Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 21, 2012

Rock, Roll, Slide, Spin… Wild Has Just Gone Into Overdrive!! Diagram Included!

There are some days, I swear it is like living in the midst of a shaken soda can full of energy.  Every thing seems to be popping and fizzing and spraying every which way without seemingly rhyme or reason!  Yesterday was one of THOSE days to the 10th power!!

My first attempt at reading yesterday produced a total blank.  What I never know with the first reading of the day, is the field withholding from her because it is major decision time, in which case, the field/our team always retreats to allow us our own choices… or is this going to be a void day, if so, I am just gonna be pissed!!!  I have 5 people on my hit parade for the day and no where close in time to reschedule to!!  My second reading for the day was MIA.  No phone call, no response to an email…

Finally, my third one was there and even tho I was getting a visual for her, I swear something broke in the field of readings!  There was an influx of what I am just going to call molecular energy rushing into her place on the field (still very much set up at the 23rd) from the future.  The flow was intense and consisted of probably millions of pea sized yell0w-gold molecules of energy.  What was even stranger than that, it was like she was simply an opening in the earth.  Even trying to describe it all in the readings… wayyyy tooo challenging to put into words of description so this morning, I opened up my handy dandy mircosoft paint to tell the story.  The image combines details from my third and fourth readings of yesterday:

I was actually so surprised to see how similar these two readings were, there was enough difference to let me know I was not still in my 3rd reading when the field unfolded for my 4th.  In the fourth reading the energy being pulled in from December was very different.  Her energy was like orange sized multi-colored, multi-infused soap bubbles:

Only each one was perfectly spherical and had many quadrants inside as if other soap bubbles fused together within one.  I was really hoping to wake up and understand what these vivid and energetic (I could feel the energy of each of them) meanings were… nope.  But spirit tends to give us the visuals first and the understandings on their terms and in their time!!

What really surprised me was each lady looked exactly the same on the ground level.  Dirty white slats that represented an opening in the entirety of their created life structure and this energy was flowing into the opening and changing everything.  I could also see it move to where I believe (felt but did not see) their biology was… at the center of the 23rd and this inflow of co-mingled energy was equally changing the biological field within them.

It was with my 4th reading that I had seen the energy of what I am just going to call all her past experiences flowing towards that opening… it was a very different feeling and texture than the flowing coming in from the “future.”  It was like taffy maybe… soft colors of yellow and orange and others blended beautifully together to make it look like the most beautiful chem-trail ever witnessed!

There is also a very stark difference between the heights of these “streams.”  The one from the past must have been at least 50-60 feet in the air where the one from the future was about 10 feet in the air before curving downwards and flooding into the opening in their field of life.  I did get the information that this represents the raised vibrational field that has been accomplished thru ALL of our past endeavors, hence it being so high in the sky.  The future one represents LIVING that wisdom, that energy as a way of life.

What I added to this diagram that actually came from a reading several days ago, was the overlapping of November and December energies.  It is like the strongest undertow ever felt as we end November and start December!

If you ask me, I think that undertow of energy has already started!!

Now my 5th reading on the days agenda… geez… talk about flat out strange energy!!  I had a noon appointment and my reading phone rang at exactly noon, I just assumed it was my scheduled client.  I started to attempt a reading… nothing!!  By this time, I already knew that my first client of the day was placed purposely in the “void” as she makes choices in which way her field is going to flow in this moment of intense change on earth.

When we are in the midst of making (or needing to make) life changing discussions  it is like the field retracts from you to give you the opportunity to choose from all you have learned and all that your heart is feeling.

Come to find out, my noon appointment I was attempting to read for, was not my noon appointment at all, but my MIA 10am appointment… whom I just read for three days prior.  No wonder I couldn’t read for her, the field of Light that is her had already given her all she needed to know a few days prior… and until we apply that energy to our field of life, there is nothing new to see (this is why I suggest 2 weeks in-between readings.)

So I rush off to call my noon appointment 20 minutes late, thank god she didn’t even call me out on my lateness, but I did apologize and explained and we laughed.  As I got her reading underway, I just laid back confused by the weirdness that is this day!  She was set up at mid-center November (15th area) without a body but huge hunks of co-mingled blue and red energy, swimming backwards in the inner field.  By backwards I mean, heading towards the November 1st timeline.  Let me tell you, by this time, I felt like I was reading thru scrambled brains!!

The feeling with her was that she felt like she was missing something, so she was doing a lap around the inner field to see if she could find what was missing.  Hey, I just did this very thing the day before in searching for my own fear with this Can-Seer journey (thank god, it really didn’t exist) so I understood exactly what she was doing and why.  What I found really interesting was… there was no possible way of going anywhere beyond (backwards) from November 1st.  Nothing exists prior to that moment (at least in my readings lol.)

Which actually gave credence to a conversation I had with my 4th lady of the day.  She had a reading from a psychic this past week, and all the folks this psychic was reading for had past life energy and knowings of how that past life applied to their current journey… until she got to my lady.  There was no past life connection, nor even a future connection.  She could only pick up the (seemingly scattered) energy of the present.  To me, this was so exciting and actually validated the understandings that I have been getting for some time.  Not every psychic reads from this present timeline.  Some, as in this example, is reading from the timeline of 2010 in which case, those with past life energy readings were very valid.  With my lady, because her soul energy resides here in no-time, no past… there is no past life connection because now it is all a blended energy field (see diagram above) serving the Oneness of All Time.  Their is no concept of what the future holds for you because you are now creating it heartbeat by heart beat!!


I do want to mention also, a conversation I had with lady number three.  Her interest, her questions were around disclosure.  She had asked if we are going to have that disclosure of our friends from the stars soon.  The field was quick to answer with a NO.  Vibrationally, the entire world is not ready for such a thing, even tho many feel like it is, it is not.  A full disclosure at this point in earths evolution would do more harm than good.  However, appearing and interacting to individuals .. now that will happen with full awareness… but not this year.

She had also asked about the ascended masters and if we will be able to interact with them in the field of biology (meaning they will put on human suits to mingle with us.)  The reply was yes, but when the earth has reached a vibrational level that could sustain such interactions and much to my surprise  we have a target date of February of this coming year.    The intense vibrational changes already underway, the stabilization of these energies in created matter will allow both our friends from the skies and our friends from the other side of the veil to slip in and our of our created space much more easily… plus… we will be able to sustain their vibrational field because we will match theirs!!

I am going to close on that note and get ready for the wild day in the field of Light… I cannot imagine it will get calmer from here on out!!

I love y’all sooooooo much.  Thank you for rocking my world each and every day!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of gratitude and wildness to All!!

Lisa Gawlas



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  4. […] so completely forgot about that overlapping energy of November and December (which was detailed in this blog with diagram.)  Dah!!  No wonder there is no sense of time or month or anything really.  We are in another […]


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