Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 12, 2013

Magnetic Passion Alignment and Divine (SELF) Counterparts – Part 1

quantum leap

Before I start any sharing this morning, I want to make a statement I made yesterday clear.  When I mentioned (about the flu) the folks who got hit hard this year not being open to their own change, I was referring to those who have either died, entered the ICU or the hospital in general.  All three of these area seen a massive increase with this flu season, with 7.3 % of the deaths last week alone caused by the flu (in the USA)  putting us officially in “epidemic” status.

Actually, I also have to add to this flu thing.  I remember shortly after starting this crazy spiritual journey, I got hit with more colds, more flu like symptoms, day long fevers than I had over the entire collective of my lifetime (38 years.)  As I was getting better and better at talking to my spiritual team and trusting their replies to my conversations, one of the most important questions I had to ask was why was I so sick so often.  12 years later I cannot remember their direct quote, but I will never forget my understanding of it all.

This who ascension thing is a BIOLOGICAL event!!  If it was just a thing happening way up in the higher realms, we never even would have incarnated for this game!  So when the body hits an element of deep change, the biology MUST react and change.  These are moments you should be celebrating not trying to stop.  Granted it does suck to be any where near the word, well the feeling of “sick” but it is a crucial step of Becoming.  Yes, you can ask your team, your body to tone things down or even keep it away… and with pure heart desire, they will.  But what you are really saying is… the discomfort of changing is more important for me to avoid than going thru the change itself.  Imagine if the caterpillar never got into the cocoon and turned into soupy goo (probably feeling like they had the worst case of the flu ever…) we would have zero butterflies on our precious earth.  If people delayed or avoided this process, ascension would be a potential that could have been.

At the end of any given day… the choice is always ours.   All-Ways.

Now onto yesterday “Holy God this is AMAZING” field of readings!!

The first person I got to “see” yesterday was an incredible man who just crawled off the couch from having the Flu of Light.  How I seen his field left me a bit puzzled and I pray I can put into words what I do understand and had seen so clearly.  My greatest intention this year, is find a way to put what I see so vividly and so fluidly into a movie form.  My words, no matter how I string them together… cannot compare and do true justice to the brilliance and beauty of it all, of YOU all!

As soon as we connected, my vision was over in the far west field (harvested energy area.) There were three things happening at the same time, and his spiritual team made sure (over and over again) that we realized it all was stemming from the same place of origin.  OMG, this I so get this even more!!

One of the first new words spirit ever placed in my (then) limited vocabulary was the word TRIAD, as I was talking to a close internet friend on that spiritual forum about the intensity of the man I now refer to as my spiritual mentor.  She seemed to understand all that I couldn’t and I even questions that, and that is when I heard the word TRIAD in relationship to my query (back then, I was lucky to hear a single word outside of meditation.)  I was really melting down in the strangeness I felt with him (remember, this whole freakin path was so new to me, my catholic upbringing never prepared me for what is REAL.)  So I had to go look up the word to understand what the hell it meant.  But that word has been consistant and applicable to sooo many things over the 13 years… especially as the NEW emerged in details yesterday.  First, let me give you definitions:


[trahy-ad, -uh d]  Show IPA


1. a group of three, especially of three closely related persons or things.
2. Chemistry .

a. an element, atom, or group having a valence of three.

In my man’s reading the energy at the foreground was this thick, fluid wave of pure white energy moving into what I will call his center field.  We will just call this aspect his soul energy moving in as his fluid top soil of his new, enhanced Life.

Just behind this weave was an amazing grid work of energy all in this light infused pastel multi-color energy.  I kept thinking it looked just like the pot holders I made as a kid, only, not tightly woven, lots of energetic space in between each weaved section.

pot holder weave

I understood this was his new magnetic grid that was / is being inlaid into his field of energy.  Kinda like the new grass.

Behind that image was him, in complete silhouette form, filled with the deep unknown, like a black hole getting ready to change LIFE!  Again, his team reminded me over and over again that none of this energy is separate  we just needed to see it this way for the view and understanding of what IS happening.  The TRIAD of Life is still ONE and comes from the same Source.

