Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 16, 2012

Soul Expansion – Divine Counterparts – 2013


I remember when I first started to do readings, everything always stayed the same, except for the new energy a person put into their life.  Symbolism’s never changed, the time depth never changed, everything wonderfully reliable.  I read for three years before I stopped to do DNA readings via massage.  Even they were reliable in understanding until about 2010, then new chakras started to emerge, new energies were coming in, but at least the mapping of understanding was consistent.  Then, like a blessing, I started to do readings again last July and everything just got weird.  Change in the landscape and our biologies just started to ramp up…. slowly at first.  Sometimes the “layout” was consistent for a whole month, maybe longer.  And then we hit 2012.  Life and my stroll thru readings would never be the same.  Sometimes the images change while we are in the midst of reading what originally showed up… because, you are changing your core energy while in the reading.  The layout, geez louise, its like running a marathon on new city blocks each and every day.  Every thing is new, images, symbolisms, even the focus of energy from one day to the next.  I do realize the three series of changes I had gone thru since 2003, when I first started reading.  The first three years, I read the “earth energy” the base chakras if you will, then thru massage I read the mid-energy, where spirit meets DNA.. I do not recall signing up to read the high energies, the soul energies that permeates life.  (Sorry, having a moment here lol)

Everything is changing so rapidly, so intensely and the focus of energies each and every day are shifting.  There are days, especially like yesterday, where I really struggle to keep up and understand!  It took me all the way thru to the fifth readings to really understand what we were seeing in the layout of all the readings.  The energy focus really shifted with the New Moon.  Up until this new moon, all spiritual eyes were on the field, your personal created life and the energetic’s / movements thru that.  Now, I actually see your created life, the field and the gel-like dome covering as part of the tapestry of the reading, but not the important part that moves and changes with the details.  Instead, every persons reading opened up with what looked like a miniature version of their “field” in the middle of their reading.  I could see and feel the most intense  deep blue/black aliveness that was everywhere (except the now condensed visual of your mini-domed, field.)  This energy was as high, wide and deep as I could possibly feel.  It so reminded me of the night sky, only with amazing deep blues mixed in.  This was consistent for every single person I read for as was the inability to move into the energy I call your personal field of life.

Like I said, it took me 5 readings to fully understand what I was seeing.  This is your deepness, your whole soul radiating itself in every whole way thru all of eternity.  This is where the energy is fully accelerated at.  Your/our relationship with eternity.  With the All of All of creation.  It also took me a few readings to see how this energy is fully connected to the energy I call 2013.  A true soul infusion, aliveness, lifting you to the energy field of 2013.

Everyone’s reading took place outside of the dome around the ‘field” baffling me at first.  Over and over again, spirit talked about the “great expansion” that is happening.  I realized, this is where the game is now being played.  Our “field of life” is on a sort of hiatus as the energy from the depth of the soul of each person, of Life itself, infuses, stretches, increases and fires the grid of energy taking us higher in vibration to 2013.

I even watched as some people are not even inside their dome of energy, but co-creating energetically (not completely consciously) with the expanding, moving field of life into 2013.  It was a feeling of really, stepping out of your whole life and putting energy into the deep abyss of creation.

What is really interesting, one of the ladies I was reading for yesterday showed up kind of like the top end of the “energy silo” that I talked about, that stores all your harvested energy… and it exploded into billowing vivid orange and yellow energies… some reds, but not as much as the oranges and yellows.  The field, her team, kept repeating the energy of the “big bang”… in our own unique way… we are all going thru a personal big bang reseeding into the life fields we call 2013.

From what I am understanding now… the rest of this year is already in place, already happening if you will.  There is nothing we can do to change what is happening.  I am going back to the easy bake oven analogy.

Thru this entire year, via our choices and actions, we were deciding what ingredients were going to put into our new cake (life) in December 2012.  By the time we hit the 12/12/12 all our chosen ingredients started undergoing a blending period… now the soul is adding the energy to what is needed to the cake batter… the energy to bind all the ingredients of choice into the new form.  If you can imagine, we are now on a conveyor belt moving forward… the baking will be intensified on the 21st, where the Light of the Center of ALL Life directly shines on us, solidifies all we have become.  (remember, 3 days coming, 3 days going) by Dec 24th, we will be our new, unique  cake bodies!!

