Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 26, 2012

Three Day Workout Underway: New Feet, New Tools, New Skills!!

I have spent this whole year peering into the Light of change, the Light of accelerated Love and never have I seen what is happening now.  Granted, we have all seen where the energy changed so much a three-day period was needed to let it find its new form, and of course, that happened with us on the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th… but now, a whole new twist has been added.  Everyone in a human suit is going thru a three-day adjust period from the 25th thru the 27th.  However, what did remain in every reading was the area of the 22nd thru the 24th it was both shielded off and yet still radiating the intense energy outwards.  Let me explain:

My first lady showed up on the field, on the ground of the field, jumping rope.  Not just any rope, but a rope made of Light.  I watched her jump rope all the way thru her reading.  As I watched her jump rope in place I started to realize this was her exercise.  I was given the analogy of a boxer, they will jump rope to get their feet used to quick and fluid movements.  In her case, it was a rope of Light and the rhythm of light in her life is going to be fast-moving with twists and turns that she must follow.  She will be “practicing” this jumping rope… jumping thru the element of Light for the next three days.

What I never even realized with her, until this morning (the hazard of being number one in such profound change) she was set up close to the East Field area.  Practicing bobbing and weaving thru many aspects of new beginnings.  Intense and exciting new beginnings.  Which were talked about and tied together thru the rest of her reading.

Everyone is adjusting and practicing for the next three days.

I am going to leave my second reading for last, because her reading was very important for everyone to really understand clearly.

My third lady on the field, geez… each of you are so beautifully unique.  She started way across the west  part of field at the furthermost part of the field and she was on a giant spring hopping across the field towards the east.  She was wearing clothes that really weren’t clothes, but at the same time… they were.  Clad completely in bright yellow, even head-gear that glowed bright yellow.  Once again, there was a three-day element to her bouncing across the field… practicing and really, so much more than that.

Her spring was singular and both of her feet were as if they were glued to the top of this spring… representing unity and oneness in all her movements.  Her outfit, which was intense and almost addicting to look at, represented her soul energy.  Pure, radiant  so a part of her visual makeup.  Anyone happening by her will be changed/enhanced by her natural glow.

There was also the element of Bringing the energy from the West (pure harvested energy) and sewing it across the field to consistently create new beginnings each and every day.

We looked at that spring closer (the field was putting it in my face, so we didn’t really have much choice to look closer!)  It was old and worn, as if paint chips had fallen away from so much prior use.  I understood that this was something she perfected and used in many previous lifetimes. The spring itself, a representation of the dimensions/timelines… a collapse and extraction purposely used.

Keeping in mind here, what everyone is “practicing” right now is going to be a vital part of their forward journey for use and application.  As our wonderful spiritual field so often does… we get a glimpse of it all, but not a full, deep understanding of what it really means to you personally… for that is your task and adventure!

My fourth reading, man, if challenging doesn’t get more challenging (my job would be so much easier of we were all just clones of each other.. lol.)  There he was way across the field at the west side, but jogged further out in time.  I am not even sure what I mean by that, except that everyone showed up in the new now moment on the field, except him, he was about 2 feet ahead.  He had figure skates on his feet and he was on an area of intensely black thick energy.  This black area was on the ground and formed an oval shape (like the months now do) just large enough to fit him.  He never had both feet on the ground at the same time, one was up towards his butt and the other was down on the thick black oval that never left his footing.   With every blade movement on the black intense colored energy was released upwards… deep blues,  greens, violets.  The colors changed every time he made a purposeful movement on the ground.

I eventually understood that the thick black energy in which he skated represented the Veil of time and space.  The deep unknown and with purpose, he is piercing it and releasing more and more of its energy.  What I didn’t understand yesterday, but do now, his job is not only piercing the veil but also, understanding the energy that is released from it.  I did understand with him that this includes everything… people, places, even buildings themselves have a veil of secrecy that is penetrable.

His ice skating blades are intensely silver, representing the highest vibration of earth, the fact he only ever has one blade on the black energy represents the unity, the singleness of opening as one.   Thru this work, he is opening and raising the frequencies of people and places.  How this translates into what he will actually do (God knows you can’t ice skate on people, that would not be accepted very well….smile)  I have no idea.  This is his gig to fully develop!!

My second lady… what a beautiful learning lesson we were to each other.  A shining mirror right back at me!!  There she was, both hands grasping the edge of the new grid as she dangled down towards the ground.  She was not facing forward but facing the underneath of the grid, and all I could feel from her is concern that she is not ready to be on the ground.  A feeling of not knowing what she is in relationship to this new ground of Life.

