Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 12, 2012

The Push-Pull of The Solar Eclipse On The Power of 11/11 Light Energy

The enormity of what has been loosed onto and thru planet earth yesterday, rocked me to the core.  Coupled by the intense push-pull effect of the Solar Eclipse, and let’s not underscore the loop-de-loop energy of mercury retrograde.

I woke up at exactly 2am yesterday (talk about duality time) and like I do every morning, fixed my coffee, sat down and pulled up word press, ready to share the incredible revelations of the field the day before.  And I just sat there.  It felt like someone took the largest fireman’s hose and opened it to full force, and stuck it straight on my head.  My brains fell apart first, and then the pressure in my entire abdomen, I felt so bloated… and my legs were officially turning into cooked noodles.

What the hell is this?  Ohhhh yeah… it is the completion of what the 11:11 has always been about… the marriage of heaven and earth, dark and light, love and fear.  The oneness of the All flooding the core of Life herself… our beloved Gaia.  Amplified thru the human energy stream.

But, as I moved into the early hours of my day, there was a pressure all over me… like a lead suit that just didn’t fit the raging energy that was flooding thru me non-stop.  Tears.  So many sad, repressed tears.  I was literally on the verge of tears all day long yesterday… well, as long as it took for me to really acknowledge why there were there like a new coat.

At first, I thought, it has to be humanities tears, the one thing I was sure of, this was not coming from inside of me.  But every time I kept trying to tap into the field of humanity, it turned out not to be the case.  Like I said, truth has an absolute vibration to it, so when I do not understand something, I start guessing more or less, and if I stumble into the truth, I feel it, otherwise, I don’t.  And as many times as I pressed into humanity… I didn’t feel the truth of this coat of tears that was now everywhere surrounding me.

I did my first reading.  I wasn’t even sure I was going to be able to read due to the pressure of these unreleased tears that surrounded my body.  I was actually shocked when my vision came with ease.

I could see the down-pouring of the purest, whitest light I have ever bore witness to.  It was zooming at a speed that would break records down from the central sun, thru every human, and deep into the core of earth.  I could see the gel-like protective dome of energy surrounding the inner field where I am sure my man on the other end of the phone was set up… but the light was too intense to see thru and I think, had I been able to stick that crazy antenna of mine into that light infusion, my antenna would have snapped off from the force.

So we were allowed to see without interacting with any of it intimately.  Funny, even the field said to me (in response to my frustration) “we put sun-block on you.”  Thanx!!

Suddenly I became absolutely aware of the solar eclipse in our perceived future.  The intimate dance of the sun and moon in their eclipse energy was already underway and completely affecting the intensity of Light plummeting into the earth.  I could see this energetic combo of sun and moon take tremendous amounts of this influx of pure white light, pull it into the future, beyond where it is set up (13/14th) and then release it back to the flow with a snap.  I knew too… it was also scooping up the future energy as it snapped back into place and created an even more intense infusion of the earth.  This happening over and over again and will continue thru the end of the eclipse cycle.

I so realized, I too was going thru that push-pull affect, intensified by the weight of the coat of tears surrounding my body.  I was pissed I have another day to deal with rescheduling, pissed I undid the “taking the 11th off” motion I had already put into place the week prior.  And then I would snap back into the full flood of energy constantly flowing thru me…. and was so grateful to simple Be.

In those moments of gratitude, I would follow the flow of energy deep into the earth, to the magma flow of Gaia… her heart blood.  I watched as the magma was flowing back and forth, pulled and shifted by the rhythm of the eclipse and raising the core temperature of Gaia from the ongoing infusion of pure white light energy that started yesterday on 11:11.

My next two readings would show this push/pull energy of the influx of high Light with only a snapshot of where they are in the midst of it all… energetically speaking.  Having already gone thru all my reading appointments today, we are not even getting a snapshot but the intensity increasing in the field Light infiltrating every aspect of earth and our perceived future too.

About 4pm yesterday I finally let go of trying to understand this coat of tears that has been consistently with me thru the day… until the moment I stopped trying and started to fix supper.

The night before (the evening of the 10th) I had a conversation with my father.  He told me the truth about what was happening in his body, in his lungs.  His emphysema has reduced his lung capacity to 7% functional.  On top of that, a tumor started growing in his already incapacitated lungs 2 years ago, a biopsy proved to be benign, (thank God) but the recent hospital stay showed his tumor has now doubled in size.  Because of what is already has been happening in his lungs, his current options (traditionally speaking) are close to nill.

All I could fee with him thru this conversation, was it was time to take the only real approach I know… Spiritual healing.  He gave me permission to do whatever I can do on my end.

I suppose that was enough to start the process.  Every ounce of my energy flowed to him after we hung up, I could see him standing in my (front) doorway as if he just walked in and was facing me.  I could see his lungs as if he as in an x-ray machine, and the mass that was within him.   I really felt (from my minds view) that I am just to close to him to see clearly and know what to do.  I went over in my mind who I can get to help me work on my dad and eventually fell asleep.

Yesterday morning, I even reverted to my handy-dandy pendulum… hoping Archangel Michael will help me understand why I am wearing this coat of tears and who it belongs too.  For the first time in 7 years… when I asked Michael if he had a message for me, he said no!  What the hell?  You never say no!!  I think to save me from my own melt down, he simply swung out words I will never forget (nor in the moment did I understand) “Sent care package.”  Huh??

