Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 11, 2013

The Magnetic Frequency and our Personal Energy Systems!

magnetic energy

I know I can be a serious weirdo at times, especially when I read information that the “news” wants to make scary and I am jumping up and down celebrating.  In the USA, this flu season is the worst in a long time, and spreading far and wide, fast.  The Light of this new earth is really really infectious… isn’t it!!  The fever is melting down all the old wiring within us, the congestion is moving out all the old debris, for those of us whispering thru laryngitis  our self-expression is being fully aligned with the new earth.  The aches of the body is the New energy moving in and filling us out.  Granted, there were people whose soul agenda was to infuse this high energy field, but their past choices didn’t allow for the change out and they really got hit hard.  These folks are more than likely still very stuck in their old mindset/BeLIEf systems and oblivious to the fact they should celebrate and move with this Flu of Light!  Like I said, I Am a weirdo and I love being That!!

It took me an extra day, but I have finally started to release my book “The Lost Codes of Shambhala” on my Living the energy of Shambhala Blogsite (click here to get to it.)  What is funny, I have not even so much as looked at the information that started to pour thru me 2 years ago when I started writing that book, in close to a year and a half.  So as I am re-reading it, I so see how much missing information, things I didn’t know then, that really needs to be added now.  As I have stated in a reply on that blog site, this is a book that will never be finished.  No matter how much you think you know about a subject, one as near and dear to my heart as Shambhlala, there is more to know, to experience, to integrate into the wholeness of the details.  But I also must look at the timeliness of all this being represented and the blank spots now filling in with understanding… it is time to bring this to Life!

Now my dilemma is, where to share all this information at.  Both of my blog sites are straddling the same energy, one very specific to a certain agenda; Shambhala aka Heaven in its fullness on earth and this one, which serves to help us understand where we are at NOW and where we are heading to tomorrow (when spirit decides we are ready to know that is!! lol)  I suppose I will just have to share it in both places just not at the same time!!  Anyway…

There are a few things I do want to talk about / share today.  When I was re-reading the information about earths magnetosphere and the solar flares that are toned down as they zoom to us magnetic Beings living upon earth, instantly i seen something I never seen before.  We equally release our own flaress outwards.  Intense emotion releases packages of our own flaress out to the magnetosphere, amping it up with our intense desire.  This is really how we create out reality every single moment of our existence.  What we put out, we truly do get back.  I so wish I had a way to show you how I see this, because words will never give the full-scale of how it all works.  Bear with me as I try…

The Magnetic Grid(s) of earth.

Let me assure you, there is not just one grid around earth, there are thousands (probably much more than that, but lets keep this simple.)  Each frequency holds its own grid, connects to its own holographic version of earth, and yet is equally connected to the frequency just above and below it (also, gotta use linear language to make this make sense.)  This allows us to expand or retreat in our created reality.  In my simpleness I attempted to show you what I am seeing within myself:

magnetic charge

Now to pretty this up (smile) a dear friend sent me a link to someones sharing, wonderful sharing I might add, and I snagged a brilliant picture from this mans sharing, because it lit me up like a switchboard!!

the field

Now if you can imagine, down there in the lighted area, is you.  That tunnel is what I am going to call the portal of manifestation.  See all those codes around the netting, that entire opening links up to the magnetic grid you are vibrating at, and bringing to you the emotional creation of your ever changing reality!!  Remember, energy has no bias what so ever.  If fear of not having something is more powerful in your emotional frequency, that is what your created reality will reflect.  If, on the other hand, you are completely in emotional resonance with your heart (soul) desire, that is exactly what you will experience.

The other day, when I wrote about the various codes on the inner, outer and magnetic grids I did a meditation to see if I could see my own codes and where they were in relationship to each other, let me tell you, I was sooo surprised to see the two things I thought I really wanted (1. My car note fully paid off and 2. My Divine Counterpart in my physical world) they were nowhere near in alignment with each other.  One was way off to my right, the next way off to the left, the other so far around the grid I couldn’t quite see it.  Of course, I did this meditation a few days ago and had zero energy to even try to start to energy of aligning… and I feel too, I really needed to see the depth of todays readings to understand it all.  So now I must wonder, is it my mind that wants these things, because my heart is not vibrating to that energy.

However, after reading those absolutely beautiful people in the field today, I have realized something valuable, we must stay energetically focused (emotionally) with what our heart desires.  This statement will make more sense when i share about all the readings tomorrow (sorry, too much happening within me today to even bring it all into a full spectrum coherency.)

We need to really understand the growth of our Chakra system!  I can make a whole separate sharing out of this sweet and surprising tid-bit, but I am going to condense it all, simply cuz i am running out of steam today.  This is something I never really understood until yesterday, when a beautiful soul, via my shambhala blog asked about it… the visual opened up inside of me with such amazing detail I am so surprised I never seen this til yesterday.  Underlining to fact I have stated so many times, your energy hits a code just laying dormant within me (and we do this to each other all the time) and is opened by your energetic frequency.  So to Zarah, I say THANK YOU!!

If you can imagine between each and every energy point / chakra is a connective netting and as we clear, enliven really living the truth of who we are at each level (from root chakra to the crown) the chakra itself enlarges, expands outwards further  but also grows bigger in our within our core energy utnil it literally begins to merge with the surrounding charkra’s.

charka system


From what I am seeing and understanding, it all starts with the Heart Center.  As it gets clear and you start to trust your gut feelings and start to speak what is true for you, those three chakra’s (throat, heart and solar plexus) are blending, merging, becoming an activated inner field (inner torus energy.)

As you start to change your relationships on earth, and your sense of self (moving from ego self to soul centered Self) they begin to form what I call the outer field (hence the double torus) and the emergence of this inner and outer field is where synchronicity and manifestation happens in super speed.

As is the process with our story called Life, there had to be a buffer to slow the manifestation down as we realized our own power.  That is why we arrived in the state of ascended energy before the earth laid the ground for us to really fully live as we are programmed, via our DNA, to live.  2013 is the new earth, the ground that allows our energy to fully function as it was (always) intended to be.

There is so much more to share with all of this, but, that will be for another day.  I am tapped out!!

And this, will bring me to tomorrows super exciting revelations from the field of readings!!

I love you all sooooo very much.  There is no way in hell I could come close to understand half of what I understand without your love, connections, love, and sharings.  I have said this soooo many times before and is more true today than ever:  Without You, There is no ME!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of deep inner gratitude that grows wildly in my heart and life!!

Lisa Gawlas




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  2. Huge Hugs li li! I do hope you are feeling better and you have again found your voice! The realization you have regarding the linear chakra blending into the double torus is indeed in alignment with what I have been “feeling” energetically! Doing the happy dance! Can’t wait to see what you share tomorrow! Love, Alex


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