Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 9, 2013

Breaking Out Into the New Is Exhausting and Kinda Painful… But SOOOOO Worth It!!


The one thing I had never ever anticipated at all was the complete collapse of my own energy field, including a complete loss/change out of my voice.  Holy shit have these last two days (and today as well) been rough inside my blessed body!  All in the name of progress, but I will get back to that in a moment.

There is an aspect from my last sharing that I completely forgot to include, and spirit has been reminding me consistently to get back to what I had forgot to mention, obviously important!

Those tightly wound coiled Light codes.

When you start to align with their energy, they start to vibrate and move and uncoil.  This vibration starts to release an energy within the body that will eventually turn into desire, a need to take action.  As all three Light codes align with each other and uncoil, they create what looks like a tube of energy from your heart to a point in the universe.  An opening… a portal if you will.

There are two ways (perhaps more than that, for today, we are only talking about two) these portals work.  Aligning to the energy potential of your hearts desire and creating an energetic movement to bring that too you and you to it (whatever “it” is.)   With this example, there has to be a “like” frequency that is also attracting you to “it.”  As your energies link up in resonance, a pull starts to take place.  This is where action on y/our end is required.  Going back to my very real example of moving to this place I call Heaven from my last sharing.

It is really this next way of using this energy portal that I really want to sink my heart into this year.  But even as I feel that within, I hear my team say, to fully utilize this attribute of the Light Codes, we must first master the above energy confluences.  (Hey, whatever it takes in my book!!)  This is where instant travel/manifestation takes place.  A frequency so resonate, so completely whole, that your desire moves thru the portal instantly.  Our friends from the stars having been using this pathway for a very long time.

What you master in resonance, you also master in Will.

Like everything in this wonderful game on earth, everything must start with the Self first.  But… there is also something that is really important and available for use in the “group” energy department too.  Imagine there are 10 people, all with a very particular frequency Light Code in their fields, and all come together at the same time, for the same resonant purpose.  What we will unlock thru this will blow our minds!!

I so feel like we are getting teased this morning (smile) and at the same time, I am so excited… groggy, but excited!

Now, I am going to completely change the subject (but not really) and talk about my decent into the goo of my energy field!!  For as much as it sucked, I have never been more excited in all my days!!

When I got done with my last reading (3 days ago) about the lady in the cocoon (cocoon being my word for wrapped up in a place of change, very much like that of the butterfly,) when I hung up the phone with her, my body exploded into yuck.  Suddenly my throat became really really sore, my digestive system took over my moments and my last two appointments for the day did not happen.  I never seen the synchronicity that was taking place until yesterday really.  Somewhere in my thought wondering process, i wondered if this really harsh sore throat was going to cause my voice to leave.  As the day progressed, I actually felt better.

When I woke up the next morning and my first appointment called me, I was shocked as my voice attempted to say hello but nothing came out.  I cleared my throat (which was no longer sore at all) and still… nothing.  I had to use some really deep breaths to get to an audible whisper and it was exhausting.  All I could think was this can’t be happening.  For the first few hours of the day, I didn’t feel bad at all, so where the hell did my voice go?  I was hoping it was just going to be a morning thing, so I wrote an email to everyone on my agenda for the day and said, if I can talk, I will call you.  It ended up being a day (that turned into 3) of reschedules!!  Dammit!!

As the hours rolled on in this day, my body started breaking down.  I could feel congestive pressure in my head.  What was weird with this pressure, first it was just behind my nose, then migrated up to my eyes, then back down to my nose, then back up to my eyes.  What the hell is that all about?  When the sinus pressure was behind my eyes, I kept checking to see if my eyes were bulging out of my head, cuz they sure felt like they were.

There was a rolling bulge of really unpleasant energy down my spine, thru my arms and legs. It never stayed in the same place for very long, but each place felt like it was being stretched beyond capacity and touching the bulging area at any time… holy shit, as if that area was super bruised.

As the day turned into evening, my energy was depleting, but something really strange started to hurt inside, at the very bottom of my sternum.  Holy shit did it hurt.  I touched the bottom of my sternum and the pain just seared thru me.  What the hell is that?  There really isn’t even anything there to cause such pain really, it is over the very bottom of the diaphragm  and my breathing was ok, or at the top of the stomach and my digestion was ok, but touching that area brought tears to my eyes.

I did manage to bake an apple cake (apples were going south, hadda do something productive with them) and normally, I LOVE the smell of baking apples.  The smell was so overwhelming I couldn’t stand it at all.

I eventually fell into an on again, off again sleep and when I finally woke up for the day, my sinuses exploded.  My throat was swollen, my eyes were swollen, my own energy non-existent.  I decided to pamper myself with a bath and use some eucalyptus oil (helping the sinuses) and tea tree oil (helping the rest of me) and even tho i was completely congested, the smell was so overwhelming I thought I would puke.  I drained the bath and ran a new one.

I realized my basic senses were so amped up that they hurt.  Sound was now blaring, I wanted to just smash the ringtones on my phone.  I love them, but man oh man they started to sound like nails across a chalkboard.  Light was blinding and the smell of something even delightful was so strong it was nauseating   Yay??  Something huge was happening.

One would think, with the intense decay of my energy field and all my 3D senses, I would be unconnected to the Field of life.  Wrong!!  My team, for 2 days reminded me over and over again what I left out in my last sharing (what I shared above.)   When I was in my bath, I attempted to do a meditation for myself and went no where fast (cannot read change while it is happening) but I did get to read for my son, which so surprised me.  But what showed up as the start of his message in my meditation applies to every one of us.

