Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 7, 2013

Manifesting Your Heart Desires Thru 2013 and Then Some!!!


There is just so much I want to share today, I don’t even know where to start.  So I think, I will just continue on from yesterdays sharing.  I left off talking about the Light Codes and the three fields that need alignment to fully open the potential of those codes.  When I closed my blog yesterday, the story kept revealing itself in detail in simplicity and application.

With regards to these Light Codes of manifestation the first thing I seen where these intense spirals all coiled up as tight as could be.  There was a very specific frequency vibrating within the spiral.  I watched as spirit placed it on what I call the inner field, on the grid of magnetic energy we naturally and constantly emit.  Then there was another spiral, again, tightly coiled, this one tho, placed elsewhere on the outer field.  I created a very simple picture to give you the same visual I have:

code alignment

To be clear here, the colors were not different in my visuals, white just didn’t show up very well on the right side of this picture so I used a color that did.  These Light codes resonate at exactly the same frequency as each other.  They remain dormant and in place until we choose to activate them.  Keep in mind, we are looking at a flat image that is still.  There is nothing about our energy fields that are still.  They have their own orbit around the human, constantly rotating and vibrating.

And of course, we must take in the third alignment of this frequency code, the earth grid herself:


The grid(s) of earth are constantly moving as well.  Our goal, our mission to unlock the energy within these Light Codes it moving them all into direct alignment with each other directly over the heart.  My biggest question yesterday as i was really getting what I was being shown was HOW?  How do we get these codes all in alignment.

Pure Emotion/Feeling!!

By pure I mean, no brain activity happening.  Remember, the brain was beautifully created to be a fear based, analytical entity to help us on this world of matter.  The heart itself, is the Home of voice of the Soul.  Being clear within yourself about which is which, crucial.

They gave me a perfect and clear example of how this works.

The end of December 2011 I was sitting in my car writing a blog and getting ready to do readings when Archangel Michael piped up and asked me a question: “How do you see yourself in 2012.”  Immediately my mind kicked in… what the hell kind of question is that???  At first, my replies all came from my mental matter, mostly focused around money (since I had none at that point.)  Michael was just silent so I knew… I was missing something BIG.  So I sat there in my car, closed my eyes, turned off my brain and felt what was in my heart.  I will never ever forget this moment in all my life… the feeling was so different from anything I had ever felt just sitting without being in meditation.  But the reply, too, was emotionally charged like nothing I have ever experienced.  The reply came up something like “I see myself being in a landscape that supports my growth and surrounded by like minds.”   Let me just say, you can take that very question, change it to 2013, and let the energy flow up thru your heart, you will be so surprised by your own hearts desire (without the mind involved, I know I was!!)  Immediately something started to stir in my whole body… I could feel it, I just didn’t know what “it” was.

A couple of days later, Michael once again asked a similar question.  “What do you want.”  Again, mind chimed in with all those monetary desires and with it, not a single “feeling” it was fear of not having, not true alignment with emotional desire.

At this juncture of my life, I had just moved back to New Mexico from Virginia back with my wonderful roommate I had just left 4 months prior.  I love her, but her dogs (4)… not so much.  The moment I aligned with my heart, I felt it… I want to live alone!!  I have not lived alone in 30 years!

Now, it is one thing to get all your codes in alignment… that is not enough.  There is an energy stream produced by their very alignment that creates the need for one to take action on that energy.  If you just wait for it to drop in your lap, you’re gonna miss the flippin boat!!

All I could feel was looking on craigslist for a place to move to, which alone was crazy cuz I had no money at all.  But, I couldn’t help it, I had to.  I was looking at cheap places (less than $400 a month) and let me tell you, cheap places begets some creepy energy spots.

One evening, still scrolling thru craigslist, I seen the pictures of this place.  Sky rockets went off inside of me, to the point, I was waking up at night feeling this place I live in now.  The rent, $685 and she wanted first and last.  Well, I think you all know the story by now… cuz here I Am, living alone in Heaven with the greatest landlady/soul sister of my life!!

But let me tell you about these code things… she had to have a desire too and she did.  She wanted someone who could appreciate this place, who understood the energy and beauty that is the Jemez, and that could live a solitude type of life.  Her codes connected with my codes and within a week, no money in hand, life changed in the most beautiful way… and continues to!!

