Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 13, 2012

Getting Ready To Put “Boots On The Ground” Expressing In Joy and Love!!

For the last week in the field, the readings have been pretty consistent in reflecting what a person’s soul energy is doing for and with the greater All.  The “human” had already done all the inner work needed for the soul to amplify thru out created space, the energy needed for all the others seeking a batter and healthier way to Be in Life to connect to the energy of their experience.  For almost everyone I talked to, they ring back the same feeling inside, they (we) do not feel like they are doing a thing in this new life field, yet, I know they (we) are doing more than they can conceive of.

Just think about how profound this is, how profound YOU are to the greater scheme of Light now flooding the earth.  For everyone who stripped layers and layers of fear from their minds and their hearts, you have now set the stage for anyone… ANYONE ready to release their long-held fears, to just let it go.  Thru each of you, each of us, our soul energy has created the field of release thru what we have all done, individually and collectively.  In this way, more and more people are consciously hitting the Love Vibration now set and held firmly on the earth, knowing, somehow, some way… there is a better way.

Until the full on infusion of the 11:11 Light flood that continues even today (that is one hellofa ongoing release) it is taking all the energy we have released into the ethers, bringing down into the deepest parts of Gaia and mingling the energy of creator, with the energy of us, and all who walk on this earth, shall feel its effect.

All of this has set an amazing stage here on earth.  As the field kept telling one of the lovely ladies in a reading this past week “Soon you will be putting boots on the ground.”  I could see her “boots” and I knew it was coming into form after the 15th, but I couldn’t see how on earth she filled out those boots.  Even now, I hear, it is in the action put forth, that creates the filling of…

The one thing I do know, we are ALL being asked to take a leadership role in whatever it we can and WILL do.  I am hoping, by my own insights yesterday, I can help you reach deeper and clearer insights into what any of this means to you.

Yesterday, I sat and watched a larger story unfold in my life.  A deeper and fuller understanding of what this moment, what my current processes mean to me and the All.  My father is about 1/3 Mohawk.  His Indian ancestry is about the only thing I ever really knew about him in this lifetime.  I never had any connection to anything native american thru my life, I just owned it as the only part of him that I could.  It wasn’t until this year did I know which nation he belonged to and really, in the greater scheme of things in my life, it really didn’t matter.

So when I arrived on the mountainside in Vermont and had two native american guides teach me their ways, I thought of my father often.  I knew, it was thru his bloodline this was being given to me.  As I spent day in and day out with these two Native American guides, I also learned they were family.  Chief Wandering Eagle was my father in the life I lived in that very mountainside in the late 1400’s (I died in 1502 in my early 20’s) in that life.  The very old medicine woman Golden Eagle, was my grandmother in that same life.  They taught me so much, opened me up to a grander earth than I could have ever imagined possible.  All life became alive and communicative during my 8 months stay on that sacred ground.

As all of life was coming alive in such a new way for me, I so longed for my biological father.  I wondered if he knew any of this, did he practice the things they were teaching me?  For the first time in all my 40 years, I had a connection to my father, to the DNA that was, is such a precious gift from my daddy.

As I sat and processed and opened to deeper understandings within myself, my own life path and the coat of tears from my father, I started to really understand that Chief Wandering Eagle is also my current day father.  The coat of tears he agreed to bear in this lifetime, is from the depths of his ancestors, co-mingled with his own.

I could also see a figure 8 stretching across the timelines… heal the present day energy and it heals all the energy, all the uncried tears thru all the timelines.  But it is not only the “people” who are affected, also, life itself.

It is no accident I live on the edge of a native american reservation (pueblo as they call them here.)  I have gone to one of the local natives ceremonies, excited to feel the energy and the sacredness as I did back when Chief Wandering Eagle would dance around me all day long.  But that feeling, it didn’t exist.  Even when I asked one of the “resting” dancers what that dance meant to them, he couldn’t tell me, he had to ask someone else and I got back a very generic answer.  I was so sad for them, for us.

Those uncried tears can create a fog around the mind and the heart.  Even when we remember, we forget.

And I thought about that zit that I picked and picked.  Back then, I could not bear to have a blemish on me.  I needed to project anything other than what I felt inside.  I fought my own body, at least in the zit department, to no end.