By this time, I was jumping up and down with such excitement (well, I was jumping on the inside… lol) but I knew that since what we were witnessing/experiencing was happening NOW, seeing more than that would be… well…. improbable since spirit is quite pesky about keeping from us the things we really don’t seen to see/understand with the inlay of energy out of our view.

So I pondered what to do next.  I suddenly remembered my own bath meditation, being able to see my inner and outer energy field as well as the magnetic field of earth… and my pesky, not in alignment, codes of desire.  Ha… I brought his body into my kitchen to see what he looked like.  There he was, in all his beautiful double torus radiant energy…. and I could see his codes.  He had three very specific codes that were going to be part of his manifesting energy.  The first, prominent set of codes I could see were so close to already being aligned.  The code at his inner field (heart energy) was just to the right of center, the one in his outer field was just to the right of that, then the one on the magnetic grid of earth was just to the right of that one, forming a very unified diagonal line just to the right of center.  The other two distinct codes were less aligned.

I had no idea what these codes related to, at all, but that didn’t stop me from seeing them!  So I asked him if he had any questions… OMG it is truly and absolutely amazing when we talk about the very passion within our hearts… and to really be able to see how that passion sets off our fields of energy.  I feel so utterly blessed to Be in Your Presence!!

He has been working on a project in the financial sector and as he formulated his question about that, holy cow his fields started to vibrate like crazy, and those codes (alighted slight to the right diagonally,) those tightly would codes of Light energy started vibrating the more he talked and moved, even just a slight hair closer, into a centered position over his heart center.

Obviously it has nothing to do with the “words” we say (he was asking a question,) but the energy that fuels the breath we speak them with.  Passion, deep inner passion is what rocks our world, aligns to our desires.  And, I must toss this out too… even if our most impassioned aspect is fear.  (just to be clear, his was not anywhere near the fear zone, it was drenched in the love and service zone.)

To see and experience his 3 fields (there is that TRIAD thingie again) become soo excited and move to the frequency of his heart filled voice, just set me ablaze!  I see how this works now.  Holy flipping shit batman!!  But good was about to get gooder! (smile)

So we identified the first code nearly in alignment for creation.  What about the other two… he asked more questions about other projects… and my vision was back and forth from the outside field of creation (where readings unfold) to my kitchen where his double torus was consistently present too… and the of Life, made sure when his questions aligned with those other two codes I felt in his energy fields, they brought my vision back to his body in my kitchen and I would see his fields vibrate like crazy.  These codes had a bit more energetic aligning to do than his first one (that I saw and understood.)

As he continued to talk and ask about these other two projects (for the life of me, I cannot recall what they were) I had seen his initial energy field in the west area come together (and heard, this will take place over the next few days… for all of us in this amazing landscape) I watched as it filled the ground like a small gentle waterfall fully creating the new energetic pathway of his life (went down about 2-3 feet as well.)  But what even more amazing, as was sharing about these other two projects I watched his Light field moved from his heart to create what looked like a lattice of energy about 5 feet about his new earth field and the earth herself put supporting rods (looking very much like stocks from jack and the bean stock lol) to hold up his hearts desire/vibration until those who need to connect to it, does.

This put such a huge point on the earth fully supporting us when our heart center is about fully supporting Life (and his projects are all about that… the well Being of All!!)

I spent my evening contemplating what we seen together in his codes of Light and what really made them vibrate and align as I pondered my own meditation from the other day where my codes are so far apart and not vibrating, especially as it comes to, what I thought I desired so much… my divine counterpart!!  What the hell??

I had to laugh sooooo freakin hard when my own inner query was shown to me.  OMG, I soooo get this now!!  For the past year I have been talking about divine counterparts and sacred sex and that wonderful stuff that can happen thru sacred sex… seems my focus was on the sex part!!  Holy shit was it ever.  And thru the magical and very aligned frequencies of two people really energetically aligned to “THAT” experience, came my blue eyed man this past June.  I wasn’t focused on Love or true deep inner spiritual exchange that MUST prelude the energy of what I know as a Divine Counterpart full interaction… I wanted to get to the sex part and I got that!!  And even with that, there so much I understand here, even tho I got to see (thru that wonderful interlude) how we start to create the new network of energy thru the exchange of sex, I could not move the understanding beyond what I will just call the lower chakra field.  We weren’t “in love” we were in a great adventure together.

