Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 17, 2012

The Wonder of YOU – Love In Action!!

I want to start out today by, hopefully, making something a bit more clear that was shared yesterday. Using this sea of energy and creating the action needed for it’s use. Please don’t make anything complicated, which, as a human, we tend to do. I think we have almost become conditioned that if it is to easy we are doing something wrong. Not!!!

You now hold the mantle of being a pure, unconditionally Loving bearer of, well, LOVE! USE IT! Hug someone, help someone. Say something true and uplifting to someone. Turn someones lights on by showing them a different way to look at things and be ok if they immediately flip the light switch back off. Feel the connection of your soul with another’s and bring them a message from their heart thru yours. How we use this new energy is unlimited and really simple.

Always be aware of what you are choosing in any given moment, especially with the way you feel. If you are feeling bored in life, find a way to spice it up. If you are done with whatever “job” you are doing, start putting energy… any sort of energy, into something new. You don’t even have to know what that something new is… new energy approaches create new opportunities. Whatever that new opportunity is, celebrate it for the gift that it is. Like my new, unexpected journey with Can-Seer. The first thing I knew I had to do after recovering from the shock of the news, was decide how I was going to feel about it. Then, and only then, the approach of how to handle it all came effortlessly. Even tho my team makes sure I cannot see beyond the present moment with any of it (god knows I have tried to peer even next week and they keep placing road blocks on knowing anything) something new and exciting has started. The way I look at this for myself, when one door closed (The Soul Gym) another one opened!! NOthing is every good or bad… it is all an expression of the One and an opportunity to grow and learn from it all, however that is presented!!

If you are doing private practice work, add something new to it. If you are a massage therapist, add sound vibration therapy to your work, or whatever else feels exciting to stretch your abilities with. And please don’t worry about classes… there is a master in you waiting for you to allow expression thru your expansion. Often times, we learn someone else’s way and lose our own.

And if you are not already practicing hearing and seeing spirit, start doing that!! Every single person that shows up in this new field of energy is completely wired to do so. It is your birth right. But like your whole entire body, if you don’t ever start working it… it just doesn’t work. Even unused muscles atrophy… just saying!!

There are many people already putting so much into play and not even realizing it. Putting new plans together for the betterment of the world, of a system, some are still trying to birth their baby… all in good time, not ever giving up is the key!!

I have got to talk about a man I read for yesterday, he just rocked my world… literally!!

The first thing I could not help but see and connect to was his HUGE feet. They were no ordinary feet, instead huge blocks of solid rock that looked exactly like peacock ore.

He had like 3 foot slabs of this rock as his feet and thick too.  I watched him as he was emerging from the West area of the field yesterday and with exaggerated steps pulling his knee all the way to his chest then stepping down) I could literally feel the vibration of the waves of energy each and every time he walked.  This peacock ore is also called The Stone of Happiness and I could see the earth radiate out new lines… looked very much like veins, just from his walking.  But the shaking… holy cow, it was like mini-earthquakes every time he put his foot on the earth and I could feel the reverberation deep into myself.

His whole body was bigger than life, I suppose had to be to match those big rocky feet of his!!  (smile)  But what really caught my heart strings too (like his feet were not enough) was a golden-yellow pole sticking up out of his crown.  I knew it went all the way down thru his core energy and I also knew it had everything to do with his metallic feet, what we also learned was that it served as a direct line to the central sun to bring down new codes for the earth and simply by walking and talking, he is changing the vibration all around him!!  Including my own, for which I am so grateful!!  Rock me with happiness any day!!

He had mentioned his alignment with the Mayan people and instantly I could see his past life, about 3000 BC working on a super large something or another.  It was a really large circle on the ground.  It had all kinds of intricate designs, but was still a work in progress.  There were about 50 men working on this creation, including him.  I realized it had everything to do with the movement of the sky and he had a hand in creating it.  It kinda looked like this, but more depth and no complete:

I also realized quite fully, every thing he knew and understood then, in that life, is still very much part of his mastery in today’s life.  It is up to him to fully accesses that mastery  start using it so the fullness can come completely out into his world and grow!!

This is true for every single person on earth (minus the Mayan connection.)

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I had read for a friend that just shocked me!!  For her, the entire field of November was present.  Like I said yesterday for those aligned in the present moment, nothing exists prior to Nov. 15th… some, I am finding, got themselves a little stuck along the way.

I was actually so surprised to see the first half of November in her reading, and how I had seen her was even more surprising!  There  she was laying flat out on the ground, face down, her right foot (and only her right foot… emotional path) was trapped in the protective wall of energy surrounding the field, in between the west and south field area’s.  I eventually understood that when that protective energy wall came into form, there was some emotional aspect of her that still hung out in the created world that keeps one limited (I refer to that area as the boxed in world, as in beliefs and relationship systems) altho her left foot was completely inside.  So it was not her path in life that was stuck, but something in her emotional connection to the outside.