I did everything I knew how to do to help loosen her tightly clinched hands from the edge of the new grid, but nothing I did worked.  Instantly the field had said, only she can release the energy that is radiating from within her.  And, so we talked.  She told me that she was signing up for the “Unity in Oneness” project and when it came to what she “could do” to assist, she drew a blank.  Her feeling inside was she didn’t develop any skills that could help others.

There is only one real and true skill anyone needs to use and that is Loving Compassion.  To hug someone, to help someone, to offer encouragement, to listen… really listen when someone needs to vent or express.  These are the skills of a master.  It has nothing – NOTHING to do with being able to “do” energy work or use of psychic skills.  Most of those things are worn like an outward identity anywayz.  When you are in the space of Loving Compassion in all of its simple phases, you are doing more energy work, more psychic things that so many others who profess to “do that” but they do it without the full on Loving Compassion.

The more we talked about what she does naturally, she started to let go.  First her left hand completely let go and was free of clinging… as she started to “own” what she does and who she is naturally… and holy cow what she has already accomplished within her… For example, she has started meditating, of course her blessed mind was devaluing it by calling it day dreaming, and connecting with a beautiful friend of hers on the other side of the veil in her meditations.  To me, that’s huge!!  That needs to be celebrated and acknowledge for the profoundness it is.  But because she is still working on inner hearing, she threw the baby out with the bath water.  How often do we do this to ourselves??  When she brought that baby back and got excited for its existence in her… she let go… fully let go of the upper grid and fell to the earth to do her part.  I coulda cried I was so excited!!

There she was, sitting on ber butt, her knee’s bent so that her feet were back by her butt… and she got her new boots.  It’s only right now that I really get what spirit had said thru every reading on the 23rd… “hit the ground running.”  Every person had something to do with the movement of their feet (even if it was spring-loaded) the new element is first created at the feet… our connection and movement thru life.

She had on these amazing golden mesh boots that went up above the ankle (kinda like crew socks.)  The area at the calf was tube like in substance, the rest form fitted her ankle and feet as one energy.  I could feel an intensity of the magnetic alignment within her walk and the energy movement of the earth.  Her team even told her to practice feeling what her feet want to do, how they want to move… they will take her where she needs to go next.

We also talked about her inability to produce an abundant garden (veggie garden that is.)  I had to laugh in recognition with her.  I can so relate!!  But now, god bless her, I so understand too.

I was given a wonderful gift early this year, veggie seeds of all sorts of yummy veggies.  I went to the store and bought dirt and a really big potting pot to plant them in, I chose tomatoes and green peppers as my garden delight.  I started them indoors in Feb and loved them, talked to them, celebrated with them when they pushed up out of the ground to become Life.  I moved them outside when it was “time” and yet, bu October, I had three green marbles on two tomato plants and a single teeny green pepper (about an inch big) by the time we got our first frost.  I was kinda sad really.  But having this profound conversation with my beautiful mirror really helped me to understand…

We are sun workers.  We bring the energy of the sun to earth (and all that is deeply seeded in that) and then there are others who are so proficient with earth energy their (actual) gardens grow without effort.  A great garden needs to sun, the sun needs a great garden to shine upon and we need each other to truly flourish in all we do!!

It is the natural and loving relationship between the two that create the rains of earth.  A true union of heaven and earth to create and nurture Life!!

Thank you all for watering my soul, my life, our beloved World every moment of every day.  I pray I pass the waters on as abundantly as you shower them on me!!

((((HUGZ)))) of Love, Life and pure Joy with boots, blades, springs on the ground jumping rope into Heaven on Earth!!

I Love You!!

Lisa Gawlas



  1. Love the visuals as always! So exciting to see where we are headed. I totally agree with the hit the ground running! I keep hearing “NOW” in my ear, now we are all meant to get busy and finish what we have begun by flooding the planet with love and finally tip the scales…Blessings to us all on our missions and blessings to you as well and best of luck with all that lies ahead. You can create health if you so desire! We’re all behind you….Much love and light beams….VK


    • Hi ViosonKeeper (((((HUGZ))))

      I so agree with you on all levels… including “I can create health” that is exactly the mantle I have picked up… but not just for me this time.

      I love ya and appreciate the love sooooo muuch!!
      More (((HUGZ))))


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  4. Wonderful! Seriously though, as a ballerina at heart and in training up until my teen years I thought I had left the dance behind and simply could not understand why the last few months I had been drawn to dance all over the house with or without music and the past few days the thought in my head when attempting things I haven’t done in years like advanced balances and multiple pirouettes has been–if you TRUST that you can do it, YOU will do it…NOW i know what THAT means! Thanks Li li!!!! Deese boots is made fer walkin…and dancin…:) Alex


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