Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 11, 2012

The Fruit of Creation Comes Thru YOU and To YOU!! Karma in Earnest <3


What a wild and wacky day was yesterday.  I have a feeling tho, we are all going to be able to start a new day with that same sentiment for the day prior, only bigger and wilder each coming day thru December.  But I have to admit, in my world, it sure was one of those days for the record books.  Starting with the blog, how on earth did I miss sharing so much important information?  No matter how short or long the time I have is to write once I get up in the morning, I can get all the important info out… I missed half of it yesterday.  Geez!!  I will make up for it today! (smile)

And then my 8am never showed up for her appointment, neither did my 9:15!  I actually found myself checking several different calendars to make sure it really is the 10th and I am on the correct calendar day for readings.  Thru the waiting, my computer completely crashed… twice.  I couldn’t keep google chrome (my web browser) open for longer than 2 minutes it would repeatedly crash.  Then (not surprising) my internet crashed over and over…  I could so feel the winds of weirdness blowing in from every direction.  What the hell is this all about?

I so wanted someone in the field so I can read what the heck is really going on.  So I emailed my 3rd reading of the day to see if she wanted to go earlier and then I no sooner sent her the email, my first lady of the day called… she over slept because she was up all night.  Phew… I was just glad she was OK.  I waited a little while, since i didn’t hear back from my 3rd appointment, I emailed her again and said we will meet at our scheduled time so I can do my original first lady (now I am feeling as erratic as the energies.)  It took almost 20 minutes for me and my first lady to actually connect… I call her, it went straight to voice mail, then no answer.  She called me back, my cell would not let me answer the call.  I rebooted everything… finally… a connection.  This was like pulling teeth!!  I was soon to find out why.

The moment we connected, I knew the reason for the intense energy and strangeness!!  I watched as my constantly changing antenna went out into the middle of the field and hooked into this massive horizontal vortex spinning rapidly about 5-6 feet above the ground that stretched out to the West field area.  Ohhhh no…  I am so not getting caught up in someone else’s wild ride!!  I pulled my antenna back in.  I need these brains functional today!!  That antenna of mine is connected my brains and rapid spinning energy can stir my pot like crazy.  But I did understand why she was up all night.  We agreed to try to read again after my 3rd appointment but before my 4th.  I had time.

I had already gotten a glimpse of my lovely lady in Switzerland, my 3rd reading of the day when I emailed her to see if she wanted to connect early.  It was a quick glimpse of what used to be her biology.  Now she looks like super bubble wrap lady emitting radiant energy thru every bubble that is now her body.  But I will get back to this…

As I attempted to connect to her field of life, there was that pesky flipping vortex again, only different.  It was still massive, horizontal and spewing energy into the center of her life and my face, fortunately the field was so kind as to put a circle of energy hiding most of what is being released to her life so I wasn’t completely bowled over by the energy.  Than you dear Lord!!!  This circle allowed me to look and understand without getting scrambled brains.  Even tho so much was the same with this vortex, it was visibly different too.  It was spewing out the same radiant colored energy as I had previously glimpse her bubble wrap body radiating.  Primarily intense reds and blues.

As I tried to understand why her vortex was so visibly different from the other lady… we got an instant answer.  (I celebrate when that happens!!)

I had talked for a long time about the harvest of energy that was taking place in the West field.  All of our mastery  all of our good karma coins, all of our spiritual wisdom from every past life, future life and lives lived off planet was being harvest and placed in a sort of silo (what Indians call the store house) for use and access when needed.  Every single person on planet earth has their own energy silo.  I would love to say everyone’s is filled with nothing we would see as negative, but that would be a lie.  However, those of us who live in the center field (heart center) of Life, all past karma has been completely cleared (whether your mind thinks so or not… smile) and so there is only good stuff in our silo’s.  Phew!!  So this vortex that appeared yesterday applies to everyone.  Everyone has their own personal vortex that is connected deep into the energy silo of their life and yesterdays wild winds activated it’s super spewing flow into the energy field we will just call your life.  Hence, the wide opening part of the vortex is what is releasing the intense energy filling your world.

Now keep in mind, everyone is on a different point in the path, so if you haven’t felt the intense crazy energy yet… you will.  It will be unmistakable in your day(s) as it is released to fill and intensify your world.  Which I will explain in a moment.

My third lady appeared with her vortex in place, my protective circle covering most of her wide open (again, thank you dear Lord!!) she was strange tho… she was spewing huge chunks of solid silver out of the areas of her vortex my protective circle didn’t cover (so I could see what was happening.)  Solid chunks of silver, bigger than a fist.  Part of me wanted to duck or at least go shoo the birds off the field (smile.)  Now, in my world, silver itself is the highest vibration of earth energy there is, the fact that she had silver chunks flying out of her vortex told me something was become very solid in her life… something deeply connected to her relationship with Gaia.  She then told me about her last two meditations, a liquid silver river that she jumped into that turned into a silver ocean that she swam within.  I get this!  Well, sorta!!  The swimming assimilated all the fluid energy into her skin (like the lady yesterday in the red goo) and now was a solid aspect to her Life and her vortex was creating “that” already.

