Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 7, 2012

The Greatest Food of Life: Unconditional LOVE!

unconditional love

My path on this wild and wonderful journey called spirit starting at exactly 7:30 pm EST on Nov 11th, 2000.  Thanx to my own willingness to do something I would normally never have done (played on a Homemade Ouija Board) and a very very determined spiritual guide named Jill who seemed to move heaven and earth to find a way to get very needed messages to me to completely and forever change my life.

I would spend the next 3 years in my bathtub learning.  Revamping every single aspect of my life.  The more time I spent in meditation, in my bathtub, the stronger and clearer my connection to spirit became.  Before I knew it, it was not only Jill, my determined “girlfriend” spirit guide and my master (been with me all this life) guide “Ramus” who were talking it up in my meditations and taking me on deep inner journeys to restore the dysfunction that was my life, my health and my mental matter… 5 entities from the Pleiades showed up, Sananda showed up, others just kept pouring in.  Some would be there for a week, others a year or longer… all had their intended purpose.

In my early years, I was spending about 10 hours a day in my bath, sliced up into 5 two-hour intervals.  Not one guide or teacher would leave until I was “Living” what they came to teach me.  It was never enough to just know it, it had to become a way of life.

The more I understood (that is very different from “applied”) the more I wanted to help others understand what I was beginning to understand.  My team wouldn’t have that.  They would just consistently repeat “healer, heal thyself,” over and over again until I just wanted to pop them one!  They also seemed to hold the reins of my external life, which back then, just pissed me off.  They were very particular on the books I could read (they knew how to scramble my brains or remove objects from my 3D world) and god forbid I should attend anyone’s seminars, workshops, anything that was outside of my bathtub.  Back then, it would just piss me off.  But I eventually understood why.

There are as many thoughts about this spiritual life we all live, whether consciously or unconsciously, as there are groups of people talking about it all.  My team kept me far away from anything that conflicted with what they were teaching me.  It all boiled down to the same thing: Unconditional Love and Non-Judgement!

To heal my ulcers, we didn’t even talk about diet, we talked about anger, my anger.  The serious depression wasn’t addressed by food groups, or supplements, but by my own inability to love and accept myself.

During this three year period, I was also taught by Sananda and my friend from the Pleiades  Franklyn, how the energy body works both in dysfunction as well as in perfect resonance… and it all came down to love vs fear.  They taught me how to read energy, both the heavenly light that is naturally us, as well as the torment we inflect upon ourselves with fear.

You and I, we think we have this biology, and due to the way our brain processes, it APPEARS that we do… but we don’t.  We have many frequencies of vibrations that are taken in by that magnificent brain and it spits out images that we “see” as matter.  But at the end and beginning of every day, it’s all energy vibrations.  So is, the food we eat.  Everything changes when we change how we feel about something.  For better or for worse.

In the 7-8 years I was working hands on with people via energy massage and readings, the only time any body ever asked about food was in releasing the dirty energy we just cleared and even that, was never specific.  Deep rich greens helped move the digestive track.  Orange foods help to restore health to the reproductive areas… but only once the old energy was remove and only if the client didn’t bring all the old energy back into them with their repetitive thoughts.

In the way I was raised, heart and in hand with Spirit, it always comes down to what you think and how you feel about that.  I know it so easy to get caught up in the game on earth cuz it feels so real.  But it is not, at all.  It really is a series of vibrations that we emit each and every single day that takes us on this perceived journey thru what appears to be matter.  At the end of this journey, what it really boils down to, is remembering who you are vibrationally… spiritually and using that as your way of life.  It boils down to unconditional love and non-judgement.

I have noticed over the last 12 years, one of the greatest things we judge… and it truly is a judgement, is our food supply.  We see it as good or bad instead of something that simply IS.  The moment you judge it as bad for you, even if yesterday it had no adverse affect on you… it becomes bad.  We are that powerful in creation.  If you believe that something, or the lack of something, is good for you… it becomes exactly that.  The food didn’t change a thing about you… you changed in relationship to the food.  Or fill in the blank with any other thing.

For example, crystals rock my world.  I hear them sing and dance with joy… and they serve to increase my vibrational world.  There are many out there who love crystals and decorate their house with them, but the crystals are vibrationally at a null point, meaning they have no affect except to be decorative, because they only radiate when there is a conscious frequency to radiate to.  Everything is like that.  Everything on earth is birthed of love and consciousness.  If everything is birthed from loving consciousness (and it is) then everything is in a loving exchange with life.

Keep in mind, this is how spirit groomed me.  How spirit showed me the way we work.  I have witnessed first hand that health and joy and bliss have nothing to do with the outside world, unless we say it does.  But it does have everything to do with our inside world and how we feel about that.