This is the very same resonance that brought my beautiful Blue Eyed Man, Rick, to my front door.  He had to put forth the action of driving to New mexico, I had to let him in… Following the energy… ACTION is vital!

As I share all this, I am equally being asked to share the opposite too.  Remember, this has always been a game of duality and always will be.  So there are codes that are in the opposite direction too.  When we align with fear, we open ourselves to the energy we are charging up… even tho our mouth may be saying we don’t want that… the energy is so charged up that of course, we have to attract that to us!!  Only you and I see something as good or bad, to the field of energy, it simply IS.

Being clear in your heart is Key!  They even showed me yesterday… like installing software on your computer, in order for the software to fully install you must enter the code key that came with it… very same thing with our Light Codes and the key is the emotional frequency of our core energy.

So I ask… How do you see yourself in 2013?  (Don’t you dare answer with your mind!!!  smile)

Ya know, yesterday when I was writing about all this, all I could think about was a book I started writing in 2010, Oct 2010 to be exact: The Lost Codes of Shambhala.  I sat and wrote for 12 straight hours, and I so realize it was the prelude to what we are seeing now (those light codes.)  I am so not writing any more books, so I am going to take that information and couple it with what is coming thru now and house it all on my Shambhala blog.   Funny, or perhaps, very synchronicitic  one of the sharings I did at the close of the year, all I could feel was writing to my Shambhala blog again… but had no idea what or why.  Well… now I do!!

Now that I got all that out (smile) let me talk about the readings yesterday.  I only did two before I crashed myself… but everything now makes so much sense!!  I am going to share them out of order, last one first, first one last.  And please keep in mind, there is no such thing as further ahead or behind or anything that makes one feel less than or inadequate… we are PERFECTLY in the energy stage we need for US!!!

Birthing the Angelic Butterfly!

The light of the Field was still brightly intense, but I could see something at what would be the ground level, if there was a ground.  A human sized cocoon laying flat on a ground I could not see, completely aligned with the East point of the field (new beginnings) and extending towards center of the field.  There was a radiance of energy moving up and off of her cocoon.. so much golden energy in the large center, book-ended by blue and red energy.  I knew it was her stirring within the cocoon, as a butterfly does as it breaks free from its chrysalis state of change.

I had to smile so big when she told me she used to raise butterflies, so she knew exactly what happens during this stage.  It can only happen by the action and energy of the butterfly within (us) and even that, once freed, takes more action.  She had told me that the butterfly, once emerged, it covered in fluid (emotions) and must drink it in and move it to its wings to fill them out.  This morning I decided to look for the birth of a butterfly to share with you… little did I know it would give me even more understanding of the lady I had read for first!!  Here is the video…


My first lady of the day… she was on what I can only call looking like a sundial.  The surface of the sun was flat, but sooo alive in its energy.  There was a protrusion of a gold pole and she was hanging onto that pole for dear life.  Again, there was no ground beneath her, so all she could do right now, was hold on.  The very end of the above video gave me that ah-ha feeling!!  Hanging on and getting ready for flight.

I did create a very simple image of both my beautiful ladies to give you an idea of what each looked like:


Notice the energy of the cocoon image… it is flowing towards the right, our perceived future, reading the landscape of our experience.  The gold is both a high spiritual vibration as well as the magnetic field of alignment.  The blue is Self (soul) expression and the Red aligns with the new earth.

Ohhh and the golden energy the lady is hanging on… is actually the sunrise I see, but it is pure vibrant white light.

Yesterday concluded day three of the “sunrise” and it is going to be interesting to see what we see today!!

Ohhh the wonder of it ALL!!

I love ya soooo much.  Thank you for allowing us ALL to see thru your soul what is happening NOW!!  Thru you, I really now understand what we will be working on thru The Soul Gym.. Power Up!!

((((HUGZ))))) of grand adventures and super high frequency alignments!!

Lisa Gawlas



  1. Can you see any timeline ? When are we read to fly ?
    I am so exhausted (loosing a lot of blood during the last days).
    Hoping I will make it through. I have no energy for any emotion
    except for being bored.


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  5. I have felt tremendous metamorphosis energy as well and the lovely butterfly video brought tears of joy to my eyes. With bright new eyes and completely open newly birthed hearts we see each moment unfolding with joy–IF we get into that heart place, lock it in and ride the ride! Thanks Li li and can’t wait to check out the soul gym! Very cool! Love alex


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