As I realized all this last evening, spirit was equally quick to remind me what happened in my heart 12 years ago this February in a chat room online.  There is an energy signature to a “true divine counterpart” like nothing else in all this world.  I lost my focus of desire from the emotional connection to the sexual connection.  I shall start all over again and realign to the wholeness of it all and not just the very fun end result (which really is a whole new beginning when the wholeness of the exchange is present!)

For those who so desire a Divine Counterpart in their lives, be clear on what you are feeling and the why.  If you really are looking to fill a void in yourself, you will create a wider void (loneliness and such.)  If, like me, you are looking for the sacred sex, you will get sex and yes, all sex is sacred, but the true energy, the full magic is in the wholeness of Love from deep within ones own heart, because as I use the word Divine Counterpart, this is your own soul energy in another Being and only the Love of yourself and your own intimate desire of Self Love will bring the fullness of it together…. and they too, must be in that same inner space.  Whole Heart Desire!!

Ya know, as I even ponder the above paragraph, I have to ask (mySelf) the question about my beloved Marc that kick started my heart and search in a way no one else ever could have.  At that time, I was searching for myself, for understanding… and he showed up in a chat room exemplifying That.  I know now, so clearly, that loving him so deeply and so unconditionally even thru the silent years… means I so deeply and unconditionally Love mySelf and I do!

I had a dream a few days ago, so vivid, so clear, so REAL that I didn’t even want to look at it… until now.  Our soul energy is massive.  I mean, really really massive.  To take any part of it and enliven a body with it is like taking a single grain of sand from the beach.

So in my dream, I was on an earth way above the earth.  It was soooo incredibly Light in this dream.  Like the full spectrum of Light presented itself as daylight.  I was looking for my familiar, my Divine Counterpart.  He too, was looking for me.  We eventually found each other and what really confused me was he felt soooo much like Marc, that energy I will never ever forget because it IS ME too, yet, looked nothing like him (body wise.)   The exchange in the dream (not sexual at all, thank you very much) was sooo loving, so tender… I didn’t want to wake up, at the same time, I really don’t want it to be Marc either.  Right now, I really understand the fullness of this dream… of the energy I so recognize as Marc’s… because it is my soul energy too.  That is where the true and real energy recognition comes in, no matter who’s body is presented.

Someone asked me if it is possible to have our divine counterparts on the other side of the veil… YES!!  Walk-Ins are becoming more common place now than ever before!  Equally, so is the experience of our counterparts on other planets, in other solar systems… everything has changed.

There is so much more I want and need to share about all this…and I will, in part two.  There are so many things exploding in understanding within me right now I need to take a pause for the cause and listen and integrate   I will share the other 3 series of events (readings) in a few hours.  Sorry to do this in two parts, I know I am in an expanded holy shit moment of joy and understanding within myself right now.

I have got to end this with a profound thought (for myself, hopefully for you too.)  I ask, why does he (my divine counterpart) always show up looking like Marc.  The reply… OMG… it is the only form I recognize as myself outside of myself.  That is…. until now!!!

Pardon me while I powder my nose!!

