Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 10, 2012

The Red Goo of the 12th Leads To The Blue-White Light of the 21st!

earth light

Three days coming, three days going.  That is the earth days length of intense Light frequency change on earth.  I should have remembered that when I did my days readings yesterday, but hell, I am so excited to read again, to connect to your Soul Light, who cares about days and dates!  Well, my cranium does!!  lol  Phew baby!

So we can look at the 9th, 10th and 11th as the energy of the 12th opening and the flow starting to be released to all of earth.  The 12th it will be in a direct inflow, unabated.  The 13th, 14th and 15th it will be solidifying thru all of creation and all available consciousnesses.  We get two days to catch our breath… then strap yourself in as the  18th, 19th, and 20th release the Holy Flipping Cow energies of the 21st.  It is funny, even today, I cannot seem to go beyond the 21st, which was par for the course yesterday.  But yet, the day before we could look around and feel with the energies into mid 2013.

Before I get into the details of the days and weeks coming up for us as we approach the 21st, I do want to talk about some of the things I got to see and understand with 2013 itself.  There are going to be three global shifts that take place next year.  Not just energetic, but something that seems made of concrete, solid and steadfast and how I had seen it thru a reading was like this concrete being hit with a massive blast and broke it all apart (three different times over the course of next year.)  Crumbling some aspect of our global structures.  I cannot tell you what… yet, only that it is big, and intense, and already in alignment to happen during the course of next year.

So lets go into my first reading of the day.  He was like this massive bouncing ball on speed.  Zip, zip zip  in a blur of energy that took him from the ground on the west field, zipped up to the area I call the protective dome of energy shielding the inner field, back down to the ground and then started all over again.

I laughed and said well, I cannot see what you are doing when you are moving so fast, SLOW DOWN!!  I was so grateful that he actually did slow down to the point of being in super slow motion.  As I watched and understood what he was doing, I was in awe (which seems to be my steady state these days now that I can “see” you again!)   He would infuse his body with the harvested energy from the west field and then thru his root and sacral areas zip up tho the higher atmosphere within this inner field, leaving a trail of fire behind him, a glow of red and orange flames, clearing and enhancing as he made his way to the top of the dome, then with back in complete alignment with the dome, was infused with a spiritual energy as he then zipped to the ground to release all of this incredible combo energy for the greater all.  I watched him do this over and over and over again, and altho his motion seemed repetitive, he never started or stopped at the same place twice.  He always released his accumulated energy on what I call the center path of life… so ALL have access to this energy clearing as well as enhancement.

He did tell me that he is very very active in his life, cycling, hiking, doing exactly what his soul needs him to do in the energy work.  I watched as he, like every other person I read for yesterday, went straight into the Light of the 21st (I will talk about this in detail in a moment) and we could glimpse a small bit of what coming out of the Light of the 21st looked like… but not in full detailed understanding.  My fiery man changed his coloring from the fiery red/orange to the most amazing cobalt blue (self-expression) with  intense violet thru the blue (higher Self embedded in the Self expression of the blue.)

So often, we have no real idea how profound our lives are because we are not only working at the speed of Light, WE ARE the speed of Light.  In a dampened down brain that just cannot process and continually “see” the real movements thru the Light that is you, we feel like we aren’t doing anything, or at the least, aren’t doing much.  I promise you, nothing could be further from the truth.

This lovely man asked me about two things his biology is dealing with, one is a clogged right ear that hasn’t seemed to pop open from an ear infection quite a few weeks ago.  There are 4 major points within the biological body that is going thru intense and complete change.  The Medulla Oblongata, the Pineal Gland, the Endocrine System and low and behold the deep inner ear known as the cochlea.  As the inner ear becomes upgraded vibrationally, heat is produced, a super sensitivity to sound, and also the bodies defense sets up around it… protecting it, until it has undergone the full change of frequencies.  Hence, the clogged ear and for many, a serious build up of ear wax too.

He also asked about a hernia he has had for some time.  Altho it does not affect him like it once did, it still, on occasions, slows him down.  Even his reply to this beautiful and needed “condition” within him… because he is so absolutely active, his body needed to do something to make sure when he needed to slow down or be still, it created the perfect scenario for him… the hernia.  As i was hearing this information be presented to him, I had to smile in recognition of something I wrote to (about) myself recently.  We have such a human tendency to ask “what is wrong with me” instead of the question that needs to be asked “what is right with me.”

I had also seen his hernia become less and less as we move thru the energies of next year (mid-next year) because by then, the completion of the new human will be in place and his hernia will not longer be needed and go back to whence it came.

Let me tell you, our bodies are as conscious about what we are moving thru, changing with, as we “think” we are.

Before I closed out his reading, I pulled his girlfriend into the mix.  I am reading for him because it was her gift to him, and I so love her… so I wanted to see the two of them together.  Holy Heaven batman!!

They appeared in my kitchen together, face to face, giving me a profile view of each of them.  Just being in the presence of each other was pulling energy from one another to enhance the energy field of the other.  A sharing, an exchange that happens just because you are near to someone.  The more intense the Love energy is between two people (and I am not just talking relationship love, but LOVE period) the more intense the energy exchange that naturally happens.

