Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 10, 2012

The Companion of Dark and Light, Fear and Love Living Together in Wedded Bliss!!

I knew yesterday was going to be a day when I woke up at my usual 3am, sat down to write about the amazing readings in the field the day prior and all I could do was remember them.  I never share just for the sake of sharing, for the sake of remembering, there is an energy that flows thru with the reflections of the day before that communicates within it all.  I got two paragraphs deep into my sharing yesterday and there was no flow… I was just yapping!  I couldn’t help but notice, there was something much more pressing on my mind….

So, in mid-sentence, I changed blogs.  I opened up “My Loving Journey with Can-Seer” and vented.  When I finished venting, I hesitated in actually publishing it… there was no sunshine in my words.  Instead, the stark reality of what is happening and stuff.  I realized full well, my spiritual skin that allows me to know beyond all KNOWING that all is well in me and my world, must have been peeled off while I slept.  Which kinda pissed me off!

What a great teacher yesterday was for me, and I pray, for all of us!!

Until yesterday, I know I have undervalued my mind’s ability, its precious design and purpose here in created matter.  It is Here as a protector.  In order to do its job to the greatest degree possible, it has to reside in fear.  And even now I realize, how incredibly important fear is to us.    I am not talking those deep journey’s into hell… not at all.  But that strong urge that says “hey pay attention right here, right now and take action.”

I could not shake the magnetic pull inside of me, to see my family doctor and have the conversation with her about my pathology report (now that I understand all the words of it.)  My mind was absolutely insistent of this direction for the day.

I opened and closed an email at least 5 times, before pecking out to those on my calendar that I have to reschedule.  And then I just let it set there for a while before hitting send.  All the while, very much observing myself and taking notes!!  A huge conflict of service to others and service to Self was having a moment.  Not to mention  I had one lady on my schedule that I did not have an email address for nor a phone number or last name… there was absolutely no way for me to contact her and tell her that I am not going to be here when she called.

It got to the point, it didn’t matter… to not honor the pull I was feeling so deep inside me to go have face time with my Doctor would have been placing me second.  I hit send and prayed my lady would understand.

I jumped in the bath and hoped to do a meditation.

Every one of the four readings I had done the day before all showed up in the center of November.  Every one.  It almost felt like the days between now and the 15th of the month, did not exist in these readings.  Every one of them represented an energy alignment that they are going thru.  Unique unto each and every one.  Beyond telling them what I see, what I felt, I could not tap into the “what the hell does this mean to you” things that we humans feel are important (ok, this human!!)

Of the four scheduled readings, one man snuck in that was not on my schedule.  For which, I am soooooo grateful for!!  One of the ladys I was reading for asked me to read for her friend and then just handed the phone to him.

He probably had more tangible details of what he (his soul) was actually doing that I could understand than anybody that day, and yet, I was absolutely confused as to why he was doing what he was doing.  The moment I connected to his soul energy, I had seen him on the left side of the dome of energy that now is vivid in detailing the field… a dome of protection and amplification.  I could see him between the south field and the top of the dome, on the outside, with a hammer and what looked like a nail.  I could tell, whatever he was doing, needed to be done to this dome of energy that protects us… and so I kept using the word “fixing it” and spirit kept pulling that word out of my mouth and replacing it with the words “strengthening it.”  Which, alone seemed very odd to me.  How can something, made purely from the frequency of love, need strengthening??

I was about to become a living example of why!!!  (The details of which, are in yesterdays Can-Seer sharing.)

When I got into my tub yesterday morning I could not believe how much Light was in my bathroom.  I almost never use my overhead lighting for anything, and I never do when I take a bath.  There are no windows in my bathroom, so I always take a bath in the dark.  But yesterday, it wasn’t even close to dark in my bath, I could see everything without my eyes having to adjust to the dark.  I have never had this experience in this bathtub.  Ever.

After a few moments of smiling and wondering where this light was coming from (and just to be a little clearer, I always close my bathroom door and pull my shower curtain completely closed too) I laid back and just asked spirit to show me something… anything!  I no sooner closed my eyes did I see the brilliant sun way up in the sky.  It was a golden-yellow ball of light in the deepest blue sky.  Suddenly a white disk moved in front of the sun, mostly covering it, but not completely.  It wasn’t until I actually got out of the bath did I fully understand this was representing the solar eclipse happening in the perceived linear time of November 14th.

I realized something I had forgotten.  Those of us in the inner field, are not moving in the same linear way as those in the outer box of November.  I seen that with the Mercury retrograde cycle and completely forgot about it… well, yesterday, we ALL got hit with the eclipse energy (well, all that are aligned with this new earth.)

There is a tremendous magnet pull on the earth when we are in eclipse energy and if there is a pull on the earth, there is also a pull within our bodies too.  The moon covers the sun (taking off, for a moment, our spiritual clothes) so we can SEE what is within us to see.