Lisa Gawlas

To be continued soon…



  1. pure beautiful crystal clear


  2. Hello Lisa,
    thank you so much for your sharings, I can`t tell you how much they mean to me but I can tell you what happened, when I met my divine Counterpart in a dream and I know I was there in presence.
    I did write you an email sometime in November, when you said something about divine counterparts and that you would love to have more information about this, but I guess the email never got to you.
    I had this merging and there was no sex involved and yet it was a sexual sensation like every single cell in my body had an orgasm. I didn`t know this man, can`t even tell you what he looked like, we talked and we were on one wavelenght and all I wanted was to be close to him at first. It was really as if he was like a magnet to me. I`ll cut it short, I ended up in his arms and expected to feel his chest next to my face, but I just “dived” completely in his body and vice versa. There was no seperation, there wasn`t even one body, everything was like fliud and mixed (cellmemory exchange), a firework of orgasms all over the body without a body. I`m missing words, actually there aren`t any words to discribe what happend, all I know is, that the sex i had known is maybe 1% of what I felt then. I remember also, that it felt completely strange when we seperated, it was like the two bodys had to rearrange themselves again to get two seperate bodys again and since then quiete something in me is different.
    This is really a short cut of what happened, but it maybe gives you a different way looking at this. I searched the net if there was anybody else experiencing anything like this, I talked to a few friens about it, but nothing so far. Maybe I had to write it here and not in an email, so that maybe someane else had a simualr experience and I would love to exchange details and feelings.
    By the way, this happened either 2010 or 11, I can not remember and since then I`ve never met “him” again. I know why it happened in my dreams, it`s like you say, everything has to be alligned and where I am or was,in this dimension, it couldn`t have happened.
    Ok, this was my “outing” and I best not ask my brain what it thinks of me posting it here, gg.
    Thanks again for your sharings and everything you`ve done since I found you here through a lovely friend (thanks Silver).
    Love from Germany


    • Hi Anita! While I was reading about your “Dream” experience, it struck me that I had read something VERY similar to this recently (within the past year). It was in a book written by Dolores Cannon. The problem is that I don’t know which book by Dolores it was written in! I have read almost every book she has written, but I would bet that if you emailed your dream to Dolores, she could tell you all about it…or at least tell you which book it is written in.
      It was in the context of someone’s life story, who was under hypnosis (Dolores is a Hypnotherapist who specializes in past-life regression and also E.T. communication.). The experience had taken place between two “Soul Mates” or “Twin Flames”, if you will…..and is described almost identically to what you experienced in your dream! I know this doesn’t help much, but if I could figure out which book it was described in……THAT would help! I am willing to speak with you thru Email and tell you the names of her books that I have read during the time frame of the past year. I don’t want to put it out there on WordPress for all the world to see. However, I will meet you on Lisa’s regular FB page. Or, how bout this….you can go to my FB page and ask to “Friend” me. We can go from there. I see you are from Germany. I will know who you are by that! Well, and the fact that I very seldom get friend requests anymore, since I’ve been on FB for a long time. My name is Camille Bumpus Halverson. Hope to see you on FB soon!
      LOVE and LIGHT to you!
      And Thanks to Lovely Lisa for, well…..EVERYTHING you do!


      • Thanks a lot for your answer, Camille, That would be great to read about it and I`ve watched a few videos of Dolores Cannon and interviews on youTube while zapping through the net. Maybe her book is translated into german, reading a whole book in english would probably take me quiete some time. But I`m really happy to hear that I`m not alone with my experience.
        I am not in Fb, I have been there two years ago, but somehow it didn`t appeal to me and I logged out. My daughter is in Fb and she would take you on as a friend so that we could exchange emailads, if you like. Just let me know if that would be ok by you.
        Thanks to you Lisa, who makes all this possible to me.


      • Sure Anita. That would be fine. Does your daughter have the same last name as yours? Just let me know if she does not. I’ll be watching for her on FB.


      • Hi Camille,
        it won`t work from our side cause it seems to be blocked, if you want you can try,(Keena and the same last name)


      • Anita, I can’t find her name on FB. You can email me….


    • Hi, thank you for sharing your experience with us. I hope you keep us updated on any new findings you may come across. Im sure we all have had this experience and if not yet, then someday in the future. I have had it happen once for a brief time and it can be a magical moment thats for sure. Love and Light to you dear sister. Roy