I have to admit, when I was reading lady number 3 and realized we all had our own personal energy silo vortex thingie… I so wanted to know what mine was spewing… cuz let me tell ya… I felt it all morning!  The moment I wondered, I saw.  Keep in mind, just cuz I can see what something looks like, doesn’t mean I really understand what it means to us.  My own vortex was releasing globs of yellow gold energy.  Big balls of it.  What the hell does that mean??  They (the field, my team, whatever) showed me after all my (attempted) readings were complete.

Yellow and gold are energies I relate to spirit, pure spirit… yellow is the aspect of spirit housed in the human body (think, solar plexus) and gold… gold is the highest vibration of spiritual energy there is (in my world) but also, these days, it now houses and amped up magnetic field of attraction/return.  For those of us who live and love thru the center field (heart energy) the only karma that exists is the energy we create in any given moment.

I sat and reflected on my morning to early afternoon.  I woke up to a $10 donation in my inbox.. an energy system set up by my beloved Katja in Germany thru my facebook to help me thru this crazy journey with cancer.  I am so overwhelmed with peoples generosity and love I do not even know what to say… for as much as I write, you would think words of gratitude come easy… not so much.  The feeling in my heart is so big that sometimes… I just need to let the feeling assimilate before I can even speak.  Then… two package sales came thru yesterday morning.  The gratitude in my heart, phew.  I know my December schedule is full, so appointments are now only available in January.  The feelings that run thru me… I have no words to describe   Your faith, your trust, your desire to connect… so beyond humbling.    And then, Fed x comes knocking at my door delivering Essiac Tea Gel caps from a loving soul who wants me to have this.  I about cried…  tears of gratitude of course.  And then my beautiful landlady came to give me the mail… an amazing Christmas angel was there in card form with a $20 bill inside.  The birds of the yard are going to be so happy, that is exactly what was needed to get 50 more pounds of their food, without me eyeing my delicate December financial balance.  On top of that angel, which will never be packed up and put away after Christmas, she will stay right here with me forever… was my newly tweaked Maju Stone.  The energy pouring off my Maju stone and into me… phew baby!

As I watched what my team was showing me… the LOVE made manifest on this very particular day from all around the world, I just sat there and cried.  Happy tears.  A new reading came with my Maju Stone and I smiled as big and as broad as a heart can when I read the energy of my new replaced stone, now a peridot (was a garnet until the garnet jumped out) and it was stated in my reading it was to lift me higher, into the field of energy, of knowing, to get a fuller, larger view.  I thought about my helium lady from the day prior and felt so comforted that I indeed will also have such buoyancy within my life too!

To me, this special day not only confirms my own feeling that Shambhala is here and alive on earth within our hearts… it is becoming part of our tangible world as well and made manifest to our hearts and eyes.  YOU truly are the Shambhala flowers that radiate loving goodness on earth… a true way shower that says out loud We Are Here!!

There are two, no… three,  very important things I had left out from yesterdays sharing.  There is another theme that I forgot to mention (how I forgot is so beyond me) and that is that in all the readings I have done where I could see your intensely changing biology form… no one had hips or legs that I could see clearly. The upper body.. firm and solid… lower body.. still forming.  Including my bubble lady from yesterday!

Our hips and legs are still being solidified.  This is really important for us to all understand and find a way to be ok with.  Our movement thru life is changing.  How we walk and participate, is changing in relationship to this massive infusion/blending of all these energies.  We will move into the dateline we will just call December 21st with all of our liquidy, gooey, and even chunky ingredients completely in place (think of putting cake batter into the oven) and will emerge from that powerful energy very differently than we went in.  New legs, new walk of life… solid.  Cake.  To even try to be “that” today… impossible.  To know what our new mission, or new energies will look like and how to fully apply them to our new (which may still yet seem old, but it is not) life… very much like trying to taste the cake half way thru the baking period.  You can get a flavor but even that will change as it solidifies.

In one of my readings the day before yesterday, she really left me wondering….  she was out ahead in time (as most of us are) and housed up on the west aspect of the inner circle of December picking beautiful red berries.  I could see the bush she was picking them from, it was almost as tall as she was.  I a.m not 100% sure where she was putting the berries she was picking, it never revealed itself thru her reading.  I did get the feeling she was sharing them without whomever wanted some.  I heard the field say she was “sharing the fruits of life” but also, eating some herself.  Each time I looked at her (really trying to get deeper understanding of this berry bush and what it really means to her) it grew, bigger, wider, and the berries never ceased to be there as she picked them.  All I kept feeling with her bush was my own relationship during my intense transformation period on the mountainside in Vermont with a barberry bush (you can read it by clicking here, scroll down to where the heading says: “Transformation is so subtle you don’t even know it is happening.”)  The image I placed in this sharing is of ripe barberry’s.