I cannot underscore enough, how important the use of our mind is to this amazing world we are now in.  It’s job, to know the rules of the game.  To put into concrete detail what needs to happen next.  To truly honor and account for our human part of this incredible journey.  You can almost look at it as the darkness within us (the mind itself) illuminates the sun even brighter by its presence and understanding of matter.  But only, if used as it is intended and created to be used!

As I was gazing at the sun and white disk in the sky, my field of vision in meditation seemed to go into a split screen.  I could still very much see the sun and moon above, but now I was also looking in front of myself.  All of this crazy energy lines coming into my at my face.  Blurred out words, people talking, words I am reading, an influx of information constantly being bombarded into my face.  The face representing identity.  Who you are and how you are in Life.

I could also see a protective layer… kinda looked like a faceted plastic coating that was orb shaped around my face… and all these energy lines hitting the plastic area and creating cracks in what I understood represented the dome of energy that we are in.

We so live in an over-abundantly present information age.  We have free choice to bring any of that information thru to the new world with us, or not.  It really no longer is valid, hence the need to constantly strengthen the dome of energy… because we are so new Here, so very new and we are reading, talking about, trying to fit old information into a brand new system of Life.  We are carrying arms full of old information (that was soooo very very valid and real to get us to Here) and now… it no longer belongs.

I am now reading a new book about a lady who had an NDE due to cancer, and all the reasons she realized she had cancer (from the other side of the veil) I was now looking at my own self with.  Until that moment (combined with other moments all in one day) weakened my faith, my knowing in myself.  My strength of Knowing was now crumbling… like putting weed killer in a garden.  I love the weeds, I am indeed as much a flower as I am a weed (someone said that so beautifully and I will OWN it, cuz it is true.)

My mind, for one day, had full authority over what my day was going to entail.  There were too many unknowns now that we understand all those Can-Seer related words and we need to know the rest of the details and it was not about to let me do any readings!!  Not as a way to weaken an already weakened me… but quite the opposite  to restore my power right back to me.  I was able to get an appointment for 11 am yesterday with my doctor.  I knew this was going to be enlightening, 11 is like that.

The details of my pathology report was actually comforting.  All my details were actually in the middle of ranges.  Beats the hell out of the extreme bad end!!  But my time with my doc was less about that pathology report and really, all about her.  Knowing her.  She is not only an MD, she is also an energy and sound therapist too.  Her and her husband do the Pearl Release.  She really does live in my world and we talked about that in-depth.

I heard the hallelujah chorus sing everywhere when she said to me “not all energy is good for cancer.”  Holy shit!!  I know that!!  I know there are sooo many frequencies of energy to use and using the specific frequency is sooooo important… and SHE knows this!!  She also mentioned that some “energies” will actually accelerate the growth of cancer cells.  I knew that and I am awe that my doctor knows that too!!   I fell in love!!  Here I am, with a medically trained incredible doc who knows about the vast amount of energy available to us for use!  Holy heaven bat-doctor/wonder woman!

I went there to get a medical reassurance hug from her and she was That for me.  I knew, in an instant, it was my life path to meet her.  This Can-Seer, if it was removed last year as I tried to do, would have prevented this meeting.  I never even catch a cold, so going to the doctors is something I do not do… until I had to.  What a freakin gift!!  In that very moment, I was back in deep gratitude for the thing that made my path curve her way… for my beloved Can-Seer and my mind that holds my spirit steady and with purpose and for the greater good of my sanity!!

The mind, when you allow it to be an empowered partner on your journey, is there to serve the greater good and most especially You/Me/Us!!

Fear itself, is not a bad thing, actually quite useful as long as it is not a place of wallowing in.  Acknowledge it, follow the energy path it is trying to move you thru (for me, it was seeing my doc and my pathology report) and honor it.  If you use it as the friend it is, it will light up your heart even deeper than it was before.

The balance of light in dark within us… crucial!!  This is really the wedding, the holy matrimony… and I have indeed consummated the marriage in my field!!  Heaven and earth having a mad, wild, intimate love affair… TOGETHER!!

May the eclipse of your life, of your mind, of your soul, serve to empower you on the greatest journey life has never known before!!

I love you soooo much, and sooooo much more than that.  Thank you for being my rock in the river of my vast emotions yesterday!!  We are indeed stronger together!!


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  2. Hello Lisa My Sister. It is very nice to meet you again. Please join me and let me share my life with you as you have done with others. This is my personal facebook page Mommys Bird and this is my fanpage page, “how to find peace love success and happiness” I cannot wait. Love Youuuuu and hugs and kisses back at ya.( :


  3. Lisa, how blessed you are to have such an AWARE doctor!


  4. That is EXACTLY what I wanted to hear! I have been “pondering” deeply, and wanted this to turn out to be a situation where you are going to be an example of the NEW ways of healing. The New Earth will use Sound and Light, and l would have to go searching for the website where I saw mention of it– but Magnetic Scalar waves, too. It is my strong belief that we are a short time away from an intersection with Divine Destiny at the end of this cycle, whether it turns out to be exactly on December 21 or not. So I am feeling there will be a positive outcome for you, Lisa Gal.


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