Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 20, 2012

The Deep Black Teams With New Life

new life

Did you ever bear witness to something a split second in duration and yet, you knew you just witnessed something so incredibly holy… that is what happened with my first reading of the day yesterday.  When I cranked my antenna out into the field, I immediately placed my vision upwards, where the “zip-lines” have been so prevalent these last few days.  Everything turned black… a thick all-encompassing black and I witness the left and right sides of Life, overlap onto each other and seal itself up… and then it was all gone.

My first reaction was “I should have known.”  Something this huge would have to affect us for much more than a day.  But, I am so nosy and so excited to see the details thru you, I couldn’t bear the thought of not trying.  It wasn’t until I hung up with my beautiful lady and pondered what just happened did I feel the fullness of it all.  I am not even sure I can reduce what I feel, what I know, down to words.

I do know I distinctly felt the process of three days going in and then three days coming out (and even that, is not an accurate description at all, there is no in or out, only to our linear minds there is.)

The remaining four readings on my calendar produced an increase in a noise I can only relate to hearing static.  I could see nothing except what looked like trillions of molecules that seemed to move chaotically to the static.  I know it was not static, because there was this feeling even in that… a presence if you will, filled with the unseeable.

As I sat and pondered this during the morning, I was shown numbers, or better stated, the process.  3-2-1.. 1 puts us into the eye of the 21st… then 1-2-3 and going to the eye of the 21st starting with 1 takes us out of it.  Three days coming, three days going, but… both land square in the 21st which would create the energy of an 11 (3-2-1-1-2-3) then suddenly… it just made sense.  Of course the portal of such spiritual illumination would culminate on the date, the energy of Dec 21st.  Truly, for the last 26,000 years plus… it has all been boiling down to this very moment in time.

It was a strange quite for the rest of the day.  Usually I can think of something and spirit is there releasing the story in some fashion .. not yesterday tho.  And yet, even in the silence was a sacredness, something so absolutely heavenly.

I fell asleep wondering what this really means to us, what is the process we are all undergoing now.  As I was waking up this morning… I was shown.  I am not even sure how to describe this, so please bear with my humble words.  There were three phases of Light that I was being shown and I knew… what I was shown was me.  The three phases had a distinct image to them… like upside down U’s with a line that closed the bottom part of the U.  The inside was like fuzzy white light.  There were three of these Light things and they moved into and out of each other, like a puzzle figuring out its own reconfiguration.  As I woke up I had two separate  but yet, the same thoughts… Plieadian, Sirian and Human energies melding as one.  Equally, Mind, Body Spirit re-configuring itself into new matter.

There is one thing that did change in my “view” as I reflect on the profundity of what we are ALL changing into… the particles of dirt moving upwards… when removed from anyone’s field of energy, they are multi-colored molecules.  For so long we have heard the term “return of the rainbow tribe” well it seems that includes the energy of the earth as she re-configures herself to hold us.

With awe and reverence…

Lisa Gawlas


  1. Wishing you a wondrous and sacred day tomorrow Lisa. It has been a long haul but we are near the finish line now. May you feel awe and excitement and be blessed by this grand awakening. Bless you and all you offer to everyone on this journey. When our consciousness is raised and we join up with instantaneous manifesting your time for healing yourself will be at hand! No more to think about 🙂 Love and bright bright light! VK


    • just a beautiful description…it brought tears of joy, of welcome and like coming home….thank you sweet lisa for your vision and your words….


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  3. It has been with great joy and anticipation that I daily come to share in your musings and sharings…THANK you so much Li li! Sending love and light to all for this transformation to MORE….:) Alex


  4. zip lines? must be seeing the high altitude leyline network


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  6. Sending you love Li li and knowing in my heart that wonderous things are happening with you!!!! Enjoy the ride and check in when and if you can!


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