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  4. thank you Lisa for always sharing your insights and readings with us. they are incredibly helpful as I pull them into my own meditations.
    Anita- I wanted to share my twin flame story with you and anyone else it would help. After having an appointment with Lisa, who had introduced me to a man braiding my hair from my back(having my back, supporting the integration of my energies thru braiding), I soon realized who this man was/is. he introduced himself as Mathew. I could see him and at that moment I realized he had been my dream lover whenever I went camping. My first memory of loving and sexual encounters where overwhelming my life some 8 years back when he, in full glory, entered my life. I had a hard time focusing on anything else in my life. I just wanted to sleep and play. The only thing was was that I was/am married to a beautiful, loving man and I have 3 children. I, chose at that point, to focus on my waking life to improve it in all ways. I have been called to raise indigo/crystal children thru attachment parenting and homeschooling. So when Lisa reminded me of him I invited him back into my life and realized that in allowing this full loving integration of mathew within me thru our loving and sexual encounters in meditation and sharing that energy with the world was a powerful and positive thing. I feel he has now fully integrated with me in an ongoing way. It has allowed me to share this authentic love then with my husband and children. It took me a little bit to be ok with this triad situation between me, my divine flame on the other side and my husband but it is working ascension magic with my whole family. I just had to follow the love and bliss, release all the belief systems about “cheating” and allow. I still continue on in this process but I have such faith in this grand journey. I hope this helps in broadening our understandings of all the ways twin flames may experience each other and the effects it has on our loved ones. Much love and greater light. May peace be with us all in this great change. Stephanie


    • Hi, I just wanted to comment and say what a wonderful story. Thank you so very much for sharing it with all of us. What great and wonderful changes to us all. Love and Light to you, Roy


    • Dear lovely Stephanie,
      thank you so much for sharing this, it brought a lot up in me and I can look at this completely different. If I wasn`t shure before what to “do” with all this and where it could go, now there is a new exciting feeling to it which has already opened something up in me.
      Thanks ever so much


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  6. Very very powerful stuff this. I have always believed that if we are ALL ONE then no one “belongs” to anyone else because we all belong to each other. that said, I also believe that in a close soul group there may be a few “soul mates” and you may be lucky to connect with them in the physical and in the ether. I knew the minute I met my husband that he was “the one” for this life and I giggle because I have spent long hours with my head on his chest simply wanting and willing to “be inside” his body and not in a sexual way but in a merging way. We have led a passionate, energetic, growth filled life together and I feel blessed to hold his hand on this journey. thanks for sharing Li li but I wanted to ask why numerous times do you state to the universe “i don’t want it to be marc” …seems powerful energy….just an observation! hugs!


    • Good for you Alex (((HUGZ)))) I wish that (what you have with your hubby) for ever single person… well, those desiring that anywayz. Is your husband on his spiritual path (well aware/awake about it?)

      In my repetition about not wanting it to be marc, I am stating my intentions out loud to the universe to make my point (not that THAT ever mattered before.) First, he does not talk to me at all, ever. He recently (in the last couple years) became married and has a small child. With sooo many free agents on the market… that has a good skill in communication… there really are some thing I do want in a partnership…

      But, you will be happy to know (*sigh*) I resolved to not care who… and when I released that adamantcy within me… that is when my codes were so aligned. There is only one thing that changed from two weeks ago to yesterday (more *sighs*)

      Ohhh and my bath… I actually lay down and do my meditation first. When I am finished with meditation, I actually take a bath (get clean lol.)

      I love ya girl!! Sooooo much!!


  7. Yippiiieeeeeee!!!!!! As for my husband. LOL ok, you will understand this. he is a GROUNDED man. Natural energy, natural intuition, strong creator, but nope, not in the least interested in or in belief of any of this stuff, but he trusts, he knows and he believes in what he calls MY gift. Whenever I see him spot on now, I thank him for his guidance. I used to tell him, don’t tell the story! LOL cause he always got what he put out, now I see him more as a protector spirit who does “runs the numbers” of all the options for outcome and he does all the worrying and protecting for us all. I know he has some extremely strong guardian angels in his dad and two older half brothers and so I am sure to the bottom of my soul that he is gonna be just fine. One thing I realized lately and strongly is the dichotomy of soul counterparts and we actually spoke on it the other day, like being two sides of the same penny-he always wants to be the heads LOL I said I dont mind as long as I get to show my tail once in a while! Love you too and very much looking forward to connecting more through the soul gym on wednesday and beyond on a more personal level…:) Alex


  8. […] it was a post that I read from Lisa Gawlas this morning that really spurred me to take notice this […]


  9. […] it was a post that I read from Lisa Gawlas this morning that really spurred me to take notice this […]


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