Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 4, 2012

Surf’s Up and We Have a Fancy, Speed Accelerated, New Surf Board!!

surfs up

Boy, December wasted no time at all making itself Known, well, that really should say the energy I call December.  I sat on my couch on the morning of December 1st and I was watching earth open up in a way that so took me by surprise.  It had all the elements of the cube that was in the movie Hellraiser (for those not familiar with that movie, I embedded a clip of that cube scene below.)  I just sat there and watched as it moved, opened, shifted, changed.

All I could do was feel, to the point of tears.  The movement of energy was so intensely loving, a raise in the vibrational ceiling that went straight thru my heart.  I lingered and watched, then shifted my eyes to the outside and I swear it was raining hearts everywhere.  Beautiful, intense, streaming hearts.

The rest of my day was a series of compression and expansion in this incredible energy field as I drifted in and out of sleep.  But the night… OMG god the night was so incredible.    Granted, I was still asleep (sleeping is all I have been doing since my surgery!!)

When I woke up the morning of December 2nd, still groggy and half asleep, but I got to see what is happening within me thru all of this massive sleep I am having for myself.  The shear infusion of energy.  I got to witness myself sitting in my “reading chair” and instead of using all that energy (which I didn’t even know I used til then) flowing into me, into my right side and bubbling beneath the surface of my skin to not only promote healing of my surgery sites, but also an acceleration of my whole body.

Thru the day (still on Dec 2nd here) I watched as the energy started to change the network of energy in my home.  What I would call my inner field of life.  Thru this process I am experiencing my own 3D senses go into hyper awareness.  Any sort of sounds is rattling my energetic cage.  The phone ringing just pierces my auditory canal, music on the computer… ohhh dear lord!  Bright light too…. phew.  And smells…  For me, sleep is the easiest way to get thru whatever this enhancement is going to bring.

But it is the heightened feeling of love and gratitude that surprises me most.  How much more could one possibly love without returning back to full on spirit?  But yet, it’s all I can feel.  Musta been all those hearts the day before!!

Somewhere in the midst of my groggy haze, I did ask to whom ever was listening… what on earth is really happening here?  The reply back (and is as much for you as it is for me) you are being prepared to move thru all the changes that are coming.  Altho this felt exciting, it also had an ominous tone to it as well.  I chose to ask no more… at least for now.

I thought of my father thru the day, he is in the hospital with pneumonia and an infection in his lungs.  He had told me he brought his Maju stone to the hospital with him.  I brought my energy to his Maju Stone and threw a lightening bolt into it… instantly, I could see his Maju stone come to life and all of the codes etched onto his stone started to rise up and off the stone itself and started to embed into his entire chest area.  Then, I fell back to sleep!

I woke up yesterday at 1:30 am and thought I would write a blog before I started forgetting the many things I was glimpsing thru the few moments of awake time I had in the last few days.  I got the first paragraph  above written with the clip for the cube in the hellraiser movie inserted, then I crashed.  Holy cow did I crash.  I laid down on the couch, a willing partner to sleep these days… and instead of sleep I was hit with the most intense, expansive kundalini energy I have felt in a very very long time!!

I swear to god, I don’t know if I am coming or going these days.  There are some things ya just can’t ignore… and that is kundalini rocking the internal body!  So we worked.  I watched as a whole new network of energy sealed itself from by belly to well out of the ceiling of my home.  My last thought was “that’s gotta be good” and then I feel into a 7 hour sleep!  I woke up just before noon and only because my youngest daughters text ringtone on my phone got stuck.  It shouldn’t even been playing as I shut the sound off of my phone (hurts my ears too much.)  She is a surfer so her ringtone is the ocean with seagulls talking.  It just looped and created such a static in my head that I grabbed my phone and shut it off… and fell back to sleep and straight into a dream experience.  It was so real and so “present moment” it couldn’t have just been a dream.  I spent my conscious hours yesterday understanding it.  And this, again, so applies to all of us, where we are now.

In the dream:  She took me surfing. (The image in this sharing is my daughter, Valorie, surfing.)  She gave me one of the newest surf boards on the market, made of this interesting white mesh material that added speed to whatever you were doing with the surfboard.  We were in an area that housed boats.  In order for us to get to where we were actually going to surf from, we had to maneuver our way between where all these boats were docked on the water and an area of ocean that had orange plastic covering over the ocean itself, ripped apart from time and waves.  Yet, we laid our new enhanced surf boards on top of the orange plastic laying in pieces on-top of a narrow body of water and I knew I just had serious surgery on my back, so I had to be very gentle when I paddled out.  But man, that white mesh did its job.  The moment I paddled I started speeding down this narrow pathway to the open waters, scared me cuz I was moving so fast.  As the boats to the left and whatever the barrier was to the right started to cease to exist, I seen a snake in the water.  It was either a boa or a python, and was big.  All I could think was… these snakes don’t belong in the ocean!!  A lady up ahead (there were other surfers now appearing) grabbed the snake by the head and put it in the back of a very out-of-place SUV.  The SUV just appeared there in the waters… like it was so natural for it to be there.