What was really crazy to watch, she was trying to get her foot loose by shaking and pulling it out, and every single time she created that movement it was like this huge burst of thick yellow energy shot from the protective wall of energy in towards the inner field… coating her for a split second.  It felt like when you have a piece of wire and it has an exposed area and it shorts out every now and again and shoots sparks around.  Same feeling, only yellow!  It is only this morning do I realize the yellow is representing the soul energy!

I had hoped I could do something to help free her foot but not in this place (which was echoed again later in someone else’s reading too.)  Whatever we brought to Here, it is own responsibility to free up.  So I had watched as she turned herself around (face no longer in the dirt) sat up on her butt, leaned over towards her foot… and that was all I saw.  Kinda looked like she was tying her shoe… but I knew it was facing this emotional thing and freeing it.

I know that day by day, hell, sometimes reading by reading, the field and our relationship is changing to it and with it.  This is very much the case from the day before.  The day before everyone seemed to just emerge into this sea of energy, yesterday, it seemed most everyone came in from the west area of the field, most made their way to center then moved forward to our perceived future.  But I had this one lady… she, like my friend, threw me for a loop.  Every single person is soooo different!!!  Perfectly so… but man oh man, I have no point of reference at all!!  Can’t ya be just a little bit alike and make my job easier?? lol

This lady was coming in from the west area in direct alignment with the start of this new sea of energy and making little dolphin like dives completely across the field to the East.  Every time she dove under the sea of energy, the place she was turned yellow in a strip of energy that fit the size of her body, maybe just a wee bit wider than that.  It took me a little bit to understand that she was planting new seeds in her entire life.  The yellow represented the soul energy / miracle grow taking place.  Even tho I knew she was going to be making this diving / planting motion all the way across  she was at about mid-point across and still had about a week or so for all the planting to be completed.  No one gave us a preview of what on earth she was planting, except to say it is coming from her highest self energy.

I do realize this morning something important about all of yesterdays readings (there were 5… thank god for the 105 hours of sleep I had the day and night before!!) that two things are playing out in our field (so long as no part of us are stuck anywhere.)  There are those of us who are walking forward in the harvested field of energy (like my man with his big happy feet) and there are those sewing the seeds of our days, weeks and months to come.  Both crucial for all that is about to happen!!

So, if you are feeling like your biology isn’t doing much… let me assure you, you are doing more than you can even imagine!!

What we are doing now is giving way to something incredible as we cross into December.  We got to see a teeny, tiny little snippet thru 3 of the readings yesterday of the beginning of December.  A HUGE celebration for sure!!  The Light in this month, man oh man, the purest, brightest radiant energy filled with life and joy.  I could hear the party, the celebration welcoming those walking thru the door, crossing the threshold into December.

My happy footed man asked a question that I want to share the reply with to everyone.  He asked what more he could do to prepare himself.  The reply was “honor your body’s desires, if it wants to take a nap, take a nap, if it wants a piece of chocolate, eat a piece of chocolate…”  And this morning, it goes even further… if you are desiring wild wonderful sex, go find a willing, desirable partner.  There is a reason your internal thermostat is on high (magma…wink.)   Trust your body, it knows wayyyyy more than your mind does what you need and what is gonna rev up your engine… even sleep does that!!

If I can leave you with something to take deep inside of yourself and open the truth of… You are changing this world by being in it!  Your breath of Love is action created outwards.  Your desire to love deeply, share openly, dance wildly… means more than you even realize.  You ARE the magic of Life made manifest and I am sooooo soooooo grateful to be right Here with you, arm in arm, heart in heart serving the greater good thru the field of our Light!!

Have an amazing, enthralling day!!

((((HUGZ))))) of wild dreams and magic molecules!!

Lisa Gawlas

Unity In Oneness :

Lightworkers Make A Pledge To Love and Join Together In Action


  1. And so begins our day richly influenced by your beautiful suggestions of light. I AM presence utilizing violet flame frequencies of love, compassion, justice, liberty, freedom. Invoking a special violet flame frequency for all “Can-Seers” on board this elegant emerald plant.


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  3. This post has inspired me to get myself un-plastered from the bottom, where I’ve been splayed for the last few days. And thanks so much for validating my thermostat. 🙂 I so love ya, girl.


  4. Thanks Lisa… And I made the pledge!! Xx


  5. So what is that keeps coming up making the soulgym stop? My guess is Lisa, your too much trying to run it alone! That’s a big load to take on. From what I understood in the beginning, the soulgym was to be a place where we collectively shared our teachings with each other, in a community. Perhaps trying to funnel this in a more of a businessmodel freezes its dynamic potential. Who knows… I hope you are well Lisa


    • Actually Davy, quite the opposite. My partner took the site down and is no longer available for anyone to use. However, I have my own way of making it work… but I do have to wait for Windstream to stabilize the internet connection. Right now, with all that I am going thru… I am looking at January as a potential new breath of life into this project. Maybe… We’ll see.

      ((((HUGZ)))) of love to ya!!


      • Hi Lisa, too bad it didn’t work out. You have my blessings taking it up in your way! And the greatest service to all is service to Self, so take care ;).


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