Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 13, 2013

Magnetic Passion Alignment and Divine (SELF) Counterparts – Part 2

divine counterpart

I am so sorry I had to wait til this morning to continue yesterdays sharing, my internet completely crashed on me for the better part of the day.  So I decided to do something I haven’t done in years, I took 4 baths (meditations) all in one afternoon.  I have said this before, but I have to say it again today, especially today…

No matter how much you think you know, how much you think you understand, how complete what you think know seems to be… there is so much more to know.  Once you receive the rest of the story, even the story you were sharing yesterday becomes (almost) inaccurate due to the new information/understandings released today.  Someone once said there is no ABSOLUTE truth, just ongoing variations of higher and fuller truth unfolding.

But before I get into all of that (smile) I must share the rest of the readings I left out yesterday.  They are all so relevant to our incredible NOW!

My second lady that I read for after my code encrusted man, she showed up very similar to him.  Three aspects emerging out of a single point in the west field.  White thick wave of energy filling her center field.  Instead of having a weaved network of energy behind her white wave of energy, she had the most amazing, huge rainbow serpent at the far right corner of her west field already moving over her inner life (inner field.)  Two things hit me with this, first, her true spiritual power will be at the forefront of her every moment, empowering her new life, leading the way forward (once we really learn how to follow that lead) but also, as synchronicity would have it, when the Chinese new year arrives (Feb 10th I believe) it will be the year of the snake.  Talk about a year of empowerment and a rising of the spiritual agenda!!

I would like to share the energy of the snake (as written on my favorite totem website here)


Rebirth, wisdom, fluidity, wholeness, transmutations, sexuality, look for transitions, changes and new opportunities. Creative forces are awakening with heightened intuition. Snake can teach about shedding what is not needed; perceptions, attitudes, ideals. Snake shows how to access vitality, ambitions and dreams along with intellect and personal power. What things are surfacing that you need to strike out and take advantage of? Perhaps a time to rest and reflect? Listen to your intuition and visions at this time. Contemplate the colors, striking ability and activity of the snake type to further understand what snake is saying.

In contrast to my man, her body was on the far left side of her west field, elevated above even the white wave reflecting in her whole body the rainbow energy of the serpent.  What I so understand today from this visual and why the two seemed in opposite corners of each other… she was/is still assimilating within her the new energies of her life, integrating her complete empowered footsteps, especially as I looked at her body.  I took her (and am now doing this will everyone) into my kitchen and I had seen her double torus energy fully formed, but areas that were still “coming on line.”  So there were areas that appeared black (just to show, not online yet.)  Without the fullness of her inner and outer fields lit up, I could not see any codes of light at all.

My next lady, she had me confused for a long moment (which is what I get for expecting everyone to look similar!!)  There was NONE of the above imagery as we started out.  Instead, she had this massive slice of sun energy hovering just above her entire created field of Life (hovering about 2-3 feet above the ground.)  I could see it all bubbling and moving just as if I was viewing a 2 inch slab of sun disc.  As I boggled within trying to understand what are we really seeing here… suddenly all these helpers showed up.  Like elfs and fairies and all kinds of earth spirits, under her sun disc.  I watched as they would take a strand of this sun energy and weave it into the ground (still could not see the ground, but I do know where the ground is) below.  The disc itself was a bubbly yellow-gold, just like our sun.  However, when these helpers moved the energy into the earth, it changed energetic colors, some red, some blue, some white.

So I pulled her body into my kitchen to see what that looked like.  This became soooooo amazing!!  There she was in a double torus energy, changing and sparking energy as the helpers in the field wove the sun disc energy into the ground of her life.  She was changing along with her new landscape.  In fact, those of us who landed in the landscape of 2013 fully ready… we are ALL changing!!  And we have sooooo many spiritual helpers helping us!!

Her image really helped me understand the combined energy of sun and earth as one.  Talk about getting ready (or in the midst of) walking on the sun!!

Ohhhhh, I also want to add here something that came into my understanding a few days ago.  For the better part of 2012 while doing readings, I would see a gel-like dome of energy protecting our new life.  In a million years I would have never understood that to be the “cocoon” of change happening for all of us aligned with this new energy.  ut now it all makes so much sense.  Even in the way I had seen both the timeline of 2012, always completely black (deep unknown, makes me wonder if the caterpillar really understands it will emerge a butterfly.)  The energy of 2013 has always been a like super sparking high energy wire above this earth, or above the timeline I call 2012.

Infuse the magnetic field of frequency of the sun, the solar energy in our whole landscape, that means we are now as powerful and purposeful as the sun itself.  Of course, we are still adjusting to all that… but still!!  Holy fire balls batman!! (grin)

My last lovely lady on the field, was raining!  I feel by the time I connected to her, I only had a little splash of battery power left because all I could see was soft, gentle, pastel colored multicolored rain streaming in thru her entire inner field.  Think about spring, when we create out gardens, we need the water as the finishing touch to start everything growing!!  (crazy, I have Prince singing Purple Rain in my head lol.)

So, now to completely change the story…  How our bodies work with us, never ever against us!!

I swear to god I can be like the miss pac-man of light molecules.  I love to eat you up (read for you) each and every day and then spit you back out (in my sharings) for all the world to taste.  It fuels me like nothing else in this (or out of this) world can!!  YOU truly are an important part of my Soul Food Diet each and every day.

Sometimes, I need to digest.  lol… dammit!!  And my body makes sure I have that “digestion time.”  I love my body soooo much.

When I was sitting pondering my inactive codes and my man in the fields holy shit active codes and my team showed me what I attracted to me, suddenly my right eye started to burn like crazy so far off to the far right of my eyeball.  I knew it couldn’t be anything under my contact, my contact doesn’t go that far right… and it got worse instead of better.  I plucked out the contact I had in, sure, as usual, this pain will be gone by morning.  NOT!!