What I find really interesting in contrasting the father from the 1400’s and the father of today… I was the daughter of a Chief, I had to live by his rules, the community way of life, including marrying someone my (back then) father choose for me, while my heart belonged to a rival nation’s man.  I was killed on my wedding day by the man from the other nation, feeling if he can’t have me, no one else will either.  My father of today, set me free from birth.  He had to, in order to pay back the karma of that lifetime, the most precious gift anyone can give their children, the gift to be free and choose for yourself.

My whole life also transformed into a whole new way of living, of accepting, of Being in life during my stay on that mountainside.  That zit would be the last one I ever petrified.  It would also be the one to lead me into a whole new journey 10 years later (now.)

What is interesting, this morning as I type this all out I can see the figure 8 laying across the expanse of time, on the ground, flowing a soft yellow gold.  On November 11th, in-between readings that never happened, I caught a glimpse of my own self… my pure white skin falling off to the ground, and a soft yellow-gold energetic human emerging.

We are ALL going thru this releasing and emerging!  We are ALL being asked to put our boots on the ground, forerunners to a whole new way of Life.   If you are unsure of your greater role, feel within you all that brought you to Here.  So much has already been revealed to each and everyone one of you (us) in the process of getting to here.  Some are going to be called on in the coming days and weeks, others, as we embark on 2013.  The “knowing how” is only going to come in the moment you put the action forth of doing something… anything!


In one of the readings this past week or so, I was able to see the energy of the first quarter of 2013 in a whole new way!!  I could see the first three months of the year, each one sections by a color vibration.  January is red, February is orange and March intensely yellow.  What was interesting about seeing these months… was the squeezed up energy of each month.

When I see any given month and the energetic vibration of what is happening in that month, it is usually about 25 feet wide (again, going to scale of my vision.)  The pure red radiance of January wasn’t more than about 2 feet wide, February about 3 feet, and March about 5 feet.  It reflects the super-concentration of energy, of life as we are currently setting the stage for right now.  If we think this last quarter of 2012 is intense… just wait til 2013!!  The big difference being… 2012 has been like coming alive in the darkest of energy (and that is not mean from a fear perspective, but the complete unknown of it all.)  2013 is far from dark, unknown, unrealized… it’s brilliant and expressive and super concentrated.

Red, in my world, is the living of the new life energy in fullness.  Orange is acceptance and use of the new sense of Self in all that is said, done and even thought, Yellow is the result of the prior two months… the full on magic of Life and Spirit living out loud in created Life!!

All of it, to the 100th power!!

I will leave you on that note.  I set off for Albuquerque today.  I meet with UNM’s (University of New Mexico) financial department to see if I qualify to get seen by their specialists for free or at the very least, reduced fee’s.  Please keep your light on this with me today… that I do qualify.  I appreciate that very much.

Tomorrow at 9am, I meet my oncology surgeon.  I don’t even know what that is going to consist of, but I pray, it does include the start of seeing my inner landscape.  I will not have a sharing out tomorrow morning.

What is interesting, since the moment my regular MD gave me the news of the malignant melanoma (that was removed) I had tried so many times to do my own body scan, and that pesky team of mine keeps blocking my view.  They just want me to wait for this new journey and to be present in the fullness of it all.  And here we go…..

I love you all so much, and to my dear Christine who will be meeting me in Albuquerque today and holding my hand and heart thru these next two days… THANK YOU!!

You are my LoveLight made manifest and I cannot thank you enough to Being in my Life, in my heart and embarking on the greatest journey ever known to created life… TOGETHER!!


Lisa Gawlas












  1. Best of luck Lisa….Sending out much love and courage to you and may all go as easily as possible….Hugs to you and much light….VK


  2. `the most precious gift anyone can give their children, the gift to be free and choose for yourself’
    Lisa … today I told my daughter that if she really wanted to have the vaccination the choice is hers. This was a big learning for me ..Then I come here and read what you wrote about your father.
    Sometimes the people we love make decisions about things which we do not understand however we need to let them go and allow them to learn and grow … freeing ourselves in the process…. allowing the energy of love to move and be free not to bind us or anyone else .. that is not love doesn’t bind…. that is fear. I realise that now.
    Sending you so much love for your journey … with you along the way … and also learning so much too.


  3. holding you in heartlight and seeing all is well on every front. I love you so! ha, and red……I have been drawn to anything red for the past week!! What a time to live in. Picking out my boots and getting ready to do some walking!!


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