I finally realized why spirit does not show us what is happening the very last week of December.  Keeping with the cake analogy… it is our “cooling” period.  If you try to cut up a cake fresh out of the oven, its gonna crumble and fall apart.  We must cool down, before we hit the road running.  No wonder this whole event is so divinely timed with the Holy-Days.  We will be busy visiting, loving, exchanging and then even celebrating the New Year, not trying to push our self into New Lives, but savoring what Is.

January, on the other hand, is not a time to sit on your butt at all.  From what spirit said several times yesterday… it is a time for breaking in new shoes.  Playing with the new version of cake that you are (smile) and feeling how the air, the energy, the people, respond to you as you step out and fully allow yourself to BE, out loud and uninhibited!!

There are a couple juicy tid-bits of information that came thru yesterday that I must share today!

Divine Counterparts!!

These last few weeks I started to realize, there is a lot more diversion to the divine counterpart energy that I had once understood.  Of course, for so long, my own questions were about the loving/sexual kind and there for, that is what spirit highlighted in my understanding.  There are deep friendships that also exhibit the much-needed push/pull on the energy fields of another.  Unlocking/releasing codes just by being present in each others space.  But even in deep friendships, the magnetic field of energy must fully align with another to unlock the magic within.

Same thing with the intimate Divine Counterparts.  Where the key to the universe, and the universal lock is penetrated in fullness… (can we say sex here!!)  It’s all about the magnetic frequency alignment   Choices that allowed one self to vibrate higher, fuller, more deeply.  Not all counterparts made those risky choices.  Some, energetically, are sooo not ready to meet for the agenda at hand.  But what we are going thru now… the new cake version of us… 2013 is going to see 75% of divine counterparts aligned in each others lives by mid-year.  (Spirits numbers, not mine!!)

Some had particular counterpart potentials set up to cross paths this year… and one, or both, made alternate choices and the energy ceased to exist.  Have no worries about.. there is a back up plan, to the back up plans… and some serious magic unfolding too.

Mid-February.  Magic to the umpth degree!!  Portals open… our friends from the stars that have loved us and guided us to this incredible moment in time, can now easily put on some human suits and play with us.  But we must be willing players too!!

It will be impossible to straddle staying in your old life (if it not longer fits you) and playing wildly in your new life.  If you are hanging on to old relationships that no longer make your heart and soul sing, well… these are all choices of your creation.

One of the other things that was soooo prevalent within me, my own understanding… we must FIRST and foremost be the divine counterpart to ourselves.  To fully embrace our above and below energies as one.  To not only sit on the sun with an expanded view of ALL LIFE, but to be fully immersed in All LIFE as a key player.  Can-Seer was that very gift to me… to rehook me back up with this amazing thing called my body.  MY Living Life in a whole new, partnered way!!

These days are magical, and you are the magic of MY LIFE!!  Thank you for being there, loving me, loving each other, sharing your heart with ALL.  We are gonna rock this party wildly together!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of joy-filled adventures (even when it comes in the form of rest right now) to ALL!!!


Lisa Gawlas

P.S. One week left to receive 3 fully charged crystals from the field with every new reading purchase thru December 23rd.  



  1. I hope I’m in the 75%! Thanks for hopeful news. 🙂


  2. I so love your cake analogy. I’m angel food cake with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles! And you can mash me up but I spring back to original shape.


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  4. Saying in Eddie Murphy’s Donkey voice, “Ooooo, cake! I love cake! Who doesn’t love cake? Cake is delicious!”

    What a wonderful, fun post! Such great news!!!! Thank you, as always! 😀


  5. Sounds like it just getting Funner and Funner. Here is to keeping on track.


  6. Boy, Lisa; I SURE HOPE I’m in that 75% in alignment with my counterpart (in each others lives) by mid year???! Thank you for sharing that hope with us in your sharing… Pamela


  7. This seems so true to me. After quite a time of contemplating and I’ve decided to leave my job and have given notice, even if I have not yet a secure new opportunity. But I feel so strangely happy and held that I’m actually looking forward with joy onto some insecurity because it might hold unexpected cool new things for me. Like a kid for christmas, not being shure what Santa will bring!


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  9. are you making a sexual forecast?


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