When I woke up yesterday my right eye was in so much pain, only the far right side of it, but pain none the less.  It was tearing to beat the band (hence so many typos and missing words in yesterdays sharing, for which, I thank you all for seeing and reading beyond all that… phew!!)  The tearing kept my nose running too and a deep congestion in the head… and I couldn’t read for shit!  Except one lady… and let me tell you, I prayed to the field of life sooooo hard to at least see something for her.  She has been rescheduled soooo many times over the last month and a half, I couldn’t bear to do that to her one more time.  For 15 minutes, my body cleared the way to read for her.

Even tho I only got a glimpse, or perhaps better stated a moving snapshot of her field… it told me (us) soooo incredibly much!!

She had a condensed sun disc radiating above her field of life (again about 2-3 feet above where the ground should be.)  The disc was bubbling like crazy, maybe because it was enhanced with an intense golden energy raining actually, pouring over it.  It wasn’t until she told me what she was about to do did the excitement of it all hit my Holy Heart!!

She is going on a 5 week adventure with a person she met some years ago… a true (as I describe it) Divine Counterpart.  Taking time off from a marriage that actually became extinct over a decade ago, but as we tend to do… rekindled it some years ago hoping for new life that has yet to grow.

Well, if she allows herself the fullness of freedom that exists in her heart (as opposed to her mind) she is about to light up her field of Life (fire that grid of passion) in ways she cannot even fathom and can I tell you, I am soooooo excited for her!!

Water (emotion) and Fire (passion,) Divine Counterparts in their own rite!!!  Here is a great quote I am hearing from spirit right now:

“It is not enough to hope for Heaven in your Life, You must participate and bring in the energy yourSelf.”  

Even all this gives way to a strange moment in my time yesterday as I was writing yesterdays sharing… I had a bottle of water sitting to my left half drank, which also sits next to my ashtray.  As I was writing I seen out of my peripheral vision, flames in my water.  I thought oh shit, I forgot about a burning cigarette .. when I turned my head to look, nope, nothing burning, no flames in my water.  That is… until I got into meditation!!

The first meditation I took yesterday, man it was like finally finally finally understanding my spiritual history (the last 13 years.)  Every question I ever had that I didn’t understand, was suddenly being revealed in a fullness that just pinged me to my bathtub.  I am still very much integrating the enormity of what I seen and so deeply understand now.  Once integrated, I promise, as always… I will share!!  I mean, right down to why I had that journey with cancer and why, for the two years I kept asking my body what is eating at me and coming back blank.. what was revealed to me yesterday… changes everything I thought and understood about why we get sick or break down.  Sometimes, we will carry the mantle for those we love deeply.  Like our children (as well as our pets) do so beautifully and selfishlessly for us when they are small.  Once it is all organized in my inner processor, I will share!!  Phew baby!!

The information was exploding one after the other that I couldn’t handle all I was seeing and understanding at once.  I got out of the bath, then back in, then back out, then back in.

Finally, the last meditation I took yesterday, I took in the energy of the wholeness of Divine Counterpart attraction.  Two things super imposed itself on my field of vision… the meditation I had a week or two ago with the penis emerging from within the sun, ending with arms and legs poking out of the sun… and my Divine Codes in complete alignment to what looks like a slice of sun energy way up in my atmosphere.

Then, suddenly I was looking at, and feeling, my heart energy.  It was sooooo strange because in my core, my heart center core, I now had what looked like and felt like a perfectly clear crystal ball.  I had to ask, what the hell is that?  Spirit’s reply was simply… I am perfectly clear within my heart energy.  There is not a secret hidden in there (no shit, thanks to all my incredibly personal sharing, which always gives me more clarity to my own Self!!)

I still had to ponder the image of a crystal ball… and suddenly, there were red and blue arching energies emanating outwards and upwards.  As I followed the energy upwards, I seen my three Codes of Light that were now incredibly gold (as opposed to white as I have been seeing these Codes) and vibrating and upwards in the distance was a slice of sun disc energy bubbling with what I know is my Divine Counterpart energy.  Couldn’t see him, but man ohhhh man… I could feel him.  The moment my external arc’s connected with the center of that sun disc, there was an explosion in my crystal ball heart.  Holy cow, the arcs within, every color spectrum was happening inside my crystal ball heart center, and the energy flowing thru me… WOW-WEEZERS!!

As the exchange went both ways… It kinda looked like this (minus being in a storeroom lol), and flip the image so the upper is on the right side):

connected energy fields


As this energy culminated (grin) I watched his body, still very much hidden from my vision… blow itself backwards.  Whatever just happened… I know he felt it.  Whomever he is.

For me, the meditations completely healed my right eye.  Of course, by this time, I had already rescheduled most of my appointments yesterday.  Today… holy cow to I feel great!!

I am going to close on that note… gotta get to the Soul Gym!!

I thank you all soooo much for expanding my world of Light by Being YOU and trusting me!!  May the heavenly rains of Life grow your garden of desire effortlessly!!


Lisa Gawlas


















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  2. Absolutely great stuff. Just a question though. When you say you meditate IN the bath (which I love to do while taking a bath) do you actually take a bath or simply lay in the bathtub? Cause I keep imagining you laying in the bathtub. Silly stuff I know! 🙂

    big hugs and thanks for sharing with us!


  3. There is energy in items, in material, everything is energy. We feel it more and more. Recently I found out that my synesthesia paintings emanate energy. Because of synesthesia I see colors when I hear names and words. Since years I paint what I see, I paint names and inspirational words. Recently people were telling me that they feel an energy flow coming from my paintings. They even recognize themselves in the paintings. This is so fascinating


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