But there is so much more to their story… together.  Divine counterparts gearing up to set heaven on fire within each other, which of course, flows outwardly too.  But thats a whole other story yet to be fully understood (at least by me!! lol)

I do want to make sure I get at least two of the intense information from my beautiful souls in the field of Light expressed today.  So I must be selective on what I share and how (my time is about to come to a close with typing as more readings are set to rock my world!!)

My second lady was amazing, granted, everyone is amazing!  But sometimes when you get to see something blow-by-blow… it just melts the cockles of my heart.

There she was, near the west area of the inner field hopping so delightfully back and forth across what looked like about a foot and a half wide (half meter) river of pure rainbow energy.  The multicolored, thick energy was flowing constantly from west to east and seemed to create a purposeful opening in the earth itself.  I watched as she hopped effortless back and forth over this energy emitting river and realized she was fully infusing herself from the root chakra up, with this enhanced energy of earth.  This will continue thru the next couple of days, then suddenly there was a new rift in the earth that was the most amazing thick red energy.  Like the filling of a lava lamp without the surrounding liquid.  I watched as she took a dive into this rift and stood up dripping this thick gel.  She was covered 100% with it.  I realized this was the energy of the 12/12/12.  Her jumping into the thick red rift happened on the 12th.  I started to really understand the power and Majesty of the 12th… completely enhance our skin, our outward expression with the fullness of the New Earth, the New Energy.

As that day passed she was suddenly out of the rift, yet still covered in this beautiful red goo… but a massive change was taking place is it dripped from her.  It turned into what looked like solid balls of silver and gold and hit the ground around her.  The moment these silver and gold balls hit the ground, it became part of the ground… sort of like changing back into a liquid state to completely become one with the dirt where every she walked.

This all encompassing change took her to the doorway of the 21st.  Holy Light batman!!

December 21st!

The intense, spotlight-like infusion of Light that radiated thru the earth was… geez… indescribable really.  The color was the most beautiful blue/white Light.  The words used for her was “blending” that word was repeated over and over and over.  Solidifying the blended energy that she now encompasses.  Of course, the blended (whatever that really means will be widespread, but unique unto each and every person.

It so reminded me of going into an oven one way and coming out completely and utterly different… in form.

My last reading of the day really gave us a glimpse of what that might mean to us.

My lady opened up at the very top of the gel-like dome and pretty much stayed there.  I could see these soft beautiful colors streaming up from what looked like the ground, but don’t quote me on that one!!  There was such a connection to helium with this pastel colored streaming upward energy.  Lifting every particle that is her, higher, gently completely infusing her with a buoyancy that is as light as air.  She twirled and spun in a delightful dance way up in the air… and with that I knew she was taking in this helium like energy in every cell.

I really didn’t understand the huge significance of what I was witnessing with her yesterday… partly due to my growing headache.

This helium like energy is so incredibly purposeful to keep us all buoyant and able to bounce effortlessly with the upcoming changes on earth.  We need to be able to bounce 100 feet in the air as things continue to shift, and land softly back on the ground, only to bounce again.  This actually gives us the Lightness to be fluid in our movements, and shift with the earth (and let me tell you, there is so much more to that statement) with ease.

I decided to pull her into my kitchen to have a closer look at her.  OMG!!

As we all are… she was still in the process of Becoming her Full Self.  A pure and present master of worlds we don’t even know about… yet.  Her skin was full of the most beautiful iridescent scales.  Mostly green but with blue and each scale seemed to hold a tiny red crystal in each scale.  I really only seen the fullness of her right arm, the rest of her body was still undergoing…. whatever.  I could feel the energy of her arm, of each individual scale… as she reached her arm out to me, man oh man my headache went from frontal cortex and made its way fully to my medulla.

I realized I was undergoing massive upgrades of my own energy system as I witnessed what You Are doing!!  Thank you (ouchies)!!!

The scales of her skin reminded me of my lovely lady from the day before… the snake… the pure kundalini energy that is becoming our very skin.  The radiance, the shear powerful energy being emitted just from Being… phew baby.

Let me assure you, this has NOTHING to do with the many stories of reptilian energies that we have heard.  There are so many planets, so many lifeforms, so much that is now going to be harnessed in your very presence.

Even tho we have been around and within planet earth since her change to house Life, we have also mastered so much on other planets that have gone thru this very change too.  We are become a blend of that life form(s) and this one as well.

There is soooo much more to this story… but alas, I must start my day.

Enjoy the change…  you are molting and growing all at the same time.  Be gentle with yourself… have fun and take time to really see and explore yourSelf.  You are magnificent!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of joy to All!!

Lisa Gawlas






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  2. Oh so cool! I love the synchronicities in my life–my left ear is the problem, but my right ear is hearing the tap tap tap of information on a much higher frequency…also the working with red/orange fire clearing energy followed by electric blue rejuvenatory energy…so cool! Hope you are feeling better from your headache li li! hugs! Alex


  3. Holy red Energy, (red) Flash.


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