We also have a tendency (a strong one at that) to see any sort of illness or disease as bad.  As something to be avoided at all costs, including your own joy levels on earth.  I personally see illness as a messenger  just like every other aspect on earth.

In 2002, by my very own hand and at the most spiritually transformative time in my life, I picked apart my skin (via a pimple) to the point of creating a solid ball beneath my skin.  With it, I invited my own cells to transform themselves at the right time in my life’s journey.  This is now known as my loving journey with Can-Seer!  It could only be revealed now, when I am so steadfast in my knowing, in my ability to really hear energy (even if we call that energy cancer) and to see the loving creation that it always has been.  My fear googles have disintegrated!!  Phew!!

I have been asking my team to help me do more… careful what you ask for, it rarely comes in the package and design we envision.  But it is always perfect.

I think about how incredible this body of mine is… regardless of what I feed it, it is working with me in the most wonderful ways.  I just had a 9 inch wide incision biopsy on my back, a 7 node biopsy on my front… and it is healing so well.  It has not created any pain, any infection, anything that says hey, we need to change our approach.  Instead, it is making a rapid recovery.  Personally, I celebrate that.

I even realized what it (my body) was doing weeks before my surgery.  My midnight coughing jags was clearing my lungs so when they stuck the breathing tube down my throat for my surgery, I would be very clear and not hurt from that.  It has cleared my way well… I haven’t even so much as coughed since my surgery.

My body created an intense diarrhea the 3 days before surgery… clearing the way for the constipation that would ensue the first week of surgery.  I had room in me for that.  Just for the record, everything is moving well now (smile.)

I am madly in love with my body and I know, it is madly in love with me.  It is loving compassion that is at the center of wellness.

The mind, on the other hand…. that needs constant redirecting.  Yes, I now have a tumor in a lymph node and my mind just says “oh shit.”  Even tho I knew this was not going to be a one hit wonder… we have a mantle to infuse love into… cancer.  It is made of Light, the most beautiful cellular light I have ever seen and I am grateful to be partnered with it as the journey continues.

I do have something that most people do not in their life.  I have absolute love flowing into my world from all over the world, thru you.  My cells feel you, my heart feels you, my soul feels you, please be sure that my cancer feels your love too.  LOVE is my only food of choice… and with Love, we will change the world, together,  Including the world of cancer!

Well… off to FINALLY get my PET/CN done!!  Have an amazing, love filled day my friends.  I love you so much more than my words will ever express!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of gratitude in the Light of Creation!!

Lisa Gawlas









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  2. Lisa, your attitude is amazing. I am believing more in the concept of how we feel about a certain food determines how it affects us…good or bad…but get the damn Essiac Tea! It’s Native American! It’s up your alley! 🙂


  3. Sending you Much Love Lisa, and a Big – gentle – (((Hug))).
    Hope it’s all clear! 🙂


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  5. […] Lisa Gawlas […]


  6. Li li! Simply beautiful! Everything that you said resonated strongly within me as a knowing that I have followed for some time now on my own personal journey through healing and energetic/spiritual wellness. I am so happy that you are able to share this with us all and to know beyond doubt that we too are on the journey with you, paving the path with love and light! BIG HUGS! Alex


  7. Hi Lisa,

    I’ve been following your posts for a long time, and I truly appreciate what you share. But in all honesty, I feel you have a few blind spots, and some of those are part of this latest sharing of yours.

    I am very sensitive to your healing process now and do not want to contribute to any sense of concern you might have. For that reason (and others), I am hesitant to engage with you on specifics. In any event, I am not sure how open you are to hearing and really taking in alternative perspectives at this time.

    I have no agenda here, other than to serve you and others.

    I do LOVE your spirit and Heart!

    Wishing you well,

    P.S. Feel free to contact me via email if you prefer


    • I agree with Richard…


    • Big big (((HUGZ)))) to you my beautiful Richard,

      I do feel we ALL have purposely placed blind spots in our field of vision, our walk of life and everything else we are doing here. That is what days and weeks and each other are for… to shed light where there was none before. Otherwise, we become self (small s there) absorbed.

      However… I do have to share the visual I got with your reply, which I love on all levels. I could see a stream of so many people infused in the glow of Light, walking towards this massive opening of Light. Then there was me… I stepped away from all the people and took a little side journey, still very much infused with light, just taking a different road towards it…as my soul needs. But not so far away that I cannot hear, listen, feel, with everyone else.

      Please feel free to openly share whatever is in your heart. Except telling to stop eating sugar lol… there are some things, I am just not doing cuz others see it as something they don’t want to do and have opinions about how that relates to them. I am taking all I LOVE thru this journey with me… but am so very open to alternatives (cuz my docs aren’t the last word in my process) but until I know the full landscape of what is happening with me… I have made only two choices, Hemp oil and Essiac tea.