It is really only this morning, after a good 10 hours of sleep, do I really get what Michael sent.  I was wearing my father’s energy field… an overlay of his energy on mine, so I could feel what he has been feeling and understand the many tears never cried.

I watched (today) as the tears (no longer a part of my energy field) turned into phlegm  a thickness in the breath of life for the many things we may have done, not done, felt guilt over, wished we did otherwise, and the list can go on and on.  Men in our culture, are asked not to cry, never let them see you sweat, keep it all in and “man up.”  Which does takes it toll.  When the lungs only way of expressing his deep phlegmmy tears did not work to release the sadness within, it went from phlegm to a solid mass.

Before any sort of healing, permanent and complete healing can take place… knowing why it happened in the first place is crucial.  This is also the core of every person who has ever experienced an NDE, they understood why.  I also awoke this morning knowing I have the very best energetic team in all this universe, my very own teachers Sananda and Franklyn who will work with and thru me once again.  But this time, there is also the energy of Michael at play with us… the sword of truth and the shield of spirit/Love and we are the warrior’s of Light and Health on All levels… together (yeah, YOU are included in the word…. WE!!)

What happens thru us (me and you) lives in a state of Glory and Grace for all the world!  Doncha feel a bit giant right now???  (big toothy smile)

But, this time, it goes wayyyyy beyond a personal healing journey, it goes to the core of all the tears from all the timelines in all of our creation to be made whole, to be released in the Light of Love.

What I find really really exciting and interesting thru this all, my own thingie on my back, started out as a zit when I lived on the mountainside in Vermont, that I picked and picked into its new form called can-seer.  At this crucial point in my own life’s evolution  I was gifted two native american guides who taught me how to build and pray a medicine wheel, understand the power of the four directions, while empowering the above, below and center thru it all.

When yesterday was a heralding of my 12 full years on this path of consistent change, it seems so fitting that what started out to be a journey of healing myself, will now turning into a journey of healing the collective in which the decay, on any level, of the biology system will take place.  I still don’t know the how… but I know I have grown enough to not need to know how… day by day and heart beat by heart beat, the way will be walked.

Speaking of heartbeats!!  Altho for all the readings of today, the field itself looked and felt as intense as it did yesterday, my last reading of the day had a new element in place.  A bright red/violet heart beating as the flood of 11:11 Light still infiltrated created matter… mixing in the pure Love illumination of the All!!

Of course the 15th of the month was super important thru out the readings this month… this is when we will really feel and embrace the culmination of all this powerful, life changing energy in every way.  The middle of the month is where I had seen Archangel Michael with his arms open wide, welcoming to earth his Legions of Light – US!!

Radical change is already underway, on every conceivable and inconceivable level of Life!!  Are you feeling it??

With excitement pinging from heart beat to heart beat… I wrap my loving arms around you ALL.  Now… let’s dance!!!

(((((HUGGING))))) and ~~~~WIGGLING~~~~ In a Pure system of Light, Joy and HEALTH-FUL LOVE!!!

Lisa Gawlas












  1. Dear Lisa,
    I can’t help but feel with you on this. It’s very odd. I have not had much of a relationship with my father in my 43 years, but I sort of always thought he’d be here. But he won’t be. I got a call Friday night and the news is he’s hospitalized with very advanced liver/pancreatic cancer. Between the weekend of Hurricane Sandy and this weekend, I had been feeling all kinds of emotional symptoms and 3rd chakra symptoms, and not understanding if it was more old goo of mine rising to be cleared, or if I was feeling what was going on with those affected by the storms, or what. Then when I visited my dad on the 10th, I was listening to descriptions of his recent symptoms and wondered if I had been ‘feeling’ him. (He had no idea of his diagnosis, by the way, much before I heard of it). I recall one time a few years ago when my dad claimed he had been ‘feeling’ what was going on with me, despite our distance, and I thought that was odd and never fully believed him. So I’ve been pondering this eclipse energy and my ‘father’ connection and what this may mean for my future and the spiritual futures of my young half brothers and their mom. It is certainly a curve ball. What bugs me is that his older son (my half brother) is dating a med student who is on the ultra-traditional path of becoming an oncologist, and I just wish I could send her to your MD who works with energy and show her a thing or two about treatments of the future!
    For what it’s worth, I also want to toss out there that your talk about us participating in a treatment of love for you, plus what you’ve repeatedly said about your learning the medicine wheel in your early spiritual awakening, makes me think about that video of the little boy from this summer who created the crystal grid. What if you took all the rocks we sent you, and arranged them into a wheel or a ‘healing’ arrangement, and created your own power grid of love to eradicate biological decay. It would be an interesting experiment, and easy to lay out, as the rocks never made it out your back door…


  2. Hello beautiful,shining Lisa,
    It would truly be my pleasure to offer love and tools for moving through biological dis ease to harmony on all levels. I am a practicioner of alternative medicines from akashic records to homeopathy/flower essences to harness well being and whole ness. My e-mail is and my phone number is 310-808-0122. You have blessed my days with connection and clarity and it would truly be my deepest pleasure to help with your father’s situation or yours or both. Let me know your needs. In love, light and the greatest biological vehicle to travel in tears and all. I am here to support you and your loved ones. Stephanie Lewis


    • Hi Stephanie ((((HUGZ))))

      First, thank you so much… but if you can hang onto it for a while longer… I have to understand me to fully understand the grandness that is my father and our joint effort together!

      I love ya!! ((((HUGZ))))) filled with anticipated excitement!! There is a really weird, but great, party going on inside of me right now… I am following the joy!


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