Once again it started out with a race track and two cars on the track at the starting line.  I could not see what the rest of the track looked like, but I could hear the engines revving of both cars with the flashing red and green lights at the arm of the start area.  It took me a while to understand why only two cars and what did they represent… but I did get it!!

I can and I can’t.  They are the only two cars on anyone’s track, and that which you give fuel to, is what reaches the finish line.  If you keep alternating between the two, lets just say it will be a long long journey around the track with no visible outcome at all.

As the day progressed yesterday, all i wanted to do was raise the white flag and surrender.  I felt horrible, my skin hurt, my nose burned… this sucks.  Over and over again my team would show me the video of the butterfly emerging from the cocoon.  Wings all bent in as the butterfly worked on inflating them.  This morning, again, one of those huge ah-ha moments when the lady who raised butterflies wrote to me to tell me I had confused something… the fluid the butterfly uses comes from their abdomen not externally!  Now this makes sense of the sternum area that hurt like hell (that is where our fluid place is located, at least it is in me!! lol)  Our skin, the largest organ in our body, is our wings!

On top of all this wonderful stuff, my blessed neck… holy freakin shit batman.  Hurt would be an understatement.  My range of motion within my neck, almost non-existent.  Of course, this happens when the medulla is being worked on, which of course plays/works/activates in harmony with the Pineal gland.  (Detailed on my website)  This is what caused all that super sensitivity to sound, light, and smell.  Gotta love this overhaul soooo many of us are going thru, have gone thru, will go thru.

If I may say here, please do not try and stop this process, it is vital to your whole energetic Being and expansion.  Yes, it sucks blowing your nose every 5 minutes, or hurting just from the touch, but if you stop it, you equally stop the process.

This morning, sound is returning to my vocal chords, altho I sound more scary than inviting.  My sinuses have slowed way down, still drippy, but not full faucet flowing.  But the headache… OMG.  I swear someone took a chisel while I was sleeping and pounded every area of my skull and while they were there, decided to do the same to my neck!  I can deal with severe uncomfortableness, but I tap out with pure pain.  Thank God for Ibuprofen, it is not completely gone, but is bearable (the head pain that is!)

On the first day of realizing I had laryngitis  I was really really hoping it was a 24 hour thing.  Even tho, my team kept reminding me about the 3 full earth days for change to complete itself, I did not want to hear that at all.  That is 15 more appointments who went into the reschedule zone!!  So I stayed in denial each day… hoping.  Well, today is day three so tomorrow should be full steam ahead!!

However, in my moments yesterday, I was reminded of a profound change that I went thru last year, December 2011.  When I moved back from Virginia to New Mexico I was down for 2 weeks, fever, congestion, raspy voice (tho this year, the voice completely left… hopefully upon its return, I will have the vocabulary I have asked for the last 3 months to make audible what I see in the light) and it served as a massive upgrade in my energy and manifestation abilities…. allowing the full connection with the landscape I call 2012, the year of absolute change.   Kinda like a year long dressing room of choices.

Now, we are pimped out in the energy of 2013!!  Solidified in a brand new resonance that is full participation oriented.

For all those who have been enduring reschedule after reschedule after reschedule… first let me say thank you from the depths of my heart.  But I have this deep inner feeling, the view and ease from here is going to be marvelous.  Spirit never makes us wait without some sort of rewards coming from it all.  I cannot wait to “see” what all that is!!

Here’s to a new way of flapping and ((((HUGZ)))) …I love you sooo much!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Meet me in The Soul Gym this Sunday at 8 am MST.  We are gonna get our resonance on!!! (smile)



















  1. Reblogged this on my new dawn and commented:
    A great post by Lisa on the ‘flip side’ of the Ascension process as it affects our bodies. The transformation from caterpillar to butterfly can have its challenges. It’s best to handle ourselves with lots of extra TLC during these periods.


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  3. I just read the info about the medulla thingy…

    Thing is when i was getting the info about the pineal n pituitary that i put in my blog, the medulla thing kept comin into my mind but i couldnt remember what it was called! When writing blog i forgot about it til you mentIoned it.

    Now i have read the info it makes total sense…the pain i had start right about the solstice ties in with this completely. I intend to write it up soon as I can… Maybe later today. In short it was a trapped nerve in the neck which I got all sorts of insight and understandings. (nerves being almost like communication wires to the brain etc)

    I will get on it asap… Its like you said above… You need to express what you need to express!! ❤


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  5. Hi Li li, just a note to share in solidarity with you! GOD I have been sick for the first time in 19 years with vomiting/fever. Seriously the energy upgrades have been tremendous, the shedding of old skin! and the fact that I asked for this–yes, directly- LOL the release of all things that don’t serve me. next day-puke! LOL Starting to feel better but feeling the intense energies is an understatement-lots of symptoms you speak about except for the voice thing i have as well.

    One note though. The lower heart chakra is located at the base of the sternum, called the xiphoid process and this area is related to guilt. A lot of people have a flaring of pain when either having or collecting guilt experiences or when releasing and forgiving them. You spoke of a closing of the book in the energy field previously and the new energy coming in and so the idea of guilt, the remnants of things past would no longer be of service to us and would need to be released. Even if you have consciously forgiven every single thing in your life its possible that there may be some holding there. A lot of folks confuse the feeling of the solar plexus (center of power and intuition/self protection) and the feeling of the lower heart (guilt and our ability to satisfy the needs of others reflected onto our own personal ego construct aka not good enough in another’s eyes)…you are so attuned to energy interpretation, just thought that I would share that this jumped out at me to comment on. Take it for what its worth–and with much love.

    Hugs and feel better! Alex


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