Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 23, 2012

A Fire On The Grid!!

If these days are getting stranger and stranger!  The night of the 20th, I fell asleep before 7 pm, it was all I could do to stay awake until then.  You can imagine my shock when I finally awoke and sunlight was streaming in everywhere!  There was no way I could have slept til sun up… but I did.  It was after 7 am when I finally returned to the land of the living!  Where ever I went to, must have been like the land of honey and goo… my mental processes were so thick, like an intense fog set in and never cleared for the whole day!

I was actually nervous when the time rolled around for my first reading… I couldn’t muster a sharing for the day, not sure I was going to muster cranking out my antenna to do a reading.   I was actually very surprised when I was actually able to “see” without effort.  But equally, I was surprised… very very surprised, by what I had seen… which was constant in both readings yesterday.

A new grid was revealed.  Shiny golden strands of energy networked together, stretched out from left to right (south to north) and about 10  feet above ground.  This is not what surprised me, but what was on top of it that did.  FIRE!!  As far as my eyes could see, intense fire was on the new grid and lapping up a good 10-12 feet in the air.  As I moved my vision down to the ground, looking for my client… nothing.  There was a very strange emptiness to the ground level field of reading.  There was no connection what so ever to either client and the 100 times I asked “the field” why can I see the grid and fire but have zero connection to my lady(s), the same reply came back each and every time “You’re in the eye of the hurricane.”  Well… what the hell does that mean?  And whats up with that fire… and that grid?

What is funny, well, sorta… all day long all I kept hearing over and over again was “fire the grid.”  Whatever that means… it is on fire!! (smile)

With my second reading several hours after my first, there was a new element added to the fire… about a 6 inch puff of multi-colored energy connecting to the very tops of the flames.  And these flames, they were lapping consistently, just as if you were witnessing an intense fire somewhere.  But nothing on the ground, not even a strand of energy I could feel a connection to.

Because of the placement of this shiny golden grid of energy, I started looking around for the 2013 vibrational line that has been absolutely consistent for most of this year.  Not there.  I have a feeling, whatever we have set out to do in making sure we reach that vibratory alignment with the higher octaves of earth… it is done!!

Try as I might, I could not get any other information about what any of this means to us.  So, I took a bath.  I figured I would go straight to spirits jugular for any sort of insight… understanding.

Well!!  Remind me NOT to do that again!!  lol

I want to know about this grid and this fire and spirit wants to know about my convictions, and took me to places I couldn’t have even imagined going.  Those damn doors we open… ya know.

My team started talking to me about Can-Seer and me.  Asking me, if there was a way I could completely transmute the energy of cancer, would I do it.  I didn’t even have to think about that one, my reply was instant “of course I would.”   Of course, I would like to know how….

I have decided, ignorance is sooooo blissful!!

They showed me a potential… a vivid image.  Calling all the cancer cells to me, with love and compassion for each and every one… I watched as they joyfully came and filled me… and the next thing I see, is walking up into the flames I had seen in the last 2 readings.  I could no longer see me thru the flames, but instead, geez hard to even describe it… whatever walked into those flames burst into what looked like snow flakes and started falling down to the earth.

I just laid there… shocked, not sure I like the implications here!!  Most of the time, spirit speaks in metaphors and symbolism’s  sometimes, there is an underlying literalness to what they share…  So I had to ask the most obvious question in me… are we talking a literal death here?  Of course I got no reply as a yes or no.  So, I felt with it, mostly felt with that snow falling down.  It was so pure and so loving, if I could “be that,” then I absolutely would.

I have fallen in love with humanity a hundred times over the last 12 years, each fall took me deeper into absolute love, honor and desire to do whatever I could to be in service, to help even just one person to know the Light of Love within as I have come to know it.  To know the Glory of themSelfs.  It was suddenly effortless to tell me team, if that what needs to be done… I Will do just that!!

The one thing I know about spirit… sometimes, they will take you to the edge and see if you are really willing to jump… sometimes, you must jump, sometimes they just say “psych.”

So I had to ask them, ok, if this is my last dance card, I really don’t want to come back into life as a baby and have to start this process all over again…. again, don’t open doors you really don’t want to see the other side of.  They showed me a girl who was near death, it felt like she was in some sort of accident and was in her 20’s. I became a walk-in.  This was not the “youth-ing” I had in-visualized!!  lol

To say I was in a strange space yesterday… not sad, not worried, actually… grateful on every level.  Grateful for the vast life experiences I have had.  Grateful for the love that radiates from You every moment of my day.  Unconditional, uplifting, supporting love.  Grateful for the doors I have closed and the doors I have opened (on my life stage, known as boundaries, one of my life’s greatest challenges !)  The gratitude was over flowing in every crevice of my heart.  I would so do this, in a minute, to serve the greater good.

I have my PET/CT scan scheduled for 7:30 am on the 28th, surgery and biopsy stuff on the 29th and the way I figure it, by mid-December I should know whether spirit was really symbolic or literal… and either way, I am so excited to be a part of the game with its many twists and turns!!

What is so funny… as I am in meditation yesterday…. as I was done opening doors, spirit gave me a broad smile as they showed me the date line I had just booked my return flight home from Virginia (thanks to a very very very generous donation)  I will be returning on 1/3/13  or as they showed it to me 13:13.  Of course, I fly in on 12/24/12.  Ohhh the numbers!!

Level up!!

May the gratitude of your life swell into rivers that nurtures the world!!  I so love and appreciate each and everyone one of you, All of Life, the seen and the unseen.

(((((HUGZ))))) of fire on the grid and super acceleration on all Levels!!

Lisa Gawlas










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  2. oh, your fiery heart! I have been having dreams of walking into flames of every color and being consumed…..only to find more of me. I was surprised and pleased that my body was able to do it without fear. Love these bodies of ours that have faced so much and keep on keeping on. You are so beautiful!


  3. Vary good wording


  4. Oh my goodness….spirit is just so full of surprises….I will not be surprised if that biopsy comes back NEG-A-TIVE!!! Much love to sweetness…..


  5. I meant to say, to “you”, sweetness….many hugs


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  7. Sending you big hugs Li li….as you walk your amazing path. Thanks for sharing with us and for being an example of one existing as their own true self….


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