My daughter and I paddled to beyond that area to an opening on the right side of this ever-changing landscape called the ocean.  It was there to the right area, we were going to surf.  We were now in what I can only describe as a surf park (like a water park, but built for surfers.)  There was a presence that controlled the downward slope of surfing area and would only allow so many people to head out at once.  My daughter and I had to wait for the next group.  She brought a snack for us to eat and seemed so happy to just have time to spend with me, and fed me by hand.  I thought about this male entity who I never seen but so felt the presence of… it was what we would call, God.  He had control over the waves, the speed of the water, the amount of surfers heading out at one time.  he knew I still needed some time to rest before heading down the surf slope and cut off our entrance with the group we arrived with.

Then I woke up, I knew something special just happened… beyond a dream was a knowing…  that we are about to embark on the ride of our lives, enhanced and in a way, controlled and accelerated by creation itself.  We have been equipped with extraordinary surfboards, but we must learn them too.  We now have added power to our ride.  For me, I am being fed in the shallow pool just before the wild ride.  Ohhhhh the emotional journey we are about to embark on!!

I no sooner woke up from that dream and oriented myself back into my living room did I get a very special email.  One that soooo surprised me yet expanded my already expanded heart.  My grandsons mother emailed me.  She told me of a dream she just had of me and I was 82 years old in the dream.  I thought of her the night before last as I was falling asleep.  I have always loved her, even tho I have not talked to her since a year ago November.  I sent a message to her soul as I was falling a sleep, to let her know I have always loved her and I do miss her from time to time.  A warm liquid ran thru me as I received her email.

We have arrived in our fullness, in our loving expression and exchange with one another, on earth, in matter and the ride has only just begun!!

I have a feeling, my own “reading” abilities (beyond mySelf) is still on the back burner as I am being hand fed new food, new energy and preparing myself for the Surfing adventure of my Life!!  Glad I am in such incredible company!!

I love you all soooo much.  Thank you for nurturing me when I need it the most.

((((HUGZ))))) of wild rides and intense waves of creation!!

Lisa Gawlas  www,


  1. surfs up !


  2. Hello my lovie friend… here i am at work. It is a 13 hour day here for me (the Schools Bookfair) and I have no access to FB, so I thought I would write you here :D… I just found out that the Chinese New Year in Jan brings in the year of the snake! I had a snake dream last week, too! Things that make you go hmmm. Loving you and sending you big hugs and kisses!!! ❤ jen ❤


  3. […] link to original article […]


  4. You are just wonderful, thank you for being you.


  5. Hi Lisa,

    did you see this post by Jennifer Hoffman on FB:

    A major shift seems to have indeed happened between 1st and 2nd December. I can’t see the energies as you do but I definitely feel different … somehow softer and much much happier. 🙂

    Huge (((((HUGZ))))) of joy and wonder


  6. Tremendous hugs Li li….so much going on and i am so glad you are healing yourself physically and allowing for the lovely hand feeding of energy. It is interesting that I am also having a “mother daughter” experience but playing out in the day to day, we went to visit my grand nephew who was just born, oh what a delight to hold a true light being in my arms, have him look me straight in the eyes and have all the knowing of the universe in that look–at that moment I had a longing for the time when my girls were little and that level of mothering–but of course, we pat ourselves on the back with comfort and move on…well, LMAO the very next day my teen daughter who hasn’t vomited since she was 5 years old gets the creeping crud from both ends and I am thrown back into the memories of the day to day groundwork of caring for another human. LOL…thanks for the reminder and glad I am where I am–for me of course the lesson is achetypical–I will always be a mother full of love and full on able to share that love with everything–whether of my own loins or not….:) Feel good and enjoy the surf baby girl! 🙂 Alex


    • ((((HUGZ)))) back atcha Alex!!

      I am with you on that missing the small child within our children. But indeed, careful what you ask for… the universe does provide in very sudden and unexpected ways!!!

      And I sooooo agree with you with out little Light Beings being born these days. I have had the most amazing privileged to do a reading for a lady who is pregnant and her due date is Dec 21st… I red for her thru her pregnancy and got to really “see” the baby girl within her… Holy Heaven batman!! Talk about self assured, Self knowing little creatures coming into life… look out new parents! lol

      Lots of love and joy and big big bear ((((HUGZ)))) to you Alex and your grand-nephew and your daughter!!
      I love ya!!


  7. Beautiful. I don’t usually relate to others dreams, but I could not tear myself away. Thanks for getting this message out. ❤ vee


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