Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 18, 2012

Friction Increase to Ready Warp Speeds Ahead. Just Let Go and Fly!!


I do believe we are getting ready for take off.  Of course, it would have to be a take off thru the easy bake oven first (giggle.)  Sorry, woke up silly.

It took me a bit… again, to really understand what we were really seeing yesterday.    Like the day prior, every person was still very much on their zip line, or at least, in the motion of connecting to it… but the day prior, everyone was in the “middle” of my visual scope of the zip line… yesterday… not so.  Most everyone was almost to the farthest reaches of the west area.  But with an added twist from the day before.  There was the presence of light behind them.  Indescribable light.  Don’t take that to mean the light looked complex, not at all… it was the depth of energy, the aliveness beyond the visual that left me without any words.

It took me all the way to the last reading to understand the placement of each person.  An an advance in the energy motion we are going thru.  It presented itself in understanding like one of those friction propelled cars, you pulled it back while it is still on the floor, creating an acceleration forward as your hands release themselves from the car.  Seems we are all going to go thru this pulled back to the top (there really isn’t a top, just again, from my visions view.)

I never even told my very first client about the light I had seen, for the first time in a very very long time… I was not sure I was seeing correctly.  I allowed my self to get all stumbled up because of the placement on the zip line…. it was until my last client did I finally stop trying to figure out why did the answer come.  (Important message to all of us there lol.)

My first guy had what looked like a rising full moon behind his image on the zip line.  It was just starting to rise, and glowing white like full moons do… and large, as if he was literally hanging just in front of this rising moon.  It is only this morning do I understand his image… the illumination and guiding light thru the dark into the new day.

My next guy, appeared at the same place on the zip line… deep west area… except his was an interesting array of rainbow energy.  Of course, the full spectrum of rainbow energy has been part of his fields energy for this whole last year in one way or another.  In his image, each fraction of colored light fanned out over top of him.  Both of these men’s light, seemed to be back-lit with even more light.  The radiance was awe striking.

Ya ever look at something, I mean really really look at something and there is not a single word you can use to describe or relate to what you have just seen.  This is exactly how this mans multicolored fan of light was.  So we have other conversations, but more than that… the conversation took us on an unexpected journey.

We started talked about timelines, earths, planets, incarnations… how everything can be happening at once and yet, by appearances, that is not even conceivable.  And then something magical happened, just to the left of his image hanging on a zip line.  It was like a ball of multicolored twine showed up and someone took this tightly woven ball and started to spread it out.  As it spread out, the colors themselves came alive.  I mean really really alive.  Suddenly I had seen all the planets in our known solar system, the life forms teaming on them, the appearance of the planets at rest (no life forms.)  I could see how the threads of light connected to various versions of what we could see in “that” process.  I so absolutely realized how important this veil of limited frequencies is to our process.

I was able to see Mars teaming with life, with buildings and structure’s and incarnated evolving consciousnesses that had gone thru the full ascension process in their own way.    I could see the life form my guy was living (not in detail, just in knowing) on Mars in another time connection and how that aspect if filtering into his new cake body right now.  The same with the life form he had on Venus…

It was so interesting to see the connective energy to our perception of planets at rest (no life forms on them) and how much their energy is facilitating ours from that… view. This really really hits home the saying “nothing is as it seems.”  Holy freaking cow batman…. super understatement!!  There is such an alive network of energy we call timelines, that really is not time at all… lets call it perception lines.  Our goal (one of them anywayz) is to not only perceive them, but to learn to navigate them as well!!

It is funny, later in the day as I was just remembering this profound experience, I was right back in it, only, without his light facilitating it… the energy sound that started to pick up in my ears was like a super freight train happening in my ear canals.  The sound became unbearable and I closed the image.  Even this, especially this morning, helped me realize just how incredibly important we are to each other.  His light body facilitated mine within the experience… like a high-octane gas to let us go there together.  On my own, I had to break sound barriers to get there and it was not pleasant!!

My third reading, a beautiful lady, just confused me!  Well… until this morning (thank you dear god for mornings, even if sleep has become fragmented to the umpth degree lately.)  I could see what I am now so familiar with… the protective gel-like substance of her dome of energy.  It filled every area I could possibly see… we were inside just at the very top, and the top was now bulging at the exact area of the zip line of the new earth.  Talk about being in your 9th month of pregnancy and giving yourself a C-section lol.  I watched as she… I am not even sure what she did… cut an opening in her protective covering that was soooo magnificently lit up with light.. a slate blue brilliant light and started to connect to her zip line.

For the first time I could see the depth of this gel-like energy sac.  It had to be at least 6-10 inches thick, with almost a bubble wrap sectioning within it.  There was depth, texture, cells of aliveness thru it all.  Like the butterfly who just knows how to break thru the cocoon of transformation… we too are in the midst of doing that.

My last lady, the one who really helped us understand this pulling back to the top thing… she was set up differently.  Still on a zip line, but instead of the silver hook thingie like all the others, she was in a hand glider.  The light, a lit up amber tone, was illuminating the hand glider itself.  When I seen the pulling back of the energy… that is when I so fully understood the friction acceleration we are all undergoing.  Pulling back to zoom forward!!

And today starts our ascent into the time tube (smile) of December 21st (remember, 3 days coming, 3 days going.)  The baking period is officially underway!!

Wooo hooooooo?????

To all the beautiful Light beams of my life, of our collective lives… thank you for shining your light, your magic, your love into the fields of creation and beyond!!  Hand in hand, we are gonna go there… together!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of blissed out cake backing to all… and soon, we shall feast on each others new flavor load!!

Lisa Gawlas








  1. Hand in hand…we go together! Much love Li li….I still have my girls’ easy bake oven in the basement playroom…you made me smile! Thanks for your sharing and your love–right back at you! 🙂 Alex


    • Ya know Alex, I just love hearing you call me “Li Li” I get this warm fuzzy feeling of fuzzy slippers, sleep overs and childhood excitement together. The innocence of the heart in the expansion of the wise mind… thank you for Being Alex and sharing your deep joy here with all of us!!

      I love you!!! (((((HUGZ)))) filled with warm fuzzies!!


  2. I just want to stop by and wish you a wonderful holiday. thanks for all your hard work and sharing. It means alot to me. Blessings and Light and may your health go towards recovery, lvarrow.


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  4. Dearest Lisa

    You are absolutely Adorable ! ! ! 😉

    with much Love, Dianna


  5. Greetings! Very helpful advice within this post! It is the little changes that make the biggest changes.
    Many thanks for sharing!


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