking on what I eventually understood to be a really really large crystal ball.  I suppose this is the new frequency and layout of our heart centers (inner field of Life.)   She had just walked from the West and showed up close to the East (new beginnings) and was looking downward into the inner field of her heart.  If I didn’t just have the crystal ball meditation the other day, I would have been so lost as to what any of this means…

She was on the outside looking in.  Spirit is not going to let me see before you!  I could feel 4 different energies within her really large heart center, but could not tell her what any of it was.  Spirit said she has options, these are her current options, but she could not feel what those options were.  I could feel the emerging energy within her crystal ball heart field, but spirit kept me from seeing or understanding what those options were… at least, not before you power any of it up yourself.  Even if you don’t understand what the feelings you are feeling are completely, you must take a journey deep inside and at least press on the gas peddle a little.  So spirit gave her a little exercise (which I am going to share with all of you still wondering….)

Go into meditation, go to your heart center, see it as a crystal ball and feel the energy radiating outwards from it.  Even if you have to put your hand over your heart to start the connection with the feeling(s)… start somewhere.  Trust what you feel and follow that energy trail.  Keep your mind out of it!!

You don’t have to understand it, or even like it (speaking souly for myself here lol) you just have to trust what you feel and follow the flow unencumbered!!

I split her reading in two and will do a follow up later this week.  My first lady bought a package so we booked her second reading a week from yesterday so we can see if she has put any new, life enhancing energy / choices with follow thru, into her life.  The one thing I know from my own experience, a choice made in the head without follow thru in heart energy means very little to the energy vibration of y/our life.

Today I am now three readings into my day and I realized something so exciting.  We have been talking about moving from carbon based to crystalline based in our pineal gland.  May I just say, at least in our heart frequency… WE HAVE ARRIVED!!

Every reading now is laid out like a crystal ball, at least the inner field, whether we are walking on it (looking from the point of view of life into our heart) or hanging my a rope in it (smile, details tomorrow) or emerging from the shadows into our fullness.  (A details will be part of tomorrows sharing.)

However, I must talk about the one I just got off the phone with, or at least tease you with.  I woke up 10 times more tired this morning than I went to sleep and am exhausted (except for when I am in a reading, strange really… good for those in the reading tho!!  Smile.)

bubble wrap

Imagine your crystalline heart field kinda resembles bubble wrap.  Puckered areas in your crystal ball energy heart field that has arcing energy contained within each pucker.  For her I could only see one pucker with arching energy (no doubt this will pick up as the year moves onward and we get more proficient at how we extract and work  our energy.

When I pulled her body into my kitchen and seen her double torus, I could see exactly where this code (the arcing energy was on her heart field of the body’s torus.)  Her goal right now is to open that area and release the arcing energy to start the alignment with her outer field.  Spirit said there is no right way or wrong way to open this energy, just do it.  Hint hint, meditation is always the most direct route!! (Gotta love that field!!)

Actually, there is so much more I want to share with you today, but my mental matter woke up exhausted.  I know I was working my booty off in my sleep, coupled by the understandings that were revealing themselves as I fell to sleep.  Don’t ever go into sleep telling the field “I don’t want to see that” because this morning, I woke up tired as all get out and my right eye was close to swollen shut.  It is already getting better as I get the hell out of my own way and just face what IS.

I love you all sooooooo much and I am so grateful for your love, your patience, your hand holding, thru this amazing new world I call 2013!!


Lisa Gawlas



  1. Tremendous big hugs to you Li li! All very cool and very much in alignment with the way I am feeling–I choose to remember (I had to rewrite that LOL) that the Universe does not hear NO…..LOL Alex


  2. The waiting game is not over yet !
    And it only gets more exhausting and boring !

    Hope the energy measured in May will be high enough so that we can make a breakthrough in the summer or late summer.


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