Our relationship with ALL of life.  The nurturing, the listening, the cooperation produces so much more for you/us, abundantly that we can ever even imagine.  Sharing from the depths of our hearts, the fruits of life on all levels produces so much more fruit, and equally grows the bushes/life force that feed our lives.  Thats funny… I am taken right back to my sharing just above with my day yesterday.

Even a flower alive in Shambhala cannot exist of itself.  We ARE each others food, nourishment  energy field… abundantly!!

I also read for a lady a day or two ago that really sent me reeling into holy cow-ness!!  She unfolded as a super red form of smushed human energy into the ground, housed fully in the 2nd half of December.  As I had seen her, her head started in mid-december, her feet were connected to Dec. 31st.  Eventually I realized she was one of Gaia’s lungs… breathing in the higher energies deep into Gaia’s core.  What was odd was she was not exhaling tho.  Her (current) job was breathing in.  As we talked about that, she then she told me she was a twin and they were born on 11/11/65 (6= soul partnership, 5= change, together it creates another 11.)  I realized instantly… her sister, her twin sister is the other lung.  The out breadth of Gaia.

This lovely lady sent me an email yesterday (one of the many reminders about how much I forgot to share lol) and I want to share it here with you… (I hope she doesn’t mind.)

…I hope you don’t mind, but I just wanted to share some more thoughts I’ve had recently about everything you said.

I think I told you about my twin sister, Marilyn, who lives in Australia.  She’s skeptical regarding the incoming energies/shift and cannot really focus on any of this due to money/job/day-to-day surviving stress, but, nevertheless, I inform her about upcoming portals, etc.  

I was telling her about what you said about being the “lungs of Gaia” – she laughed and said “Oh, so that’s why I have breathing problems!” – you see, she’s always suffered terribly from hay fever and allergies.  Oddly enough, I’ve never had any trouble with hay fever or allergies.  Must be the polluted Earth air working it’s way through her (!!)  

She uses the name “BlueGirl” for email etc.  I use the name “RedGirl”

She lives in Southern Hemisphere, I in the Northern 

This all fits in so nicely with what you told me!! …

Ohhhh how important the twin energy is!!  I have said this so many times, but gotta say it again… we are doing soooooo much even when we think we are doing nothing.  Imagine the soul that comes in to transmute the impurities within gaia.  Once again, the question should be “whats right with me” instead of whats wrong!!!  Ohhh the mantles we have taken on without even realizing it!!

This story really hits home with what spirit has said over and over again… this is not happening because of spirit, it is because of US, the soul incarnate.  Every energy, every cleansing, every raise of vibration MUST happen thru the human.  WE are the GREATEST aspect to Matter… to changing MATTER there is.  And all of MATTER supports us in ways we cannot even imagine.

Funny, I attempt to close out this sharing… I am reminded of the energy, the beginning of Findhorn in Northern Scotland.  They took land that was rocky, sandy, by all intents and purposes, useless and created the most amazing garden (literally) ever known.  They did this by deep inner listening to what Life needed from them to grow and did exactly that.

YOU are the new Findhorn.  The Shambhala flowers growing in what was once sandy rocky soil to enhance and support ALL life.  Thank you from the depths of my heart and soul for every breath you take, every hand you extend to help, for every heartbeat of love echoing thru time and space.  YOU ARE FELT and LOVED right back!!

((((HUGZ)))) of barberrys, bubble wrap, scales and unlimited potentials of abundance to ALL!!

I so love you!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I do not want to forget to mention… stay out of other peoples karma please.  Some karmic energies are going to get really really unpleasant, remember, this is someones energy of enlightenment to move thru… you take on anyone else’s stuff, you have impeded their growth potential.  












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  2. YaY!!! Thank You Lisa as always.. I Love you Sooooo Much!! and to RedGirl & BlueGirl, your words sent a rush of Sacred Fire thru me… Keep Doing what you do, we Thank You and Send much Gratitude and Love to you both Now, Now, Now!!!!! It is Done


  3. Its funny… I live a few hours drive from findhorn and have been intending to visit but haven’t yet. It’s definately on my to do list!!

    Thanks for another lovely sharing ❤


  4. Wonderful stuff! chills about the p.s. at the end because this speaks so strongly to me regarding “allowing other’s their path” thanks for the heads up and sending love right back to you!


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