Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 14, 2012

New Moon Energy Infiltrating….


Holy New Moon infusion!!  This one is actually kicking me in the butt today.  I had to literally pry my eyes open (the goo infiltrated my eyeball as I slept) and my eyes are so sensitive to light this morning that looking at this computer screen… well, lets just say it is unpleasant.  On top of that I have an energy fever going on, but I gotta get this sharing out, too important not too!!

It took me a while to really understand what we were experiencing and seeing thru the readings.  When you and I are in a reading, to me, nothing else in life exists except what is playing out in the field of life within my back yard.  I think it would be more accurate to say… I forget there is other influences happening thru the readings.  By the third reading yesterday, I finally remembered it was the New Moon and it was very very active in the field of Light called YOU!!

I had 5 readings yesterday, every one aligned themselves in the same way.  I could see, as if looking from a distance) your entire field of Life, including the very protective and amplifying gel-like dome of energy over the field.  I was not able to see what any body’s inside field looked like… at all.  Instead, everyone had their very own energy/light show happening all around the dome itself.

For my first lady on the field, it was as if the universe stuck a super large hypodermic needle made of intense light, not just any sort of light, but the intense light that happens at sunset.  Brilliant oranges and yellows with some red in the mix… all being pumped thru her gel dome as if a needle was placed thru it.  Infusing every aspect of her created life with this much-needed energy.

I eventually figured out this was the seed energy from the New Moon infiltrating her present moment to help facilitate the end of a long day in her life.  Think about sunset, it is when the day is over, the colors give out a last hurrah for the magic that happened thru the day… and the night ensues.  Removing all that is no longer needed within you and gives way to the light of a brand new day.  For her, I know this sunset brilliant energy is in relationship to her current relationship.  It’s done and will not go any further on her particular timeline/energy frequency.

Again, I must give a shout out to the divine alignment within any given day with your appointments… as if on cue, my next beautiful man in the field was so contrastingly different to my lady.  The sun itself was at high noon position in his life, aligned directly to the center of his dome energy and with spot light intensity was beaming down to his dome.

I watched as his super intense beam of sun connected to his dome and spread out all over the top of his dome.  Suddenly it was as if his dome became trillions of molecules held together and each sun beam infused the nucleus of each molecule setting a whole new energy vibration in motion.

He did ask a question that the image of reply has stuck in my mind and in my heart since seeing/feeling it.  He asked about the project he is currently within… suddenly my vision was in the middle of January and this long stem rose… I mean like 4 feet long was there, leaning forward towards February   I not only knew it was a rose, but also, a flower within the fields of Shambhala.  Considering his project is within the financial sector of life… something beautiful has already grown there as it extends itself to February… and outward from there.  It is a feeling like a domino effect… but in the fields of Love.  All the world can use that feeling in their financial sector for sure!!

My third lady, she had a trillion sparkles of energy everywhere… golden sparkles radiating in all aspects of her life.  She had just given birth on Dec 1st to a beautiful little girl who was actually due on the 21st but wanted out and present in life.  Her baby was surrounded by these sparkles too.

Like i have said so many times before, just cuz I see them and god knows… feel them… I do not always know exactly what this energy means to you, and the field is really good at making sure it stays that way!!

Each person of the day… so absolutely unique in energy infusion… in the seed energy from the power of the New Moon.

As my day of readings finished, it was as if my own body got its cue to…. infuse.  I started to feel like I was in the midst of a serious hangover… maybe from all the love juice the day before (smile.)  But today… my ass is seriously kicked.  My eyes burn (gotta love upgrades) my body is releasing puffs of heat… my mental matter has to take a break after I type out each paragraph (typing puts me right back into the light of happening) and I have this energy wedge along my spine… like my spine was fitted for a girdle while I slept… except I can see the light of it, the energy within the long balloon looking things on each side of my spine… infusing thru my core.  I am feeling a little rough for the wear today… and I have to find a way to do 5 readings again!!

So, on that note, I am going to take a little pause for the cause… I just felt like it was too important to not show you the intensity, the pure change of energy being infused into every crevice of your life right now.  Unique unto you, how you experience it will equally be as unique as you are too.  There is no right or wrong, good or bad… its all happening exactly as it is needed.

On a complete side note, I know the soul of Me is sooooo excited about the Soul Gym opening.  I have been on a download of excitement all day yesterday… what we shall do, how, when… I did set the days and times of opening.  If you are interested in keeping up with it, I have a newsletter enrollment on that page too.  Please go to and let me know if I can do anything for you (blog listing, business listing, whatever.)  By the time it opens, I will have all the crazy ads gone from the chatroom aspect.

Enjoy this Holy cow infusion, be gentle with yourself and love your way thru each and every day!!  I am right there loving you too!!

Together, we are One and we are Powerful!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and bliss!!

Lisa Gawlas



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  3. so loving you LIsa! Sparkles and love everywhere, these are the holy days as we all add our light to the new creation. Thank you for sharing even when it hurts! You are such a trooper for the light!


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  5. Lisa, the link to the soul gym in your blog message doesn’t seem to be working right. At least it wasn’t for me anyway. I’m just going to add it again, here in this comment, in case anyone else is having the same problem.


  6. Lady, I stumbled on this when I searched “2012 energies” in Google because I was feeling weird yesterday and today—my eyes felt strange, could hardly look at the screen, and I felt feeverish—and I had an intuition that it was some energy I was picking up on. The feelings you describe are exactly what I have felt over the past 24 hours and I had no idea it could be related to the new moon—or even that it was a new moon.


    • ((((HUGZ)))) of welcome to our crazy, but very real world Link Swanson!! It is amazing what is affecting us.. feels like crap, but is really good when all is said and done!! I hope you stay and join us!!

      With love and welcome and more (((HUGZ)))


  7. Li li, feeling exactly like you, as if I got beat up, so trying to treat myself gently while sending love to this very sore and battered and bewildered world….with love and light and hugs to all who share the energy of life…Alex


  8. Hi… a friend of mine sent this blog to me…and I don’t normally comment on blogs….BUT– I thought it was so wonderfully descriptive of sharing your experience that I just wanted to say thank you… how apparent it was to me that you were gifting your clients with some beautiful healing for Unity and how great it is that you could it see it way that you did! I saw a great little video – you and your people might like – with 8 signs of the Ascension process… you will probably laugh and appreciate these “symptoms!… Anyway – thanks for sharing….Many Blessings! Andi


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