      I love you so much Richard, always have, and honor who you are and invite you (and everyone) to openly share with me!

      ((((HUGZ)))) of deLight to you,


      • Then I’ll tell you to stop eating sugar. 😛 Cancer feeds on sugar. Smoking doesn’t help. I just think that besides the spiritual work you are doing, you need to do everything possible to help your body’s immune system…diet, smoking, and all. I also think that Christmas can be celebrated in February and that you shouldn’t delay care. I’m done giving my opinion and support your personal choices. xoxo


  8. Hugz back, Lisa. Big hug.

    Please consider the following.

    Any animal eating a healthy diet vs. one full of junk food, will respond VERY differently, from health to behavior to mood. The impacts will be dramatic. Clearly, the responses have nothing to do with the animal’s thinking.

    There are physical laws that govern 3D. They cannot be ignored or bypassed.

    What I have learned about food is that it most definitely effects my body’s health and well-being. My mind is capable of being at peace regardless of what happens to my body, but that is a different issue. If my body is not kept healthy (according to 3D rules), it will become ill. I know this from direct personal experience over many years and many tests… not from any book OR any discarnate being.

    Secondly, consider that not all entities you “channel” are who they appear to be. You may FEEL love, light and warmth from any given entity, but that is NOT always what it appears to be. There are many very powerful, cunning, and experienced entitities capable of eliciting feelings in ones body. There may even be some which intentionally wish to control you, SPECIFICALLY because you are a threat to them. I say this NOT to create fear in you (and I know you know that). Just for you to consider.

    I have not gone into specifics here because I am not certain how my sharing will be received. The last thing I want to do is add any sense of disharmony to your life.

    All the above said, I think you are such a wonderful being and have so much to offer. Heal well, Sister.



    • Big big (((HUGZ))) of gratitude Richard.

      Here is what I do know as true, there are 2000 paths (well, really, soooo many more than that) to get to where, in fact we are all going anywayz. One path that works so well with one, does apply to another. It doesn’t make either path invalid at all, just different for the soul incarnate.

      Had I not arrived on this path 12 years ago, physically and mentally sick… I would take up your understanding of 3D laws. However, the moment I stepped into the bathtub I moved from 3D laws that made me sick (fear) to the higher realms that changed every strand of my inner biology into full and complete health. It was never about the food I ate, or the cigarettes I smoke (on my journey) it was about the lack of love I had for myself or allowed in my life.

      In learning to channel, actually it is more in learning to recognize energy signatures, trust me, my team allowed “tricksters” and the lot in, so I had a discernible difference in frequencies… so, I absolutely do know who is from the higher realms and who still plays in the lower realms.

      We have been so conditioned to believe what was true yesterday, that so often we block our understandings of what is now true for today…

      I had been purposely kept from the crowd for the first three years of this journey, to be sure that when the time came (now) I would be strong enough in my heart and soul to do what was needed for the highest potential of the collective called cancer. What we do not recognize, is how many others came before (me and others) who held the light so pure so that other diseases from our past could be eradicated like small pox, the black plague, and other things that are now pretty much a part of our history.

      I just happen to live every ounce of my life out loud and can be easily mistaken for a light that has gone bad, or dimmed, or is being deceived. I Am Not. But, I also have never played by 3D rules because at the end of the day… we are so not the 3D agenda… unless we choose to be.

      Big big big (((HUGZ)))) my love filled with everything good/god on earth and beyond!!!


      • Hi Sister,

        Your response is what I expected. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it was what I anticipated.

        I feel no need to go further with this… at least not now. I acknowledge your journey, which is your own and is perfect for you.

        I will share this. My full time job is to care for a friend with Parkinson’s. He’s had it for 10 years. I started working with him 2 months ago. I work on all fronts… thoughts, wounds, biology (changing diet), entitities, etc. The results have been dramatic, despite the impacts of the three powerful drugs he takes. I expect a full recovery for him, even though Parkinson’s is considered incurable.

        Be well, dear Lisa.


      • See Richard, we both knew what each was going to say because truly, we are so connected beyond the veil and doing the “work” our souls need us to do in the super large arena (called earth) different… yet… the same.

        We are doing the same thing, your using a blue crayon, I am using a green one, but it is all making this magnificent place brighter, fuller and so much healther on EVERY level of frequencies!! I am so grateful that man has you… and you have him.

        So many things are considered incurable… until the day they are not!! Thank you so much for taking the task of transmuting parkinsons from incurable to soon… not only curable, but a thing that will be a part of our past… as is my role with cancer!!

        I love ya soul brother, so much, and honor ALL that you do and share!!


  9. I’m pleased that you could feel my Heart through this conversation 🙂 … as I feel yours.



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